Heartbreakers Ch. 11

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The group came to another outdoor seating area. Amy led them through a short array of tables, some of which were occupied although most weren’t, and past a few outdoor, umbrella-shaped heaters, until they came to a table with two young women. It took both men a moment to recognize their own daughters, as their transformation was as complete and remarkable as Amy’s. Their daughters had changed their hairstyles, wore atypical clothing, and even exhibited a more mature and sophisticated demeanor.

“We thought you’d gotten lost out there.” Heather said, as she stood up and vacated her seat.

Across the small table, Rochelle also stood up. Both daughters took in what their fathers were wearing.

“The pimps are here.” Amy announced.

Both daughters chuckled at the designation.

“The black pimp will sit here and the white pimp will sit over here.” Amy directed.

Knowing it was all part of the act, Spencer went over to Heather’s side of the table, while Tom stayed near Rochelle. As the two men settled onto the wide chairs their daughters had just vacated, they noticed only a total of three seats around the table. Out of habit, Tom nearly got up to pull two more chairs, but Amy got in his way.

“Sit, sit, sit.” The blonde insisted.

“Waiter.” Heather called out, stopping a worker in his tracks. “We’d like five beers. A lighter ale would be fine.”

The waiter came over and checked Heather’s ID, nodded, and walked away.

Tom nearly blurted out a query as to how in the heck Heather had gotten away with it, since his daughter was only eighteen. The lingering threat of Amy’s slap, however, kept him quiet.

Expecting the reaction, Heather tossed the driver’s license onto the table, where Tom could reach out and scoop it up. It had Heather’s picture on it, sure enough, with a false name and address. Officially, the card stated that Heather was twenty-one. The counterfeit looked in every way, shape and form just like the ID Tom had in his own pocket. For good measure, Rochelle and Amy produced fake IDs of their own. Knowing the waiter would come and card them, the girls tossed them on the table, too.

Spencer reached out for Rochelle’s, but he scrutinized it only briefly, as if holding the ID too long might result in a slap heading his way. He tossed it back on the table. “You cats did a good job on those. As a matter of fact, you cats look like you’re doing a good job on everything.”

“We’re good at it.” Amy said. “Let me tell you about the dress sandy cat is wearing. This is a strapless sequin dress. It has silver sequins over gold sheath. It also has a straight neckline just like my dress, and it fits close to the body. Won’t you do a turn for us, sandy cat?”

The cloth clung to Heather’s pronounce curves, both men noticed. Since Tom was an Ass Man when he wasn’t happy being a Tit Man, he couldn’t help but suspire at the way his daughter’s big butt looked in it.

“Have a seat, sandy cat.” Amy motioned.

This threw Tom off for a moment, as Amy had directed Heather toward Spencer’s chair. Sure enough, Heather went and plopped her big butt right on Spencer’s lap. Even Spencer looked surprised. This caused Heather to give him a light slap on the cheek.

“Well, you didn’t think I was going to sit on the floor, did you?” Heather flirted.

Tom watched as his daughter made her self comfortable, even going as far as leaning into Spencer’s shoulder and hoisting an arm around his neck. Her juicy breasts were only inches from Spencer’s face.

“Black cat, step over here and into the light.” Amy made the request.

Rochelle walked over.

“Black cat is wearing an ivory and gold strapless dress, more of a party dress really, but not entirely inappropriate in this setting. It has a sweetheart bodice with an alluring cutout in the back, and what is known as an A-line mini skirt. Take a turn, black cat, before you take your seat.”

Rochelle made a soft pirouette, showing off her exposed upper back, before she went over to where Tom was sitting. As Spencer watched, the black girl arched her back to round her ass out for Tom, before she slipped onto his lap.

The two fathers were staring at their daughters, and at the man across from them. Before anything else was said, the waiter returned with their beverages. He did pause to examine the IDs left on the table, but a quick glance at the two men was all he needed to approve them. As soon as the cargo was set down, off the waiter went in another direction.

Heather reached out for her beer and a second for Spencer.

“This is a rather interesting situation we have here, pimp.” Spencer said, which set all three girls to laughing.

Tom didn’t know what to say. His daughter was sitting on Spencer’s lap! What the hell was that all about?

“Oh, I’d say it’s going to get a lot more interesting than this.” Amy said, as she moved her chair over to where she could keep an eye out on the other tables. “So, my pretty kitties, should we go with a red light, green light warning system, or alternate turns, or what?”

