Lending a Helping Hand

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I remember one day I woke up and was sitting outside, naked as always, drinking my coffee when my friend Pete came to the back gate of the fence. I heard him call out and ask if I was here, and I told him that I was and to feel free to come on in. He opened the gate, came in, closing it behind him.

Pete was married to Anne, one of Kathy’s friends. They lived a few doors down across the alley from us. Anne was around 7 months pregnant with their second child, and I knew Pete was very busy both getting the house ready for another child and trying to cater to Anne’s whims, which were many and seemed to vary by day.

Pete walked over and sat down in the chair next to me. He was not a nudist like I am, so he didn’t automatically get undressed when he walked in like most of the people who came to visit us did. Pete had a look of anguish on his face, and I asked him if he wanted something to drink. He said that wasn’t needed, he had just come over to vent for a minute.

I asked him if everything okay with Anne, and he said that everything was going good, at least pregnancy wise. I told him I was sure he hadn’t come just to chit chat, or to watch me drink my morning coffee, in order to vent you are usually upset about something.

Pete told me he had just got home from work, and as he was walking up to the house he heard noises coming from inside the house. He said when he opened up the door, he saw Kathy eating Anne’s pussy on the couch.

Anne and Kathy were fuck buddies, and Pete knew this, so I was a bit confused. He had watched them fuck a few different times in the past, and even joined in on occasion. My cock did stir a bit though at the thought of him seeing that, and Pete noticed my cock move. He said he thought is was pretty hot too, but that wasn’t the problem. I glanced down at Pete’s crotch and saw a bit of a rise under his shorts and told him that was pretty obvious. I was still confused though of what Pete’s issue was.

Pete told me it was really kind of stupid and he feels kind of like an idiot for even bringing it up, but for the past three weeks Anne hasn’t been in the mood for cock and he has been getting pretty frustrated. Today he comes home, horny as hell, to find her getting her pussy ate by someone other than him, and as hot as it was to see, it just frustrates him even more.

I wasn’t sure what I could tell him. Kathy has been unable to get pregnant, so I have never experienced what he is going through. I felt sorry for him, and asked him if there was anything I could do. He told me not really, he knew it was just a phase she is going through, he just needed someone to talk to. I told him I am here for him, and although I have never been through what he is going through, if he needs something, anything, just let me know. He says thanks, and asks for a beer.

I got up and he followed me into the house. As I got him a beer he started checking out the Kitchen porno collection. He said he was horny and pulling out a mutual masturbation video asked if I had ever masturbated with another guy before.

Kathy told me that she and Anne had told him a lot of our sexual history when they first asked him if he would let them fuck each other once in a while. And the couple times he had joined in with them, Kathy had said she mentioned possibly including me, but he had been luke-warm about it. Now I was beginning to wonder what his hesitation was all about. Was he just scared to say he was interested? He doesn’t mind me being naked with him, and we have talked freely in the past about different sexual experiences, maybe this frustration he has with Anne was going to force him to expand his comfort level.

I Şanlıurfa Escort grabbed two beers and told him that there were a few times I have masturbated with other people. Usually it was with Kathy when she had that time of the month and she didn’t want to fuck, but there was a few times I had with other guys. I didn’t tell him it always ended up going farther that stroking our cocks, but he probably knew that already, he just wasn’t ready to see it yet.

Pete grabbed a different movie off the shelf and asked if we could watch it on the outdoor screen. I told him sure, but as it wasn’t dark yet it would be harder to see. He said he didn’t care and led the way back outside. I followed, wondering where all this was going. Pete started the movie and sat down, taking a drink of his beer.

The movie featured two bisexual couples who were in fact neighbors. It started with the two women stripping each other and having sex while the men were at work. I had seen the movie a few times before, but it still gets me hard watching it. I glanced at Pete and saw him adjusting his cock in his shorts as it grew hard. I noticed his beer was about empty so I went into the house to grab a couple more.

As I walked back, the movie had progressed to where the first husband comes home from work. He has walked in and discovered the two women in a 69 and has started masturbating while watching. I look at Pete and watch as he unzips his shorts and pulls out his cock. I walk up him and set the new beer beside him. I hear him mumble thanks as he intensely watched the action on the screen.

