I Thought We Were Just Penpals

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We scooted over to a pub table at a local bar, our arms grazing lightly as we settled into the stools and ordered our drinks. I smiled at her, trying to look composed, smoothing my skirt and crossing my legs toward her. We raised our glasses and toasted each other. She reached over and rested her hand on my knee. “We’re gonna have fun tonight, Rachel.” She flashed me a sweet smile. My heart skipped a beat as I returned her smile and moved the glass to my lips.

Although I’d never met her in person before, we knew each other quite well… our fantasies, our desires … the things we would never tell others in our every day lives. Jessica was a woman from another town who I’d been chatting with online for months. She was exciting, pushing all my buttons. She asked me to come to this bar where she and her husband would be. We had exchanged pictures. I knew who I was looking for when I walked in.

Jessica had gotten there before me, patiently waiting at the bar. When I walked in, her eyes darted over towards me and a smile crept onto her lips. She casually walked to me and gave me a hug like we were old friends. Only we knew why we were there. My pussy was wet with the thought of what these weeks of conversations were leading to.

A few months earlier I responded to an ad in a lustful haze during an evening of self-pleasure. I had always had a fantasy of being with a couple: having the soft touch of a woman to get me off, then being fucked by her husband. Jessica was at the other end of the particular ad I chose. With the clarity of the morning, I wrote to Jessica and told her I would never go through with it. She was kind and accepting of my decision, saying she understood. Emails didn’t stop, however; we kept in contact like a pair of pen pals.

Soon, Jessica and I were sharing intimate details over email. She began describing her body to me, telling me about the soft curve of her breasts, the way her shapely legs ended at a smooth, clean shaven pussy. She had told me about fucking her husband thinking of me. I had seen pictures of her body in various states of undress. She had seen photos of me, even a few of me touching my sensitive pussy. I knew her desires and fantasies. I reiterated to her that I never intended to meet her, that I wanted to live this fantasy in my mind.

Then, a few days ago came the email that brought me here. She knew I liked hearing the sounds of sex. She sent an audio file of her fucking her husband. As I opened the email and heard her voice for the first time, I was getting aroused, and I liked it. I could hear heavy breathing and moaning. Jessica narrated the message asking me if I’d ever wondered what she would feel like against me. She explained how she was being touched. My imagination began to think of her bare skin. I could hear her take her husband’s cock in her mouth. She told me that I would look sexy wrapping my lips around that very same cock, sharing it with her, letting it explode over both of our faces. I closed my eyes for a second and let myself picture his cock sliding between her pretty lips, and I imagined myself in the mix. I felt a deep blush spread from my cheeks to my neck, a heat that slowly made its way between my thighs. I heard Jessica release with an orgasm. I listened to that message over and over. The next thing I knew, Jessica and I were concocting a plan.

Jessica’s town was only a few minutes’ drive from mine. The time in the car flew by as I remembered the words she spoke so seductively to me in that audio file. I knew that the key to living out this fantasy would be sitting 20 miles away in a bar. My nerves were surprisingly calm, but I had plenty to be nervous about. Jessica’s husband would be there as well. Tonight, I was going to meet the people I’d been fantasizing about for months.

I was doing what I said I would never do. She told me I could back out at any time. We were just meeting for drinks. And sure enough, sitting at the table the conversation was easy. We talked casually like we had known each other for years. Jessica was flirtatious. Jason was nowhere to be seen, but I thought that this was probably on design. They wanted me to warm up to the idea with someone I had “known” before making it more real. I looked in her eyes and smiled as I sipped my drink.

Then Jason showed up. “Hi there,” he said easily, his eyes fixed on mine. He flashed me a slow, knowing smile. “I was wondering if I could buy a round for the prettiest girls in the bar.”

I hardly knew how to respond. I was staring at him and her smiling like an idiot, continually reminding myself that we were in public and I couldn’t just fuck them both right there. I’d been imagining this scene for so long that it almost felt unnatural to have them right there in front of me to look at and touch. I looked over at Jessica, wondering how this would play out. She smiled a knowing smile and nodded at me.

“Well, we could have another round, I think,” Jessica smiled at him, using the same voice that Escort bayan had been ringing in my head for days. “Let me introduce you to my friend Rachel.”

