Fran Johnson Ch. 08

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Almost against my conscious will, I had just had intercourse with our 20 year-old neighbor, Trevor. My husband, Bill, had been pressing me to do more and more risqué things, and it had finally led to this. But……I was so glad I had. Trevor’s cock was amazing, and it filled me in a way that I had never been filled, and gave me pleasure I never knew I could have. But when Bill sucked Trevor’s cum out of me afterwards, which was the entire reason Bill had been pushing me to do this, it repulsed me. I told Bill to clean up the remains of dinner and to wash the sheets that Trevor and I had soaked, and that I was going to take a shower.

I padded upstairs to wash the feeling Bill had just given me off my body. I let the hot water run over me, daydreaming about Trevor’s kisses, how it felt to feel his cock spurt into my mouth, how good he tasted. I remembered how he tried so hard to please me with his tongue, following every instruction I gave him to a tee. And finally, how incredibly wonderful it felt to be stretched open by his massive cock, how full and complete I felt when he was in me, and how I just floated from one orgasm to another. And that last orgasm! I never knew there was a feeling that good. I just never knew.

After my shower, I went straight to bed. I heard Bill still busy downstairs, heard the dishwasher start, then the washing machine. I lay there thinking of Trevor. Finally, Bill was done downstairs and he came up, brushed his teeth and got into bed with me. He scooted over to my side of the bed and started caressing me. I really wished he wouldn’t. His hand began wandering, and I grabbed it gently. “I can’t anymore tonight, honey.” I just don’t have anything left.” He was obviously disappointed, and I felt a moment of guilt for turning him down. It was unusual for me to do so. But I just wasn’t in the mood.

He rolled back to his side of the bed, and I lay there thinking about Trevor. My mind was too active to even get close to sleep; I was miles from dreamland. My head was filled with images of what had occurred earlier: Trevor’s face, Trevor’s muscular body, Trevor’s embrace, Trevor’s amazing cock. I tossed and turned, trying to push the thoughts out of my head, trying to find the thread that would lead me towards sleep. I considered going downstairs and making some tea. Figuring that I wasn’t anywhere near sleep, I decided I’d go down and make some chamomile tea, and that might calm me and put me more in the mood to sleep. Bill had started lightly snoring, so I quietly got out of bed and put on my robe and slippers and crept down the stairs to make some tea.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I continued right to the front door and walked right out of the house. I snuck across our lawn, staying close to the bushes, crossed our driveway, then the Hamilton’s yard and went to their front door. Without consideration or hesitation, I pushed the buzzer. Nothing happened. I pushed it again and waited. Maybe he had gone out. No, his car was in the driveway.

Just about the time I was about to give up and go back home, I saw the curtain pull aside next to the door and saw Trevor’s sleepy face. He smiled when he saw me, and I heard the door unlock. As soon as the door opened, I stepped in.

“Sorry, Mrs. J. I was already in bed,” he said groggily.

“You lead the way,” was my only response. He took my hand and led me silently up the dark stairs, down the hallway and into his bedroom. I took off my slippers, robe, and nightgown, and slipped into his bed next to him. Without saying a word, I put my head under the covers and found his cock. He had showered, obviously, as there was no trace of our lovemaking from an hour earlier. His cock was limp and soft, but still larger than Bill’s when erect. As Trevor lay on his back, I put my mouth to it and began working on it, wanting it stiff and hard. I kissed, licked, sucked, and stroked it until it was just the way I wanted it. When it was, I held it in my hand, mounted him, placed the tip up to my opening, and slid down on him until he was buried deep inside me. I started coming right away.

I rode his cock as orgasm after orgasm washed over me. I leaned down and took his nipple in my mouth, sucking it in, gently biting and teasing it with my tongue. I reached behind me and played with his balls as I rode up and down, up and down on his thick, long, deliriously wonderful cock. I couldn’t get enough of him. I wanted him in me. I wanted to touch every part of his body at once.

