Hot Buffalo Conference

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My name is Clivedon Wilhelm Van Der Hoeven, generally known to my family and friends as ‘Clive’. I’m thirty-four and everyone tells me I still look twenty-one. Trust me; it’s all in the genetics. My paternal grandfather died at eighty-seven and people were amazed to discover his true age in the obituaries. He looked fifty with not a line or crease on his face and a full head of silver grey hair.

I have a Ph.D. in Chemistry, a Master’s in Chemical Engineering, and another Master’s in Mathematics. My undergraduate degree is in Chemical Engineering with a second major in Mathematics. While studying at university I fell in love with teaching from my part time work as a university tutor and assistant tennis instructor. When I began my teaching career I was also hired to coach tennis and I’ve been doing it for twelve years now at one of the state’s best private academies. My parents are still waiting for me to quit teaching and join the family firm in the more profitable career of engineering. Right now, I just enjoy teaching too much to quit. I can see an end in sight, though. Every time I have to deal with school violence I think about my luxurious oak paneled office in Dad’s office building. And every time some dumb ass government politician fucks education over I swear I’ve worked my last year in the field. My teaching co-workers think I’m an idiot. Most of them would leave in a heartbeat if they had my opportunity.

I maintain my Professional Engineering license by providing consulting work for my family firm at least 10-20 hours per week. Dad insists I stay current as I’m one of his heirs to the family engineering firm. I have one brother, Brad, who’s two years younger than me and also works in the firm. At age 32 he’s been married and divorced three times and thankfully has no children because he’s completely sterile as a result of an illness he had when he was twelve. His marriages have all failed because when Brad realized he really could not get a woman pregnant he turned into the biggest pussy hound the world has ever seen. It’s impossible for him to be faithful to one woman. He thinks he has to try to fuck every woman he likes, kind of like the dog that pees on every bush in his neighborhood. After a fortune in divorce settlements and legal fees, he’s decided he’s finished with marriage. Apparently, plenty of women are content to provide him with regular fucks with no strings attached. He struts around like he’s Charlie Sheen. Fortunately, he’s not into drugs.

My summer teaching break had ended and I was in Albany, New York for a week. I was at another of those annual state teacher’s conferences where educators meet to try to solve the unsolvable problems of instructing the pupils of our country. Each time I attend one of these ass wipe things I come closer to just calling the principal and quitting on the spot. I’d been selected as one of two representatives from our county. It was the first week of August, pre-planning was to begin at the end of the following week with a new school term to begin on the last day of the month. Typical half assed affairs, the last time I attended one of these conferences there was a fuck up and I was not included on the list of conference delegates nor was a hotel room booked for me. It was such a royal mess that I actually was able to get out of attending.

Check in time was after 4:00 PM on Sunday evening. I arrived at 5:30. After checking into my room, I was surprised to discover it only had one king sized bed. How many hotels are left that have rooms with only one bed? Maybe a honeymoon suite. I laughed to myself. Perhaps they assumed newlyweds would be too busy fucking to notice the piss poor décor. I figured I must have been given a single room because the other delegate was female or wasn’t going to show up. That was not unusual either. Better than the year I attended with Harvey Wilkes, the band director at Cambridge Academy. Harvey spent the entire conference in the hotel room totally pissed out of his mind on vodka. By the end of the week I was beginning to feel inebriated from sharing the room with him.

I undressed and got into the shower. After a few minutes I heard the room door open. Surprised, I thought perhaps I had forgotten to lock it. In the far reaches of my mind, I also considered a break-in. I wrapped a towel around my waist and ran out of the bathroom. I was somewhat stunned to see Bill Purefoy, the head football coach of our school, as he threw his two suitcases on the bed.

“What the hell’s going on, Clive? Surely these assholes don’t expect us to share the same bed! Motherfucking goddamn shithead assholes!”

Bill was totally pissed off.

“You’re covered in soap, Van Der Hoeven, and dripping all over the goddamn floor! Finish your shower while I go see that little pansy faggot at the front desk to fix this fuck up!”

Bill left the room, slamming the door behind him. I finished my shower, dressed in slacks and a pullover, ready to change rooms. I sat in a chair at the small table and used the Cami Halısı remote to flip through the television channels. It was your typical cable television, over a hundred channels and not a damn thing worth watching. I turned the TV off and lay across the bed, falling asleep. I was startled awake by the door slamming with a crash against the wall. Bill was still furious.

