The Class

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I was walking back from work as I always do.

I just took a job in New York at an accounting firm, nothing exciting really, but it payed well and I wanted to live in the big city. I’m in my mid-twenties, have a slender build, brown hair, glasses, the typical accountant look. I’m from a small town in Colorado, where nothing exiting ever happens, so New York was quite the change.

I decided to walk home on a new route, trying to explore as much as I can. At one point the buildings became more spread out, there were less people walking around and less traffic too. As I was walking past an older warehouse I thought I heard screams coming from the inside. Being the small town guy that I am, I wanted to investigate to make sure no one was hurt or in trouble.

I walk into the warehouse, where the main corridor had a bunch of rooms branching off either side. I could see light coming from under the door in one of the rooms at the end, so headed there. As I approached the door I saw a sign taped to it:

“Class in session-please join and make yourself comfortable.”

I could still hear faint screams and grunts coming from inside the room, so I opened the door to see what was going on. Nothing could prepare me for what I saw.

In the middle of the room, in a big circle, was a group of five people, all completely naked, and all masturbating! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! There were three girls and two guys in the circle, none of them stopped when I came in, however one of the girls did motion for me to come closer. At first I was surprised at what I saw, but that soon turned into interest and excitement. I was going to leave, but could feel the bulge growing in my pants. I was too curious to stop now. I walked towards the circle to investigate further.

The lights were dim but you could clearly see everyone in the circle. There was a skinny blonde girl sitting on a chair. She had small, but perky tits, and had one hand playing with them, pinching her nipples; the other hand was on a wand vibrator, pressed firmly against her shaven pussy. You could see how wet she was and the look on her face showed how much she loved it. Beside her was a middle aged man, slightly heavier build with a big beard. The rest of his body was shaved though, Ankara escort and I could see he had a black plug or toy up his ass. He had a massive sack, and was slowly stroking his short but thick cock. He was watching the red headed girl lying across the circle from him. She was on a yoga mat, eyes closed, without a care in the world. She was furiously working her hairy red twat, one hand rubbing her swollen clit, the other thrusting three fingers in and out of her wet pussy. She had big boobs that hung off to each side of her, which jiggled with every thrust of her hand.

After seeing her playing with herself I could feel that I was fully hard now. I couldn’t leave now; the urge to play with myself was too strong. I put my bag down, unbuttoned my shirt, slid off my pants, then my boxers. I was standing there, fully erect, balls hanging, pre-cum glistening on the head of my cock. I saw a slight smile come across the blondes face. I don’t have a huge cock, but it wasn’t small either. My balls always hung low, but I was fully trimmed, in what I think is a pretty good lookin’ package. I see a chair at the edge of the room, so bring it over and sit between the bearded guy and a brunette girl.

The brunette girl was also lying on her back, legs straight up in the air, and she was fucking herself with a long slim dildo. She was covered in tattoos, had perfectly round boobs, hard nipples and a bushy landing strip to guide the dildo to her pussy. Her boobs bounced around as she glided the big dildo in and out of herself. She was only taking it in halfway, leaving herself longing for more.

I never masturbated in front of anyone before. I felt this was a pretty accepting group, so let my nerves fade and grabbed my cock. I slowly played with myself, stroking my hand back and forth, feeling my balls sway between my legs. It felt so good to finally touch myself, and the feeling of having people watch me only added to it.

Across from me was the blonde, who still had the wand pressed to her clit, but had moved from playing with her perky tits to fingering her tiny slit. Next to her was the other guy in the group. He had black tussled hair, was very muscularly built, and had a huge rock hard cock that he was stroking. He looked like he was straight from Hollywood, Ankara escort bayan as one hand stoked his shaft while the other massaged his balls. Everyone was in their own world, but the combined sexual energy in the room was high.

The redhead had now moved to thrusting four fingers inside her sopping wet pussy, while her thumb massaged her big swollen clit. With her other hand she massaged her big tits, often stopping to roll her nipple though her fingers. The energy was building, and I picked up the pace, now firmly stroking my cock in long, fast strokes. The bearded man beside me reached his breaking point as the brunette next to him shoved the long dildo all the way inside her, fully stretching out her pussy letting out a moan. He was quickly stroking the head of his dick, and then yanked the butt plug out of himself, as he let huge spurts of cum out of his little cock, into the middle of the circle, leaving him sitting there, asshole gaping, cum slowly running down his balls.

This seemed to be enough the help the little blonde push herself over the edge, as she cocked her head back, both hands on the wand, firmly pressed against her little clit, she let out a squeal as her whole body fell into a shaking orgasm, that almost knocked her off the chair. She slowly came back to reality, her body still occasionally jolting from the overload of pleasure she just endured.

The muscle man across from me was now fully focused on the brunette, both hands stroking his big cock back and forth at a record pace. The brunette was now full out fucking herself hard with her dildo. She was slamming it into her stretched pussy, fully taking its length inside of her, only to quickly pull it out and slam it back in again. With her legs still in the air, you could see her juices running out of her pussy, and over her tight asshole, pooling on the floor below her. Her pace quickened, her thrusts became short and fast, her legs bent towards her, and she let out a small scream, as she froze there, dildo deep in her pussy, body too tense to move. As she slowly slid the dildo out, a stream of her own white cum followed, further adding to her mess on the floor.

This made Mr. Hollywood lose it, he stood up, quickly stroking his long cock, he let out web Escort Ankara after his hot cum, pooling onto the floor. He kept cumming, all his muscles tightened, and more cum poured out of his big cock. I’ve never seen a load so big, though I also have never seen a cock that big either.

Everyone was feeding off the orgasms of each other, and I could tell the redhead was close. She was now fully fisting her widespread pussy, rapidly in and out with her hand. The other hand was buried in her hairy bush, rubbing her swollen clit, and occasionally slapping it, enjoying every ounce of pain. She quickened her pace more, aggressively fisting herself, fully stretching out her pussy. She was close, and with a few more thrusts, she removed her fist as her pussy squirted its juices all over the floor. Her juices kept coming as she continued to rub her clit, squirting out more and more, as she moaned away. Eventually, the squirting subsided, the redhead still stroking her pussy, recovering from her orgasm, and I realised that all eyes were now on me.

I was a bit nervous but also really turned on that everyone was watching me stroke my cock. It felt so good to be fully naked in front of this group, my erection on full display. I felt my cock start to throb and knew I was close. I stoked my cock harder, my hanging balls bounced around between my legs. I could feel the orgasm coming, and seeing the hot mess of everyone’s juices on the floor, the naked bodies in front of me, and the realization that everyone was staring at my cock sent me over the edge, as I let my own cum join the mess on the floor. I closed my eyes and kept stroking, feeling the cum explode out, as my body fully tensed. I slowly recovered as the last drop of cum fell from the head of my glistening cock, I looked up to see everyone was smiling at me. They all clapped, and the redhead said,

“Great class everyone, really good work today. Remember the next class is mutual masturbation so bring your favorite toy for someone to use on you!”

Some people started changing, but the brunette walked over to me, still fully naked. She said,

“The name is Eve. Great performance today, wanna team up for next weeks class? Could be fun?”

“Sounds good to me” I replied, as my limp cock still had strands of cum stretching down from it.

“I’ll bring toys for the both of us,” she said, then winked and turned away.

As I was getting dressed a smile fell over me and I thought to myself,

man do I ever love New York.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32