Fishing with Dad

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Mark smiled down at his daughter as they stepped into the local bait and tackle shop. He was dressed for the day, a pair of torn and faded formerly black jeans and a long sleeved flannel shirt. Beneath he wore a fishing tee shirt baring a bikini-clad model with a bass. His wide brimmed hat was covered in various different lures and bobbers looking more funny than professional as he started walking slowly down the aisles. “First thing we gotta do honey is get us the right bait. You won’t catch nothing if you don’t use the right bait.” He was a huge man, six and a half feet tall with the quiet power that whispered of his days as a football linebacker. “I think we’re gonna go fishing for some blue gill, that’s a nice fish to start out a lil’ lady on.” He smiled and mussed her hair playfully.

She would have returned the favor but her father was over a foot taller than she was, not to mention his receding hair was too short really muss. Lila was pretty certain that he didn’t even have to comb it any more; he just woke up and ran his hand over the top of it. It didn’t really matter to her though, not out in the middle of nowhere. They were dressed almost alike though with Lila clad in a pair of shorts ending just above her knees and one of her father’s flannel shirts that hung down beneath her ass. “Why are we fishing?” She pouted turning her soft brown eyes up at him.

“Because you agreed to spend a little time with me before you went off to college.” He replied pushing a stray strand of brown hair from his daughter’s forehead before planting a gentle kiss on her brow. “I’ve always wanted to take my baby fishing with me and this might be the last chance I get.” Walking up to one of the refrigerators he opened it and pulled out a small white container. “Got what I was looking for.” Lila narrowed her eyes and rose up onto the tips of her red Converse high tops to look into the container as her father popped it open.

Inside the container was nothing but loose sawdust. “What-” Mark put his finger in and started stirring the dust around until he found one of the yellowish striped mealworms and held it up for her. Tentatively Lila reached out a finger and touched the creature before recoiling away. “It’s cold. Thought you said we would use live bait?”

“Oh don’t worry Lila it’s alive. The little bugger’s just cold. He’ll start moving when he warms up a little.” Almost on cue the insect started to wriggle all six of its tiny legs slowly pumping and searching for something solid. Eventually it found Mark’s thumb and started pulling free of his grasp. “We’ll get one container of these ones and one of the giant mealworms.” The one on his finger was maybe an inch long and slender. He reached into the refrigerator a second time and produced a second container pulling out a second bug. This one was monstrous almost and inch and a half and chubby. Almost immediately it started wriggling in his grasp before he put both of them back.

“Daddy, I’m hungry.” Lila whined. The very first rays of light were finally starting to stream in through the glass storefront. Lila looked down at her watch, it was almost six in the morning.

“I know. I’m hungry too. Look after we finish here we’ll go get breakfast. There was a nice little restaurant about a mile back.” He turned and walked to the counter setting his items down. “Mornin.”

The man behind the counter had to be at least in his mid-sixties just by the look of him. It didn’t help that he’d let his snow-white beard grow nearly two full inches beneath his chin. “Mornin, gonna be a good day for fishin.”

“I hope so, you know any good spots?” Mark asked. Behind him his daughter was impatiently tapping her fingers against her toned thigh. She always hated how her father had to strike up a conversation with each and every person he came across.

The man noticed her though quickly glancing her over. “You should try the far side of the lake. There is an old pier that sank, fish always biting round that place.” He rang both of the items into his register. “Who’s the little lady you got with you?”

“That’s my pride and joy, Lila. She’s going off to college next week, moving to Philadelphia.” Mark boasted his chest swelling when he spoke of his daughter.

“Wow. Congratulations to both of you. I know I would let such a pretty girl out of my sight, certainly not out of my city. But that’s just me.” Dropping both containers into a bag he looked back. “That’ll be three forty three.”

Mark blanked out for a moment glancing back at his daughter. He’d known for a long time that she was pretty, extraordinary actually. It hadn’t gone unnoticed when she’d started to become a woman and all the games they’d shared suddenly came to a stop. You’d get the wrong idea if a father tucked his sixteen, seventeen, eighteen-year-old daughter into bed or if he playfully swatted her rump. He missed bouncing her on his knee but that had come to a screaming halt when more than her curls were bouncing. It wasn’t that he didn’t notice the boys staring at his daughter. It was that hearing it from a man old enough to be his father that it struck home.