“Well, here’s the deal. There’re no other rooms in the hotel. They’re fully packed because of the conference and the pre-season football game. Of course the ass wipe manager apologized for the screw up and tried to pass the buck. I raised so much hell we’re getting the room free all week and free meals in the restaurants, plus free unlimited access to their movie channels. We got lucky.”

I gave him an eat shit look. “Exactly how did you manage that little coup? If you told that little shit you’re the head of the New York Mafia he’d tell you to kiss his ass. Remember, I met him, too.”

Bill laughed sheepishly.

“Yeah, well, the little turd really didn’t give a shit but Coach Dempsey was there at the same time and he was in a foul mood and scared the shit out of the manager so he made the deal.”

“Who’s Dempsey? God in the flesh? I can’t imagine the hotel giving a damn.”

“George Dempsey is the statewide educational chairman who books hotels for all our conventions. He threatened to boycott the entire hotel chain nationwide. The manager nearly pissed all over himself. I swear he looked like he was ready to offer to suck Dempsey’s dick right there in the lobby. I’ll bet Dempsey stays free in the penthouse suite everywhere he goes.”

I looked at Bill and snorted.

“I can live with it, but can you?” Bill asked.

“So who is going to sleep on the floor?”

Bill sat on the edge of the bed. “On the floor, my ass! You can sleep on the fucking floor if you want to be ridiculous. I grew up with three brothers and had to share a bed with a brother until I went to college. It’s not like I’m gonna to rape you, stupid. I don’t snore and I hope to god you don’t. My wife does and just between us, we sleep in separate bedrooms and only share a bed to fuck.”

I sighed impatiently. “No, I don’t snore. It’s just it’s hard for me to sleep with someone else in the bed.”

Bill cackled. “Well, that says a lot about your sex life, Clive, or should I say the lack of one. Think of me as an extra pillow in the bed.”

I laughed. “I don’t know if that’s such a good idea. I usually fuck the extra pillow on my bed.”

“Go to hell, dick wad. You try fucking this pillow and you’ll go home neutered.”

Bill and I continued to joust and tease in this vein for the next half hour as we unpacked and got ready for supper. Personally I’ve always found him to be incredibly sexy with a boyish grin and juvenile sense of humor. He’s a fun person to be around and the most popular coach at our school.

We decided since he raised so much hell downstairs, it would be better to have our first meal in a restaurant away from the hotel. Give management a chance to cool down. No need to die of food poisoning on the first night. Bill drove us to a steakhouse on the edge of the city. He was often in Buffalo for other meetings or games and he’d eaten there several times before. He swore it was the best steakhouse in the whole state of New York and it was.

As we were driving back to the hotel, Bill slowed in front of an adult bookstore. “You have any objections to taking in a little porn? I don’t get to do it unless I’m out of town. The old ball and chain would fucking kill me if she knew. You know how it is.” He rolled his eyes dramatically.

“Has a cat got an ass? It’ll be a nice way to finish the evening.”

He laughed. “Nice??? You really do have a shit love life, Clive. Your life must be boring as hell. A nice way to finish the evening would be fucking a hot pussy but this will have to do.”

The entrance was in the rear of the building. About a half dozen vehicles were in the parking lot.

“Let’s hope we don’t run into anyone we know,” I said.

“If we do, just remember that they’ll value our silence as much as we value theirs. Don’t panic and start blushing like a girl.” Bill laughed. “Anyway, you know how it goes. Men who like porn are part of a silent brotherhood.”

It was a typical adult bookstore, aisles divided into sexual preferences, and a back area with peep video cubicles. The cashier was wrapping new magazines in clear plastic wrap. One other customer was in an aisle looking at magazines devoted to big tits. The owners of the other vehicles out back had to be in the back watching videos. We slowly made our way through the aisles with Bill occasionally picking up a magazine of interest. I was interested in what appealed to him, curious about his range of sexual interests. I would casually pick up a magazine in the areas where he did. He made his way through the big titty magazines looking at two or three, totally skipped the S&M area, Cami Halıları and seemed particularly interested in pictures of men eating pussy. Then we passed the gay section and surprisingly Bill picked up a few magazines and looked at their covers. I didn’t say anything, just left him looking and went over to look at the sex toys section. Bill joined me shortly and picked up a monstrous rubber penis.

