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It was a half hour before quitting time on Friday, and the red light on Lexie’s phone silently blinked, a sign that her boss Gary wanted to see her. Her stomach aflutter, she got up from her desk and entered his office and closed the door.

“You wanted to see me, sir?”

“Please lock the door, Lexie.”

She turned and made sure the office door was securely locked, and then stood before Gary’s desk.

“Lexie… I can’t help noticing this week that your attire is very… revealing.”

Inwardly, she smiled, but kept her demeanor formal.

“Uhm, yes, sir.”

“Frankly, it’s quite distracting, and you’re dressing like a cock tease. I notice the junior execs are distracted, too. You still wear your wedding ring. Are you having problems at home?”

“There are a few problems with my husband, sir, but they should be cleared up in a couple of weeks.”

She stood with her bare knees together and her feet spread slightly apart. Her short frilly skirt rested considerably above her knees. She had her hands clasped in front of her and looked downward in a submissive posture.

“Is your revealing attire related to the problems at home, Lexie?”

“I – I suppose it is, sir… Is there something you’d like me to do?”

There was a long pause, during which Gary assessed the situation. Finally he broke the silence and said, “Lexie, I want you to bend over across the desk and keep your hands out of the way.”

Lexie submissively approached Gary’s desk and leaned over. “Are you going to punish me, sir?”

“In a way.”

He got up, walked behind her and lifted her short skirt well out of the way. Then he yanked her panties down to her knees. “Do you know why I’m doing this, Lexie?”

She knew she had him. “Yes, sir,” she breathlessly panted. “I’m a nasty teasing slut and I deserve to be fucked senseless.”

Gary was beside himself with lust. He had never imagined in his wildest dreams that he would ever have his dependable (and sexy) administrative assistant in his office, bent over his desk, with her panties down, talking so nasty.

Lexie obediently kept her gaze straight ahead as she heard the sounds of Gary’s clothes falling on the floor. Her pussy was creamy and itching to be filled.

Gary grasped Lexie’s slender hips and almost had an unassisted ejaculation when he beheld her sensuous light blonde pussy. He brusquely entered her, far more recklessly than if he’d been courting a new lover.

Lexie immediately squirmed and gasped, “Oh my God, sir!”

Gary vigorously thrust in and out as Lexie wiggled her hips and danced in place. Her choked utterances filled the office. “UH! OH! Oh, Sir! OH! AHH! OH MY GOD!”

Gary crossed the line and exclaimed as he spurted and spurted inside Lexie’s receptacle. The sensuousness of the scene kept his cock hard, and he kept pumping inside her.

Lexie stayed bent over as ordered, and tightly grasped the other end of the desk as Gary continued to pound his dick inside her.

“Oh, sir! Oh yes, sir! Oh my gosh! Uhh! Uhhnh!” Lexie exclaimed, twisting and wiggling her slim body the entire time. Scarcely a few minutes later Gary groaned and released a Escort Bayan second torrent of cum inside Lexie.

Satiated for the moment, Gary pulled out and put his clothes on while she maintained her position. “Lexie, you may stand up now.”

“Lexie, as long as you keep dressing like a cock tease, you can look forward to this kind of punishment.”

She cast her eyes downward. “Yes, sir.”

“You may go home now.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Back at her desk as she prepared to go home, she surreptitiously inserted a vaginal plug to keep the profuse juices from leaking out.

She could scarcely think of anything but her plans as she drove home. The presence of the plug in her pussy kept her aroused for the duration of the half hour drive. Upon entering her house, she cast aside her submissive administrative assistant demeanor and assumed a dominant, Wife-In-Charge attitude. “Come upstairs, David,” she instructed.

“Oh no, did she really do it?” he asked himself as he followed his sexy wife up the stairs. In their bedroom, with one hand on her hip, she pointed to the carpet and ordered, “Lie down on the floor!”

He took his position as instructed. He saw her remove her panties and raise her skirt. “Lexie…”

“Quiet. You know what to do.” She pulled out the latex vaginal plug as she straddled his mouth. With her pussy against David’s mouth, there was no doubt that what he was tasting was male cum – and lots of it – mixed with the familiar sweetness of his wife’s juices of erotic arousal. “Come on, David, suck me completely clean.”

It was Lexie’s first creampie experience, and David’s first at cleaning a pussy of another man’s cum. Lexie’s dominant demeanor had overcome her husband’s reluctance to taste another man’s mess from her pussy. She didn’t leave him much room to protest. He continued to lick and swallow, and she had never had such a deliriously lusty experience – unless you can count being fucked while bent over Gary’s desk as lusty.

Lexie’s uncontrolled outcries of orgasm filled their bedroom, and David’s arousal and frustration increased. His wife’s slender hips made him ache to be inside her. After her second orgasm she climbed off her husband. “That’s one,” she said.

“Lexie, can I go inside you? Please!”

“Of course not! What are the terms of us staying together?”

David gave a sigh. Every day, she had him go through the humiliation of repeating back to her what she had decided to do about his indiscretion.

“I have to clean your pussy of another man’s cum ten times before I’m allowed the pleasure of being inside you,” he said in a shaky voice.

David knew better than to ask Lexie for any details about how she got her pussy filled with sperm – something that he would not be allowed to do for a number of days. Maybe someday she would tell him, but details of her adventures were off limits for now. David was envious of this unknown person who had obviously taken great pleasure in thrusting his cock in and out of her golden pussy and experiencing the sweet feeling of release.