“Sir fulya escort that will be three forty three.”

Mark shook his head and pulled a five from his wallet. “Keep the change, the advice is worth it.” He muttered gripping his bag and shuffling out of the store with Lila behind him.

“He was so totally checking me out.” Lila gasped as soon as they were out of the store and climbing into the car.


“Oh don’t pretend you didn’t notice dad. That old man was almost leering!” She giggled. “I’m young enough to be his granddaughter.” Mark was gripping the steering wheel now his knuckles slowly turning red and then white. “Daddy, calm down its ok. He was only looking, it’s kinda gross but its ok.” Slowly his grip relaxed and he started driving.

Minutes later the two of them were seated in side the Catch of the Day, the local eatery being waiting for their breakfasts to arrive. Lila slid herself as far into the booth as she could manage suddenly aware of how many eyes were watching her. “Daddy, they’re all staring at me.” She whispered leaning forward.

“I know.” He replied. “We can leave if you want but I don’t know where the next place to eat is.”

It only took Lila’s stomach a second to reply to that option. With a loud and almost painful grumble it decided that she could stay here and endure any stares from anybody. “We can stay daddy, I’m really hungry.” Mark waited a moment watching her eyes but when she held his gaze and nodded he relaxed back into his seat.

“Ok.” As soon as he finished speaking the waitress, an overweight redhead with way too much make up on, set a plate of eggs, sausage and pancakes in front of both of them.

“If you two need anything just give a holler and I’ll come kay?” She smiled sweetly.

“Got it.” Mark replied scooping his eggs over easy on top of his stack of pancakes salting them and then drowning the entire concoction in syrup.

Across the table his daughter twisted her lip in disgust. “Dad, that is so gross.” She started stirring her scrambled eggs around on their separate plate before spreading the butter over her own pancakes and cutting into them. Once she’d finished cutting the pancakes she poured the syrup over them watching as it seeped down through the cuts completely soaking through her meal before she took the first bite.

“You just have no adventure in you girl.” He cut into the egg yolk letting the yellow liquid mix with the syrup on his pancakes and stuck it with his fork. He waited a moment for the worst to drip off then rushed it to his mouth.

“No I’m just civilized.” She replied continuing to eat.

There was a long pause between them where they just ate staring silently at each other over the table. It was going on seven and they’d both been up since five. It was officially the most time he’d spent alone with his daughter since she was of age and they really had nothing to say to each other.

Finally it was Lila that broke the silence. “Daddy?”


“What is college like? I know you went for a couple of years till you hurt your knee.”

“Its just like high school. Same stupid stuff you do here you’ll do there. You know what the big difference is between college and high school? You won’t be coming home every night and sneaking boys in through the window. You’ll just walk them in through the front door like a civilized young lady.

She lowered her head a light blush covering her face. “Guess you guys know about Chad then?” Her father just grinned and nodded. “We didn’t do anything.” She offered sheepishly.

“You’re mother and I aren’t upset about it. We know you’ve been protecting yourself and Chad’s a good boy. Got a good head on his shoulders. He’s headed off to college to isn’t he? I mean real college not this community crap that most of your friends are doing.”

“Yeah USC, he wants to be a lawyer.” She smiled. “But we’re gonna be so far apart.” She sighed sinking slightly into the bench and stirring what remained of her pancakes around before picking up a random piece and eating it.

“It’ll be good for you two. If you were meant to be it will survive something as little as a few thousand miles. Real love doesn’t die over distance.” He reassured her finishing off his egg and pancake combination and gulping down his glass of orange juice. He turned on his sausage as he waited for her response.

“I know, it’s just. . .” She trailed off scooping some of her eggs onto her fork and shoving them into her mouth. Most of them anyway, a few little pieces missed her mouth and fell tumbling down her throat and finally resting between her perky breasts.

Mark’s eyes had followed it the entire way and now he found himself staring at his daughter’s chest. She wasn’t huge, not like her mother’s D-cup breasts but for her smaller frame she was well proportioned. Like a lot of things this wasn’t the first time that he’d noticed his daughter, just the most awkward time that he’d noticed.