We fucked for a half hour or more this way, me exploring his body as we changed positions, him fucking me in every way I knew how; from the top, from the bottom, from the front and from the back. When we were finally in the missionary Cami Halısı position, he started really driving into me and I knew we were on the home stretch. My hands had been wandering over his balls and his bottom, and as he pumped in and out of me, I started to tickle his anus. I heard him groan, and I knew it was having a good effect on him. I started rubbing lightly around the wrinkled skin of his opening. He groaned again. I took the tip of my index finger and pushed it in must a tiny bit. He groaned even louder. It excited me to be doing something so nasty.

I took my hand away, and reached between our bellies. I coated my fingers in the thick juice that was running out of me as he fucked me, and went back to his anus. With my finger lubricated, I slid it in to the first knuckle. Trevor moaned and muttered something. Taking this as a yes, I slid my finger in a bit more as he started really driving in and out. I felt him start to tense as his orgasm approached, and I slid my finger all the way in. He yelped, and I felt his cock explode in me. I pushed my finger in as far as I could and wiggled it as Trevor jerked and groaned his way through spasm after spasm of an intense orgasm. I was coming as well, and I could immediately feel that my entire pelvis was coated with wet, slick juices. I must have squirted again.

We made love three times more that night, but it’s hard to remember where one left off and the next one started. I dozed lightly a couple of times, but as soon as Trevor was hard again, he would take me. And it never took him long to get hard again. The idea of trying to count how many orgasms I had is almost funny. I would start coming as soon as he entered me, and the orgasms just built one on another. Each time he entered me was just as thrilling as the first time he entered me. Each time we did it he would last longer, and though I felt sore, I didn’t want it to end.

At 4:30 in the morning, I knew I had to get home. Bill would be getting up at about 6:00 to get ready to play golf, and I hoped I could make it back to bed without him realizing I had been gone. I kissed Trevor and told him to get some sleep and left him in his bed. I put my robe and slippers back on, and in the early glow of dawn, I crept back across the front yards and slipped back into my house. I went to the kitchen, got a teacup from the shelf and put it in the dish drainer, as though it had been used. I also took a tea bag, wetted it, and threw it in the trash.

I crept back up the stairs and slipped into bed. Just when I thought I had made it without detection, I heard Bill say, “Where have you been?”

“I couldn’t sleep so I went downstairs and made some tea,” I answered, trying to keep my voice even. There was a moment of silence, and I thought I had gotten away with it.

“That’s funny,” he said. “I went downstairs about an hour ago, and you were nowhere to be found.” Another long moment of silence.

“I’m sorry, Bill!” I finally answered. “I couldn’t help myself. I wanted more with Trevor.” More silence. I began feeling very guilty.

“I don’t think it’s right, Fran, that you’re going over there and being alone with him. That’s not the deal. We’ll talk about it this afternoon,” Bill said. I decided not to reply hoping the conversation would end there. I lay there for 5 minutes or more, just feeling horrible, knowing that what I had done constituted cheating on Bill. I felt Bill shift his position on the bed, then felt his hand on my belly. He caressed my tummy for a moment, then slid his hand down to my bald cunt, which was covered with the crust of the mixture of Trevor’s cum and my juices. I was still leaking cum, and suddenly I remembered the cuckold movies and websites we had looked at together, and I knew how I could placate Bill, at least for the moment.

“Shouldn’t you be down there licking me clean?” I asked. I felt Bill’s body jerk just a little on the bed, but he made no move. “You heard me,” I repeated, “Shouldn’t you be down there licking me clean? Get to it.”

Slowly Bill began to move towards me on the bed so I threw the covers aside, exposing my body. He got down between my legs and took a deep breath, inhaling the stale stench of the residue of multiple fuckings Trevor had given me. My juices and the leaking of the copious amounts of semen that Trevor had pumped into me were matted in the patch of pubic hair above my pussy, and dried and crusty on the bald lips of my cunt. The interior of my vagina was oozing with it.

“Clean me, and don’t miss anything,” I told Bill in a gruff tone. I didn’t feel disgusted by it this time. I wanted it for him. And for me. I had been a bad girl, and this was my repentance.

