Fulfilling the Fantasty Ch. 01

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This is my first story on Literotica, and is a true story inspired by one of the sexiest men I’ve ever known. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing—and experiencing—it.

I’d had a crush on Tony since I was 14. He was tall, caramel-skinned, handsome and had a sexy slim-yet-athletic physique, and was outgoing, confident , sweet and charismatic—in other words, a total hottie. So when we finally hooked up five years later after a college frat party, fucking him was a dream cum true.

I was home alone one night and he called out of the blue. He’d dated my roommate, so when he called to speak to me, I was intrigued. What was I doing? Would I like to go to a Kappa party at the Seaport? I told him I’d be ready in half an hour and he said he’d pick me up then. When I was 14, my body resembled an ironing board, I wore thick glasses, had pimples, no fashion sense, and still wore my wavy, brown shoulder-length hair in two pigtails. At 19, however, I was hot and knew it. Contacts replaced the glasses, my skin had cleared up, my curvaceous 5′ 7″ 34-22-36 figure was always stylishly dressed, and when I walked down the street, I literally caused traffic accidents. I threw on a black bra, sheer floral print blouse, black bikini panties, a pair of skintight jeans and black pumps, brushed my hair ’til it shone, and waited impatiently for Tony.

He arrived moments later, looking and smelling fine, and off we went. The party was at a gorgeous venue but was a bit of a drag. We drank ’til we were tipsy, then he suggested we leave and go hang out at rise of empires ottoman izle his place—an offer I quickly accepted. His room was in the basement of his parents’ house and was fully furnished. I slipped off my shoes and slid onto the couch while he went to mix us some drinks. Three or four drinks later, I was drunk and found that I could do nothing but stare at his crotch. I guess he noticed, because he soon took the drink out of my hand, sat it on the coffee table, and began kissing me.

He reached under my blouse and inside my bra and rubbed my nipples to the same rhythm he was swirling his tongue around mine to. I quietly moaned and squirmed in my jeans, rubbing my clit against the heavy seam between my legs, and reached down to massage the growing bulge in his pants. He paused to pull my blouse off and remove my bra, then began licking and sucking first one then my other tit as he teasingly massaged my pussy through my jeans. I opened his belt, unbuttoned his pants, slid the zipper down, reached inside his boxers, freed his cock and began stroking it. The lights were still on, and I paused to look at what I’d been lusting for for so long and it was beautiful. Thick and tan, it was at least 7 inches long and I couldn’t quite wrap my fingers completely around it. I bent down to kiss the precum from its head, and Tony groaned and put his hand gently on my head, encouraging me to take more of him into my mouth.

I licked the perimeter of his cockhead, then slid my full lips down the length of his dick romantic getaway izle until the first five inches of it were in my wet, warm mouth, cushioned by my velvety thick tongue. I grasped the base and slowly, teasingly fucked his dick in and out of my mouth, pausing every now and then to tickle the head with my tongue or to remove it from my mouth altogether and pump it with my hand while I licked and kissed his balls.

Tony opened my jeans and fit his long fingers inside my panties as best as he could given the position I was sitting in. He managed to get one, then two of his fingers inside my creamy quim, stroking them in and out and rubbing his palm against my swollen clit. I wanted to fuck him so bad, and as if reading my mind he murmured, “Let’s get those jeans off and get in bed.” I released his meat from my mouth and he helped me up off the couch, pulling me to him and kissing me before leading me over to the bed and turning the lights off. In the shadows, I watched him take off his clothes as I peeled my jeans off, dropped them on the floor, and lay on his bed in my panties. Then he was on top of me, kneading my breasts and kissing me furiously as his long, thick cock stabbed against the drenched crotch of my panties.

“Make it wet for me, D,” he whispered and climbed up the bed ’til his muscular legs were on either side of my head and his beautiful dick was dangling inches from my lips. I grabbed his ass, slowly licked the right, left, top and under side of his hard length, then sucked him into my mouth until rüyanda görürsün izle my nose was buried in his pubic hair. He gasped and began fucking my pretty face, increasing his speed as his excitement escalated. I moaned steadily around his cock and as I felt it engorge in my throat as if he were about to cum, he pulled out, took a couple of deep breaths, pulled off my panties, then lay beside me kissing me as he sawed, one, two, then three fingers steadily in and out of my cunt. I moaned uncontrollably and humped my twat against his hand. He pulled his fingers out, rolled on a condom, and shoved his fat schlong in me.

His prick fit in my pussy as if it had been made to be inside me. I wrapped my long legs around his waist, looking down to watch his dick, slick with my juices, as it stroked in and out of me. His nutsack, also wet with my juices, slapped against my asshole as he pumped in and out. He reached one hand underneath me and rubbed my wet asshole before gently inserted a fingertip inside my ass. I reached down, and every time he pulled out of me, I massaged the base of his cock. Every time he bottomed out inside me, his body rubbed against my clit, and with my legs I pulled him into me as deep as he could go. I could feel myself about to cum, and grasped his muscular arms as I slammed my pussy against him. He sensed that I was cumming and increased his thrusts until my cunt muscles spasmed, clenching his cock and creaming all over it. At the same time, he grunted and thrust into me one last time. As I felt the cum released from his cock spurt deep within me, I came again, moaning and panting, squeezing and grinding my pussy on him until it subsided. Slowly, he pulled out, kissing my sweaty face tenderly before heading to the bathroom to clean up. Smiling with the thought that I had finally gotten what I’d been wanting for so long, I was fast asleep by the time he returned to bed and lay beside me.

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