Lila paused for a moment when she realized that her father was staring at her chest. It was definitely weird to bomonti escort have her father staring at her chest but she had seen that look hundreds of times from dozens of men and knew exactly what it meant. What was really weird was that it didn’t bother her as she reached down between her breast plucking out the piece of food and putting it into her mouth. “Dad?”

He snapped up right quickly turning his gaze down and to the right staring off into to nowhere for a moment. His daughter just stared back at him this time looking slowly over him. It was easy to see how her mother had been, was, attracted to her dad. He was built like some sort of Greek god and age hadn’t really done much to hurt him. Actually he was only forty-five but he could easily pass as a decade younger than that. He still had that dashing smile that made girls melt and arms that you just wanted to feel wrapped around you.

That had been the most painful part about growing up was the distance that it had put between her and her father. She missed cuddling up in his lap and running her hand over his scratchy chin when he forgot to shave. Or even better nuzzling her face against his cheeks when he had just finished shaving. She missed being able to go for piggyback rides but those had stopped when his head had begun to rest between her breasts. It wasn’t him, he wasn’t the problem it was that she knew that she liked it. Every time her father scooped her up into his arms and she felt his heart beat it send a shiver through her spine and an unfamiliar warmth down between her legs. She wished that she’d never grown up so she could still climb into bed with her parents and snuggle up against her father safe and sound.

“Yes babe?” He answered when he finally snapped out of his daze and realized that both of their plates were empty. The bill had been placed between them and with a quick look he placed a twenty beneath it and stood up. “Come on let’s get out of here.”

It was her turn to snap out of a daze that time shaking her head and standing up quickly. “Of course.” She smiled and then followed him out of the restaurant and back into the car.

A little over an hour later the two of them were floating out in the middle of the lake watching their bobbers float lazily on the surface thoughts of each other dashing around through their minds.

It was an amazing morning to be out on the lake. The golden sun partially hidden behind a few picturesque fluffy clouds floating as lazily in the sky as the couple was floating below. Of in the distance Mark could barely make out the tops of the mountains, still capped in snow from the recent rains and beyond that nothing but clear blue sky. It was the kind of day where one got to thinking.

“My daughter is sitting less than five feet away from me for the first time in years.” He thought to himself as he watched his bobber drift back and forth. A few times he noticed it dip in the water, a sure sign that there were fish around. He stole a glance up at her and noticed again what a beautiful woman she’d become. Right now she’d thrown on a Dodger’s cap and pulling her brown hair into a ponytail out the back. He’d never really taken the time to stare into his daughter’s eyes before taking in her full beauty and he wasn’t now. He was staring at her eyes, and then downward over her plush lips and for a horrible second wondered what they would look like wrapped around his cock.

Lila smiled softly as she felt her father’s gaze traveling over her body. Without giving it a serious thought she undid the top three buttons of her shirt and leaned back enough to open it up. Like any woman she knew when she was being stared at, her nipples hardening both from the chill air and from the feeling of her father’s eyes passing over her. “What am I doing?” She thought as she sat back up pulling the shirt closed over her white undershirt.

It was easy to tell in the morning light that his daughter wasn’t wearing a bra; her dark nipples were easily visible through her shirt. He’d been only seconds from opening his mouth to speak, though even he wasn’t sure if it was to compliment or reprimand when his bobber vanished beneath the surface.

The first bite they’d had all day and it was a big one. Mark’s line was just whizzing out as the fish made its initial dive and run. “Whoa!” He shouted leaning back to set the hook and then started reeling the fish in.

“What is it Daddy!” Lila shouted in laughter watching as her father tried to stand up on the boat. The tip of his rod was bent over nearly dipping into the water as leaned back.

“I don’t know! Sure as hell ain’t no blue gill though!” He grunted gripping the reel and turning it a few times. “Got to be real careful or I’ll snap the line.” Another grunt and he leaned forward again reeling the fish in.

Lila leaned closer to him wrapping her arms around his waist and tucking her head beneath his arms. It felt good to be close to her father again, listening to his heart beating and to feel his arms around her. She smiled as she watched him continue to fight the fish toward the boat.