Jason waved the bartender over and ordered another round of drinks, and then extended his hand to me. “I’m Jason. It’s very nice to meet you.” I shook his hand, and I watched his eyes fix on Jessica’s. We continued with small talk like three friends would do that were enjoying the evening out. I let Jessica take the lead in the conversation while I watched. She was flirting with her own husband. I knew with or without me they were going to fuck like animals tonight. The sexual tension was high. Jason was doing a great job with her, taking the knowledge he had from their relationship to subtly turn her on, glancing at me turning me on. Jessica was really horny, I could tell.

Jason sat on the other side of the table next to Jessica. I saw his hand grazing the small of her back. I shivered as he moved it lightly down across her hip, keeping his movements subtle. His fingers traced her curves. I was caught off guard with the seeming ease of the situation. It was a bit dark in the bar and I began to imagine pulling them both into a dark corner and grinding my body against theirs.

Jason looked in my direction and smiled. “Would you ladies excuse me for just a second? I have to make a quick phone call, but I’ll be back in a minute.” We had planned this moment. Now it was my turn to take the reins. I could back out and go home. “No problem, Jason,” I replied as casually as I could. “We’re not going anywhere just yet.”

Jessica and I watched in silence as he walked away. I knew she was watching me checking her husband out. I knew she wanted to be between my legs and have me between hers.

“He is cute, Jessica,” I said.

I watched her eyes narrow a bit and the corners of her mouth turn upwards in a seductive grin. “Well…” She looked up at me and bit her lip nervously. “Well… do you want to have a little fun tonight?”

“I do,” I said smiling. “Let’s do this.”

Jessica’s eyes met mine and she nodded. “Great,” she agreed. She reached into her purse, pulled out an address and small map. “You can still back out. I want this to be pressure free. I want you to want to be there as much as I want you to be there. This is where we will be. We are leaving right now. If you aren’t there in 20 minutes we will start without you.” She leaned in close to my ear and whispered softly, “We have been waiting so long to fuck you.”

I slid my hand on her lap and gave her leg a light squeeze. Jessica’s eyes closed for a second while my fingers played with the hemline of her silk skirt. She moved her hand on top of mine and slowly slid our hands beneath the hem, on her bare thigh. Suddenly, I heard Jason’s voice behind us, clearing his throat.

“I hope I’m not interrupting,” Jason smiled. His eyes were fixed on our hands, on the smooth fine skin of Jessica’s leg. I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his pants growing as he watched. I was so fired up by the feel of Jessica’s bare skin, I hardly knew what to do. Jessica smiled at me and then at him, reached for Jason and they left out the front door of the bar.

I sat at the table for a minute. I was going to do this. They were nice. This was comfortable. I was too horny now to back out. I needed to get fucked.

I slid off of my stool. Without a word, I headed to my car with the map clutched in my hand. The next 10 minutes were a blur of desire and directions. When my headlights finally shown on the address of my destination, I was so filled with a craving to be fucked that I almost ran into the house.

I gently knocked on the door. Jessica quickly answered and pulled me inside. She slipped her arm through mine as she led me down the hallway to their room. She leaned over, giggled softly, and whispered in my ear, “I can’t believe we’re doing this!” I laughed with her and pulled her close to me we fumbled getting into the door. Jason was already there and looked at the two of us, smiled, and shook his head. “I wonder what you girls could be whispering about…”

We came in the room. A lamp was turned on in the corner providing a soft glow in the room. Jessica and I sat down on the edge of the bed. Jason pulled a chair to the edge of the bed and sat down facing us. He smiled easily at Jessica, “This is going to be a night we all are never going to forget.”

We all knew what was about to happen. We all wanted it. Shyly, I looked down and started playing with my hair.

Next to me, Jason stretched his arm towards Jessica’s face, and stroked her long blonde hair with his fingers. Jessica’s eyes immediately fell closed and I watched as she enjoyed his touch on the back of her neck, fingers grazing her ear. Suddenly his fingertips were moving to her pretty mouth, tracing the thin pink curve of her lips. Her lips parted slightly as he slid his finger between them. She let out a little sigh and gently sucked Bayan Escort his finger between her lips. Jason fell to his knees at the edge of the bed, his body nestled between her thighs. He continued to play with her mouth, his eyes wandering to mine. He looked voracious all of a sudden, like he could just push her back against the mattress and fuck her without any concern that I was sitting not a foot away. I knew he wouldn’t.