I sat back down and watched Pete play with his cock. I felt myself grow hard, and my mouth started to water, wanting to have his cock in my mouth. I just wasn’t sure how far Pete was willing to go, and I didn’t want to push it to far, to fast. I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it.

The movie moved into a new scene. The second man had gotten home, and discovered his wife was not there. He finds a note saying she is at the neighbors and that he should join them when he gets home. He walks over to the neighbors and knocks on the door. Receiving no answer, he tries the door and finds it unlocked. He walks in to find the first man masturbating while watching the women lick each other. The second man dropped his pants, joined the first one, and they stood there masturbating together watching the girls.

Pete finally looked over at me and smiled as he saw me stroking my cock. He said that Anne had Kathy brought a movie over a few weeks ago over to watch and it was this one. He watched as Kathy and Anne mimicked what was being performed on the screen in their living room. It was where he got the idea of masturbating with another guy.

I looked at his cock and it was really hard. The head was a reddish purple color, and was swollen so much it looked like the skin was about to burst apart. I figured I would start playing around a bit and see how far I could get. So I walked over and told him he looks uncomfortable, and reached down and pulled on his shorts. I told they need to come off, the freedom would help him play with his cock better. Pete lifted up his butt and allowed me to slide off his shorts, and I tossed them on the chair beside him.

Pete gave me a little push and said I was blocking the view. I turned to see the guys had moved to the bed. One guy had started fucking the top girl doggy style, while the bottom girl licked both pussy and cock. The girl getting fucked had started sucking the second guys dick.

Pete had refocused on the movie and was stroking his cock hard. I was surprised he hadn’t cum already, especially Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan since he hadn’t had pussy in a few weeks. I wanted to suck him bad, but something told me it wasn’t time yet. I broke a dildo out of the toy box and suction cupped it to my chair. I squirted some lube on my hand and spread the lube on my ass, sliding a couple fingers up inside to get it ready. I knew I might be pushing the limit with Pete a bit, but I needed to do something to take my mind off his cock. I sat down in the chair, sliding the 8″ dildo deep into my ass.

I fucked my ass as I watched both Pete and the movie. I knew where the movie was going, I just had to wait until it got to the guy on guy part to see how Pete would react. I wasn’t sure if he had watched it that far before, or what his reaction would be. I knew it was coming up soon, and the dildo barely gave me the patience to wait.

Soon the movie got to the scene I had been waiting for. The bottom woman slid out from underneath, and pushed the guy getting the blowjob flat onto the bed. She climbed onto his face and he started eating her pussy. The girl getting fucked pulled away, turned toward the guy behind her and kissed him. She pulled him toward her, then moving out of the way, pushed his head toward the other guys cock. Once he was sucking, she moved behind him and strapped on a dildo. She squirted some lube on it and slid it into his ass.

I looked at Pete and he was still engrossed in the film. His right hand was stroking his cock, his left hand was playing with his ass. I grinned as I knew I had a good chance to get what I wanted. There was a sucking sound as I lifted myself off the dildo and went over to Pete.

I knelt down beside Pete’s chair and leaned over, careful not to interrupt his view of the movie. I gently pushed away his hand and replaced it with my own. I leaned down further, taking his cock into my mouth. It tasted every bit as good as it looked!

Pete squirmed under me, and he told me that I give a better blowjob that Anne does. Suddenly we heard Anne’s voice behind us saying she doesn’t take offense to that remark as I have had more practice at it.

Pete jerked up and turned around, his face beet red. Anne started laughing and said to not stop, they were enjoying the show. I asked which show, and she said both. Anne and Kathy were both standing there, naked, smiling at us.

I had never seen a pregnant woman naked before, but Anne looked radiant. Her whole body glowed as she stood there, one hand on her pussy the other on her swollen breast. I hadn’t fucked her yet, but suddenly got the gnawing urge to have her before the night was through.

