Homeschool Prom Night

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It was a warm evening in May. I walked the three steps down from our front door. Then I stopped and turned around. I took a deep breath, walked back up and rang the doorbell.

Nobody answered. I rang it again.

“Who is it?” Dad yelled.

“It’s Gareth,” I said. “I’m here to pick up Kristyne.”

Dad opened the door. “Come in, come in,” he said. “That’s a real nice corsage.”

“Thank you, Mr. Foxwell,” I said. We had picked it out together.

“Kristyne is still getting ready, son,” he said. “Come in, sit down. Can I get you a glass of water?”

“I guess that sounds good,” I said, standing by the front door. I was suddenly very awkward, even though it was my own house, standing in front of my own father, waiting for my own sister. I guess that was my father’s purpose, to make it feel as though it was a real prom night by making me feel off balance, but even though I knew what he was doing it still worked. I didn’t feel right sitting down, and I didn’t feel right standing. Plus, my tuxedo was stiff and I didn’t know how I would sit down in it.

“Sit, sit,” he said, coming back with a very small glass of water. “Make yourself at home.” I took the glass and sat down stiffly on the edge of the couch. He sat next to me, leaned back, and looked me in the eye. I held the water, but suddenly it felt weird to drink it.

“Sooo,” he said, “you’re taking my daughter to prom.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Foxwell.” He was silent for a moment. I lifted my glass to drink, and he said, “Curfew is midnight, you understand? You’ll have her home by then.”

“Oh yes, for sure, Mr. Foxwell. Sir.” I wanted to put the glass down, but the table was on the other side of Dad, so I just held on to it.

We sat in silence for another minute. Then he said, “I understand you’re home schooled.”

“Yes sir,” I said.

“So’s Kristyne,” he said. “I want her to have a nice time tonight. But she’s just 18, and hasn’t seen the world. Just because she’s naive, I don’t want to hear about you taking advantage, now.”

“No sir,” I said. He thought he was kidding, Kristyne being my sister and all, but I was hoping for just that.

See, we grew up a long way out of town. It was a good eight miles of twisty hill road to the next town, not a lot of houses along the way, and we were home-schooled besides. Kristyne had been the first girl I had seen naked. I’d seen her body fill out when there weren’t any other girls around to look at, right at the same time my hormones were starting to rough out my smooth parts. During the long hours sitting and going over spelling lists and history books, I sometimes stared at her and imagined what it would be like if she was my girlfriend and not just my sister. I’d stroke her long red hair and kiss her cheek, and tell her I loved her. And maybe if I did something heroic, like save her from a bear, she would let me touch her body.

When she turned 18 last year in May, she had given me my first kiss, a kiss right on the lips, almost. It was her first kiss too. It landed slightly off target, but I felt like I’d unlocked a new level on a video game. We had kissed again, when we could. Sometimes we called it practice, and sometimes we didn’t call it anything, we just did it. We would go for long walks and kiss, off in the woods where we were supposed to be learning plants. I had turned 18 in March. We went for a walk in the snow that evening, just the two of us, and although my hands were freezing she let me put them up under her jacket, and she gasped, and not just from the cold.

As the spring wore on we had continued to fool around, sometimes getting pretty hot and heavy. We would get each other worked up, making out and running our hands all up and down each other’s body. Sometimes her shirt would be open, and her bra pushed up, but she always kept her pants on. I licked her sexy little nipples, and I would rub the layers of fabric covering her puss to hear her sexy moan. But while she was happy to reach her hand into my pants and rub my bare cock until I came, she would never let me get more than an inch past her waistband. As soon as my fingers brushed against her soft curls, she would slide out of reach and leave me to cool off.

I was sincerely hoping the romance of prom night would get me to third base.

Thinking that over didn’t make it any easier to sit there in front of my dad. I was getting an erection and there was no way that I could let him see that. I mean, not only was he her father, I was her brother. If he’d known what was going on, he’d have disowned me and beaten me to death.

Kristyne and Mom came down the stairs, and I gasped. Kristyne looked incredible. Her hair was pinned up high on her head, and she was wearing a tight little green dress that showed off her legs over her knees. Her shoulders were bare, with just little green strings going over to hold the dress up. She must have had on the kind of bra without any straps. I hadn’t even known she had one of those. White stockings with patterns of stars in them and green sandals with heels completed the outfit. She was fucking sexy. gaziantep escort She saw the look on my face and her face lit up with this incredible smile.