Jessica was licking and sucking his finger more passionately now. I knew she wanted more. She was grinding her pussy against Jason’s waist as he pulled her closer. I reached out and ran my fingers through her hair.

With that Jason backed way and reached under Jessica’s skirt and came away with her underwear. “I don’t think we will be needing these tonight.” he said through a smile. Jessica turned her attention to me. She turned and allowed me to put my legs on the bed. My skirt began to bunch up around my waist. Looking me straight in the yes, she began to trace a finger up my right leg until she reached the panties I had bought specially for this occasion. She felt the wet spot that was growing by the minute and smiled at me. She took her hand and played with my clit through the new panties and watched as my jaw opened and my head slightly fell back. She then placed both of her hands on my hips, slipped her fingers under the waistband and pulled off my sexy underwear as I let my hips rise off the bed.

I reached up to massage one of my breasts as Jessica showed Jason my underwear. “Look at these, honey. Looks like she never planned on backing out.” She turned her attention to me, “Rachel these are hot.”

“The bra matches,” I replied. “It was a little gift for myself. I wanted to look good for you two.”

Behind Jessica, Jason was not worried about how underwear looked, he wanted to see skin. He unzipped Jessica’s dress and slowly removed it, kissing her neck as he did so. With the dress removed he unhooked her bra and revealed her breasts. He kissed Jessica as he laid her back on the bed beside me. He then moved his mouth down her neck and began to suck on her breasts. My hands went to my hard clit and began to rub it watching this erotic presentation before me.

As Jason was paying attention to Jessica’s breasts, her foot was rubbing on his cock through his pants. A moan escaped her lips, and then she pushed him away. “We have a guest,” she said. Jason’s cock looked like it was about to burst through his slacks. They had talked about how they were going to do this. Jason was as turned on as I was, but agreed and sat back in the chair and slowly began removing his clothes.

Jessica turned her attention to me. “Can I kiss you?” Jessica whispered, her eyes glancing from my lips, then to my eyes.

Unable to speak, I nodded an apprehensive “yes”.

I felt her lips as her kiss was soft. Everything was so soft, gentle, feminine, even as her kiss grew hungrier. She broke the kiss and somewhere within, I longed for more. I looked at Jessica’s sexy face and was pleased that I made the trip to this house tonight.

“You kiss just as I dreamt,” Jessica sighed, as she pulled her body tighter to mine. As she continued to kiss me, I felt her hands snaking up my sides, her fingertips running an invisible path up and down my back as she removed my dress. I was now laying there in the bra that matched the previously discarded panties. It being the last piece of clothing on in the room, I reached around and unclasp it revealing my breasts. I felt so vulnerable, yet so wanted.

I looked over at Jessica who was staring back at me. One of her hands had reached down to begin to play with her clit while another was pinching one of her hard nipples. I was dying to touch her. Jason, naked now, joined Jessica on the bed. I was the focus of their attention. They crept to me, Jessica sliding her legs around the outside of mine. Her breasts pressed against mine. Her mouth was hot against my ear. She leaned in and whispered, “you look so sexy right now, Rachel…”

Jason began to kiss Jessica. We were all beginning to be entwined on the bed. The sheets were being bunched up and soon, they were thrown to the floor. His cock was ready to be pleased by us. My pussy was aching to be touched. In a moment I watched Jessica get on top of Jason running her wet pussy repeatedly over the length of his cock as it was pinned to his torso. Jason’s cock was soon glistening with her juices.

I was entranced looking at this scene. I sat up in bed and let Jason focus in on his wife. Her breast’s swollen pink nipples pointing inches from his mouth. I wanted to watch his tongue against them, teasing her, making her blushing pink tips shiny and wet. Jason stopped Jessica’s motions and gently turned her over in bed. He began to kiss her first on the lips and then working his way down her body until his head was between her legs, gently licking her wet pussy.

I was overcome with desire and I started to kiss Escort Jessica’s ear, my fingers sliding around her tummy, my nails trailing up her sides. Gently, I started to massage her breasts as Jason looked at me from between her legs. Jessica was sighing, and arched her back, her head falling backwards. Jason’s eyes were fixed on mine as he teased her pussy with his tongue, her clit with his teeth. It was amazing, the sensation of watching him play with her body while he looked at me. I held her breast in my hand as he sucked and licked, and with my other hand I played with my own clit.

