First Time at Work

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I’m 6’3″ fit athletic white male and I work at one of those major corporate sporting goods stores. The work is awful but it pays the rent and a fair amount of our customers are fit sexy men and women so there’s almost always some eye candy in tight yoga pants walking around. Today started off like most others. I was working in apparel spending my day folding and re racking clothes while occasionally helping a customer find a size they were missing.

There was a tall blonde about 5’10” perusing a rack of women’s compression shorts. Her hair ran down to just below her shoulders and her finger nails were painted a bright red matching her lipstick. She was wearing a tight white tennis skirt and a matching baby blue top that was stretched tight in the middle by two perfect looking tits. I finished the shirt I was folding and placed it on the pile in the hopes that she would need some assistance.

“Hey, is there anything I can help you find?”

She turned and cast me a vibrant white smile.

“Actually yes. I have a tennis match today and I need some new compression shorts but all of the ones I’m seeing here are so short. The short ones always ride up into my crotch do you have any of the longer ones?”

“Only in the men’s section” I replied as I lead her over to the other side of the store and began showing her various styles and sizes. She finally settled on a pair of extra small vibrant blue nike compression shorts.

“These look perfect, is there a dressing room where I can try these on?”

I directed her to the dressing room and ogled her tight little ass as her skirt sashayed around her long fit legs.

“Can you wait a second while I change?”

I nodded and she went in as I waited patiently nodding and smiling at passing customers. In a few moments I heard the dressing room door open and my stunning blonde beauty stepped out into the store.

“Um, I’m not sure if these fit right could you step inside and take a quick look? I’d rather not flash the store.”

My face lit up and I could immediately feel my cock start to stiffen in my pants.

“Um, I’m not supposed to but…” I took a glance around and didn’t see anyone staring in our direction. “Yeah I can do that.”

I stepped inside and she shut the door behind us. The fitting room was small with a mirror and a bench and I could see her matching blue lace thong laying crumpled on the bench.

“So do you think these fit?” she said lifting her tennis skirt up her thighs and giving me a twirl and a smile.

Her sexy ass denizli escort looked stunning and so tight as in those compression shorts and as she turned back to face me it looked like she had a nice plump mound running between those sexy thighs. What I wouldn’t give to bury my face in her wet hole and tongue her till she came screaming all over my face.

“It looks great and it really shows off your tone legs and ass.” I said feeling more bold.

“You think so? They feel so tight, but if you think they look like they fit I’ll take them. I don’t have a match till later this afternoon so could you please help me slide them off? Like I said they’re rather tight and I’d rather not fall over in here and draw attention to us.”

I smiled and nodded my head. This was it, I was going to get a peak and hopefully more of what I knew was going to be one sexy box tucked between those legs. I got down on my knees and put my face real close to her crotch. I could almost smell sex on her as I looked up and grinned stupidly at her. She smiled back as I placed my hands into the hem of her shorts and slowly began to pull down. The top of her mound came into view and it was shaved to perfection. I took a chance and placed a soft kiss where her pubic hair should have been. I was rewarded with a soft moan and eagerly pulled down the rest of her shorts.

They hit the floor but to my surprise something soft and spongy flipped up and hit my chin. I was confused and pulled back to see what had happened. Halfway hanging between her legs was a partially erect cock with a long throbbing vein running down the center of it. As I knelt there in shock that this beautiful woman had something so masculine between her legs it slowly began to rise up and stare me down. It was magnificent, now throbbing and fully erect it had to be seven inches long with a full thick head. I froze unsure of what to do. I’d fantasized about having sex with a guy before. Even played with my own ass and enjoyed it more then I cared to admit.

I looked up and she smiled back at me, “Not what you were expecting is it?” She grinned.

“It’s ok though it’s what you want isn’t it.” She pushed her hips forward and her hot pulsing cock rubbed along my face. I could feel myself shiver with nervous energy but I stayed there on my knees as she moved the head across my lips and playfully slapped my cheek with it.

“You want this big cock don’t you? You don’t have to say anything sweetheart. I can see it on your face both literally and diyarbakır escort figuratively. Just part those lips and let it slide in.”