Also, I now understood why Mom insisted on a green cummerbund to go with my white tux.

“Doesn’t she look amazing?” said Mom, the proud parent.

“She does. You do,” I said. “You look really great, Kristyne. Really great.”

“Thank you,” she said. I could hardly breathe as I pinned the corsage on her, the pink rosebud sitting between her small, soft breasts. My hands were trembling because all the blood in my body had gone somewhere else. “Ouch!”

I had stuck her. Suddenly, I was just her stupid brother again.

“Let me, son,” said Dad. With deft hands, he pulled her dress out just a bit and slid the pin into place. He put his finger under her chin and tilted her face towards his. “You’re breathtaking,” he said.

“Aw, Daddy,” she said, looking into his eyes.

“I mean it,” he said.

“Kristyne, we should go,” I said. “Sorry, Mr. Foxwell.”

“We need a picture of you two first,” said Mom. So we stood together in front of the stairs. “Put your arm around her, Gareth! Get close, Kristyne!” I put my arm around her and rested my hand on her bare shoulder as casually as a firewalker putting his foot on the coals — not very. “Smile!”

I opened the car door for her and closed it carefully, so I wouldn’t catch her dress in it. Waving goodbye to Mom and Dad, we drove down a twisty half-mile through the woods to the end of the driveway and stopped.

“You look fucking amazing, Kristyne,” I said, and I leaned in to kiss her.

“I just did my lipstick, Gareth,” she said. “I don’t want it messed up yet.” So I kissed her cheek.

Then I backed into the turnaround where we sometimes parked the truck and drove back up to the house.

The porch light wasn’t on yet, which meant that they were still getting the place ready, so we sat in the car and talked for a minute. I held her hand, but I could tell she was kind of distracted, because she didn’t hold mine back. I started to get uneasy. We knew everything about each other. It seemed like there was nothing to talk about. Maybe my expectations for the night were too high. Maybe I was a weirdo homeschooler going to prom in my own dining room with my sister, only I was the last one to figure it out. But she looked so good! I kept catching my eyes, dropping down to the sensual little swells of her breasts, wondering just what her bra looked like. And down to her stockings, wondering if they were tights like a little girl wears or like the stockings with straps that my cousin Nathaniel and I had seen in that ancient Penthouse magazine. And her underpants… her panties. What were they like? I imagined something white, her bush… red? Her red bush peeping out the sides.

Christ on the cross, it was hard to talk.

When the light finally flicked on, we both jumped out of the car, thoroughly rattled. I closed the door behind her, took her hand, and we walked around the back of the house to the sliding door.

The place had been transformed.

The table was gone from the dining room, which I hadn’t thought about. A glittery mirrored ball hung from the light, with shining streamers hung every which way. The walls were covered with purple foil covers, and the lights were colored and low. A punch bowl sat on the buffet with four glasses. Mom and Dad had changed into a fancy red dress and a black tuxedo, and hugged us as we came in. They weren’t Mom and Dad now, either, they were Mrs. Foxwell, our teacher, and Principal Foxwell. I could feel Mom’s big soft breasts press against me, and my hand touched her bare back, and my prick surged in sudden renewal. This was going to be great.

We danced three fast, happy dances, and then they announced the prom king and queen. It was me and Kristyne, of course, and there were crowns and paper sashes that Mom had hand lettered, and more pictures and a toast. The punch tasted like there might be something in it, and when I sipped and looked puzzled, Dad winked. Soon I was giddy and dancing with Mom and Dad and Kristyne, watching her body move under that little green dress. I was having a great time.

It started to fall apart with the first slow song. I stepped up and took Kristyne’s hand, and we danced, but stiffly. Her hand was on my shoulder and my hand was at her waist and we kept the distance of our forearms between us. She wasn’t quite meeting my eyes, and I realized she hadn’t been meeting my eyes while we were dancing to the fast songs. I started to get worried. I tried to reach a little further around to draw her closer, but she wedged her elbow in between us and stared at my ear or eyebrows or something. It didn’t help that with her heels on she was an inch or so taller than me. It gradually began to be that I didn’t feel like her boyfriend. I felt like her brother, and her little brother at that.

At the end of the song, there was a faster song. We danced all together again but this time I had become hypersensitive konya escort to where she was looking. She was looking down, she was looking up, she was looking at Dad, but never at me. When the next slow song started, I started to take her hand, but Dad stepped forward.

