Isabelle , Simon Ch. 07

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AN: The chapter everyone has been waiting for! As usual leave us feedback and comments! Hope you guys all enjoy this chapter and have enjoyed the overall story so far! Yes, there is still a lot more to come!

Disclaimer: Isabelle it was a kiss of love and caring. I put everything I had into it in an effort to tell her just how much I loved her. How much I had always loved her.

She lifted onto her toes, deepening the kiss. Her lips tasted like, well, I honestly don’t know. All I know is it was the best thing I’d ever tasted! I thought Rachel’s mouth was sweet, but it was nothing compared to the exquisite sensation of my sister’s lips, and blood started to flow down below. Kissing her was like a drug! I couldn’t get enough and pulled her closer, joining our bodies, and lovingly kissed and caressed her.

Izzy wrapped her arms around my neck and then leapt up so that her legs encircled my waist. I put my hands under her wonderfully taut and toned ass to support her. Her ass felt incredible. It was worthy of the heavens! I carried her into the lounge and sat down on the sofa with Izzy straddling me. She looked so beautiful, with strands of hair going every which way and a look of love and trust in her gorgeous hazel eyes. I could have taken her shirt and bra off right there, and I knew she wouldn’t stop me, but I was content with just kissing those luscious lips that had been so close to me for so many years. I pulled her close again and leaned forward to kiss her gently. She moaned and deepened the kiss. Her mouth parted, and I slowly moved closer until our tongues joined.

We continued to make out for the next 30 minutes before I felt Izzy’s stomach rumble in protest at not being fed. I laughed and pulled her up, and we went to the kitchen for breakfast.

We spent the rest of the day lounging around and watching movies, making out, and just being close to one another.

We were covered in blankets, and Izzy was lying against me with her head resting on my chest as we watched ‘The Best of Me’ when our parents came home. Dad peeked into the lounge and grinned when he saw Izzy snuggled up against me before raising his eyes in surprise that I was watching a romance film. I shrugged my shoulders, and dad walked off laughing softly to himself. Mum came in and gave us both a kiss on the forehead before heading upstairs. We heard the sounds of the water upstairs as mum and dad showered and headed to sleep. They had both looked exhausted and would sleep heavily tonight.

When the movie finished, Izzy and I headed upstairs and got into bed. She smelled wonderful, like fresh mint, and her hair smelled of coconuts. Once we were both under the covers, I pulled Izzy to me, and I kissed her. This time, it was a hotter, more scorching kiss with fire and blood in it. Izzy obviously felt it, too, because I saw her eyes widen ever so slightly, and she smiled at me.

“Not tonight, Si, not tonight.”

‘Bu..” Izzy brought a finger to my lips and shushed me.

“Yes, I want to do it with you, but not tonight. I don’t want to rush. This evening has been perfect, and I just want to fall asleep in your loving arms.”

“Plus, Girne Escort I don’t have any condoms, and I’m not on the pill. Remember, I never needed it with any of my previous boyfriends.”

I must have looked disappointed because Izzy laughed.

“I know your body is all steamed up now, but think, little brother. Tomorrow is Saturday, and Mom and dad stay at grandma’s house every Saturday and Sunday. So we will have the house to ourselves!”

I’d forgotten about that, and Izzy was right! My little head and big head were distracted by Izzy’s scent and the taste of her lips.

I pulled her close to me and kissed her again, and we snuggled with my arm wrapped around her. We were perfectly suited for one another. Our bodies fit together perfectly! It felt so comfortable lying with her!

Before I fell asleep, all I thought about was Izzy telling me she loved me!

We woke late the next day, and mum and dad had already left for grandma’s house and left us a note on the fridge.

Simon and Isabelle: We left for your grandma’s house. There is money for food in the microwave, so order some pizza and have a good day.

P.S. Simon, if you’re reading this, take care of your sister. She needs you!

When I showed Isabelle the note, her only response was, “They have no idea how badly I want you… inside me.”

That had me blushing, and Izzy laughed at the reddening of my cheeks. She kissed me softly on the mouth before heading upstairs to bath and change. I made us a smoothie before heading upstairs and using my parent’s bathroom to take a quick shower as well.

I threw on a pair of new jeans that I hadn’t worn, as well as a semi-formal black shirt that went well with my jeans. Izzy raised an eyebrow in approval when she saw my clothes, and I smiled at her and then gawked at the sexy red dress she was wearing. It just reached her knees, and the shoulder straps were thin, exposing a lot of skin!

“Looks like we were thinking the same thing!” I grinned as we looked at each other hungrily. I went over, and she raised her lips to mine passionately. I pulled away eventually and looked her in the eyes.

“Isabelle Rosales would you consider going out with me on a date?”

My formal invitation surprised and pleased Isabelle, and she leaped forward and back into my arms with a shriek of laughter. “Yes, yes, yes. Where are we going, boyfriend?”

“I thought we could maybe go to the mall and shop a bit before catching that new romance film that’s on the circuit and then supper afterward?”

I fidgeted with my hands, unsure if Izzy liked my idea, but she smiled and kissed me.

“When do we leave?” she said, hooking her arm through mine.

“Right now,” I responded with a grin.

Izzy dashed upstairs to grab a cute denim jacket to wear over her dress, and we left 5 minutes later.

I drove us to the mall, whistling the entire time, while Izzy fiddled with the radio, not settling on any station.

Once we got there, Izzy dragged me to a clothing store, and we headed inside. Izzy linked her arm with mine when the sales assistant approached Kıbrıs Escort us.

