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Ėlise wondered where to go with this, what she felt on seeing him working out on the exercise bar that had been cleverly fixed between two thick, gnarled, wooden posts. Each had a flowering climber wrapped around them and blended in perfectly with other shrubs and plants that Stéphane had chosen to landscape this part of the garden, parched as it was. Roughly hewn local stone, and waste, found in the orchards all around the hill-top house had been used to build a screen wall around the swimming pool and created a suntrap.

The rest of the Gallier family were still asleep in other parts of the large house that her uncle Stéphane Baudier had built, first as a holiday getaway about ten klicks from Narbonne, then as his permanent home; what many would think of as a luxury domain and that Stéphane used as a base for his work.

She watched, entranced, as the early light of dawn, the first rays of sunrise, lit up the horizon and she could make out the man; the strength in his arms as he did pull ups; his belly muscles taut and his thighs tensed with the effort he put in. What she saw him doing explained his toned physique, broad shoulders and strong arms that other guys, past boyfriends at university, would have been proud of.

Stéphane dropped down onto the slabs, squatted as if he was some wild animal about to pounce, rocked from side to side and stretched his hips; moved them in wide circles as he stayed on one spot, his agility obvious for her to see. She shivered, put her hands to her belly and pressed them to her skin in time with his movements.

“I want to feel you doing that, uncle…doing that with me,” she whispered, her thoughts possessed by the man and what he was seen doing.

Stéphane leapt up and grabbed the rail once more, chased a rhythm as he did pull ups, paused then lowered himself onto the slabs, his large feet and toes splayed. He was seen to hitch up his shorts, what she took to be a thin synthetic material shaping him and forming a pouch at his groin.

“I’ve got to be with him…got to,” she murmured, possessed again by her raging longing for the man she was watching. “I want to see where that takes me…takes us.”

The morning would be spent out of his company, as he worked in his studio. Then, like yesterday and days before, they would all go out…do what had become something of a routine of windsurfing, swimming and lazing around on the beach. He would always call in at the gallery, and shop, where his work was on display, paintings and wood carvings, along with the clever assembly of misshapen pieces to make a creation quite unique. He had made his money in Paris, some years ago, and he now resorted to selling his art work.

“The beach comber then turns artist…” he had told her, only the day before, when she had asked him where all the wood came from.

Ėlise slipped on bikini briefs, tugged tight the lace fastening at her hip, then pulled on a baggy, flouncy, patterned sleeveless blouse. Stéphane knew what he brought to his sight and what she ached to have him touch, besotted as she had become with him, and Stéphane making no secret of what was on his mind.

The glazed door that led out onto the sheltered verandah was opened slowly, the latch clicking, and she felt the coolness of the morning’s breeze caress her skin. She shivered in the cool breeze as her top was pressed against her body, shaped her. She remembered how, yesterday, Stéphane was seen to handle the boules they had all been playing with in that sandpit by the beach, competing against others, as if they were breasts; his thumb brushing over the rounded surface as he weighed them in his hands. He seemed to have been doing it for her; the scarcely noticeable pout of his lips suggestive of all that was on his mind and that she felt, or that his ways with her had already made her feel, before this moment.

“You have your admirers?” he had smiled, murmuring the words as they stood close, shoulder to shoulder, and she unable to not flirt with him, provoked by the hungry look of Stéphane’s eyes upon her. The others in the party had been too pre-occupied in the game to take in what was going down between them. She’d felt a ripple of excitement on realising that he lusted after her.

“Yes, I have them…and they don’t own me,’ she had admitted, kept from saying that gong with him might just change her perspective on how she lived out her love-life.

Perhaps she’d be owned by her uncle as no one had ever done before. But those reckless and selfish ways of it were to be left behind, and soon, she hoped. They were looked on as rites of passage until she met the real man for her.

Stéphane had been seen to touch his lips. “Yesterday, at the restaurant you had crimson lipstick on your lips…now it’s sunblock…I’d love to paint them…draw your face but show your mouth as distinct…” He had looked away for an instant, then turned back to her. “Perhaps…perhaps an uncle shouldn’t be saying these things….to you, beyond pretty Kıbrıs Escort as you are…an enchanting young woman?”

“Perhaps…but who is to know?” she had replied on a coquettish smile. “I don’t mind hearing what you have said….Stéphane.”

Now, seeing the man as he stripped off his shorts and made ready to plunge into the pool, she knew that her hopes might make way for reality. She wanted to see and touch what was so beautifully shaped in his white swimming briefs, the drawstring dangling down over the swell of his penis and his sac heavy.

Uncle or not, he was one hot guy and she wanted to be with him…no, wanted him for herself.


Stéphane only noticed her as he did a flip turn and broke the surface of the pool, his lovely niece and young woman, Ėlise, standing at the edge of the rippling water and looking his way, uncertainty to be clearly seen on her face.

“I couldn’t sleep…then saw you working out on the bar…over there,” she said pointing vaguely behind her.

“And now…here you are,” he said, looking up at her and slicking back his hair.

“Yes, here I am…alone with you,” she answered on a breaking voice, gripped by her longing for him as she saw Stephane’s tanned skin glisten, the ripple of his arm muscles as he did that.

