His Good Girl Ch. 03

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“Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear JAAAAAAXonnnnn! Happy Birthday to you!”

We all sang to him and waited for him to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. I insisted on a birthday cake or dessert for any birthday party hosted at my house. In our mid to late 20’s all, and perhaps too old for candles to some. But I loved the tradition of it too much to let it go. And I don’t care what anybody says, I think secretly most people enjoy having their birthday acknowledged.

Jaxon leaned forward and blew out all his candles.

“Now …BIRTHDAY SHOTS!!” Kayden roared, as he grabbed Jaxon by the shoulders and spun him around to the counter that we used as a bar. I began cutting up the cake with an eye roll as everyone lined up along the counter and Kayden poured them their shots. Kayden is a firm believer that every year you celebrate by doing a shot for every year you have lived so far. He claims it is an important tradition in every man’s life. I claim he’s going to die of liver failure. But anyway.

I cut up the cake and started putting pieces on paper plates. Someone turned the music back on and I swayed my hips to the beat while I worked. I had known Jaxon for almost as long as I had known Kayden. And we had definitely been friends for longer. Jaxon had been dating one of my best friends in high school. He was older than we were and more responsible than the boys our age. He was the first boy that I really looked at as a fully rounded person instead of a different species. Jaxon was easy to talk to, and refreshingly honest. Whenever I didn’t understand something a boy said or did, I checked with him to get perspective. As I mentioned before, he was dating a good friend of mine when we first met. By the time they had broken up I was dating someone else. Then we split ways for college, though we did visit each other a couple times. Over all the years we had never been single at the same time, and maybe that’s why we became such good friends without becoming anything more.

I turned back to look at my friend as the shot glasses got slammed back down on the counter’s surface. He’s a good looking man, tall and thin with a kind of back alley air to him. And knowing him as well as I do, I know that some of those scars on his leanly muscled body are indeed from fights and back alleys. I thought about him blowing out his candles and making a birthday wish, and made a wish for him of my own. ‘I want him to find his soulmate. Some girl that will make him smile more. Wherever she is, I hope she hurries her ass up.’

I finished slicing the cake and grabbed a plate for myself before moving over to the couch in the adjoining living room. I moaned as I put the first forkful of “Better-than-Sex Cake” in my mouth, and savored the sticky sweet flavor of it. Probably the wrong cake to make for a diabetic; seeing as it is drizzled with sweetened condensed milk and caramel sauce. But Jaxon had said to make whatever my favorite cake was so there had only been one way to go from there. As I finished my cake I licked my fork clean and even started delicately swiping my finger through the sauce on the plate to lick that off too. From behind me I heard a low voice quietly say, “Ya know I don’t think I’ve ever been jealous of a fork before today.” Conner’s breath tickled over my shoulder.

I laughed and tried not to blush, “I couldn’t help it, it’s just SO good.” I turned my head to smile at him and discovered he had knelt behind the couch to talk to me. So his face was much closer to mine than I thought it would be. His eyes were a lighter blue than my own. But I wouldn’t call them icy or grey. I noticed he had long eyelashes for a man, then I noticed that his eyes were looking down at my lips. My smile gained a bit of a sultry edge at that and I felt a tingle of power swirl through my chest.

“Do I have crumbs on my face?” I joked.

His gaze flicked back up to meet mine, “No! No of course not. I was just thinking about how it would taste.” Conner said as he leaned back on his heels in order to stand up.

“I can get you a slice of cake if you want to try it.” I said as I stood up also.

Conner smiled and winked at me. “That’s okay, I already know what the cake tastes like,” he said in a quieter voice. I almost couldn’t be sure that’s what he had said over the noise of the party. He glanced at my lips again and turned away.

Either it was hotter in the house than it felt to me, or he had a bit of a blush on his cheeks. I went and set my dish in the sink and as I walked, I could feel the heat in my body building. But it had more to do with Conner’s blushing than the thermostat.

Jaxon’s birthday party was a success. We played drunk Jenga, King’s Cup, and Cards against humanity. The music was great and the liquor was flowing. Nobody got sick and nobody spilled on the carpet, thank God! Jaxon passed out in his favorite spot on the couch and it made me smile. He ended up there almost every time we partied.

I was pretty almanbahis adres seriously buzzed myself but I frowned as I thought back. I couldn’t remember seeing Jaxon check his blood on his Glucose Meter at all during the party. Concerned, I walked over to him and knelt down near his head. I shook his shoulder.

