Husband’s New Friends

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Sam watched me push my dinner around on my plate and finally spoke up. “Are you ok, David?”

Her question startled me. And I must have been visibly startled because her face dropped a little. As I thought about how to respond, I looked at her and couldn’t help but admire my wife. She was slight, short, but not tiny. Even though she only came up to my chest, she had a presence when she was in the room. She would light it up and capture the attention of everyone as she entered.

Her long, dark hair was pulled back into a pony tail and she was wearing a green tank top and a pair of leggings that accentuated her curves especially nicely. It was almost like she knew. I struggled for the words.

“David,” she pressed.

“Well, I…,” I stammered, failing to explain myself in any way.

What I meant to tell her was that after years of role playing and teasing and toying with taboo ideas, I finally organized a way to fulfill some of her biggest fantasies. I wanted to tell her that for the past month, I had been meeting with candidates for the big night. I wanted to tell her that I screened men with a very particular set of parameters. I wanted her to know that I met with the finalists, verified their health, collected and vetted references, and made sure each one fit the bill, I ended up with three men who were perfect for tonight.

I wanted to tell her that her fantasies of cuckolding and sharing and being used by multiple men was about to happen. I wanted to tell her that these men were all flexible and had a very clear understanding of what we wanted from them, what our hard limits were, and that everything was safe and sane.

I meant to tell her all of this earlier today. I wanted to tell her yesterday that I had set this all up; last week even. I wanted to tell her all of this as we sat here at the table.

“Well, I…,” I continued to struggle. “You know how we’ve been playing with, you know, sharing, and…”

Her face softened from concern to a slight grin.

And suddenly, I wish I had had explained all of this much sooner, because as I started to try to explain what I had prepared, the door bell rang.

Her head turned towards the front door and then she looked back at me, her hazel eyes framed with curiosity. She started to rise from the table and I suddenly felt a panicked sense of focus as she started towards the door.

“I invited some new friends over to play with us,” I blurted exceptionally casually. She stopped dead in her tracks. She turned to look at me, still curious, but also, she could tell I had anxiety in my voice.

“What do you mean, David?”

“Well, I know all about your fantasies, and I’ve wanted to help you realize some of them for some time now, so I did some research and found a couple of new friends who were eager to help us fulfill them.”

Sam looked more than a little irritated as she stared at me, and she began to speak, but the door bell rang a second time, interrupting her. She turned her attention to the door and away from me, something that I was grateful for in that moment, and she started towards the door. I immediately began to feel a sense of dread in my stomach. Was she going to be disgusted that I did this without her knowledge or consent?

I stood up despite my nerves, my legs weak, and I followed her into the living room just in time to see her open the front door. There were three men standing at the door looking anxious. The man in the front, Travis, was holding a black duffel bag. He was a gruff looking man in his early thirties with something between a short, intentional beard and a haphazard neglect to shave for a week or more. His bright, amber eyes were accentuated by long, straight black hair that hung down over his forehead. He was wearing a white t-shirt partially hidden by a long sleeved jacket, and his jeans bulged around his thighs, indicating that he was partial to staying fit. His jacket sleeves were pushed up past his elbows and I could see how muscular and lean he was.

Behind Travis stood Bill and Jon. Bill was not remarkable in any particular way. He was older, maybe mid forties, and had a professional look. He looked as if he may have come here straight from the office. He was wearing a white button down shirt and grey slacks, and his shoes, although a bit worn, matched his black belt. He was soft, and looked even softer standing behind Travis, which I had not noticed until they stood together. Bill’s hair also had more silver in it than I had noticed before both because his hair was already light brown, but also because the sunset made the silver glisten.

Jon was younger, I would guess maybe twenty five at the most. He was taller than the other two men, and thinner. His face was younger, kinder than Travis’s and less worried than Bill’s. He wore a black t-shirt with a logo on it I didn’t recognize and had his hoodie pulled up over his head. Like Bill, he had lighter hair, short, but with no signs of greying any time soon. His jeans looked two sizes almanbahis adres too big, and his sneakers looked like he was due for a new pair several years ago. Still, he was tall and clean-shaved, and his blue eyes sparkled in equal amounts of excitement and nervousness.

