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“They stood there locked in a deep embrace, her mind racing a million miles a minute. “All this for a set of tires” she thought. Her father was probably rolling over in his grave. She couldn’t believe what she was doing but she couldn’t stop either.”

Annie was only 27 years old but was often mistaken for being even younger. She was a pretty girl, but she didn’t consider herself to be. She hated her body which made her feel self-conscious all the time. She thought she was fat and her breasts were too small. She had red hair and wore dark framed glasses. She felt like she should work in a library. In reality she had a pretty face and a glowing personality which made up for all of her shortcomings. Annie had had a rough childhood which made her extremely shy around people she didn’t know but once she felt comfortable around them, she could hang with the best of them.

Kerry had just turned 49 and was starting to have a mid life crisis. He wasn’t bad to look at, salt and pepper gray hair with a little bit of a belly, though for the most part he was in decent shape. He owned a successful auto repair shop where he worked by himself. He did quality work which gave him an honest reputation. He was well known and liked in the small community where they lived.

They lived in a small resort town where everything cost twice as much so Annie was struggling to make ends meet and having a car that was always breaking down didn’t help things. Kerry knew that and had been fixing her car for a year or so for cost. He treated her like he would want someone to treat his daughters who were about her age. Annie had been taking her car to him for a while, so she had become comfortable talking with him, and since Kerry was always a flirt, she started to give it right back to him.

That was the case this time, her car had just failed inspection and they were trying to find tires she could afford. As usual they bantered back and forth only this time what had been harmless flirtation was different. Annie wasn’t sure exactly when it happened or what changed this time but she was sure that things were beginning to cross the line. She had joked many times before that they could “work out a deal” but always they just laughed it off. That day Kerry didn’t have any tires that would fit Annie’s car so he had to order them. She wasn’t sure she would be able to afford them so she asked if she could make payments. Kerry true to his flirtation joked and said, “I might have to charge you “interest”. She laughed and said, “I bet you would”. With that he told her to come back a few şişli escort days later and look at the tires to see if they would work and that they would worry about the cost then. When she returned the tires were there but Kerry wasn’t able to put them on her car. He was backed up so they set an appointment for two days later. They talked for a while about different things with their usual bantering thrown in for the mix. Then when she was getting ready to leave, she asked him again about the payments. Once again he said he might have to charge her “interest” to which she replied that “if she was going to agree to that, she was so good that she should get them for free””. Kerry laughed for a min then he dropped the offer on the table. She could get her tires for free if she gave him a little “special attention”. WOW! She would have to really think about that. After all, Kerry was married, 22 years her senior and had daughters her age. And, how much of a whore would he be if she did it? She told him she would give him an answer when she returned. With that said, he told her to “wear something hot” and she left.

That night and the next, Annie’s mind raced through what had happened. Was he serious? She knew the answer was yes, without a doubt, Kerry was serious. But it was such a forbidden fruit and Annie couldn’t keep her mind on anything else. Every minute that passed made her wetter and wetter. Annie had to talk to someone, she had to see if she had to rationalized her thoughts so she called the one person she knew she could trust, James. Annie and James had had a 3-year affair but were still best friends even after it ended. She knew he was the one person that she could count on to keep her mouth shut. To her surprise he told her she should go through with it. He said what’s the harm, but he wanted the juicy details. James was right… after all people did it every day and she really didn’t have the money for tires. What harm was it? On one hand she felt like a cheap slut but on the other, she was getting more and more turned on. After all… think of the taboo… married, old enough to be her father….. She still didn’t know what she was going to do but the more she thought about it the more she wanted to.

The day she was sopped to meet Kerry, her mind wondered. She wasn’t able to concentrate on anything at work. They had set the appointment for 5pm so that she wouldn’t have to leave early but she wasn’t getting anything accomplished so she left anyway. She went home and changed into a pair of nicely fitting jeans and a chocolate brown top with mecidiyeköy escort a revealing v-neck that dove clear down below her breasts. If that wasn’t “hot” enough for him he’d have to be gay. It was cold outside so she put on a jacket and zipped it up to her neck. She figured that if anyone was still hanging around when she got there, that way she wouldn’t look suspicious.