Jason had still not laid a hand on me. Both of us were touching Jessica, looking at each other as we enjoyed her sweet curves. I was dying for their touch on me. Jessica sensed this and pulled Jason away from her pussy and came over to me.

Jason backed away from us and looked at the two of us together on the bed: two beautiful women trying to pleasure each other. Jessica turned around, the two of us now sitting on the bed facing one another. She reached down and touched my pussy again. Her slender fingers trailed over the curves at the top of my breasts, then along my neck, to my full mouth. Her fingers were so soft on my lips, I started to lean in against her. Jessica’s hands slid around my waist and she pulled me close. She was so soft against me as I gently sucked her tongue between my lips, taking her deeper into my warm mouth. She began to touch my breasts, squeezing softly, unsure of what to do. I knew Jessica had been with a woman before, which made this even more exciting for me.

She pushed me down on the bed, admiring my breasts as they arched upwards, my pink nipples hard and swollen. Jessica began to kiss down my belly, and then the inside of my thighs until she finally put her mouth on my wet cunt. I shivered with desire at the feeling of her tongue pleasuring me. I looked up from my reverie to see Jason standing behind his wife with his hard cock in his hand. I looked at him and said, “What are you waiting for? Fuck your wife.” Jessica looked up at me and smiled then gasped as Jason slipped his cock inside of her. The lubrication from her wetness provided a slick passage for his hard cock.

I was in heaven. I was living out a fantasy. In front of me a hot woman was eating me while her husband was fucking her. It was better than I had imagined it. I laid my head back and decided to enjoy my time. The orgasmic forces inside me were building as I listened and watched. This felt better than anything I had ever experienced. I was in a haze of lust.

Suddenly, Jason turned Jessica over on her back. Momentarily, her mouth was off my pussy, but that was about to change. I watched the couple rhythmically fucking for a moment. Jessica’s breasts giggling as her husband’s hard cock repeatedly fucked her. I got on my knees and aligned my pussy over Jessica’s mouth. As I placed my wetness on her tongue, I leaned forward and began to lick her clit as her husband’s cock continued to pleasure her.

I felt Jason’s hands on my hair, stroking it gently, encouraging me to pleasure his wife. I grabbed his balls while my mouth worked on Jessica’s sensitive pussy. I soon felt his balls tense. “I am gonna cum,” he exclaimed and in seconds he filled Jessica with his hot jizz.

I looked down. I had swallowed cum before. Tasting it on a pussy would be a unique opportunity. I placed my mouth back on Jessica’s pussy, now tasting both her and him. Jessica groaned with desire. I now could feel her begin to tense up. She was about to cum. I continued to pleasure her with my tongue as she began to become vocal with desire. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.” Jessica breathlessly exclaimed, her hips leaving the bed pressing into my mouth. She began to try to wiggle away from my tongue, but I wouldn’t allow it as I spun around pleasuring her now from between her legs. She was up on her elbows and was inching towards the headboard, her legs pulling closer to her body. I pushed with my tongue not letting her release from me. Soon, her words turned into pants, gasps and squeaks and she held the back of my head as an orgasmic wave flooded through her. She released me and I could feel her begin to relax.

“That was so fucking good.” Jessica said. Her face and chest were flushed. Her breathing had still not settled down. I smiled, my chin soaked in her juices, happy I was able to please this woman. Jason was sitting beside the bed stroking his cock. “Fucking amazing, Jessica. That was so unbelievably hot.” I laid my body next to her, my breasts touching hers, my leg draped on hers pressing my hot mound into her thigh as she recovered.

I felt Jason slip into bed behind me. I was now between the husband and wife. Jason’s hands were on my legs, sliding up and squeezing my ass. I moaned, kissing Jessica letting her taste herself on my tongue, grinding my pussy against her waist harder. Jason moved down, his tongue trailed up the back of my legs, teasing my inner thighs, kissing me higher and higher on my leg. I could feel his breath on my wet pussy, his hands spreading my legs gently. He slid his finger deep in my pussy. I moaned. Jessica sat up and watched wide-eyed as Jason drove his fingers into my cunt faster and harder.

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