I felt his tongue Cami Halıları take the first lick of my pussy. It was a long lick right up the center. Then another lick right up the center, then a third. By the fourth, it was starting to feel good, especially when he got to my clit. I put my feet flat on the bed with my knees bent, legs spread, and lifted my butt off the bed and said, “Get Trevor’s cum from inside me.”

Bill really started lapping at the raw opening to my cunt. I guessed that I was still wide open from being fucked so much by Trevor’s giant cock. I could feel Bill’s tongue licking deep in me, teasing out every bit of cum he could get. I was starting to get pretty turned on, and I wanted to come again. I told Bill to lay on his back and, holding on to the headboard for balance, I straddled his head. “Here’s what you want,” I said, and lowered my cunt to his face. Bill started licking and sucking on my cunt, and I pushed every drop of cum out of me that I could onto his waiting tongue.

I rubbed my clit against his nose as he licked and lapped at my gaping hole. Then I came. I mashed my cunt on his face as I squirmed through my orgasm. It wasn’t as strong as with Trevor, but I was learning that there is no such thing as a bad orgasm. They’re all good in their own way.

As soon as I was finished coming, I told Bill to get up and go get ready for golf. I told him I hadn’t had any sleep and I was tired from all the fucking I had done. He protested, telling me he wanted to put it in me; that he needed to “get off”. I told him there was nothing holding him back from getting off, but that I was “fucked out”. I told him there was a shower and a bar of soap in the bathroom for him to use for that, surprising myself at how easily, and how quickly I had slipped into the role of the cheating wife rubbing her husband’s nose in it. In other words, I had truly cuckolded Bill. He was now a cuckold. He started in on me with the guilt trip, but I ignored him and curled up to go to sleep, pulling the covers over me. He finally gave up, and the last thing I heard before I drifted off to sleep was the shower running.

When I awoke, I couldn’t believe how sore I was. My pussy was sore, of course. How could it not be after being stretched and pounded so many times for so long. But I was sore in other places; the fronts of my thighs, the muscles in my butt, even my lower back. I never realized that sex was such a workout! Bill was gone, but had left a note telling me he still wanted to talk when he got home from golf that afternoon.

It was almost 10 a.m. by the time I got showered, dressed, did my hair and put my makeup on. I decided that I’d make Bill and I a nice dinner that night; even though I was his “cruel mistress” now, I felt that when the sex was over, I should still be a loving wife. I went and did a little shopping. I found a cute little baby doll negligee that I thought Trevor might like me in, so I splurged a little and bought my second piece of lingerie that week. Then I went to the store and got pork chops (Bill’s favorite) and everything I needed for a nice dinner for two.

I started for home, and turned down our street. When I drove past the Hamilton’s house, Trevor was out shooting baskets in his driveway. I pulled into our driveway, got out of my car, walked directly over to Trevor, took him by the hand, and led him into his house.

As soon as we were inside and the door was closed, I yanked down his gym shorts and got down on my knees and started sucking and licking his soft penis. I still marveled at the size of it, even flaccid.

“Holy crap, Mrs. J, don’t you ever get enough?” Trevor laughed.

“Not of you, Trevor. Not of you,” I answered and started licking up and down his hardening cock and sucked its massive head into my mouth. Once he was erect, I stood, pulled off my shorts and panties, and pushed my cunt towards him, standing face to face. I put my arms around his shoulders and tried to pull myself up. Sensing what I was trying to do, he put his arms around my waist and lifted me until my pussy was above his cock. I reached back and found it, bringing it towards my already soaking cunt as he lowered me onto it.

I felt the tip at my opening and it hurt at first. My lips were still red and sore from the night before, but once it slid in a bit, the pain went away and I felt only intense pleasure. He slowly lowered me down, and I felt it stretching me again, filling me with an intense pleasure that I still marveled at. He was in complete control as he held me by my bottom, lifting me on and off his cock. I wrapped my legs around him so I could help push with my legs each time he picked me up and dropped me back on his cock.

Every time he dropped me, his huge stiff bone would ram up to the deepest part of my cunt. I could feel an electric shock pulse through my body every time he did it. I was coming again and again and briefly wondered how he did that. He had turned me into an orgasm machine. I just went from one orgasm to the next.