To my knowledge, none of these men had met one another before today. I met with each of them in person over coffee to discuss expectations, verify that they were disease free, and outline what I wanted from them. They all agreed enthusiastically. Travis was what I would call an experienced bull. He frequently joined couples to fulfill fantasies. Bill was a married man who had an arrangement with his wife. She had friends and he had friends, and they rarely ever played with their friends together. Jon had never done anything like this before. He was young and eager to learn, so I agreed to let him join.

They each understood that we were both to be dominated in any way they saw fit, provided they adhere to the rules and the hard limits. I explained to each of them that Sam was unable to get pregnant, so they were free to use their own discretion on protection, but that there were a few hard limits. They were to leave no permanent marks, no marks on the face or neck at all, and there was to be no scat or ass-to-mouth. They were to arrive at nine P.M. sharp and they were to leave no later than 5 A.M. the next morning to avoid any nosy neighborhood gossip. I received references from all three, including Jon, who gave me the information of a friend with benefits he had been seeing. I contacted them all and verified that they were as they presented themselves and that there were no red flags to be concerned about.

We all stood frozen for what felt like an eternity, when Sam finally spoke up, “Uh, hi. Can I help you?”

The men clearly did not expect this, as they continued to stare at her, unmoved.

I suddenly felt initiative kick in, and I stepped forward next to Sam and said, “Hi, please come in.” I moved away from Sam so they could enter between us. They entered and walked into the living room. As Jon filed in last past us, Sam shot a look at me as if to say “WHAT THE FUCK, DAVID?”

The men came into the living room and I gestured at the sofa and they took the cue and all sat down next to one another.

“Sam, these are the new friends I was telling you about,” I stated nervously. Sam remained silent and walked to the love seat across from the sofa and sat. She studied each man for a moment before starting.

“You mean the ‘friends’ you just told me about 30 seconds ago,” she said with defiance and venom in her voice. I felt my face fall, suddenly embarrassed.

Travis broke the silence quickly. “Wait, you mean you didn’t tell her,” he asked me incredulously.

Sam immediately responded to Travis. “No, he didn’t tell her.” She paused, collecting her thoughts while Bill and John squirmed and Travis looked delighted. Sam continued, “What exactly did my husband tell you that you were here for?”

Travis stood up and took a step towards Sam. “Well,” he started, “he told us we were here to use you both however we wanted as long as we follow the rules.” He took another step towards her as they stared at each other.

“And he told you what was off limits,” Sam questioned. Travis took another step towards her. He was now only five feet from where she sat, her legs crossed defensively, her eyes burning with frustration at being put in this position.

“He told us what was off limits,” Travis replied.

Travis began to walk around behind the love seat where Sam was sitting, deliberating, and Sam turned her attention back to me standing in the entryway to the living room, holding my breath. I couldn’t help but notice that Travis had a bulge in the front of his pants, clearly turned on by either the chaos, Sam, or both. He put his hands on Sam’s shoulders and began to knead them. That was when I also noticed that Sam’s nipples were visibly hard through her tank top.

She stared daggers at me while Travis worked her shoulders. I began to breathe again out of necessity, but I was frozen. Travis’s hand began to travel from her shoulders gently down to her collar bones and slowly continued into her tank top down to her breasts. She never blinked as she continued to lock eyes with me. The silence was only broken by Travis, who had begun to knead her ample C-cup breasts gently with one hand, first one, then the other. “Look, if you don’t want to do this, we can go,” he offered as he groped my wife. He pinched her nipple abruptly, and hard enough to break her stare. She closed her eyes for a moment and then looked at Bill and Jon, who also appeared to have forgotten to breathe. Bill was unconsciously kneading his hard bulge through his slacks as he watched Travis handle Sam.

Sam looked back at me and locked eyes with me once again. “No,” she said plainly, if not a little spitefully. “You were promised your heart’s desire, so I think you should get on almanbahis adresi with it.”

With that, Travis took his other hand wrapped it around her throat, squeezing gently, at first. He began roughly groping her breasts and sharply pinched her nipple, holding her in place hard. She closed her eyes again and sucked in a sharp breath through her teeth. I knew Travis was getting to her. He tightened his grip on her throat as she began to squirm in a half-hearted attempt to get away from his assault on her tits. But she didn’t stop him.