I did what she asked without even consciously deciding too. The head slipped into my mouth and my tongue danced around the tip as if I’d done it a thousand times before. She smelled strangely masculine and feminine at the same time but I loved it. Her scent turned me on even more and my eyes closed as my lips firmly closed around her thick organ and I began to earnestly suck her cock. I was lost in a lustful frenzy and began to take it as far as I could into my mouth slurping and coating her cock in as much spit as I could lather it with. My hand found her heavy balls and gave them a light squeeze now using my other hand to jack the last two inches of her cock into my mouth.

She was moaning now, her breathing was ragged and you could tell she was doing her best to keep it under control so the whole store didn’t know what we were up to. The louder her moans got though the more I was spurred on and it was then I fell in love with sucking cock. The taste of her thick fleshy meat changed slightly as I realized she was leaking precum steadily into my mouth. I loved the taste and pulled back to the head running my tongue over the slit like an eager whore desperate for more. I began stroking the full length of her cock now at a rapid pace as the hand on her balls moved back and towards her ass and slowly began to tease her dark hole. I worked it in circles, teasing it before applying pressure directly to the tight little puckered bud. She moaned in earnest as I finally worked it up her ass and I could feel her cock start to pulse more intensely.

“That’s it baby. I know you want this big thick load. Catch it all in that sexy mouth and let me see it before you swallow down mommy’s honey.”

I nodded around her cock and picked up my pace. The first spurt caught me a bit off guard as I wasn’t sure how fast it would come out but after that I got it under control and kept the thick salty liquid pooling in my mouth and over my tongue. As her climax subsided I continued to suck the tip of her cock. Rolling my cum covered tongue over the head coating it in the luscious liquid before slurping it back into my mouth. When I was content with my job I looked up and showed her my open mouth full of her hot love juice.

“That’s a good boy now swallow it for me.”

I did as I was told and gulped the hot liquid feeling it stick and slide down my throat antalya escort into the pit of my stomach. I lay back on my hands and smiled. I couldn’t believe what I’d just done but I loved it!

“Ohh my you really enjoyed that as much as you made it seem didn’t you?” She said staring at the rock hard bulge in my pants. She helped me to my feet and had me strip down.

“You deserve a reward for that performance. She turned and pushed her ass back at me placing one hand on the wall and sucking her middle and ring finger. I stood stroking my hard cock as I watched her slide both fingers into her puckered rose bud. Her balls and limp cock hung down below her and I couldn’t help but feel as if I was going to bust just watching this sexy she/man pleasure her dirty hole.

“What are you waiting for?” She said pulling her fingers from her ass and sucking them into her mouth. “Fuck my ass already.”

I didn’t need to be told twice and slipped my rock hard six inches inside her. I started off going slow but she wasn’t about any of it. She slammed her sexy ass back against my cock taking me balls deep into her ass in one swift movement. I lost all control then and began pounding for everything I was worth. By how aroused I was from sucking her thick sexy girl cock I knew I wouldn’t last long and began to really give her everything I had. She was moaning raucously as her tight sphincter squeezed my cock for all it was worth. Just as I was about to blow she pushed me backwards and dropped to her knees.

“On my face. I want your load on my face.”

I had no objections as I furiously pumped my cock at her. She pushed her firm sexy tits up with both hands and knelt there smiling and begging me for my cum. I granted her her wish and with a grunt exploded with three violent streams spraying her face followed by smaller ones landing on her chin and tits. She smiled at me through cum covered lips and eyes as I stood there gasping for air.

“Lick it up my little cum slut.”

I didn’t even think twice. This sexy woman had already pushed my envelope so far I instantly dropped to my knees and began cleaning her face with my tongue. She scooped a few globs from her tits and fed them too me as I sucked on her fingers like a mini cock. The taste of my cum wasn’t as sweet as hers but I still enjoyed it and knew I was hooked on this salty jizz from this point forward.

After we cleaned up she slid her compression shorts back on and we both got dressed. She pulled a card from her purse and grabbed her panties from the bench.

“These are for you. Give me a call sometime and maybe we can break that ass of yours in too sometime.” She smiled and gave me a kiss. I could still taste the salty sweetness of my cum on her lips.

“It would be my pleasure.” I grinned.

“I know it would.” She winked as she opened the door and stepped out into the store.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32