Keys to the Kingdom

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Lillian and Nelson have been neighbors for over three years now. She had seen a few women come and go from Nelson’s apartment. However, he couldn’t say the same about Lillian. The whole time she lived in the apartment complex the number of suitors at her door where few and far between. Lillian was glad that Nelson was her neighbor because he looked out for her and made her feel safe just knowing that he was nearby. He never approached her in a way that was inappropriate or made her feel uncomfortable. Their relationship was one of close friends but secretly Lillian wanted it to be more. Her attraction to Nelson started when she first laid eyes on him as he was moving in. She had spent the day watching him move furniture and other items into his apartment from her apartment window.

Because a woman knows a soon as she lays eyes on a man if she is going to have sex with him or not Lillian knew Nelson was one guy she wanted in her bed. But, she wasn’t one of those girls that walked around with a mattress strapped to her back ready to bed any guy that stirred her libido. Even though, Lillian was a hypersexual female she was very careful about her choices in lovers because it was more than just sexual gratification for her. It was about the whole package mental and physical which lead to total orgasmic bliss for her. And, Lillian just knew from watching Nelson all these years that sex with him would be just that orgasmic bliss. Plus, from the sounds she heard coming from behind his bedroom wall when he was in a relationship it let her know that the boy has talent. Some of the girls would tell him was he was the first guy to cause them to have an orgasm. Others would say that they never had a vaginal orgasm from a guy performing oral sex on them. It was at those times that Lillian would be so hot a horny that she would masturbate thinking about Nelson’s pretty pink tongue licking her labia and his full pouty lips sucking on her clit. She would insert two sometimes three fingers into her throbbing cunt rubbing her g-spot to climax and squirting vaginal juices all over her legs and sheets.

However, Lillian noticed that Nelson hadn’t been a relationship for over a year and the last girl in his apartment had been over eight months ago. Not, that she was tracking his sexual escapades but she knew that Nelson was a very healthy adult male and he had a very healthy sexual libido. The longest she had seen or heard that he had gone without the company of a woman had been about three months. Therefore, it was hard for Lillian to believe that Nelson had gone this long. She secretly hoped that he was lusting after her. He seemed to notice her more; he came over to the apartment more, spent more time with her. They would hang out at the local pub on the odd nights when neither had a date which here lately had been more frequent. Lillian notice that Nelson seemed to look at her differently. He complimented her on outfits and told her how sexy she looked. Lillian would go home to her apartment slightly tipsy and horny wanting to ask Nelson satisfy her need to fill a man’s dick sliding in and out of hot pussy. But, she couldn’t get her nerve up to seduce him. She just didn’t want to be rejected then have to face him in the cold light of day the next day. So, she would Uşak Escort go home and masturbate using her vivid imagination and recalling memories of the sounds of sex coming from his bed months earlier.

What Lillian did not know is that secretly Nelson was feeling the same way about his relationship with her. He wanted to seduce her but didn’t know how to go about doing it. Nelson knew that Lillian was a very sensual female it was there in the way she dressed, how she moved, and what she said. She was a very confident and self assured woman and she knew what she wanted in a relationship which was probably why he hadn’t seen her with that many men. She was choosy about the men in her life and her bed. Nelson just wished that one day he would be one of those lucky bastards who she selected to fulfill her sexual needs. He would imagine being in her apartment one night as they watch television or listen to music. Then, Nelson would make his move he would offer to rub her neck and shoulders which she always said were tight. He would start with a traditional message and slowly progress to a sensuous one that would eventually lead to him making love to this sexy woman.

So it was no surprise that they decided to hang out one Friday night. Because Lillian trusted Nelson she had given him a key to her apartment and he had reciprocated. She said that if he needed anything then he was welcomed to come over a get it. He told her that she could do the same thing. So from that point forward they would frequently visit each other’s apartment always making their presence known. And, that night was no different; Nelson had picked up dinner for them and wanted to drop it off before going to his apartment to shower and change. When he entered the apartment he heard the shower running in the back of the apartment. He called out to Lillian letting her know that he was in the apartment. Nelson placed the food on the counter in the kitchen and when about pulling down dishes and silverware to setup for their dinner. After he had completed the dinner preparations, his curiosity got the better of him because he could still hear the water running down the hall. In that moment, Nelson decided he just had to sneak a pick at this sexy woman. He slipped down the hallway hoping that Lillian wouldn’t hear him coming but then again hoping that she would too.

Lillian had just stepped into the shower and when she heard her apartment door open and Nelson yell out his presence. Her whole body tingled with the knowledge that he was in the apartment and she was naked and totally exposed to the man of her desire. That was one reason why she didn’t respond when she heard him yell out that he was in the apartment secretly she wanted him to slip down the hallway and into the bathroom with her.

Nelson crept stealthily down the hallway hoping that he wasn’t making a sound, his heart pounding with excitement at prospect of seeing the lovely sex goddess nude. His anticipation increased when he saw that the bathroom door was ajar and the shower was still running and the curtain was open revealing Lillian in all her nude glory. Nelson’s cock instantly responded to sight of her firm rounded buttock, her long firm thighs and legs. Her hands braced against the wall of shower Uşak Escort Bayan as she lean forward to let the water run down her back and legs. Then, he watched as she took one hand smooth her hair down her neck as her hand slide down her chest to her breast and cupping it in her hand. Her fingers close around hard erect nipple which seemed to grow larger and longer with each stroke and of her finger on the nub. Nelson watched as her other hand join the sinuous breast message. His lips and tongue ache to lick and suck those long full pouty nipples.