“Jaxon. Jaxon buddy wake up! Did you check your blood recently?” I asked.

He moaned and turned his face away. His skin felt cold to the touch and kind of clammy. I saw the bulge in his pocket and so I fished my hand around in there and pulled out his little glucose meter.

“Jaxon I need to see you check your blood so I don’t worry about you okay?”

He growled at me. To this day I don’t know what made me do it, Jaxon and I had never shared more than a hug before. If it’s just because I was drunk and it seemed like the best solution at the time. Or if all the innuendo and sexy dancing had just made me too horny for logic. But I knew there was at least one way to wake a man up that would keep him from being mad at me. I pulled my friend’s shirt up until his belly button and hip bone indents were exposed and started running my fingernails over his skin, then I bent over him and started kissing and sucking on his neck.

“Jaxon,” I breathed huskily, “wake up buddy.” I nuzzled his throat and moved down to nip at his collarbone. I let my fingertips dip under the waistband of his jeans, exploring. Teasing.

I heard a sharp intake of breath and felt him sucking in so I could slide my hand further down his pants. I kept my touch near his waistband though, just crossing the edge. “There we go,” I whispered enjoying myself. He tasted salty and manly in the best way. “Wake up and check your blood for me Jaxon.” I let my breath ghost over his ear just before I traced the outer rim of his ear with the very tip of my tongue. He turned his head to face me then and I pulled away and made a pouty face at him.

“Please?” I asked again.

He grumbled, “You are the devil’s own tease Karli.”

“It’s not right to tease a man on his birthday.” Alice said. I had not even noticed when she sat down on the couch by Jaxon’s head. She gave me a knowing look. “Check your blood Jaxon and then you can do whatever you want with us for a full minute.”

Looking startled but pleased Jaxon sat up and I handed him his glucose monitor. “Do you mean that?” He asked. “I wouldn’t ask for anything ridiculous. Just having you kiss my neck felt crazy good.”

He pricked his finger and tested it. Sure enough, it was quite low. “Woops.” He said, “Too much insulin I guess.”

“What do you need Buddy?” I asked him as I stood up and walked to the fridge. “Soda? Orange Juice? Caramel Sauce?”

“Caramel sauce would probably work fastest. But that’s kind of gross.” Jaxon grimaced.

I grabbed the caramel syrup bottle out of the fridge and smiled at him. “I dunno. I love caramel.” I said.

I knelt in front of him again and grabbed his hand. Then I carefully squeezed a line of caramel onto his index finger, he looked at me dubiously. Keeping eye contact, I put his entire finger in my mouth before softly closing my lips around it and sucking on it. I let my eyes close as I sucked the caramel off his finger. Licking and sliding his finger around my mouth to make sure I got it all off. When I was convinced it was clean I let it slide out of my lips with a small popping sound and I reached for the bottle and squirted a line on my left index finger. “Now you go.” I told him.

He smiled and eagerly began sucking and licking at my fingertip. In the background I heard the music change to Sugar by Trick Daddy ft Ludacris and I turned my head to look around. Over at the kitchen table Kayden and Conner were watching us and Kayden nodded at me. Tony and Josh were still at the table too but with their backs to me. I think they were playing Poker. I felt Jaxon’s mouth come off my finger and I turned back around to focus on him. Alice was sitting there smiling and rubbing Jaxon’s thigh encouragingly. I grabbed her hand and held up the caramel sauce. Her eyes lit up with interest and she nodded.

I squeezed caramel onto her middle finger and she offered it to Jaxon. Then I grabbed Jaxon’s hand again and squeezed more caramel onto two of his fingers. Quickly sucking them into my mouth so no caramel would drip on the couch. I sucked on them harder than I had before. Something about knowing that Conner and Kayden were watching this performance made me want to be bolder. Plus I wanted to make sure that Jaxon wouldn’t have any space in his mind to feel awkward about having Alice’s finger in his mouth, and two of his fingers in mine. He needed the sugar. It was literally do or die…right? That’s what my brain told my body at the time anyway.

