How the man who acted straight became my daddy

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Big Dicks

Sitting at the bar drinking away a shitty day at work wearing a pair of jeans and a baggy t shirt the last thing I expected was to gain an admirer but from the quick glance I kept shooting his way that was exactly what this stunning man now slowly walking towards me was.

I smiled as he sat on the barstool next to me and ordered a whiskey, I let my eyes roam over him, I drank him in from his short dark brown hair to his strong jawline down his form fitting shirt that teased of the toned chest beneath then down to his trousers and his powerful looking legs.

“Hello handsome.” I almost purred as the bartender placed the mans drink in front of him.

“Sorry mate I don’t swing that way.” He said a little sharply.

“Is that why you’ve been checking me out all evening?” I teased him with a sly grin on my face.

“I haven’t been checking you out.” He almost growled, “I was deciding whether or not you would be a good drinking partner.” He looked down at his drink and sighed, “I guess not though.” He stated starting to stand.

“Hey if you’re not into it that’s cool.” I told him and placed a hand on his shoulder, “just sit and have a few drinks with me, you never know I could be the best drinking partner you’ve ever met.” I laughed softly.

His amber eyes seemed to travel the length of my body and I knew he was lying about the fact that he wasn’t checking me out because that hunger in his eyes said he wanted me but his stiff posture and slight frown told me he hadn’t admitted that to himself yet.

I couldn’t blame him for being attracted to me, after all I had always got a lot of attention from both men and women, I stood at just under 6ft tall and worked out regularly so I was in good shape and I usually chose to wear clothes to accent that fact but tonight had been about getting drunk and not getting laid so I hadn’t dressed to impress. I had medium length light brown hair and a light amount of stubble gracing my chin that almost highlighted my jaw line and hard full lips.

He looked into my icy blue almost grey eyes and sat back down on the barstool, “fine but please remember I’m not interested in that way.” He told me.

“I can hold a conversation with an attractive man without throwing myself at him.” I laughed and noticed his lips curl up slightly into the start of what promised to be a lovely smile.

“I’m sure you can.” He said his voice low and a little husky.

I silently swore what the fuck was with this guy, first he’s obviously checking me out then he tells me he’s straight and not interested, now the tone of his voice seemed to promise such orgasmic delights, I couldn’t decide if he just hadn’t come out to himself yet or if he was purposefully being a tease.

We actually did manage to hold a decent conversation, we found a good subject after a few minutes of talking about work and other topics of small talk. I had a good time sitting there with him drinking and talking, the later the night got the more drinks we order and the drunker we both became until we were both laughing at each other every couple of moments because of our slurred speech and high alcohol consumption.

The bartender announcing final call surprised us both we had been sitting there chatting and drinking together for hours, we both order another drink and when we tried to order another after that the bartender told us that he was closing up now and we needed to leave.

We stumbled out of the bar arm around each other like your stereotypical drunk friends both of us shamelessly belting out an old 90s pop song that had come on the radio just before we left.

“Shame the night ended.” The man who’s name I had learn was Tom said with a frown, “I was having fun.”

“You could come back to mine.” I offered, “I have a few beers in the fridge and a bottle of whiskey somewhere.” I told him with the word somewhere taking two attempts to say.

“Fine.” He dragged the word out, “but no funny business.” He said quickly his words stumbling into one another.

“I promise I’ll be good.” I giggled drunkenly making him laugh as well.

My apartment wasn’t far from the bar but it took us almost 20 minutes to reach it in our drunken states.

I pushed my apartment door open with more force than intended before stumbling into the kitchen and retrieving a couple of beers from the fridge, I popped the tops on them and made the short journey into the living room and I stopped at the sight of Tom leaning back on my sofa with the top few buttons of his shirt now open revealing a wisp of dark chest hair and his lightly muscled chest.

I felt myself lick my lips without thinking and felt a stir in my trousers that had me quickly making an alteration to hide my hardening cock from him before I strolled over to the sofa and handing Tom his beer and then slumping into the sofa next to him with a sigh.

“Thanks.” He slurred holding the beer his hands shaking slightly.