Lillian’s head was thrown back as her fingers pulled and pinched her nipples. She leaned forward letting the water pelt her erect nipples. She imagined that is was Nelson lips and tongue stroking her erect heated flesh. Then, she placed a hand on the shower wall as her other hand slid around her waist, down her ass crack as she insert one thumb in her sphincter and one finger in her pussy. She leaned forward as she slowly but firmly stroked her ass and pussy her head down, her body hunching down on the two digits in her holes. Her nipples appeared to get harder and longer as she finger fucked her pussy and ass.

Nelson had slipped inside the bathroom and removed his clothes as he watched Lillian fucked herself to the edge orgasm. His cock was rock hard and twitched as he watched her fingers slid in and out furiously fucking those holes. He stepped into the shower startling Lillian but she was so caught up her impending orgasmic release she couldn’t stop and she did not want to. All she could do was look over her shoulder at his aroused flesh as he got down on his knees and he wrapped his hands around her waist pulling her back. He licked first one ass cheek then the other. Lillian moan her pleasure letting her fingers slid out of pussy and ass as his tongue found and circled her sphincter and his fingers replaced hers in her pussy. At first, he inserted one finger then another when she started hunching down on his fingers as his tongue fuck her ass; he finger fucked her pussy. She grabbed a breast and started pulling and pinching the nipple and alternated between each breast while she used her other hand as a brace against the shower wall. The water pelted down on their bodies, Nelson could feel every pulse of her pussy as she got closer to her orgasm and he continued to run his tongue around her asshole as his fingers furiously pounded her cunt. Lillian hunched down his hand and stroked her nipples knowing that soon her body would explode with pleasure.

And, it wasn’t long before she let out a moan and said, “Oh God, that’s it baby fuck me…I’m going to cum…Hmmm, do it. Yes, right there…I’m cumming.”

Her body convulsed as her orgasm hit her she arch up on her toes; she would have fallen had Nelson not stood up in the same instance and wrapped his arms around her waist as the vaginal juices squirted out of her cunt in a steady stream in the bathtub. His cock twitched in response to her release as if it was anticipating fucking her pussy. He pulled her back against him he kissed and sucked on neck as her hands slid up around his neck holding on him like a lifeline for a drowning man in a stormy sea. She could feel his erect cock between her butt cheeks. He said, Escort Uşak “I am so sorry to interrupt your shower like this Lillian but watching you made me so hot and horny that I just couldn’t leave without pleasuring you.”

Lillian rubbed her ass against his cock as she said, “I’m just glad it you because you were the guy I was fantasizing about making love to me.” Nelson gave a throaty chuckle and said, “Then, by all means let me make your fantasy a reality.” And, with that he pulled and pinched her nipples as he slipped his cock between her wet pussy lips. She moaned her pleasure and continued to wrap her hands around his neck as she arched back against his chest while his cock rubbed firmly against her wet throbbing pussy lips. Then, she flipped around and said, “Sit on this towel on the edge of the tub, it my turn to pleasure you.”

She knelt between his legs as one hand stroke the length of his blood engorged cock and the other rubbed and stroked his cum filled balls. She never loss eye contact with Nelson as she lean forward and slowly stuck out her pink tongue to lick his cock head. Her lips swirled around the foreskin her pink tongue flicked at the piss hole lapping up droplets of pre-cum. She slowly but firmly sucked on his cock head while she continued to stroke his cock length with her hands. He cupped her head to pull her lips off of cock because he didn’t want cum in her mouth just yet. Lillian understood that her oral homage to his manhood was about to send him over the edge so she suck a little harder on his cock as he attempted to pull her head up before she reluctantly release it with a pop and stood up and straddle him while your hand guided his rock hard flesh to her dripping wet pussy. She rubbed the length up and down one more time then she began to slowly slide his cock inside her pussy one inch at a time. They moaned in unison with pleasure at the feel of flesh against flesh.

Nelson hands slid up her thighs as Lillian slid down on his cock seating him deep in her pussy almost to the womb. She rocked back and forward as his hands gripped each ass cheek firmly rotating her hips on his man flesh. She moaned deeply with pleasure as she rested her hands on his forearms the muscles flexed with each thrust up and down on his cock. She would flex her pussy muscles as he raised her up making his cock feel like it was held in a slick tight vice. The feeling was incredible for Nelson he could feel his balls tighten as he approached his climax with her fast and furious ride up and down on his cock. He leaned forward and sucked then bit first one of Lillian nipples then the other which sent electric shocks from her breast to her pussy. Nelson thought to himself thank God, I’m braced against the wall this woman is an awesome fuck. They continued to fuck Lillian riding up and down on his hard cock enjoying the feel his muscles of his forearms flexing and relaxing while he sucked and bit her nipples. Her head was thrown back as the wave after wave of electric shock course through her body.

Suddenly, as if on cue, Lillian’s body tensed as Nelson balls tights and his cock flexed inside her pussy as they climaxed together. His cock spilled cum deep inside while the walls of her pussy as it milked his dick. Her head fell forward against his head as he leaned back against the wall pulling her closer while their bodies convulsed with pleasure. Nelson said, “Oh God, woman I loved making love to you.” Lillian gave a deep throaty laugh and replied, “And man, I loved being made love to by you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32