Once he was sure he had her full attention and cooperation, he released her throat and let his other hand slide down to her breasts, and now he was assaulting both at the same time. He ramped up his pressure on her nipples and she began to protest gently with a yelp.

“Oww,” she said, raising her hands but stopping just short of trying to repel his hands. He pinched harder and her protest intensified. “Oww, fuck,” she exclaimed, reaching for his wrists but still coming short of interjecting.

Travis chuckled to himself. He looked up at the three of us watching this unbelievable scene. He realized that he had all the power in the room. “Hey Bill, Sam here seems like she needs something to keep her mouth occupied. You got any ideas?”

Bill didn’t need any more prompting than that. He kicked his shoes off and kicked them to the side. He started to unbutton his shirt and Travis stopped him. “No, man, make her do it,” he egged. Bill felt agreeable and stood up and walked over to where Sam was sitting. He stood in front of her and watched her struggle under Travis’s tight hold. She stared up at Bill, looking into his eyes, and she saw Bill still unsure about what to do next.

Travis, not wanting to lose momentum, began to feel more directive. “C’mon, Sam, don’t pretend like you’re not a cock loving slut. We all know what you are. We’re all friends here. Go ahead and pull that dick out and show us what you can do with it.”

Sam looked over at me, my mouth open and my cock evidently as hard as a rock. She no longer had anger in her eyes, but now uncertainty and hesitation. Travis saw the exchange and added, “Don’t look at him. He gave you to us for the night, and he doesn’t have a say in this. Now don’t keep Bill waiting. Pull that dick out.”

Sam winced once more under Travis’s grip on her nipples, but she uncrossed her legs and attempted to lean forward. Travis had her held tight to the back of the love seat, and feeling her try to lean forward just caused his grip to tighten that much more.

Firmly in place, something evidently clicked in Sam’s mind, because she lifted her hands up to Bill’s knees and slowly began to seductively run her palms up the front of his thighs over his slacks. She got to the front of his slacks and lingered as she got to the bulge in his pants. She stopped short of wrapping her hand around Bill’s dick through his pants, but she massaged it gently with her finger tips. Bill let out an audible sigh of pleasure.

Sam continued up to Bill’s belt, and she slowly began to unbuckle it as best as she could, still being held down to the love seat by Travis, who had all but stopped his relentlessness with her tits because he was enthralled with Sam’s sudden change in demeanor. Sam managed to get Bill’s belt open and she slowly unclasped his pants. Before she unzipped them, though, she was able to lean forward and she began rubbing her cheek and then her lips across Bill’s bulge through his pants, exciting Bill more and more. He could feel her hot breath through his pants and he had a sudden urge to pull his dick out and part her lips with his throbbing head. Travis still had Sam by the breasts, but he was now leaning forward to maintain his hold. It was as if he was now matching Sam’s seductive intensity.

She moved her face away from Bill’s crotch and continued to unzip Bill’s slacks. Suddenly, Bill’s pants slid down to the floor around his ankles, his keys rattling as they hit the floor. Bill stood frozen in anticipation. He was wearing blue boxer briefs, but it was clear before he was freed that Bill was well-endowed. I could see the outline of his swollen head that my wife had been nuzzling with her face. She once again gently massaged the outline of his cock with her finger tips, teasing him and making him swell even more. Bill sighed again.

Sam took the waistband of Bill’s boxers and pulled them forward with one hand, and reached inside slowly with the other. She was looking up at him, licking her lips, and he was looking down into her eyes. She pulled Bill’s swollen cock out of his boxers and held it in her hand while she somewhat inelegantly slid the boxers down to meet his pants on the floor. Bill slowly stepped out of both and kicked them to the side, making his keys rattler once again.

I stood there watching my wife hold this thick cock in her hand. Bill was perhaps only slightly over average on length, but his dick was one of the thickest I had ever almanbahis adresi seen. Sam reached around it as best she could and was still at least two inches away from touching her thumb to her other fingers. I watched my wife, once again, lick her lips hungrily, and now there was only a fire in her eyes.