I looked at Kathy and her 44DD breasts had nipples sticking out harder than I had seen them in a long time. I could swear I could almost see drool on the corner of her mouth. She smiled and said it was about time this happened, they have been setting it trying to make it happen for a while. She grabbed Anne by the hand and they walked toward us.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted more, Pete’s cock in my mouth or my dick in Anne’s pussy. Since Pete was there I went back to sucking it. Anne sat down and watched as I ran my tongue around the rim of the head of his cock. Kathy pushed her legs apart and started licking Anne’s pussy. Anne moaned as my tongue slid up and down Pete’s cock, and she told me to take it all. I slid my head down, taking all his cock until my nose was buried in his balls and I could barely breath. I felt Pete pulse, and suddenly his cum was filling my mouth. I heard Anne gasp as she saw some cum escape the corner of my mouth.

Sucking Pete dry, I raised Escort Şanlıurfa my head and smiled at Anne. I got up and walked over to her and Kathy, and kissed Anne full on the lips. I felt her tongue slide around, trying to capture some of her husbands cum. I pushed Anne back while using my leg to push Kathy out of the way and as quickly as I could slid my cock into Anne’s hot wet pussy.

I could feel the head of my cock scraping Anne’s cervix. Her pussy wasn’t as deep as Kathy’s was, and I knew I had to be careful to not hurt her. I felt Anne’s fingernails digging into my back as her legs wrapped around my waist. I pushed a little deeper each stroke, trying to get as far into her as I could. I pulled up one of her swollen breasts and started to suck on her nipple as we ground together in a steady rhythm.

I heard a moan beside us, and I saw Kathy must have sucked Pete hard again, as she had mounted his cock and was riding him hard. Her boobs were flopping as she slid up and down on his cock. Pete’s hands were trying to control them, trying to play with them, but they were bigger than he was used to and having a hard time. Not that he seemed to matter.

I saw Anne look over and smile as she watched them fuck, then looked back at me. She grabbed my head and pulled me into a kiss. Her legs wrapped tighter around me and I could feel her pussy getting hotter on my cock. Soon her body started to convulse as she started cumming, biting my lips with her teeth. Normally I don’t like that very much but for some reason it turned me on bad, and suddenly I felt the cum rising from my balls up the shaft of my cock. She felt my cock swell inside her and told me to cum as deep as I could inside her. Three strokes later I exploded like a volcano inside her. Her legs again squeezed my waist as she matched my cumming with her second of the night.

Anne and I kissed again, and then collapsed while watching Kathy fuck Pete. Anne told me next time she wanted to see me fuck Pete in the ass, and I told her that it would be my pleasure. I told her I wanted to fuck him earlier, but then I saw her naked and could get her out of my mind.

She said they had been watching since I was fucking myself with the dildo, but didn’t want to ruin what they hoped would come. I laughed and said I hoped she wasn’t disappointed, and that when I was fucking myself I was wishing it was Pete’s cock deep in my ass. I told her I look forward to not only fucking him, but getting fucked by him.

Suddenly Kathy got off Pete’s cock and started sucking him. Kathy loves the taste of cum, so I knew Pete was close again. Sure enough we watched as he squirted cum once more, and Kathy took it all. When his body stopped, she continued to lick to ensure she hadn’t missed one drop.

Pete looked at me and said he had no idea this was all going to happen.I laughed at him and told him to try and be not to disappointed. I told him I was glad he was finally able to break free of his inhibitions, and just relax and have a good time. He said it was much more fun than he expected, and looks forward to doing more exploring in the future.

The next hour was spent laughing and talking and drinking a few more beers. Thankfully no one bothered to put clothes back on, I was afraid maybe Pete would relapse a bit, but to his credit he acted as if he was free, a burden had been lifted off of him. When they got up to leave I gave Pete’s cock a yank and told him next time I have other plans to use it. I felt his cock pulse, but he was so spent it couldn’t get up again. Anne said she looks forward to watching me play with it again, and they walked naked back to their house.

I walked over and popped out the DVD while Kathy picked up the bottles. We went inside and got ready for bed, and was always our custom, fucked each other one more time. After cumming one last time, we fell asleep in each others arms, dreaming of the next time we would be with Pete and Anne.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32