“Now wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a dick this big!” He playfully placed the penis at his groin and let it flop around a bit. “I wonder how a guy with a dick this big keeps it from falling in the toilet water when he shits.”

I laughed. “It would be fun finding out, wouldn’t it?”

Bill headed toward the cashier. “You want to watch a few movies?” he asked.

“Sure. Why else come here?”

We entered the back theatre area. The cubicles were well built with locking doors and lights above the door to indicate if in use. Most were occupied. Bill suggested we share a booth to save money. We entered a dark booth only to discover a man on his knees sucking a dick through a glory hole.

“Sorry, dude,” Bill said. “The light was out so we thought this booth was empty.”

The man looked up at us and smiled. “You boys want to watch?”

Without replying we backed out of the booth and walked down the corridor until we found another unlit booth. Bill opened the door and said, “No one’s in here and there’s no glory hole. I think we’ll be safe.”

It was a larger booth about six feet long and three feet wide. A flashing arrow glowed on a large screen pointing toward the money slot. A wooden seat was built into the wall that would hold two guys if they were thin and squeezed tight. I sat down, put five dollars in the slot, and told Bill to choose his poison. Using the video control button next to the coin slot he began to flip through the channels. The screen indicated one hundred channels.

“What do you want to see?” Bill whispered.

“Your choice.”

He slowly scanned the channels until he came upon a tall blonde hairy fraternity type guy licking the pussy of a dark haired girl with big tits and a huge black bush covering her vagina. Bill sat back and watched. We were pressed so close together I could feel his body heat. His leg pressed tight against mine as he stretched to open his groin area for his hard on. Bill watched the screen and in the darkened booth I watched him. His eyes were glued to the screen and his breath was beginning to be a bit labored. He was licking his lips and I saw his hand adjust his hard penis. I could hear him swallow nervously. In the light of the video I could easily see his cock was huge and hard, busting at his zipper, begging for release. It periodically throbbed under his tight pants. My cock was about to explode in my jeans thinking of his naked cock. I’d fantasized about Bill naked, had masturbated visualizing him. The closest thing to nudity I got with him was when he was in his tiny gym shorts and school tee shirt. He, nor anyone else, had any idea of my being gay. I’ve always played sports and been a macho masculine type of guy growing up in a family where being gay was not an option. And I was not about to make a move on Bill in an adult theater. When a straight guy is totally pumped on porn he might do things he’ll regret later, regrets that can spell disaster for the gay initiator. Straights cum and then suddenly they are straighter than ever, convinced the gay took advantage of them. At this point, all I could do is watch and drool.

Bill continued to scan the channels. We briefly watched two guys fucking. Then his surfing ended when he came upon a gay rimming video. Two total hunks were hot at it. One man had his tongue in the other man’s hairy asshole, licking, kissing, and sucking. As we watched, the rimming progressed into ass fucking. The sounds were tantalizing to me. Bill took a sharp intake of breath and I heard him swallowing.

“Goddamn that’s hot. I don’t care if it’s two dudes or not. My asshole is so sensitive that sometimes I enjoy a good shit as much as fucking a pussy.” He continued to watch the screen and would occasionally adjust his crotch.

Bill groaned quietly. I hoped he’d unzip his pants and jerk off in front of me. I was surprised he made no effort to move on from the rimming video to another straight flick. He didn’t seem to care he was displaying an interest in a gay flick in front of another “straight” guy. His hand was rubbing his crotch and pulling at what was obviously his hard cock. Suddenly he looked over at me.

“Are you as hard as I am?” he murmured. “Much more of this and I’m gonna shoot my wad in my pants.” He was breathing hard.

“Fuck yeah.”

I really was horny but it was from seeing him sexually excited, not the video screen.

Suddenly, there was a tremendous crack of lightning and the roar of thunder. The video screen went dark, came on again, and went off again. We were in pitch black darkness. The sound of rain pouring on the roof immediately followed.

“We might as well get the hell out of here while we can,” Bill said and stood up.

“I second that.”

I followed him into the lobby in total darkness. There were no emergency lights until we got to the lobby.