Plus it all just felt good. It felt right. It tasted yummy, and I wanted more. Alice took the bottle from my hand and pulled her shirt down over her shoulder. She squeezed a little caramel onto her shoulder almanbahis adresi and tilted her head away from it to make room for Jaxon to get it. His eyes went wide with surprise but there was no hesitation as he leaned forward and began licking her shoulder clean. She hummed happily at the attention and tickling sensation on her skin. I got up on the couch and sat on Jaxon’s other side. When he finished licking Alice’s shoulder clean I grabbed his hand and guided it to rest on the back of the couch. He automatically moved his other arm to mirror it. Then I leaned in and whispered, “Good boy Jaxon.” And started kissing his neck again. I laid my hand on his chest and wasn’t surprised to find Alice’s hand sliding over his torso as well. I glanced over at her and she was kissing his neck too. Leaning back I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up and off. Then Alice and I leaned back in, almost ravenous for more skin to taste.

I was in the zone. Licking. Tasting. Biting. Teasing. Every twitch or gasp or moan he made sent another jolt of power through me. And that power felt incredibly sexy. He was really starting to lose control, and even with all the alcohol in his system he still got hard quickly as we toyed with him.

I barely noticed when Jaxon’s hand slid off the couch and down my back to grab my ass. I arched into it and bit him. Sucking harder. Leaving hickies in my wake. Jaxon was breathing erratically now. I heard him muttering between breaths, “Oh god! Ah…Mmm Fuckin hell. Fuck me. Yesss.” I smiled as I heard Alice giggle too. I shifted my weight to toss my leg over one of his. Entwining. Sliding. Every sensation felt amazing. I happened to open my eyes in time to see Alice’s hand slide into his jeans and I felt Jaxon jump and gasp “Holy shit!” And I couldn’t keep myself from biting his chest then, wanting to leave a mark tomorrow.

I couldn’t tell you how much time passed that way. Alice and I teasing and playing with him. But at some point Conner and Kayden were standing over us and Conner said, “Well well. What do we have here?”

“It looks like a Jaxon sandwich.” Kayden added, and Jaxon blushed.

“Let’s make a real Jaxon sandwich!” Conner said excitedly. “Come on Alice you have to lay on the floor here.”

Alice happily hopped off the couch and laid down where he pointed.

“Then Jaxon you lay on top of Alice.” Conner said as he tugged Jaxon off the couch. “There, Good. Now Karli, you get to be the bread on top! Come on.” Conner reached down and took my hands to help me off the couch. I felt very aware of his hands touching mine. I blushed as I thought of all the ways I’d imagined him touching me in the last week.

I planked over the laughing pile that was Jaxon and Alice. “I am too heavy of a bread.” I stated. “I will squish them.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Conner replied.

“Ya know, it would look more like a sandwich if Karli and Alice were naked. Since they are both white as bread.” Kayden joked and reached down to pull me up.

As I stood he pulled my dress up and off of me. It wasn’t the kind of dress that required a bra so I was left standing in the living room in just my thong.

But I barely cared. Somewhere in the furthest reaches of my brain a tiny bit of logic turned on the panic and said what about your roommates?!! They can’t see this happening!!

I glanced around and noticed that Tony and Josh had gone to bed apparently. And also that Alice had stood up and began taking her clothes off too to be the matching bread. When she took her panties off the old religious fire-&-brimstone part of my brain got louder. Panicking. Protesting. Calling me out, asking me what in the hell was I doing?

But I was having fun! I didn’t want to make it stop, but I was starting to feel scared and nervous.

“BLINDFOLDS!” I blurted out. “For me and Alice.” I dashed into the master bathroom and grabbed two of my stretchy headbands. As I turned to head back out to the living room with them I saw that they had followed me into the master bedroom. “I want to wear a blindfold.” I said again. “It makes it easier and sexier somehow.” I explained, babbling slightly from the nerves. I slid the headband over my eyes and held the other one out toward Alice. Someone took the headband out of my hands.

Almost from the minute the headband slid over my eyes, the panicky and logical voices in my mind quieted. I felt keenly aware of my body. The way the ceiling fan moved the air over my skin, the way my nipples were tight and ready. I took a deep breath, trying hard to relax.

I felt a hand slide around my waist and Kayden whispered in my ear, “God I love you woman.”

In the background I heard Conner say, “Where are you going? Come back here and close the door behind you. We wouldn’t leave you on the couch alone with a boner on your birthday!”

“Really?!” Jaxon asked excitedly. “Are you sure that’s okay?” His voice sounded incredulous.

“Yeah it’s okay.” I heard Alice say, “Stay almanbahis adres and play with us Jax!”