“May I have this dance?” Dad asked.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Kristyne said.

So I danced with Mom instead. I barely noticed her, even though we were dancing a lot more closely than Kristyne and I had. Instead, I watched Kristyne and my father. He had both hands on her waist, sitting comfortably, and her hands held his shoulders. They were talking and laughing… in fact, they were flirting. I saw him stroke her cheek and her blush, and I boiled.

The next slow song was even worse, as Kristyne went right to Dad, and rested her cheek on her chest as they swayed, her arms now wrapped around his upper back. And then it was another slow song directly after and I watched his sure hands caress her back, from the nape of her neck to the upper slope of her sweet, round little ass. When the third slow song in a row started, my hands clenched into fists, and Mom pulled me out, past the living room to the darkened front hall.

“What on earth is wrong, Gareth?” she asked me in a stern whisper.

I couldn’t speak for a minute, but I took deep breaths and counted to ten. Then, I said, “It’s just that Kristyne’s supposed to be my date tonight, and Dad’s ruining it.” Really, I didn’t say it so much as I sobbed it, like a little kid who’s trying not to cry.

Mom’s face softened, and she touched my cheek. “Oh, honey. Is that really why?”

“Yeah,” I said. And then I burst into tears, which really fucking ruined the prom magic. Mom took me in her arms and she held me there, on her lap in the dark front hall by the stairs while I cried, trying to keep my ugly sobbing down. Gradually, I settled myself. And slowly I became aware of the position we were in.

My mother was wearing a beautiful red satin dress, which felt good under my hands. Her one hand had slid right up under my jacket, and it was softly stroking my side and back. Her other rubbed my inner thigh. We were pressed together, and I could feel her whole body through the slick satin. Mom felt soft, her large breasts and belly and soft thighs, and her back was bare to her bra strap. Touching her bare back was electric, and I could visualize every part of her that was pressed against me.

My cock hardened, and I turned my body to press it against her. I knew she could feel it, and she wasn’t drawing back. Instead, she widened her legs to let me press between them. She slipped her hand inside the back of my cummerbund, her fingertips just under my belt, and drew me closer in. As we shifted, I felt the parts of her body sliding over mine and thought how much sexier it was to be holding a mature woman with a full round body, instead of my sister’s little bumps.

And then we were kissing, open-mouthed with our tongues slipping around. Mom was just as eager and passionate as I was. I started to let my hands explore her soft curves, hefting her soft, heavy tits, gripping her supple ass. Soon I had found the zipper in the back and pulled it down. As I started to pull the red satin straps off her shoulders, she whispered, “Gareth, we shouldn’t.”

I lifted them off and they fell, revealing Mom’s black lacy bra. It pushed her big tits up so they were right in my face. So I leaned down and kissed them, the tops of them, and up to the base of Mom’s neck.

“Oh, no no no, I’m your mother, for goodness sake.” She was stroking my hair while she spoke.

“And, I’m your English teacher too,” she said, and she untied my bow tie and and let her fingers slide down inside my collar and wander over my bare back. I continued to feast on the white flesh of her chest as she continued, “… you shouldn’t kiss and lick your English teacher like that. Or your math teacher, or your social studies teacher, or your music teacher…” I kissed her on the mouth and pulled the dress off of her. My Mom stood there in matching black lace bra and little panties, with stocking that only went up to the middle of her thighs, and stayed on without straps. Plus, high heels. She stepped daintily out of her dress.

“I mean, at the very least, I’m your date’s mother. You just took off your date’s mother’s dress. That’s so wrong, baby. Don’t you have any decency?” Mom said, kneeling down in front of me. She unbuttoned my pants without looking at them, her eyes never leaving mine. “Stand up straight, dear,” she said, pulling my hard cock through the open fly. Then Mom sucked my cock.

I inhaled sharply as her warm wet mouth slid over the tip of my prick. She sucked back and forth on the head, swirling her tongue around it before swallowing it almost to the balls. I felt her throat grip my cock and if the whole scene hadn’t been so unlikely, I would have cum right then and there.

“Yeah, baby, your Mama can deep throat. You like that?” Mom said breathlessly before sucking me in again kayseri escort even more deeply. “I love that hard cock sticking out of that tux, baby. I love it in my mouth. Did Kristyne ever suck you like this?