I felt awkward sitting here in my apartment on my sofa next to a man who I had only met a few hours ago but was already having fantasies about, I imagined what his cock would look like, how it would feel in my hands, if I would be able to take it all in my mouth and if it would stretch me out to painful levels if he fucked me with it.

I could feel my cock harden to the point that I was now fully erect, I moved to reach for the TV remote to put something on to distract me from the stunning man sitting next to me that I desperately wanted to explore every inch of.

Reaching for the remote was a bad move because as I reached for it I lost my balance and slid off the sofa my hand flailed out to try and hold onto something to stop me falling, I managed to hold onto something but it didn’t stop me from falling. Now sitting on the floor in front of the sofa I slowly got to my knees and looked around realising that what my hand had grabbed was the top of Tom’s thigh.

He looked at my hand on his thigh and then his gaze moved further down so he was looking into my eyes with such an intensity that I wasn’t sure if he was going to punch me or guide my hand that little bit higher to the zip of his trousers but when he didn’t move or say anything I decided to throw caution to the wind.

On my hands and knees I climbed up his legs so l was above him on the sofa and I stared into those deep amber eyes, Sikiş hikayeleri I was still unsure whether they promised pain or pleasure. I slowly leaned forward giving him plenty of time to push me away but when he didn’t and my lips locked with his with a hunger and intensity that I had never felt before I knew that the rest of the night was going to be fun.

The kiss was hard and a little bit painful but I didn’t care, my body screamed at me for more, the heat in my stomach made me ache to feel him inside me to have him explore every depth of me and for me to return the favour and explore every inch of his body. We broke the kiss for a split second for us both to gulp in air before we were straight back at it, his tongue flicked into my mouth and started to explore as I let mine do the same, suddenly he used his tongue to push mine back into my mouth before he bit down on my lower lip not hard enough to draw blood but enough for me to groan with arousal.

I ran my hands over his body as he released my lip from his teeth and returned to kissing me with bruising strength, I slowly started to undo the rest of the buttons on his shirt and pressed my hands against his hard pecs feeling the slight roughness from his chest hair. His whole body shivered as I ran my hands over his body again this time without the shirt between my hands and his hard, toned body.

I broke the kiss and pushed myself up off him slightly so I could peel off my t shirt and feel his body against mine. When my t shirt was thrown across the room I leaned back against him letting his lips punish mine in another savage kiss that held the promise of the kind of lover he would be and I felt myself shiver in anticipation.

I let my hands travel down to his trousers and I started to unbuckle his belt but he stopped me with one quick movement that had him flipping our positions so that I was the one sitting on the sofa and he was the one above me, the action made me gasp before her lowered his head and kissed me again. When he had stopped kissing me he leaned back and looked down at me again, a slight pang of fear hit me, his eyes looked wild and savage like he was barely containing himself and at any second he could either slam himself deep inside me or beat me to a bloody mess, right now I didn’t care.

He knelt with his back straight and he had a knee either side of my legs, his crotch was at the same height as my chest his bulging erection begging me to free it from his trousers. I reached forward to try and unbuckle his belt again so I could free what the bulge in his trousers promised would be a big cock, this time he allowed me to strip his belt off and undo the button for his trousers but before I could pull down his zipper he pushed me back down into the sofa and pulled my hands from his trousers before leaning down and kissing me again.

As his lips punished mine I felt his hands come to rest on my chest and then dig in with a painful need that had me moaning into his mouth. I tried to reach forward to finally get his trousers off of him and reveal the wonderful prize within but he removed his hand from my chest and held my wrist back so I couldn’t move my hands.

He broke the kiss to take a breath and as he did I heard myself whisper to him my voice husky and filled with a desperate need, “I want you inside me now.”

He shifted so he could use one had to hold my wrists and with his free hand he put a finger to my lips to silence me as he whispered, “not yet.”

I slowly parted my lips and took the finger he had used to silence me into my mouth and showed it the same attention I hoped to soon be showing his cock, I wrapped my lips tightly around it and let my tongue swirl all over it before slowly moving my head forward so the whole of his finger was now buried in my mouth, I tried to continue using my tongue on his finger but a primal surge overtook me and instead I started to bob my head backwards and forwards essentially fucking my mouth with his finger.