“Where could I find some nice dresses like this one? Also, is there anywhere my boyfriend can wait while I try them on?”

The sales assistant directed me to a sofa where I sat down as Izzy wandered out of sight. I’m pretty sure I saw her head into the lingerie section.

I snuck out of the store and headed over to the jewellers. Once there, I picked out two silver bands and had them engraved with my name on one and Izzy’s on the other in gold. I wasn’t sure when I would give it to her or if she would even wear it, but they were simple enough for me to pass off as tokens of sibling affection if seen on either of our hands.

I made it back to the clothing store before Izzy noticed I was gone, and when she emerged, she refused to tell me what she’d bought.

We bought tickets for the film, but I don’t know even remember what we watched as I spent the entire show holding Izzy’s hand and admiring the way her mouth and face moved as she reacted to the show.

Dinner was a lovely affair as I took her to an upmarket Italian place where we both ordered pasta, and Izzy ordered a strawberry milkshake. I had expected wine or something, but she had obviously missed having milkshakes as she finished hers in seconds and proceeded to finish mine as well.

By the time we left the restaurant, it was 10 pm, and Izzy had her head resting against me while we drove home. She had a cute, contented look on her face, and I was glad we hadn’t run into anyone who knew us, especially when we were kissing, as that would have made for some awkward questions.

Once we arrived home, Izzy disappeared into her bathroom while I locked the doors and double-checked that all the windows were closed. It’s a security routine I started after the incident to help put Izzy’s mind at rest.

I took a quick shower before changing into some simple shorts and an old t-shirt for bed. The sight I saw when I opened Izzy’s door will forever be burned into my mind! She lay draped across the covers of her bed, with a naughty grin, wearing a sexy pair of red lace panties and a negligee. Her body was absolutely exquisite, and I would have died happily right there, and then with that image in my mind. I shut the door behind me and walked slowly towards Izzy. I could see the love shining in her eyes, and I returned it with a gaze of my own, trying to convey everything I felt for her.

She looked like a goddess, descended from the heavens just for me, and I would treat her as such. I climbed on the bed and lowered my face so that it was inches away from her own.

“I love you, Isabelle Rhea Rosales.”

“I love you too baby brother.”

She wrapped her arms around me, and our lips met in a gentle embrace. It quickly heated up, and she opened her mouth so that our tongues danced together. We continued to kiss, joined together, resting on the soft pillows. Then I left a trail of soft kisses down her neck and over the swells of her breasts and down her sexy, toned stomach until I reached her panties. I hooked my fingers through them Kıbrıs Escort and slowly pulled them down to reveal her exquisite fruit. Izzy looked at me in anticipation and love as I lowered my mouth to taste her forbidden nectar. Rachel tasted sweet but was nothing compared to Isabelle! The added dimension of pleasing my sister made it an incomparable experience.

I lost myself in pleasuring her until Izzy’s body tensed, and she erupted in orgasm, while cries of pleasure tore themselves free from her gasping lips. Then I kissed my way slowly up her tummy until I reached her breasts. She pulled the straps of her teddy aside, exposing her perfectly shaped breasts. I cupped them in my hands and began to kiss and suckle her nipples, worshipping them, while she recovered from her orgasm.

Whenever I looked up at Izzy, her face so beautiful, it reminded me of a rare mountain flower.

Izzy had recovered from her orgasm and flipped us over so that she was on top. She kissed me once then twice before making her way down to my shorts, after first ripping my shirt off and tossing it on the floor. She pulled my shorts off, and my cock bobbed free and stood at full mast, saluting my sister.

Izzy licked her lips once and then took me in her mouth. It was my first blowjob ever, and Izzy’s mouth was all over my dick like she was playing a musical instrument. She knew exactly how to please me, and within minutes my cock was engulfed in the depths of her mouth, as she grinned up at me. I came hard, and she swallowed every drop of cum and then licked her lips with a naughty grin, looking mighty pleased with herself.

She gave me a few minutes to recover, although it didn’t take long lying beside my beautiful and completely naked sister.

“You ready for this little bro?”

Before I could answer, she positioned herself over my cock and slowly but surely lowered herself down. Her pussy was so warm and wet and tight and welcoming. More of my dick disappeared into my big sisters’ body until I felt a slight resistance, she lifted herself back up until only the head was still in her, before plunging down fast, all the way, so that my entire length was buried deep inside her body. She gave a loud gasp of mixed pain and pleasure as she sat with my cock inside her. After a few moments to adjust, she started to move up and down slowly and then faster until she was riding me for all she was worth. Her moans soon filled the room as she continued to bounce up and down, impaling herself fully on my cock each time.

It felt absolutely amazing for me, not to mention seeing her breasts bouncing up and down as she rode me was a lovely bonus. However, she was doing all the work, so I flipped us over so that she was now underneath me. Her face was flushed as I slowly pushed in and out, building up a rhythm until I was plunging in and out of her, hard and fast. I continued until I felt her legs tighten around me and pull me inside her as deep as possible, holding me there.

The walls of her pussy tightened around my cock, as her second orgasm erupted. Izzy cried out in pleasure, and the grip of her tight pussy massaging my shaft combined with her cries of passion pushed me over the edge, and I joined her in orgasmic bliss.

I collapsed on top of her and then rolled over, so I didn’t squash her. We fall asleep, with her snuggled into me, both of us naked, hearts pounding away together, with my softening cock still inside her.

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