“She’s probably blowing your father right now,” Mom said, between licks and sucks, “like a little virgin, actually blowing and giving little licks. Mama wants your whole big cock down her throat and between her big fat titties.” She reached behind her and popped her bra off. I started to shrug my jacket off, but she stopped me. “Leave it on, baby,” she said. “Slip it between these big tits.”

Mom pressed her boobs together and I slid my dick between them from below. Her nipples were big and hard, and they brushed against the stiff white wool of my tux pants. “Unh” she moaned, and said “Baby, I want to fuck you naked, but later. First I want to you to take mommy’s pussy from behind. With the tux on.” She turned around and pulled her panties off, then kneeled, bent over, and spread her legs.

I thought how taboo this was… my mother, my teacher… like she said, my date’s mother… her thighs bulging out above her stockings, and her hairy slit right in the middle of her round ass like the bullseye on a target. I went to one knee and slid a finger in… soaking wet… and quickly added another. She groaned, urging me into her. I kneeled between her legs and began to fuck. It was my first fuck, my homeschool prom night, and I didn’t start slow. I went for it. A glorious minute later I was cumming hard inside her. I slipped out, and Mom rolled on her back and started to diddle herself. It was less than half a minute later and she was cumming too.

We caught our breath. Mom opened my collar and held my cock in her hand, and I gently kissed and licked her neck. “Was I your first, baby?” Mom asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

“We thought you and Kristyne might have done it already, the way you were mooning over each other,” Mom said.

“We made out but our pants were always on,” I said.

“She’ll be a sweet little piece of ass but she needs a good hard fuck to show her,” said Mom. We heard a moan from the other side of the house. Mom got a mischievous look. She put a finger to her lips, then took my cock in her hand and pulled me through the house to the dining room doorway.

They were under the hanging light on the dining room floor. The homeschool prom lights were still on, so it was a little tricky to figure out what was going on. At first, all I could see was Dad’s naked back. Then I saw Kristyne’s little feet were up behind his head. One foot was still in the starry white stocking but the other one was pink and naked. Both of them were rubbing up and down his upper back. I thought he was fucking her, but I couldn’t figure out the geometry. It seemed like he was too far down her body. Then I heard the licking sounds.

Mom pulled me next to her, and whispered in my ear, “Look, baby, the principal is eating your sister’s twat.” We lazily let our arms cross, and jerked each other slowly while we watched them.

I couldn’t see what exactly was happening, but I had clues. The sudden gasp. Dad’s elbow going rhythmically back and forth, in and out. When he swung her knees way back and almost folded her back in half and leaned in real low and close, I figured out he had put his tongue in her ass. Kristyne moaned, “Oh fuck, Daddy,” and Mom’s eyes went glassy with excitement.

Dad sat back and I could see Kristyne full out. Her dress was on, up to her waist, and her starry white stockings were hanging off one knee. Her green dress was rumpled up like crazy, and Dad took the top in his two hands and tore it all the way down the front, exposing her completely. Her little titties were soft and gorgeous, with a nipple like a doll’s bottle. Her cunt was hot pink with all the attention he’d been giving it, and she had a little puff of light brown hair set just above. Then I couldn’t see again because she was pulling, clawing at the front of his pants and he was helping her, and his pants slid off as he pushed down and in, and as all of her but her feet was again eclipsed behind his bare back and thrusting ass, she moaned an unearthly moan. The words of the moan were “Daddydaddydaddy,” but the sound was like a train taking a curve just a little too fast.

It was more than I could take. I stepped around behind Mom and tried to bend her over, but she stopped me. Then she stepped over to the light, lay down next to Kristyne, and spread her legs wide. And she crooked a finger at me.

Five seconds later I was pounding hard into Mom, in rhythm with Dad fucking Kristyne. Mom’s pussy was slick and wet and felt heavenly. Kristyne looked at us with surprise, then annoyance, but it wasn’t five seconds before Dad had well and truly fucked that look off her face. Soon, Dad had pulled out and shot his cum all over Kristyne, with a couple of squirts for Mom too.

Kristyne was rubbing her pussy with an intense expression, trying to make herself cum. Mom looked at me. “Go ahead,” Mom said. “Fuck your girlfriend the prom queen.” I climbed off Mom and clambered on to a surprised Kristyne. My exploratory fingers felt a cunt just as wet and slick as Mom’s, and by the way Kristyne took my dick in her hand, I knew Mom was right again. We kissed, and I pressed the head of my cock to her pussy lips. Kristyne was tighter than Mom, but I still slipped in with magical ease.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32