“I’ll defer ankara escort to sandy cat’s decision.” Rochelle said.

“Why thank you.” Heather replied. “The light system is fine, and let’s see if we can get away with short, alternating turns.”

“Check.” Amy said, as she scanned across the small courtyard. “We’ve got the waiter on the move. He’s heading back into the service door. And, three, two, one, green light.”

Heather reached down for Spencer’s free hand. The teen set it directly on her breast. She lifted her neck and arched her back, further prodding her breast into Spencer’s fingers. Across the table, pangs of resentment streaked through Tom.

“Red light.” Amy said. “The bastard waiter’s out again, carrying dishes. Keep your cool, kitties. He’s dropping off; he’s dropping off. Now he’s pestering the next table over.”

Tom used the moment to reach out and grab his beer, which he took a quick swig of.

Amy kept up her surveillance. “Waiter’s on the move, on the move. Black cat… you are… go.”

Rochelle had to wait until Tom lowered his bottle, as his other hand was pressed behind her. The black girl took the free hand and also set it on one of her breasts. Once in place, she used her hand to rub Tom’s hand against her.

“How we doing over there, pimp?” Spencer’s voice came across as irritated as Tom was feeling. “You getting a good handful?”

What was Tom supposed to say to that?

They both heard Amy giggling.

“So, this is your idea of fun?” Spencer said. “Well, let me tell you something, I don’t like it one…”

SMACK! Heather slapped him across the face.

This time, Amy really cut loose with the laughs.

Even Rochelle struggled to hold back a chuckle.

“I’m okay, I’m okay.” Spencer said. “All right, I see what the game is here. Hey, pimp! As long as we don’t have any hard feelings on your side, I’ll try to maintain on my end.”

The three teenage vixens had done a good job of setting them up, Tom realized. They were pitting one father against the other, possibly to antagonize them into starting a fight with each other. But they’d sure gone through a whole lot of trouble to do so, with the long drive and the fancy get-up and the hotel and everything. So that idea didn’t really make sense. The girls were after sex, they had to be, but they were being really sneaky in the way they were going about to get it.

“Yellow cat, what is the point to us sitting here, while these other cats are teasing us?” Tom asked.

“You tell me.” Amy replied. “Oh! Red light! We’ve got movement! Two couples moving from the outside to the inside of the hotel. Hold your horses, because they’ll be coming right by us.”

As Rochelle removed his hand from her bosom, and reached out for her beer, Tom used the break to think. The girls had brought them all the way down there. By all impressions they had probably rented a room already, but they hadn’t taken the two men inside yet. That meant they were trying to accomplish something outside that for some reason they couldn’t do inside. Heather and Rochelle were deliberately teasing each father in order to… No, they weren’t teasing them at all, Tom realized. They were softening the two fathers up.

“I need a minute to confer with my fellow pimp in private.” Tom announced. “Are we going to have a problem with that?”

“Take your time.” Amy said. “Cats, let them have their little moment.”

Both Heather and Rochelle left the chairs.

Spencer got up, while Tom scanned the nearby area until he saw a quiet nook where they could talk. He said, “Let’s go over here.”

The brooding black man followed, but Tom didn’t turn to face him until he made sure there was nobody else around.

“Are you mad at me?” Tom asked.

“I’m trying not to be, but I am getting there.” Spencer said.

“I think I figured out what the girls are up to, and it’s not to get us mad at each other.”

“Well, they sure as hell fooled me!”

“Listen, when those three girls went to my house and messed around with me, it was as if they were daring each other the whole time. Don’t get mad here, but Amy and Rochelle kept teasing me and teasing me. When I was about to set it off with one of them, boom, here comes Heather to take the hit. I think the first two softened me up, until I didn’t care where my cock went as long as it went somewhere. The whole purpose from the beginning was to get me to fuck Heather. Do you get that?”

“Well, that didn’t happen at the pool party, because…” Spencer started to say. “Wait a minute. Wait a cotton-picking minute! I thought it was strange at first, how everybody that showed up for the party was female.”

“There.” Tom saw the parallel. “They all went to your house with the intention that one of them was going to have sex with you.”

“You’re right. I can see that now. We played a volleyball game in the pool, where the losers had to take off their bathing suits. I couldn’t stand seeing all those naked bodies, so I up and left. The other team declared a forfeit, ankara escort bayan so my team ended up having to get naked too. There’s no way I was taking my trunks off, because everybody and their mother would have seen that I was hard enough to chip cement.” He paused to think.