Mark’s kurtuluş escort entire body stiffened when his lovely daughter pressed up against him, not only his muscled but his breath caught in his chest. His eyes moved down slightly staring down the opening in her shirt to stare at her breasts as he started bringing the fish in again. It was probably ten feet away from the boat the first time they caught a glimpse of it. Just a dark shadow beneath the water nearly a foot long and angry, with a violent yank it crested out of the water thrashing wildly before diving back beneath the surface. “Got us a bass!” He shouted sitting back a little farther in the boat. “I’ll be damned!”

She slowly unraveled her arms from him and knelt down in the boat picking up the net like her father had told her earlier. It was on purpose that she leaned out over the boat giving him an excellent look at her ass. Lila was aware that the fabric was straining over her. He could probably see the outline of her panties if he tried hard enough.

Lila scrunched her face and backed away from the fish as again it leapt from the water splashing her face. “Get it!” He shouted nearly loosing his balance as he hauled the massive fish up out of the water. The net shot out and scooped up the fish pulling it back onto the boat and then she sat down staring as it continued to flap around inside the boat.

It was well over a foot long probably weight in at twenty or so pounds and it was slowly exhausting itself. The fat silvery fish was just lying on its side now gasping for oxygen that it couldn’t get. “Ewwww.” Lila whispered reaching down and gently touching the fish, which put it back into a series of violent thrashings actually raising up off the floor of the boat and slapping Lila in the face.

There was only enough time for Mark to realize that his daughter was going to fall. He didn’t even have time to shoot his hand out and catch her flailing limbs and fall in alongside her. “Lila!” He shouted as she vanished beneath the greenish surface with a splash.

A second later her head shot back up spitting out a mouthful of water. “Stupid fish!” She kicked off her shoes and swam back over to the boat gripping the edge. After a second of struggling on her own she reached up for her father’s hand.

She’d never looked lovelier than she did right then, her hat had fallen off when she fell and was floating behind her. Her normally soft brown hair was plastered to her head partially covering one eye from view. The white undershirt was now completely transparent and clinging to her breasts as she continued to tread water. “Dad?”

“Oh yeah.” He smiled sheepishly finally holding out a hand for her to grasp and pulling. Lila was only half out of the water when the boat flipped over dropping both of them down into the water and setting their fish free.

“Damnit!” Mark shouted as he came up out of the water gripping the side of the boat and looking over at his daughter. “Sorry.”

She just smiled back at her father amazed at how well he’d stood up to the tests of time. “C’mon I’ll race you to shore.” Mark turned towards shore; it was going to be a decent swim. He could only barely make out the land in the distance but instead of saying anything to his daughter he just started unbuttoning his shirt.

“There’s no way I’ll make it there in all this.”

“No there isn’t.” She replied and took a deep breath before vanishing beneath the surface. Beneath the water she started untying her boots and kicking them off quickly peeling her pants halfway down her shapely thighs before surfacing for a gasp of air. Down she went a second time finishing her pants off and then moving to unbutton her shirt letting the heavy flannel sink to the bottom along with the rest of her clothing. She didn’t notice her white cotton panties had been pulled away with her pants now drifting a few feet beneath the surface until something cold and slime swam quickly between her legs. Lila shrieked and batted it away with one hand gripping the boat with the other.

“Honey what’s wrong?” Mark asked as somehow managed to tread water while shedding his waterlogged flannel. His boots and jeans followed right behind leaving him in just his boxers without his head ever breaking the surface.

“Something touched me!”

“Just a fish.” He chuckled dipping beneath the water as he peeled his shirt away from his chest. “Lets go.”

Lila nodded and braced against the boat and pushed off into the water crawling easily through the water. A lifetime in California had taught her to swim well and she was perfectly comfortable out in the middle of the lake swimming. “Look.” She shouted pointing toward a small family of mallards making their way across the surface.

Mark wasn’t watching the light brown waterfowl swimming across the lake. He wasn’t the least bit interested in male, easily identified by its green head and black body even when it dove beneath the water for a moment resurfacing beneath one of its children. His eyes were locked on his own daughter whose shapely rump was just barely visible above the surface of the water. He pushed off after her lazily backstroking through across the lake. “You’ll never make it that way. Didn’t you learn anything in that water survival class you took? The backstroke, sidestroke and breast stroke are the best for long distances, you waste the least amount of energy that way.”

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