He gasped when he pulled his finger from my mouth with a loud pop before he ran it down my chest leaving a trail of my own saliva on me.

I moaned and again tried to reach forward but his hand around my wrists seemed to hold me even though I knew he shouldn’t be able to but when he moved his free hand from my stomach to his trousers I didn’t care about his superhuman grip on my wrists all I cared about was that I was finally going to get to see what I had wanted to since I first caught him checking me out in the bar.

“Yes.” I moaned quietly as his hand slowly unzipped his trousers before he slid them down to his knees with a painful slowness.

I gasped as I saw that his trousers had been concealing his full length, it was easily the biggest I had ever seen. I watched as he slipped his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers before he pulled them down with the same slowness he had his trousers and as his cock sprang free of his boxers I gasped again. His cock was a monster at around 9 inches long and thick too, the earlier fantasies I had of taking it all in my mouth quickly vanished if I tried that it would probably kill me, I also realised that the fantasy about it being able to painful stretch me would become true and that made me smile with lust and need.

I tried to lean forward to touch his enormous cock, I had to feel it against me, in me, I wanted it all over me, I wanted to lose myself to that primal part of me that screamed at me to do whatever I could to make sure that it ended up inside me.

He released my hands and pushed me back into the sofa as I struggled to reach for his giant erect cock but it stood to attention just out of my reach.

“Please.” I moan still trying to struggle forward to reach it.

I look up to see an almost cruel smile on his face as he slides backwards off of me letting go of my wrists at he same time, he takes a few steps away from the sofa and I watch him entranced by the rise and fall of his magnificent member as he walks slowly backwards away from me.

“Come and get it then.” He says softly and I instantly obey, I slide off the sofa onto my hands and knees and slowly crawl my way over to him my eyes flickering between his eyes and his cock.

When I reach him I look up into his eyes as I softly kiss the head of his cock and I watch as his smile changes Sex hikaye from that cruel smile into one that tells me he got exactly what he wanted. I wrap one hand around his shaft and start to slowly move it as I let my tongue trace circles around his glans. I try to tease him so he will try and push himself inside me, I sometimes like having dominant men that know what they want use me and from what I’ve experienced so far that seemed to be exactly what Tom was like.

I continue to try and tease him for at least a couple of minutes lightly trailing my fingers over his shaft while licking and kissing the head of his huge cock, I end up running my tongue over every inch of his cock smothering it in my saliva in the hopes he will break and push himself inside my mouth but in the end it’s me who breaks first as the need to take him inside my mouth overpowers the desire for him to dominate me.

I took the head of his cock into my mouth and ran my tongue around it, I kept moving my tongue around in the same motion as I took more of his cock inside my mouth. I wanted to take every inch of his glorious cock into my mouth but at around the 6 and a half inch mark I start to gag and have to pull back to take a breath before I quickly take his cock back inside me the whole time I make sure my tongue teases his length inside me.

I hear Tom groan in pleasure and I look up at him my eyes watering from gagging on his cock, his eyes are closed at first but like he had felt me looking up at him he opened his eyes and looked down at me his eyes gleaming with pleasure and again I spy what I can only call cruelty in his eyes and on his lips as he smiles down at me.

I reach the same point on his cock as I had last time before I gagged and had to pull out to breath and as I reach that point he laces his hands into my hair and pulls me forward trying to force more of himself into my throat. Panic sweeps through me at his actions as there is at least another 2 and a half inches left outside of my mouth and I’m already choking on the 6 and a half inches in my throat. He continues to push on the back of my head and I try to relax my throat to accommodate the rest of his enormous length but no matter how much I try to fit it in I can’t seem to.

I tap him on the leg to try and get him to let me back off to breath but instead he starts to gently fuck my throat each thrust pushing his cock further into my throat after a moment of this I start to panic and feebly try to fight him off so I can at least take a breath.

Finally he pulls back letting his cock slide out of my mouth and he looks down at me with an expression that says he can and will do what he wants to me.

“Look at you.” He growls, “just a fucking whore for a pretty face and a big cock.” He spits onto my face and I flinch at the violence behind his actions but he grabs my head to stop me from moving any further away from him, “what are you?” he asks with what sounds like barely controlled anger.