“What happened next?”

“I went inside and Rochelle came in right after me. The first thing she did was to pull my trunks down and start giving me a blowjob. She did it right there next to the screen door and maybe twenty feet away from the pool and the rest of the girls.”

“Do you think that’s a coincidence, that Rochelle was the first girl to follow you inside? You said the two teams had just taken off their swimsuits, right? So she followed you and she was naked, and she started giving you a blowjob. This happened just after how many girls got naked in front of you to make sure you had a hard-on?”

“But that would mean that all ten girls had to be in on in, because not a one complained about having to take their bikinis off.”

“Well, three of them went to my house and did it to me.” Tom reminded him.

“And that other girl, Haley, she came into the house, too. She said she wanted to watch Rochelle and me having sex.”

“Boom!” Tom said. “That was a set-up! Why didn’t Haley say, oh, that’s disgusting and go out and tell the others? It’s because they set it up so that you would get all hot and bothered. You were ready to fuck the first naked body that was put in front of you, weren’t you? I know that’s how it happened because they did the same exact thing to me.”

“Haley did say she wanted to watch.” Spencer repeated. “She didn’t question what me and Rochelle were doing. She wasn’t disgusted by it, and like you said, it was almost as if she was expecting it. Okay, so all of that makes sense, but what are they doing now if not trying to make us come to blows?”

“It’s a set-up for sex, just like the other times.” Tom explained. “But the daughters are switching places with the fathers. They’re doing this whole teasing bit because they don’t think we’d be willing to swap daughters on our own. So they’re getting us used to the idea by making it more and more obvious. Just try and calculate how much money they spent to dress up like that, to get us down here and to organize this whole reality to illusion scheme. They didn’t do it just so that we could go home mad, that’s for sure!”

“So Rochelle wants you, and Heather wants me?”

“I don’t know what they planned. Maybe they’re getting a kick out of seeing how far they can push things, or maybe they dared each other to do it. Maybe they made a bet. What I do know is that they’re here and we’re here. They’re throwing their bodies at us, while we’re sitting in our chairs and making faces at each other.”

“What do we do about it?” Spencer asked.

“What do you want to do? If Heather shoves her tits in your face, trust me, it’s over. You’re going to fuck her and that’s that. And if Rochelle starts pouting her lips at me and rubbing my crotch like she did last week, well guess what? I guess you’re going to be my enemy for life because I am going to fuck her.”

“She rubbed your crotch last week?”

Amy stepped into view, coming right up to the two of them. “Don’t you want to play with us any more?”

“Amy, we’re not finished talking yet.” Tom said, not liking the interruption.

“Well, then you shouldn’t have started talking so loud.” Amy scolded. “Your voices are carrying all over the place and we can hear most of what you guys are saying.”

“Am I right about things?” An unperturbed Tom asked. “Did you bring us down here just so Spencer could fuck Heather and so I could fuck Rochelle?”

“When we had the dance party, how many girls did you fuck?” She asked.


“And you, Spencer, how many girls did you fuck at the pool party?”

“Two.” Spencer grunted.

“So tonight you both get to have three. It’s that simple. The reason I didn’t tell you guys earlier is because you were going to pitch a bitch about it. The reason we didn’t take you guys straight into the room was also because you were going to pitch a bitch about it. We strained our brains trying to think of a way to avoid you both pitching a bitch, but here you are pitching a bitch anyway. Happy?”

“And this is all part of a dare?” Spencer asked.

“Yes, it is a dare but it’s also a lot of fun. We could be out screwing around with guys our own age, but we don’t want to. We want to seduce you guys, because it’s so much sexier that way. Both Heather and Rochelle have crushes on their dads. They want to fuck you guys and they are going to fuck you guys. I thought it would be more fun if we could get you guys to swap daughters this time. So, you tell me. Did I screw it up or what?”

Spencer sighed.

Tom didn’t know what to say.

“Do you want to see my butt?” Amy turned around and lifted her dress. She was not wearing panties. “Do you want to touch it?”

Spencer chuckled. “You just never give up, do you?”

“Why escort ankara should I?” She turned back around. “I know what I want. Heather and Rochelle know what they want. It’s you guys who keep screwing up the program.”

Heather and Rochelle could be seen approaching the trio.

