Hot Nude Yoga Pt. 02: Janice

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This story is the continuation of my submission to the 2018 Nude Day contest, Hot Nude Yoga. The first story was told from the perspective of Dan, a middle-aged man in a passionless marriage. The story continues now from the perspective of Dan’s wife, Janice.


I was standing in line at the café in the mall waiting to order a latte when this beautiful woman with long black hair asked unsure of herself, “Hi, Janice?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“I’m Sandi. I work with your husband Dan. I recognized you from the pictures he has in his office,” Sandi said extending her hand. I was immediately attracted to her smile and gracious demeanor.

We ordered our lattes and took a table. I couldn’t help but think how lucky my husband is to work with such a lovely woman. He had always spoken of her in professional terms; I had no idea how beautiful Sandi is, how she exuded a sexiness in her mannerisms, especially with her rich brown eyes.

“Dan had told me how intelligent you are, he never told me you are so beautiful,” I complimented her.

“Oh, thank you. You are very good looking yourself,” Sandi returned the compliment. “Dan is lucky to have such a sexy wife.”

I felt a sudden rush of warmth come over me as I took in her words. Did she actually think I am sexy? I know I don’t feel that way and haven’t for a long time. It’s been a long time since the passion had left my marriage. Maybe it’s because Dan and I have grown so accustomed to each other.

“I hardly feel sexy,” I lamented. “It’s been so long that I have felt the glow of passion,” I confessed. Now this curvaceous, young attorney was looking at me with an enchanting smile and I could feel myself getting wet with a strange arousal.

“I have a confession to make,” Sandi offered. “I am very attracted to Dan and now that I met you, I am getting that feeling for you as well.

I should have shocked but strangely, I wasn’t. Dan is too much of a gentleman and too professional to have even think about an affair with this lovely woman. Now she is coming on to me and not only am I accepting it, I am becoming aroused. I didn’t know what to say.

“I could sense there is something gone stale in your marriage.” Sandi continued as she reached out and placed her hand on mine. “I have wanted to revive that passion in Dan for a long time but knew it isn’t right. Please forgive me.”

“You are right. We don’t make love anymore. We need a spark,” I replied. “Could that spark be you?” I asked. All sorts of strange feelings were running through me. There have been times when I have been attracted to another woman, even fantasized about sex with another woman. “For Dan and myself,” I added sheepishly.

“You don’t know how much I would like that,” Sandi said as she lightly squeezed my hand. “I know how much Dan loves you and you love Dan. I want so much to be a part of that.”

When we left the café, walking out to the parking lot I took Sandi’s hand and impulsively pulled her in and kissed her on the lips. Her soft lips parted as her tongue worked to part mine. We held this passionate kiss, tongues dancing, for several minutes. I placed my hand on her breast, feeling her erect nipple through the soft cotton dress. We embraced again at my car when I told Sandi to get in the back seat.

Instinctively I pulled my dress up and slid my sopping wet panties down to my ankles, placing Sandi’s hand on my mound. She slid a finger in, then another, as I groped her luscious breasts. It didn’t take long for me to reach an orgasm, coating her fingers with my hot womanly cum.

“Oh my god. I haven’t had an orgasm in years,” I whispered in Sandi’s ear as she sucked my juice off her fingers.

“You taste heavenly,” she told me as she put my hand to her wet shaved pussy. Then I went on to return the favor. I curled my fingers in to rub her spongy g-spot while my thumb pressed down on her clit. Rapidly she began to moan loudly. I increased the pace and within several minutes her young supple body bucked and writhed with her orgasm. I put my fingers in my mouth to savor her sweet nectar.

We spoke several times over the next few days plotting how we were going to get Dan to make love to us both. I was certain she couldn’t just seduce him and what circumstances would be necessary to lure him to have sex with both us seemed an impossible task.

“I think I may have the answer,” Sandi texted me. “Can we meet tomorrow evening?”

“OK. I’ll just tell ataşehir escort Dan I am meeting some friends after dinner tomorrow. Girls night out. Where can we meet?”

“How about my place?” Sandi texted back along with her address.

