Lake Lover

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It was a great day at the lake. My friends were out on the boat. While, I was in my bathing suit laid back in a lounge chair eyes closed enjoying the sun. A shadow fell over me and I assumed a cloud had blocked the warm rays. Then, I smelled coconut as I felt a warm gliding sensation across my shoulder. Startled, I spun around in my chair to find Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome holding some tanning lotion and smiling a sexy, devilish grin.

“You looked like you needed some lotion. I thought I would help you out. You wouldn’t want to burn, would you? It is hot as hell out here,” he explained with a gleam in his eye. “Why don’t you relax and let me finish the job?”

Now, maybe it was too much sun or one too many margaritas, but what the hell- it sounded good to me. I laid back down, this time on my stomach and waited to see if this was real or if it was a crazy dream.

Again, the aroma of coconut swirled in the warm, humid air and I felt his large, powerful hands against me. Gently, he coated my shoulders and back with the luscious tropical oil. As his rough calloused fingers rasped across my sun kissed skin, each place he touched tingled and waves of desire began to undulate through my body. Then, as he began to apply pressure, kneading the muscles of my back and shoulders tiny moans escaped my lips. Soon, I felt the heat and strength of his hands working into my flesh igniting a fire hotter than the sun inside istanbul escorts me. I was writhing in anticipation as he worked his way down my back finally stroking my ass. I gasped aloud when he began running his hands over and under my suit. I could feel my juices flow hot and free as he fondled my ass. I was groaning unashamedly feeling his fingers moving between my cheeks as he began lubing every nook and cranny. I pulled the strings on my suit freeing my ass completely. I arched and pushed my ass higher giving him access to my pussy. The sun warmed oil was dripping down the crack of my ass coating my cunt.

He had a full view of my sweet pink pussy lips swollen with passion, wet and glistening, as I offered myself up to be fucked. I heard the rustle of fabric and looking over my shoulder I could see him behind me silhouetted by the sun in all his muscled glory. The sight of his enormous cock standing tall and proud in his hands as he rubbed it with coconut oil made me moan a wordless plea. I couldn’t wait to feel him thrust that plum sized head into my pussy. Our eyes locked and without a word he knew. He could read the lust in my eyes. He understood I wanted be fucked and fucked hard. Grasping my hips from behind, he plowed into me, shoving roughly into my tightness, again and again. I could hear myself screaming with each plunge of his cock, feel my clit grinding into the chair as he slammed into istanbul eskort me. I came over and over, barely able to catch my breath, feeling as if I would die with him thrusting away on top of me.

Suddenly without warning, he pulled out and slick from my juicy cunt, spread my ass, and forced his way into virgin territory. Pain radiated through me, I felt on fire as if I were being torn in two. But as he continued fucking me, I found myself pushing back against him meeting his strokes. The pain giving way to unknown ecstasy as each stroke stretched and stroked deep within my ass. I started rubbing my swollen, throbbing clit as we ground together. He began to pant, groaning with each thrust, and I felt him erupt in my ass. Spurt after hot thick spurt exploded inside me and I came again with him deep in my well reamed ass.

It felt like forever we lay there trying to catch our breath, our bodies hot, slick, and sweaty. I wasn’t sure if he was an angel to fulfill my wishes or a demon to steal my soul but I knew I was willing to find out. And, as he moved to lay beside me, I welcomed him with open arms pulling him against me so I could kiss him thoroughly. We lay pressed together, mouths joined as our tongues explored and tasted one another. I nibbled at his luscious lower lip, sucking it gently into my mouth. Then, I trailed little sucking kisses down his neck tasting the salty sweat that gleamed at eskort istanbul the hollow of his neck. Craving more, I moved lower licking across his chest and suckling at his hard, flat nipples. I felt his nipples harden beneath my mouth, as I felt his cock began to harden and nudge against my thigh.

Smiling in anticipation, I licked my way down his body leaving a wet, swirling path of tongue strokes. Eagerly, I engulfed the tip of his cock in my mouth savoring the taste of his cum and my sweet nectar as I sucked and licked him clean. I traced each vein and lapped at the underside of his sensitive, swollen head until his cock was pulsating and twitching for me.

Then, gazing into his deep, green eyes, I straddled his hips and slowly lowered myself on his thick, hard shaft. Even wet with desire, I had to work each inch into my tight cunt, as he felt larger if possible than before. Completely filled, I began to move against him working myself up and down as I rode him. He gripped my hips and quickened the pace as he thrust upward faster and faster. I could hear the sound of our bodies as they met beating out a rhythm and the sound of our harsh ragged breaths as we strained for release. And, with a guttural yell, his body stiffened with his cock buried deep as he found his release and triggered mine. As his load flooded my pussy, I was drowning in an orgasm that swept away any thoughts as it bathed me in sensual waves of sensation. Completely sated, I closed my eyes and collapsed onto his strong, wide chest. When, I awakened later sore and sunburned, he was gone. But, I had my answer… surely he was a demon who had awakened a desire that would torment my very soul.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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