“So what’s the deal, are we calling this off or what?” Heather asked.

“I don’t know.” Amy replied. “They’re still being stubborn.”

Heather glanced around for a moment. “Follow my lead, Rochelle.” She went up to Spencer and pulled dress down to fully expose her D cup breasts. “Go ahead, Spencer, turn me down. Tell me you don’t want me.”

The taller Rochelle also pulled her dress down to fully reveal her breasts, which were pretty nice C cups, but she didn’t say a word. The hot girl didn’t need to, really, as she was giving Tom that same sexy look she’d given him back at the dance party. Spencer and Tom were both looking at very nice pairs of breasts.

“So turn me down already.” Heather persisted. “But if you decide you do want me, it’s only fair that Rochelle gets some attention too. Nobody gets mad, everybody gets happy.”

“What about me?” Amy piped up.

“Amy is what you can call the cherry on top on top of the ice cream cone.” Heather said. “So, guys. Are you going to drive away from here and masturbate when you get home? Or do you want to try out three different flavors of pussy right now?”

Tom and Spencer took long, hard looks at one another.

Only a few minutes later, Tom and Rochelle could be seen strolling past the grand hotel’s tennis courts, and out onto a vast lawn that stretched out to the side of the building. It was a little past nine now and most of the crowd had gone. The portion of the grounds they traversed had less lighting, as if it were seldom used when compared to the area they’d left behind.

Rochelle reached out to clasp Tom’s hand. After all the uncertainty and the flashes of dark emotion that Tom and Spencer had suffered through, Tom found her hand warm and safe. He certainly didn’t want to let it go.

“This is turning out to be some night.” Tom commented.

Rochelle squeezed his hand.

The pretty girl didn’t say much, Tom noticed. She hadn’t been all that talkative back at his house, either. He wondered whether Rochelle was naturally quiet, or if she was being that way because of whom she was with and what she was doing.

Tom brought them both to a halt, as he realized they’d come to the edge of the property. Before them was a wide driveway, most likely a service entrance for the hotel. Beyond that was tall fencing that forbid entry into the next property over, which was a complex of high-end condominiums.

Tom turned around in order to start the walk back, only to feel Rochelle holding him still. No one was around, he saw, except for the two of them. Tom thought of his wife and his crazy daughter. He also envisioned the look on Spencer’s dark face as he’d walked away with the man’s daughter. Tom soon dismissed these people from his mind.

Very badly, Tom wanted Rochelle. He wanted her as much as he wanted Amy, and nearly as much as he wanted Heather. Ever since he’d looked into her dreamy black eyes, and at her full pouting lips, he’d wanted her.

Tom brought Rochelle close to him, finding her height formidable as well as enticing. Her eyes were higher than his. Even though it was dark where they stood, he could just imagine that those eyes were as full of want and sensual fervor as he’d seen before.

It was Rochelle who initiated their first kiss, as she leaned into him and pressed her mouth tight against his. The breeze was cool, which prompted Tom to clasp the ebony beauty close to him. They used their body heat, as well as their growing passion, to keep the cold away.

Tom embraced her, fully knowing and not caring at all that he’d have to face Spencer later. That he’d have to look Spencer in the eye and through his expression reveal to that man that he’d messed around with his daughter.

Something deep within Tom gave way, as Rochelle’s ardent kisses battered his senses. After having been manipulated and teased for the entire night, there was a pent up release from him. This told him that nothing else mattered except this striking young woman standing in his embrace, and the great pains she had taken to get him there.

Tom’s hands fell to Rochelle’s lower back, to a point just above where her butt began. He thought of her ass, as he’d seen it at home when she was wearing her sports uniform, and also of how it looked when they were in the courtyard, with her fancy dress clearly defining its outline. He had always liked the look of Nubian butts, with their extra meat and their exaggerated, sensuous curves. And Rochelle was obviously more athletic and toned than most black women. His hands dared to slip down by that last few inches, until they rested directly over her butt.

It was beautifully round, with two pronounced swells that defied the limitations of most women. Rochelle’s dress went down to the midway point of her thighs, but not for long. He pulled up on the fabric, as his hands were eager to become more intimate with her sexy, meaty contours. Tom’s reward was soon found, when his fingers groped over those sweet swells and squeezed them. Again and again he squeezed, as if he’d discovered something spectacular and new. This novelty provoked him to go even further.

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