The man behind the counter was apologizing to a couple of customers.

“Guys, I don’t control the weather. The TV says we’re in for a real rain storm. Why don’t you check out the magazines and give it a bit to clear up?”

Bill turned to me. “I’m gonna buy a few magazines for entertainment back at the hotel.” He snickered.

“While you do that I’m gonna go pee.”

I left him looking at magazines and went to piss. When I came out, Bill had his selections in a brown paper bag, ready to go. We ran through sheets of pouring rain to his car, getting soaked in the process. Bill was laughing.

“Man, I got one sweet fucking deal on these magazines. The cash register wasn’t working and the clerk can’t do math in his head. He undercharged me by twenty one dollars.”

Bill and I discussed the ignorance of the masses and returned to the hotel. We got further soaked running from the parking lot to the lobby and went up the elevator dripping water. We were not alone. Almost everyone who’d been caught outside got soaked and the hotel staff was busy mopping up the water trails. At our room I offered to let Bill shower first. I got an extra towel to dry off with while waiting.

“Don’t use all the hot water jacking off in the shower” I joked. “While I wait can I look at what you bought?”

He handed me the bag. “Don’t get cum stains on them. I’d like to see them before the pages stick together.” He laughed and went into the bathroom. I watched his cute ass bounce glued to his wet jeans.

“Asshole,” I called after him. “I don’t shoot off onto naked photos. I leave that for football coaches.”

“Yeah, I forgot. You tennis bums cum prematurely in your shorts, right?” He laughed loudly and I heard the water running in the shower.

I stripped out of my wet clothes and dropped them on the tiled bathroom floor next to his. I could see Bill’s shadow through the heavy shower curtain. “I’m leaving my wet clothes on the floor here. I guess we can hang our clothes from the shower rod when we are through.”

“The hotel has a cleaning service,” Bill replied. “We can call room service.”

While he showered, I called room service. As instructed, I put our clothes in a plastic bag that was in the closet. Bill came out of the shower with his towel wrapped around his waist. It was all I could do not to ogle him. Bill’s about six feet tall. I’m 6’3″ and he’s shorter than me. His chest had a gorgeous cover of curly black hair. His nipples were like pink silver dollars and pointed sexily at me. A narrow line of hair led to his stomach which had the same curly hair around his belly button and then the trail led down into the towel. I could see a long uncut penis moving under the towel as he walked toward the bed. His legs were dusted in short black hairs and his feet and toes were long and slender with clear nails. He had no hair on his feet and his toenails glistened. He had no white strips or any indication that his nails even grew as they were so flat against the skin. In my mind, I envisioned sucking them. His were the sexy kind of feet about which I fantasized.

“What’s this? You never looked at the magazines, dude?” They were still in their plastic wrap.

“No,” I replied. “I put our clothes in a bag and called room service. You were only in the shower for about three minutes, man. I guess it doesn’t take long when you can cum in 10 seconds.” I laughed and walked toward the bathroom.

“Fuck you, bastard. That’s 10 seconds longer than you. I’m sure they’ll clean the wad out of your shorts in the laundry.”

I pulled my towel from my waist as I entered the bathroom, giving Bill a quick look at my ass. I glanced back and caught him looking at it.

After a quick shower, I dried with a towel and re-entered the bedroom. I decided to give Bill a chance to have a full look at my cock. I came into the bedroom with the towel completely covering my head as I dried my hair. I knew my cock was about half mast and would be at least 7 inches long that way.

I heard Bill whistle. “Goddamn, stud! Are you related to a horse? Where’d you get that monster cock from?”

It was flattering but I knew I didn’t have a monster cock. I pulled the towel from over my head. Bill was reclining on the bed naked with his towel strategically placed over his groin area. I could tell his cock was hard. He’d opened his magazines and was looking at a gay magazine of a man eating another guy’s ass out. I pretended a calmness and jocularity that was the opposite of my inner feelings.

“My Granddaddy was a thoroughbred stallion,” I laughed. “As tall as you are, I’m sure you’re pretty well endowed yourself, man.”

I made no effort to cover my nudity. Instead, I stretched out on the bed beside him and looked over at his magazines. He had three — the gay one he was looking at now, one with two men fucking one woman on the cover, and one with a man eating a woman’s pussy on the cover.

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