When she arrived, Kerry was still finishing up another vehicle and since the shop was little there really wasn’t a waiting area so she hung out in the bay and talked to him while he worked. She didn’t have the nerve to unzip her jacket and sure enough someone stopped by so she was relieved that she hadn’t. Soon the customers left and she was alone again with Kerry. They talked about different things but more about her past than anything. And true to Kerry’s nature the bantering back and forth was thrown in there as well. And eventually he asked her why her jacket was zipped so high. When she unzipped it, he thought he’d died and gone to heaven. Her breasts may not have been large, but they were ample and her shirt showed them off in the best way possible even showing her erect nipples through the fabric. It was hard for him to concentrate. Eventually he finished the car and it was clear that he wasn’t going to be able to get to hers, after all it was getting late. She was going out of town the next 2 weeks for her job so he made arrangements to work on her car while she was gone. He went to wash his hands and when he came back she was standing by the closed bay door looking out one of the windows. He walked over to her and stood in front of the exit right next to her. They were standing close and he reached for her front pockets and pulled her close to him. He told her they would work out the “payment” when she got back but he asked her what she wanted with an old man like him. She shrugged and said she hoped he could teach her a thing or two. With that he leaned forward and kissed her. She kissed him back, a deep kiss. They stood there locked in an embrace for what seemed like hours but was only minutes in reality. As they kissed he ran his hands around her waist and eventually up to her breasts. Then he moved and started to kiss her neck, something that always made Annie weak in the knees. When they came up for air, she asked him if there was anywhere more private to go so they headed to the back room.

Once in the back room Kerry locked the door and pulled her close to him again. His hands began to wander until they slipped into her pants, To his surprise she wasnt wearing any underwear and she was wet….so wet! He couldn’t believe what his fingers were feeling, was she shaved? He had to look for himself so he unbuttoned her jeans and they fell to the floor. He thought had died and gone to heaven again… she was shaved clean! When he saw her, he couldn’t help himself, he kissed her so deeply she went weak in the knees again. He continued to fondle her wetness burying his fingers deep between her lips. All she could think about was how much she wanted him, all her other worries washed away with each stroke of his fingers. As they were kissing, Kerry took Annie’s hand and moved it to his crotch area. He was hard, and she could tell he had a decent package but she wanted to see for herself so she reached for his belt and unbuckled it then unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. She wasn’t disappointed. He wasn’t as long as James but he was thicker, and she liked that.

She stood there fondling his cock while he kissed and caressed her. After a few minutes she led him over to the desk. He followed and leaned against it. She dropped and took him into her mouth. She started by gently taking him in as far as she could. She looked up at him and could tell that he was in heaven. She moved all over his cock with her tongue, licking every inch starting with the tip and working her way down to his balls where she took them into her mouth one by one sucking gently. Kerry felt like he was going to explode any second. God she was good! As Annie increased her speed and worked feverishly on Kerry’s cock she began to feel his balls tighten and she knew he was about to cum. She sucked him in deep just in time to feel him explode in her mouth. She swallowed every drop. DAMN! Was all Kerry could say! He helped her to her feet and kissed her once more. Then he held her and said “next time its my turn.” She told him she couldn’t wait. And then she got her self straight and began to leave. When she got to the door Kerry pulled her close to him again, kissed her one more time and said “I cant believe you are going to be gone for two weeks, I don’t know if I can wait that long to see you again”. Annie told him that she didn’t want to wait either and she promised to stop by as soon as she got back in town. And with that she was gone.

The rest of that week she couldn’t keep her fingers out of her cunt…. She didn’t know how she was going to get through the next 2 weeks. She thought she just might have to make the 5-hour trip home for the weekend just to see him. Then again.. the wait could make things that much better when they finally got to meet again. She would have to think about it some more. One thing was certain though…. she wanted him now more than ever and she was going to make sure she got every bit of him!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32