“A whore.” I gasp out half of me scared of what he is going to do to me but the other half is turned on more than I have ever been before.

“What are you a whore for?” He asks his voice still a growl.

“I’m a whore for a pretty face and big cock.” I tell him feeling humiliated.

“Good, its important you know what you are and what your place is.” His voice is a growl, his words hurt and I feel almost worthless but my rock hard throbbing erection let’s him know that even if I don’t look like it some sick part of me is loving this.

“I want you to tell me about how much of a whore you are and what your place is.” He growls at me and when I look at him with tears rolling down my cheeks but with a questioning look on my face he explains, “your place is to please me anyway I want you to without question.” He tells me, “all you are is a vessel for my release, now I want to hear you tell me.”

“I’m a whore.” I say between sobs, “all I’m good for is your pleasure daddy.”

“Ah looks like we have some daddy issues.” He laughs cruelly, “do you want your daddy to fuck your throat?” He asks viciously

“Yes daddy.” I tell him, “please fuck my throat daddy.” I cry just as he slams his cock into my throat forcing in as much as he can making me choke and gag around his huge cock.

He starts to roughly pound my throat and all I can hear is the sounds of his cock punishing my throat and my own gagging.

“Take all of daddy’s cock.” He growls as he tries to push his whole length into my throat, I manage most of it but suddenly my gag reflex flares and I can feel vomit rise up and when he pulls his cock out of my throat the vomit follows covering half of his cock, my chin and the floor.

“Dirty fucking whore.” He growls at me when I finish throwing up, “clean my fucking cock.” He growls pulling my face back to his cock.

I slowly try to wrap my lips around his cock but he slaps me across the face with enough force to rock my head to the side, “no.” He growls, “with your tongue.”

I shudder at the thought of licking my vomit off of his cock but I instinctively let my tongue out of my mouth and start to lick along his cock cleaning a mix of my vomit and his pre-cum off of his cock with tears rolling off my cheeks and onto his cock.

“Yes cry onto my cock the tears might help as lube when I fuck you.” He tells me, “you do want me to fuck you don’t you?” The question sounds more like a statement but I answer anyway.

“Yes daddy I want you to fuck me.” I tell him letting my tears fall onto his cock.

“Yeah I thought you might want that little whore.” He growls as he grabs my throat and pulls me to my feet before turning me around and propelling me towards the sofa with his first push, the second push makes me fall face first into the sofa.

He grabs my hips and pulls my ass up into the air and spreads my cheeks before spitting onto my asshole.

“Look at that tight little hole.” Tom growls, “I’m going to rip you apart.” He laughs before spitting on my hole again.

“Yes daddy punish my tight asshole.” I beg him.

“I knew you were a dirty fucking whore from the moment I laid eyes on you.” He taunts me, “I want you tell me who’s whore you are.”

“I’m your whore daddy.” I cry as he slaps his massive cock down on my ass.

“I want you to beg me to ruin your asshole.” Erotik Hikaye He tells me his voice filled with barely restrained violence.

“Please ruin my tight asshole with your massive cock daddy.” I beg him, “please daddy fuck your whore.”

He laughs at me, “since you asked so nicely.” He says as I feel the head of his cock brush my asshole lightly before withdrawing and spitting on my hole again then before I can prepare he drives his cock into my ass.

“Oh fuck!” I scream in a mix of pain and pleasure as he buries the whole 9 inches of his cock in my ass with one savage thrust, he slowly pulls his cock out until only the head is left inside me as he holds himself there he rains down blow after blow onto my ass cheeks making me cry out with every impact.

“Your ass looks much better all red and sore with my cock in it.” He tells me as he thrusts inside me again making me groan loudly as I feel that mix of pain and pleasure again as his massive cock bottoms out inside me and stretches my ass to the point where it feels like it will rip me apart. He slowly starts to move his cock in and out at a pace that starts to drive me crazy with the need for him to pound me relentless like I know he wants to.

“Please fuck me harder daddy.” I cry as I lose all common sense to my lust.

“I’ll do what I want to you my little whore.” He growls into my ear as he leans over me with his cock deep inside me. He reaches a hand underneath me and firmly grasp my cock, “look at that the whore is hard.” He laughs, “I wonder what I should do with it.” He growls.