Tuesday evening came around and I had told Dan that several of my friends were getting together at Jill’s house to discuss a fundraiser for the Cancer Society. This was something already planned so I would easily be able to tell him about it and not blow my cover. I tried not to appear to anxious knowing that I was going to meet Sandi, expecting, hoping we would engage in Sapphic love.

Sandi answered her door wearing nothing but a sheer robe. “You are a bit overdressed,” she laughed. “We need to get in the spirit of National Nude Day this Saturday.”

“What is National Nude Day?” I inquired as Sandi unbuttoned my blouse and undid my bra revealing my still firm c-cup breasts. I really worked on keeping myself in shape spending several days a week at the gym.

“It’s how we are going to get Dan in bed,” she went on to explain. “Yesterday at our work yoga class Jennifer, the instructor, announced she is going to have a hot nude yoga class on Saturday to celebrate National Nude Day. I tried to convince Dan we should go and he reluctantly agreed. Now, it is up to you to make sure he doesn’t change his mind.”

“Really, that sounds erotic,” I chimed in.

“Even more so,” Sandi went on. “I talked to Jennifer and convinced her she should structure the class to get us worked up sexually and hopefully end the class with an opportunity to pair up and have sex if we wanted.”

“Is she OK with that?” I asked.

“Oh, absolutely. She thinks it’s a very hot idea. She told me one of her friends who she has a thing for is going to be there and it would be a great opportunity to break the ice with her.”

Now, completely naked, Sandi led me to her bedroom. We both climbed into her king size bed with satin sheets. Embraced in a long passionate kiss I rubbed her beautiful butt. I have never seen such a lovely ass before. As our kiss disengaged, Sandi’s lips headed straight for my left breast. Her tongue licking my nipple sent a shiver through my body. My hand moved from that wonderful booty to Sandi’s clit as she licked, sucked and nibbled on my each breast, back and forth. Both our pussies were glistening wet now.

Sandi parted my legs and lowered her head between them. Her tongue ran from my tiny butt hole over my now swollen labia to my clit as she parted the hood with her fingers. It has been a long time since Dan had feasted on my pussy but this was different than I remembered. Sandi’s mouth was softer as she sucked on my lips and slid her tongue inside.

“Oh god, Sandi,” I moaned as her tongue was licking my swollen love button and two fingers were fucking my pussy. “Ohhhhh god,” I cried out as my orgasm built to a climax, thrusting my hips hard into Sand’s face but she didn’t give up, relentlessly bringing me to waves of orgasms until I finally couldn’t take anymore and collapsed. I enjoyed the taste of my own sex as Sandi kissed my lips gently.

After ten minutes of lightly touching, caressing each other with soft kisses, I regained the energy to return the favor. Sandi’s breasts are enticing, her nipples hard and long making it irresistible to not nibble on them which I did eliciting soft moans. I was ready to go down to taste her pussy when I got the urge to enjoy her beautiful butt.

“Roll over and get on your hands and knees,” I ordered her gently. She did as I asked. I positioned myself behind her rubbing her beautiful ass, then licking and biting her cheeks. Sandi’s ass in the air, I lowered my face to her sexy brown butt hole and began licking. This sent waves of pleasure through Sandi as she moaned, “yes, yes, oh my, yes.” I stuck my tongue in her tiny hole and fingered her pussy bringing her quickly to a climax. Her body shook as her orgasm overtook her. Then she collapsed lying face down in the bed.

“That was sensuous, I never knew I could receive so much pleasure back there,” Sandi said while we were both catching our breath.

“When we first got married, Dan would do that to me. I know how pleasurable it is on the receiving end. Now I know how it is on the giving end. There is so much I want to do again. Please Sandi, help me get my Dan back,” I pleaded.


Saturday I anxiously waited for Sandi to pick Dan up for the hot nude yoga. Dan had avcılar escort kept himself busy all day and I was only hoping he won’t back out now. When her car pulled in the driveway I crossed my fingers and prayed this will go alright.