Lexie had a smile on her face the rest of the day. She even felt kindly toward her once-errant Bayan Escort husband for doing a good cleanup job. She decided that she would let him release into her hand a couple times into his ordeal, provided that he lick up his sticky mess afterward.


Lexie giggled to herself when the red light on her phone blinked at 4 PM. She had more than the usual male attention that day from wearing a white blouse with a tie, a short black skirt, bare legs, and white socks with her black shoes.

She boldly walked into Gary’s office, locked the door, and stood before him with bowed head.

“Lexie, you’re dressed like a naughty cock-teasing schoolgirl. You had the weekend to think about your punishment, and you still come to work looking like a slutty tart.”

After a brief pause, she answered, “I’m sorry, sir. I couldn’t help it. Is there anything I can do to make it up?”

“I want you to turn to one side, remove your panties and skirt, bend over and touch your toes, and don’t get out of position.”

“Yes, sir,” she squeaked. The slender and sexy wife made a show of removing her panties and skirt, and then bent over as ordered. “I’m ready, sir. How are you going to punish me?”

Without answering, Gary went behind her and shed his clothes. He had an idea that she was playing a game with him, and had kept his hands away from his cock over the weekend, hoping that he would get another opportunity to nestle his hard member inside her resplendent grotto.

He grasped her slender hips, stuck his throbbing cock inside her snatch, and began pumping. Lexie’s position made her feel everything more intensely, and she gasped her supplications. “Oh my God, sir, you’re so deep! Oh, please, sir, go easy! Oh, Sir! You’re fucking me silly!” It did not take long for the first torrent of cum to pleasurably spurt and spurt inside her.

Gary pulled out, his member still turgid. Lexie stayed in her bent over position, panting, her knees quivering.

“Get down on all fours, you little slut!” he commanded. She immediately obeyed, spreading her knees for maximum effect. Gary plunged inside her. “Can you feel that, you nasty little slut?”

“Oh, sir, I feel so nasty in this position! And yes, sir, I feel your hard cock inside me. I’ll do my best to take my punishment properly!”

His immediate lust satiated, he pumped more slowly, making an effort to enjoy this cock teasing girl wagging her hips and whispering, “Oh my God, sir!” He briefly wondered what kind of problems she was having with her husband at home. His cock again convulsively spurted inside her.

“Damn, girl, you made me cum again!” He waited until he slipped out, and told her to get dressed and go home.

David, again, kissed and licked Lexie’s pussy and swallowed all of Gary’s profuse cum. Lexie hand-jobbed David and had him spurt in her hand, and had him lick it up. “That’s two,” she said. “Eight more to go.”

Over the next three weeks, Lexie got called in to Gary’s office for a “punishment” session, during which she played a submissive cock teasing slut who couldn’t resist dressing to arouse the guys. And as before, Escort Gary was aroused beyond words at her nasty talk.


The coveted tenth time finally arrived, and David, his insides trembling, lay on the floor as his recently fucked wife lowered her pussy onto his mouth. He fervently went after cleaning her snatch of the unknown person’s sperm, and anxiously awaited absolution from Lexie.

Lexie also looked forward to face-to-face intercourse and not having to play a role to get her pussy filled. She removed all her clothes and lay back on the bed. “David, this was ten out of ten. You’re completely forgiven. Now there’s one little detail to settle. Every time you cum inside me, you’re going to eat the pie. Every time. If you agree to that, you may enter me.”

David gratefully agreed, and wasted no time entering Lexie and slowly thrusting, his chest against hers, gazing into her eyes barely a few inches from his, and his hands tightly grasping hers. It had been weeks since he had felt the intense pleasure of his cock being caressed by a woman’s talented inner muscles. To heighten his excitement, he knew that she had been fucked silly by another man, by someone of her choosing, many times in the past several weeks. His first ejaculation of the evening came quickly, and he ecstatically cried out and spurted endlessly into his wife’s experienced pussy. He willingly licked up and swallowed his profuse mess and gave her three orgasms. By midnight, he had spurted his sticky mess inside Lexie a third time. After he licked up his mess, they slept soundly.


“My name is Marisa,” the voice at the other end of the phone spoke to Lexie. “I’m Gary’s wife. I recently found out about the affair that my husband has been having with you. Meet me at Antonio’s for lunch tomorrow. I want to hear your side of it. And be prepared to take the afternoon off. We’re going to do a lot of talking.”

In spite of the fact that Marisa was confronting Lexie about Gary’s office affair, the slender and slightly domme brunette put Lexie at ease. Marisa explained that Gary had captured all their office escapades on video, and Marisa had discovered them accidentally. She smiled at Lexie’s surprised expression when she told her. “In some ways it was a turn on to see those videos. Now I really know the kinds of things that turn him on. But I’m still upset at his philandering.”

Lexie related how she had come across evidence that her husband had a fling with a young woman. “She convinced him to go down on her after sex, and raved about how good it felt. I never knew that guys did that. So when I confronted David, I told him that the only way we’d stay together is if he would eat the creampie on ten separate occasions, with another man’s sperm inside me. He reluctantly agreed, and that’s where Gary came in. Yes, I used your husband to help settle the score with David. After the tenth time I forgave David.”

They talked for a couple of hours; Marisa asked detailed questions about creampies. Then Lexie suggested, “Why don’t you do what I did – have intercourse with an unknown man and bring home dessert for Gary?”

“I can’t just go up to some guy and say, hey, let’s screw!”

Lexie tried to suppress a smile. “I’ve got the perfect solution at home.”

This time it was Marisa who had a surprised look. “Your husband?!”

“Of course.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32