She opened her lips and gently licked the under side of Bill’s visibly throbbing cock. She licked it again, and then again, moving more to the sides of his head. She moved her head to the side of his shaft and gave several long licks up and down the length of him. She looked as if she had been practicing for this for a long time. She skillfully returned to Bill’s head, and gave one final lick along the under side before she opened her mouth wide and took his head into her mouth.

It was hard to believe that she could get his head in her mouth at all. But she managed, seemingly effortlessly. She began to suck on his head, swirling her tongue around it. Her cheeks sucked in as she began to take more than Bill’s head into her mouth. She began to rhythmically bob up and down on Bill’s swollen dick, taking a little more of his length each time, until she had all but made it disappear into what I could only imagine was her throat.

I was so entranced by the scene that I had forgotten Travis and Jon were even there. My wife was stunning as she took Bill’s monster in her mouth, and I was completely lost in the passion in which she sucked another man. Travis must have noticed, because he broke my trance. “Hey, David, you said your wife was hot, but fuck, man,” he exclaimed. I had not noticed that one of Travis’s hands had moved from Sam’s breast down into her pants. “Bud, she’s fucking soaked like a whore,” Travis mused, clearly delighted with Sam’s cooperation.

I was a little jarred by him calling my wife a whore, but she didn’t seem to mind, and Bill let out another sigh when he said it, so I decided to say nothing. “How about it, whore,” Travis taunted. “You like sucking Bill’s huge dick?” Sam evidently did enjoy sucking Bill’s huge dick, because instead of responding, she reached behind Bill and slid her palms up the back of his thighs this time. When she got to his ass, and grabbed him and pulled his hips in towards her. This caused Bill to thrust into her mouth and Sam gagged, but did not let go of him and did not pull his dick out of her throat.

Travis still had his hand down Sam’s pants, the muscles in his forearms indicating that he was rhythmically massaging her or fingering her, or perhaps both. Still sucking on Bill, Sam had begun to moan gently, almost a purr, as Travis fingered her and Bill slid his cock in and out of her mouth. I had begun to unconsciously knead my dick through my pants as I watched my wife be used by these two men. Travis pulled one of Sam’s breast out over the top of her tank top and continued to squeeze and pinch. I had never seen her nipples so hard and erect. Her pace on Bill’s dick had begun to quicken and her moans had gone from quiet purrs to rhythmic grunts as Bill hit the back of her throat, now more aggressively than before. Bill reached out and grabbed Sam by the back of the hair and, in his first sign of aggressive domination, actively thrust his swollen dick deep into Sam’s throat and held it here. Sam immediately let go of his ass and put her hands up defensively on the front of his thighs. She did not quite try to push him out of her throat, but more like she was trying to keep him from going all the way through her skull. Even from where I was standing, I could see tears welling up in her eyes from the gagging and the choking.

It was then that Travis noticed I was stroking myself through my pants, still standing at the entryway. “Hey, David,” Travis started. “I cannot believe you wouldn’t prepare such an amazing slut like this. You should be ashamed, letting her do all the work over here.” I stopped stroking myself, but did not let go of myself.

“I think we are going to need to teach you a lesson about how to treat such a classy whore, David,” Travis continued. “Jon,” he said as he turned his attention to Jon, who was still sitting on the sofa watching Bill fuck Sam’s mouth intently. Jon looked up with a startle. “Jon, why don’t you go into my bag there and grab the handcuffs,” Travis said, motioning to the black duffel bag he had carried in with him. Jon stood up and walked towards the bag.

Travis then turned his attention to back to me, still standing there holding my bulge. He smirked at me with one of his hands on Sam’s breast and one furiously stroking between her legs. “We’re going to get you warmed up David,” Travis explained. “Why don’t you go ahead and get rid of those clothes. You won’t be needing those any more tonight.”

I am not sure why, but I felt compelled to comply. I pulled my shirt off over my head and began to unbuckle my pants. Jon was digging through the black duffel bag as instructed, and Travis spoke up once again, “Hey Jon, will you also bring me that collar too while you’re in there?”

I slid my pants and underwear down together and threw them onto the side of the sofa where Jon had been sitting. I stood there naked, feeling deeply exposed, my hardness causing significant embarrassment as I watched these men accost my wife.

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