“Don’t worry, Janice. I won’t let him over exert himself,” Sandi said to me. “I’m so glad he is willing to try hot yoga with me. It’s something I have wanted to do for a while and I think it would be good for Dan.”

“Thanks, Sandi, for taking him. I keep telling him it’s good to stay healthy,” I agreed.

“Come on, Dan. You ready to sweat a little?” Sandi questioned rhetorically.

I paced furiously the several hours they were at the yoga studio. I desperately wanted our marriage to be passionate again. Now I have a passion for Sandi. I hope Dan takes this all right. I love him so much.

Finally, I heard the car pull up. “Dan isn’t smiling from ear to ear. Did you get to do it? You know, make love?” I inquired as soon as they got in the door.

“Yes, and it was wonderful. Right Dan?” Sandi chimed.

“It was absolutely fantastic,” Dan added. Right then I gave Dan the most passionate kiss we have shared in years.

“I hope you are going to stay the night, Sandi,” I said. “Share our bed tonight to celebrate.”

“I would love that Janice,” Sandi replied.

“Good. But, first we have to get both you upstairs into the shower. You smell like sweat and sex,” I laughed.

I led them up the stairs to our master bedroom where I told them both to strip. “Ladies first,” I said as I began to strip myself. “I am going to make sure you are squeaky clean and there’s only room for two in the shower. Dan didn’t seem disappointed as I noticed his full erection while he watched me soap up Sandi, cleaning every inch of her beautiful body, taking extra-long with perfectly amazing ass. Dan handed Sandi a towel as she emerged from the shower.

“Your turn, big boy,” Sandi said grabbing hold of Dan’s rock hard cock. “Your wife does a wonderful job,” she said turning toward me with a wink.

“Dan, remember when you would play with my ass, orally stimulating it and then fucking it?” I asked him in the shower.

“Yes, it’s been a while,” he replied. “It’s been a while for a lot of things.”

“Help me out here and clean my butt really good. I made sure Sandi’s is really clean,” hinting at what might happen later that evening.

When we were all dried off, I told them I had some dinner waiting downstairs. I didn’t have to remind them that it was still Nude Day, neither one reached for clothing as we headed downstairs for lobster rolls and wine.

“So, tell me how Jennifer got everyone paired up and touching each other?” I asked as we were sitting around consuming dinner. Sandi recalled the events at the yoga studio as Dan added his perspective every now and then.

“Were you shocked, Dan, when Sandi lowered herself on you and started fucking you?” I asked my husband.

“The whole scene was so erotic. Ten naked people in a hot studio doing yoga and building sexual tensions, I guess it came naturally, not a shock,” he answered. “What I was shocked over was that you two had planned this.”

“I knew you wouldn’t let Sandi seduce you. We were lucky this situation came up,” I added.

“Something else you need to know Dan,” Sandi said. “Your wife and I have had sex together.”

That appeared to be another shock for Dan. His face betrayed his disbelief. I’m sure all sorts of things were going through his mind now. His growing cock indicated his thoughts were happily imagining how that was.

“This is a new beginning for us, Dan. For the three of us, right Sandi?”

“I have been wanting you for so long now, Dan. And, when I met your beautiful wife I couldn’t help myself. I am so happy Janice wants this too,” Sandi explained.

“Let’s go upstairs. You two have already had your tension released. Now, it’s my turn,” I offered.

We headed back to our bedroom; I dimmed the lights and lit a scented candle. “Lie down side by side,” I instructed. As they did so, I climbed on top of them. First kissing them both madly. My pussy was already on fire as I worked my way down their naked bodies. Pinching nipples and caressing Sandi’s beautiful breasts as I reached down and started stroking Dan’s cock. I noticed they were lip locked as I had my way with their bodies.

I took Dan’s cock in my mouth as I began to rub Sandi’s clit. The moans were coming from both of them as they kissed. I needed Dan’s ataşehir escort bayan cock in me so bad now; I climbed on taking it all at once and filling my desperate pussy. Rocking back and forth, I held on by putting one hand on Dan’s chest and the other on Sandi’s right tit. Sandi had her fingers rubbing my clit as I furiously fucked my husband.