I was groaning and moaning with each orgasm, my arms locked around his neck, my legs wrapped around his butt, riding up and down that magnificent shaft. I put my lips to his and thrust my tongue in his mouth. His tongue met mine, and every bit of passion I was feeling was in that kiss. My orgasms went deeper. I watched his face, and saw his eyebrows knit as he scrunched his face. I suspected that he was getting close to orgasm.

“Give it to me, Trevor. Give me your cum,” I almost shouted. “Give me your cum up my cunt. I want it. I want to feel it in me.” He began vigorously pumping as he picked me up and let me go over and over again on his massive tool. My orgasms were blending, and I felt another big one coming. Trevor’s eyes opened wide, he emitted an “oh!”, and I felt his cock jerk as he blasted his cum up into the deepest part of me. The big orgasm I was feeling coming rushed over me as my body stiffened. I heard a sound like an orchestra tuning in my ears as the waves of the orgasm rushed up and down my body from my scalp to my toes. Up and down it played me. Trevor continued to pump seed into me as my body shook with the pleasure it was feeling. I was amazed all over again at how he could make my body sing.

He held me as we both recovered, then gently lifted me up off his cock and placed me back on the floor. My legs felt weak and shaky. I leaned into him.

“I can’t believe how much I like fucking you, Trevor,” I finally said. “I can’t believe how good it feels. And one thing I want you to know: you can fuck me anytime you want. Any time. I won’t turn you down, even if I’m on my period. If you don’t want to fuck me on my period, I’ll lick you and let you come in my mouth. You can have me any time you want, in any way you want.” I couldn’t believe I had just said that, but I wanted to say it. I wanted him to know.

Trevor looked at me in a way I hadn’t seen yet; more self-confident, more assured. “Well, I’d like to fuck you like that again, I can tell you that. What about Mr. J, though? Is he okay with all this?”

“This was all his idea to start with, Trevor. He gets some kind of pleasure from me exposing myself to other men, and he’s been after me for months to have sex with someone else, so he can watch.” I gazed at Trevor, trying to gauge his reaction.

“Wow, that’s pretty out there,” was Trevor’s reply. “So, like, he gets off on watching you have sex?” I wasn’t sure if I should tell him what else Bill liked to do. That might me too much all at once. He continued, “And he wants to watch us do it?”

“Only if that’s okay with you, Trev,” I assured him. “If not, then we’ll just be together alone. And it doesn’t have to be every time.”

“Well, he watched us the first time, and I was kind of startled at first, but then I forgot he was there.”

“He’d like it if we let him watch from time to time,” was my instant reply. I thought I owed that to Bill.

“Sure,” was all Trevor said. I bent down and picked up his gym shorts and briefs and handed them to him. Then I bent again and picked up my shorts and panties.

As we put our clothes back on I reassured him, “It won’t have to be every time.” We finished dressing and I gave his cock a squeeze through his shorts. “Mind if I come over again tonight?” I asked him, with an evil grin on my face.

“I’m working at the Hilton until about 11. But after that, sure!” He worked as a banquet waiter when he was home from school. I gave him another squeeze before I got up on my tippy toes to give him a peck.

“See you then,” I said and opened the front door. As I walked out, I looked up and down the street, suddenly worried that our neighbors may see me coming and going and get suspicious. I walked back to my car and retrieved the groceries and went into the house.

I put the groceries away and got on the internet and went to Google. I typed in “cuckold” and spent the next hour and a half reading and researching cuckoldry. I went to some of the websites that Bill had shown me a few nights before and read a few mores stories about wives cuckolding their willing husbands.

When I was done, I sat down and wrote Bill a letter. I had decided that I would make him a nice dinner, sit with him and eat, and then hand him the letter. I’d leave the room and let him read it alone.

I wrote the letter, re-read it, and put it in an envelope with Bill’s name on it. When Bill got home, he wanted to talk, but I told him I wasn’t ready, but that I would make a nice dinner, and we could talk after dinner.

The remaining hours of the day ticked by very slowly.

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