He starts to slowly run his hands along my throbbing erection as he continues to pound into my ass. The degradation accompanied by my ass being completely filled and his hand gently teasing my hard cock drives me crazy and I start crying out loudly as he increases his brutal assault on my senses by bringing his free hand sharply down on my ass.

“Yes scream for me my little fucking whore.” He growls as he picks up speed with both his pounding of my ass and stroking of my cock.

“Yes daddy, fuck me harder daddy.” I scream as his relentless pounding starts to become less rhythmic as he gets closer to his orgasm at the same time his hand stroking my cock starts to speed up rapidly bringing me towards one as well and before long I feel my balls tense with the tell-tale sign of my own orgasm.

“Oh I’m cumming daddy, I’m cumming.” I cry out as my orgasm hits causing me shoot load after load of cum onto my stomach and sofa.

“Fuck.” He growls as he slams the full length of his cock into me as he shoots a massive load of cum into my ass. He leaves himself buried inside me as he shoots more cum inside me, he then stays inside me as his cock starts to soften before suddenly pulling out leaving my asshole gaping and begging for more.

“Clean my fucking cock.” He orders me and I quickly move around and run my tongue all over his cock collecting his cum and savouring the taste of it mixed with the taste of my ass, I do this until I think I have cleaned most of it off before I take as much of his cock into my mouth as I can and I note with some satisfaction that I can now take almost another inch into my throat without vomiting.

“You’re a good little whore aren’t you.” He says a little softly, “I enjoyed destroying that pretty little ass of yours.” He tells me and the weirdest emotion runs through me, pride.

“Thank you daddy.” I say with a shaky smile spreading across my face.

Tom walks away from me and collects his clothes and start to put them on slowly starting with his boxers.

“I might have to come and do this again.” He tells me as he buttons up his shirt, “give me your phone number so I can tell you if I decide to come and punish that little ass again.”

“I’d really like that daddy.” I tell him before finding my phone and reading out my number for him.

He walks towards the front door and I follow him like a little lost puppy, he opens the door and stops, he turns around to face me and kisses me with that same hardness that he had earlier and even so soon after cumming I feel my cock start to rise again.

Tom looks down at my cock that is now at half mast and smiles that vicious smile, he reaches down and grabs my cock then gives it a couple of slow tender strokes before letting go eliciting a moan of pure need from my lips.

“Please daddy.” I beg him but he just looks at me cruelly.

“You’ll have to deal with that yourself my little whore.” He tells me with a cruel glint in his eyes before he turns on his heels and strolls out of the door taking a couple of steps down the hallway before he turns around again and speaks, “take care my little whore.”

“Bye daddy.” I say softly but still loud enough for him to hear my words.

I closed my apartment door and took in the sight of my apartment, my cum was in thick strands across my sofa and there was vomit on the floor not far in front of it that was quickly solidifying into a disgusting mess. I walked slowly over to my sofa and as I did I became aware of Tom’s cum leaking out of my gaping asshole and trickling down my legs and I loved it, I smiled to myself as I sat down on the sofa and took my now fully erect cock in my hand and started to slowly run my hand up and down it as I let the still fresh memories run through my mind.

I remember the feel of his cock slamming into the back of my throat making me gag and choke but also making me want more, how his cock had stretched my ass to point of agonising pain and orgasmic pleasure, how he had filled my ass with his cum, how he had made me beg him to fuck me with that huge cock that I could still see when I closed my eyes and how he had called me a whore then suddenly a realisation hit me, he hadn’t called me a whore but he had called me his whore and that realisation pushed me over the edge and the orgasm hit me hard.

“Oh fuck I’m daddy’s little whore.” I cried as I shot a massive load of cum onto the floor in front of the sofa adding more to the mess that was my living room. I realised I was going to have to clean all of this cum and vomit up but that could wait until later after I’d had some sleep because I was absolutely drained from how hard daddy had fucked me, from being awake for so long and the alcohol still running through my veins.

I curled up on the sofa feeling my cum underneath me and daddy’s cum still leaking slowly out of my ass, I smiled as I closed my eyes, I was daddy’s little whore and I hoped daddy would come and visit his whore again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32