“Oh god, I’m close, I’m cumming,” I shouted out as I slammed myself down hard, the muscles in my pussy contracting around Dan’s swollen cock. Orgasmic waves hit my whole body. Dan didn’t want to stop. He picked me up and turned me over, plunging his cock back in me sending more orgasmic waves through me. Now I was screaming as my husband pounded me hard while Sandi sucked on my tit, the other one bouncing from the force of Dan’s thrusting. My hips bucked and my pussy clenched down on Dan in a giant orgasm as I felt my husband’s hot cum pumping into me. Dan collapsed, straddling his body across Sandi and me.

“Oh my god, Dan,” I moaned, “you haven’t fucked me like that in ages.”

“If you don’t mind, I will clean up that mess oozing from your pussy,” Sandi said as she positioned her head between my legs.

“Be gentle,” I asked. “I’m very sensitive down there right now.”

“I’m sure you are,” Sandi said smiling with her tongue sticking out coated with Dan’s white creamy cum.

It wasn’t before long that we huddled together with Sandi in the middle, lightly touching me, as I drifted off to sleep.

I was the first one to wake up Sunday morning. I’m sure Dan was going to sleep in after yesterday’s activity. I didn’t know how late Sandi stayed awake gently touching me as I fell into a deep slumber. Twenty years my junior, Sandi has a lot more energy. I was surprised Dan had such a powerful fuck left in him after the way they described their hot nude yoga encounter. Today we will have plenty of time to recover between the lustful activities I hoped to occur.

Maybe we should extend Nude Day, I considered as I went downstairs naked to start some coffee. Yes, I decided. Let’s stay in all day. I have plenty of food, some wine and the desire to make sex the primary activity for the day. I whipped the eggs and got all the ingredients ready for spinach and cheese omelets. Now I just have to wait for the sleepy-heads to get going.

“Great minds think alike,” Sandi exclaimed as she entered the kitchen naked.

“I thought it would be a waste of time getting dressed since I plan on most of the day’s activities to be conducted in the buff,” I replied. Then Sandi came over, gave me a big hug and planted her lips on mine. That was arousal enough to get my juices flowing. I placed her hand on my now dampening pussy and stated, “You can see how happy I am to see you.”

“I don’t know what you are planning for breakfast but I will be happy just to eat your delicious pussy,” Sandi responded. After another kiss she sat me down on a chair, my ass on the edge giving her full access as she got on her knees and began to eat me. It wasn’t long before she had me come to my first orgasm of the day.

“That’s a great idea for breakfast,” Dan exclaimed as he walked into the kitchen and saw the two women. Dan was dressed in a t-shirt and boxer shorts; the sight of his wife’s orgasm obviously aroused him as his shorts revealed.

“Obviously you didn’t get the memo,” Sandi scolded Dan.

“We are extending nude day,” I informed my husband. “Let’s lose those shirt and shorts.” Dan quickly complied. “I prepared stuff for omelets but now I think I’ll have a hunk of meat,” I said as I moved toward Dan, getting on my knees, I took his swollen cock in my mouth.

It wasn’t long before Sandi joined me in orally worshipping my husband’s manhood. We took turns savoring the oozing pre-cum, licking up and down his shaft, sucking on his purple swollen head. I had his balls in my mouth as Sandi was bobbing up and down on him, when my tongue felt the tension building. My mouth released him and I stopped Sandi, gesturing her off Dan’s cock.

“Oh god, I was getting ready to cum,” Dan moaned.

“I know, I could feel it,” I said. “But you have a full day of pleasing us today; we can’t let you get spent early.”

“So, you’re going to keep teasing me?” Dan lamented.

“Let’s call it edging,” Sandi added.

We all sat down for breakfast and a couple of cups of coffee to get us revved up. I couldn’t believe how our situation had changed overnight. Dan and I were in a passionless marriage, wasting away. Then comes along this beautiful woman who transforms our relationship. I never could get what Sandi sees in us, an older middle-aged couple. I am not complaining. Right now, I am euphoric and I hope it doesn’t come to a crashing conclusion of regret for any of us.

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