Kindness of a Stranger

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When my first daughter was born I felt like I was doing fine managing the sleep deprivation and all the rest of the total upheaval of our life. What I was not prepared for was the sudden and complete lack of sex. I’ve had sex as often as I wanted since I was fourteen. That was when I realized that lots of girls will happily suck a guy’s cock if it is genuinely huge and attached to a handsome guy. It isn’t even hard to fuck any but the most uptight girls if you’ve been blessed with good looks, a big stick, and if you take care of yourself. Because my wife, Anne, is very sexual too, I didn’t have trouble staying well satisfied through our marriage before the baby and I never even considered running around on her.

Then, the first three weeks of my wife’s recovery from giving birth, I was getting nothing from her sexually. I couldn’t blame her, she was exhausted and doing a great job with the baby. The problem was she was genuinely too tired to even give me a hand job, let alone blow me, and of course real fucking was still out of the question. Then I found myself talking a little too long with one of the girls at work who are always trying to flirt with me and I knew I had to do something. I was thinking about getting some lube and just jerking myself off, but it never came to that.

I was in my bedroom trying to nap when I heard the doorbell. Ann was downstairs, so I knew she’d get it and I didn’t think anything of it. A while later, my wife came in and sat next to me on the bed. “Dan, can I talk to you a minute?”

“Of course,” I said. She started to tell me how she’d been feeling bad that I had been neglected sexually and how she didn’t think it was right, and how she wanted to make it up to me. I leaned in for a kiss, and we kissed a second. As horny as I was, my Uşak Escort dick was already swelling in anticipation of the release I thought she was about to offer. She pulled back from the kiss, though, and explained that she was just too wiped out to do anything. I was starting to feel a little ticked off at her teasing me like that, but she continued and explained that a woman from her office had come by to visit and in the course of conversation, it came out that this girl didn’t have a man of her own and she offered to help Anne, and me, out. Anne was really shy when she was explaining this, but I could tell she’d thought seriously about it.

“I know you’d never cheat on me, but I want you to do this, Dan. It would be one less thing for me to worry about, so you’d be doing me a favor.” I hugged her and told her that she didn’t need to worry anyway, but it seemed like she wasn’t going to let it go. Honestly, with my wife offering me sex after three weeks, I could only resist so long, even if it was sex with someone else. I agreed. She let out a big sigh of relief, then explained, “The only thing is, she’s a little shy about possibly having to see you socially afterward, so she wants you to wear a blindfold while she, um, you know, sucks you. Oh, and keep your hands to yourself? Is that ok?” I really wasn’t in a quibbling mood, so I agreed. Anne hugged me, as if in gratitude, and said, “Let me get a blindfold and I’ll send her right in. Why don’t you get your pants off?” She ran off and came back with a handkerchief to cover my eyes, then dashed back out saying the girl would be right up. I was still a little stunned, but my cock had no reservations and was already preparing for action when she knocked on the door, then let herself in.

“Hi, Dan. Are Uşak Escort Bayan you ready? Oh! I guess you are!” She must have seen my growing erection. I was probably only half hard, but that looks about like an average guy fully stoked. I felt her climb onto the foot of the bed and crawl up a little until she was right between legs and hovering over my dick. “This is really a fantastic cock. I’m going to have to do something special for Anne to thank her for sharing. I guess I’ll just dive in. You can control your hands, right?” I think I started to answer, then I felt her tongue slide up my shaft from the bottom and I probably ended up just saying “uhh.”

She seemed a little slowed down by the size of my erection or something. I’d noticed it happen to other girls before who’d never been with hung guys before. First she wrapped both hands around the shaft, squeezed me a bit like she was weighing it and made some noises of appreciation. “I guess I’ll just start at the top.” At that, she popped the head into her mouth and let out a low ‘mmmm’ sound. She didn’t pause around the head too long before she started slipping further and further down. Soon she was sucking and practically worshiping the first four or five inches while squeezing and very lightly pumping the bottom half. She didn’t really get into a rhythm or anything that was going to have me coming. Judging by the enthusiasm it had clearly been a while since this girl had gotten any.

It was not a well practiced service from a woman who was trying to please a man. This girl was in it all for herself, but just being in a hot, wet hole again was an incredible relief. I must have been in a trance from the stimulation because I felt myself come back to my senses a bit when she pulled off for a breath.

“Wow, Escort Uşak I guess I didn’t realize how much I needed to get my mouth on a cock. I am so lucky to get such a nice one. I’m going to try to take a little more this time, ok?” Then she plunged her mouth back down over my cock and got about two thirds of it into her mouth before I felt the back of her throat on my cock head. She stopped there and tried to slowly swallow and do whatever things girls do to deep throat long cocks. She wasn’t having a lot of luck, so she eased up a little and just licked and sucked the part she could manage comfortably. She went down again and got a little further, but still had a good couple inches to go. She pulled up again and really treated the head to a good swirling and sucking before coming up to catch her breath.

“I really want to take it all, Dan, but I guess I’m just a little afraid. Could you help me by thrusting up a little when I get stuck? I am liking this so much, I want to get it all. Ok?” And she worked her way slowly back down until she was trying to get the head into her throat again. I let her try on her own for a second then I gave a little thrust. She took it fine and barely pulled back, so I let her try again. When it was clear she wasn’t getting there, I just bucked up and buried the rest of my cock in her throat until she her nose was against my belly. She panicked a second, but then groaned. Putting her hands around under my ass, she started work me like a piston.

Finally feeling a rhythm I could use, I fucked her mouth and throat for all I had. As I was getting close to coming, I told her. She kept right going until I shot a huge load down her throat. She gurgled and I felt her swallowing against my knob with a moan. As I reclined in relief, she slid up and licked around on my shaft like she didn’t want to miss a drop. When she had her mouth empty again, she moaned her sweet contented moan then said, “Thank you, Dan. I’m going to go now, but I’ll make sure Anne knows I’m happy to help you out anytime.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32