I would have nodded that it was okay, but Kayden had turned my body to face him and started kissing me. His kiss was hot and he tasted like whiskey. His hands spread wide across my back and raised goosebumps wherever he moved them. He guided me backwards until my knees hit the bed, I started to sit but he held me up. Then he turned me so I was facing the bed and said, “Kneel on it for me love.”

I smiled shyly and did as I was told, kneeling facing inward on the edge of our queen size bed, so that my feet were pointing at the floor. I heard rustling and then felt Kayden’s bare chest against my back. He ran his hands up my sides lightly and cupped my breasts. I tilted my head to the side and he started kissing my neck in a way that made my head spin and lightning bolts of heat shot straight to my core; making me shiver. He slid his hands back down and gripped the sides of my thong underwear. He pulled them down to my knees so I bent in half, putting my weight on my hands so he could slide them off all the way. Essentially leaving me naked, blindfolded, and doggy style on the bed.

When I felt the thong slide off my feet I started to straighten up again. But a hand slid up my back and someone said, “Nuh uh. Stay.”

Immediately I felt compelled to obey. Eager to please. I dropped back to all fours and froze, listening for more commands.

I felt hands grab my hips and pull, I let them move my body until my chest and face were touching the bed and my ass and pussy lips were, I imagine, prominently displayed. I felt him move his hands to my bum and spread his fingers out. I realized then that those hands were too big to belong to Kayden. Someone else was standing behind me, squeezing my ass cheeks and looking at the most secret parts of me.

The fire of arousal that reality ignited in me was unbelievable. I felt a wave of heat race over my skin like a full body blush and I squirmed as all my insides seemed to quiver.

“So are we running with the ‘anything goes’ rule tonight?” I heard Conner’s voice ask from directly behind me. His hands were the ones currently massaging my ass cheeks and his thumbs kept coming closer to my pussy, each squeeze forcing the lips of my pussy to separate before he released them back to normal.

“No finishing inside of anyone you’re not in a relationship with, any suggestions or directions from the females are to be followed immediately, and no cameras.” Kayden replied, “Other than that, yes, anything goes.”

They were the rules he and I had talked about. My rules. When Kayden said them immediately so I wouldn’t have to; as if they were his idea all along, it felt like falling in love with him all over again. I smiled into the comforter and steeled my nerve. I knew I could do this now. For him I could do anything. A complete and impervious confidence settled over me and my soul felt calm. My body was still a heated quivering ball of sensations, but there was no more qualms or questions in my head. I wanted this. I was ready.

I felt one of Conner’s hands slide down to my inner thigh, then almost tentatively, he pressed one of his fingers into my slick entrance. I hummed and pressed against it, my inner muscles squeezing reflexively. It felt so strange but so nice. I hadn’t felt anybody’s hands on my body but Kayden’s in years. And as I mentioned, Conner’s hands were bigger than Kayden’s. He pushed his finger all the way into me, until I could feel his knuckles bump up against me, then he started rotating his finger inside me. Exploring it seemed. Feeling me out. A shiver ran through me again as his knuckles brushed my clit and my pussy clenched around his finger.

He started pumping his one finger in and out of me and I couldn’t help but moan. I felt my body relaxing, coming undone. The tension in my back and shoulders loosened and I pressed my chest closer to the mattress, forcing my legs to spread a little more. I heard someone else moan and tried to focus on the sound. It had to be Alice. From the sound of it she was making out with someone and panting. I wondered if it was Kayden, if he was kissing her and fingering her the way I liked. I was surprised to realize that I didn’t feel jealous. If anything I felt proud. Kind of like, ‘Yeah that’s my boyfriend, isn’t he amazing? See what he can do?’

But then I felt Conner adding a second finger to the first and I couldn’t think about anything else. One of his fingers felt like plenty, but two of his strong mechanic’s fingers was quite literally a stretch. I was so turned on and so wet though. I felt them start to slide in. I could feel my pussy trying to adjust. And it felt fucking amazing. I gasped as he suddenly thrust both fingers all the way in to the knuckle and he froze.

“Is this okay?” He asked me.

“Fuck Yes!” I moaned. I struggled not to start thrusting against his fingers, craving the movement.

“God you’re fucking tight Karli.” He stated as he started thrusting his fingers in and out of me again. More slowly than before but with so much extra friction. I could feel my body collecting all the loose ends and tightening them up again as the beginnings of an orgasm started to swirl in my belly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32