Stéphane reached out and offered a sliding caress to her leg, kneaded her calf muscle, and he felt her tremble. “Swim with me…we won’t get a chance to be alone like this. Surprise is everything…”

She nodded in distraction, was dismayed that he was of a like mind. His caress to her leg became ever more persuasive and she sat down on the poolside edge, the water lapping her bikini briefs and the edge of her blouse. She felt his hands slide over her thighs as Stéphane stood between them. His slow touches provoked her to bend down and kiss him.

“I’m glad we have this time together….” he murmured.

“I couldn’t stay away,” she blurted out, her confidence with other guys now deserting her.

“And I’ve been wondering what you’d think of me…if I came onto you. How I live means I don’t get to meet or be with the company I need…that I want now.”

“It’s that way for me too….” she replied, shivering and shifting against him, felt a moment’s chill and saw the goose bumps on her arms. Stéphane’s hands were on her hips, under her blouse as she was pulled against him.

“You’re…you’re so strong…”

“Because of you…”

She felt the huge, hard bulge of his penis pressing against her slit, through the fabric of her bikini. Cramps of longing gripped her, and she breathed in sharply; looked down to see how close they now were. She averted her gaze, looked towards the house and realised that no one could see them.

“We’re alone…”

“Yes, so don’t worry little one…I’ll take care of you…it’s way too early for the others to be about…”

Committed to what was to happen she was not worried about the others in the family catching them together. She met his slow kisses; felt his hands ease her blouse away and pressed the tumble of her large breasts to his skin. She soon slid off the edge of the pool and was held to him. She needed no coaxing to wrap her legs about his waist as Stéphane took a few steps until the water was over their shoulders.

“We get together…here?” Ėlise asked, incredulously, and trembling in anticipation as she reached down, brushed a hand over his belly and felt Stéphane move as she groped for him.

“You will soon know how it is for me… have you so close and not be able to really touch you…as…as I want to do now. I’ve watched you grow more beautiful with every year that passes…whenever we are together. Now it will be different….”

His hands gripped her buttocks, and she was kept to him, felt the water swirl around them as he moved; wanted her to relax and share the moments, the few that they now had.

She lifted her head and felt the press of his lips to her throat, the caress of his questing fingers as he tugged aside her bikini briefs; then the slide of his fingers as he sought to claim her. The family were still asleep in the house and here she was riding her uncle’s fingers and kissing him; sucking on his tongue as it swirled in her mouth.

“Yes, like this first…let it all go…we’re together…you and I,” he kissed, his lips to her breasts as she bucked her hips to ride his fingers, the hard swell of his penis to be felt teasing her some more.

“Uncle Stéphane…Stéphane…not just here,” she groaned, stifling deeper cries against his lips as she rode his fingers and shuddered through her first orgasm, her thighs already aching from keeping a hold on his body as he found his way to her. “On the mats…we do it on the mats…please…I want you in me!”

“I will be, lovely Ėlise…give it time…we enjoy these moments of discovery.”

Stéphane chose to do it differently and carried this wondrous young woman to the steps of the pool and pushed Lefkoşa Escort her down onto the smooth slabs that formed the edge. She wriggled as the bikini was loosened and pulled away from under her and was thrown with a sloshing slap onto the tiles close by. She gaped as Stéphane now pushed down his swimming briefs and she reached for it, could not keep from doing so. To have felt its swell press against her pussy had been torture; now she gasped as it was seen to spring free and fill her hands.

“You’re…you are so big…so much a man!” she said over trembling lips.

She could not get over the size of it, its length and trembling thickness; its domed tip so close to her face as she leant forward and pressed her mouth to it for the first time. She did so, unbidden, but Stephane’s hands were on her head and drew her onto him. He rose higher, on his knees and made it easier for her to mouth him.

“Go on girl…you know how it goes…I think?”

She gave no answer, wondered how he could know. Only she had gained experience of the act, but not with a guy like her uncle. He had everything to lose from this encounter; she everything to gain from being pleasured by a well-hung man with a reputation for his work, not that of bedding women at a time of his choosing, which this certainly was.

She wanted it to be so and now met the most wicked of smiles upon her as he took in her nakedness, her slender young body, wide hips, and the tumble of her large breasts, her nipples invitingly firm.

“Is everything that you see okay…down there, Ėlise…cherie?” he kissed, taking her perky nipples in his mouth. “Let me…let me love you now…we do it for each other.”

She lay back, rested on her elbows and watched as Stéphane moved to eat her out, rested her feet on his back and hips as his tongue slicked over her shaved mound, darted over her pussy lips, his fingers then rubbing her slit and pressing into her body. She spread her legs, at his coaxing, and shuddered as he began to forcefully finger and kiss her at the same time, stifling her moans and calls for him to go on. She clawed at his shoulders, pushed down on his head and felt his mouth cover her mound and his tongue flicker into her, ragingly quick and deep.

“Love me…go on…come on…love me!” she gasped, oblivious to what she said, his claims finally provoking her to arch her back and she began to shake, to grip his head with her thighs. “Oh…oh…God! Stéphane…bring it to me! This is torture!”

He saw how she lolled on the slabs, turning her head from side to side and her eyes unseeing. She seemed to be overwhelmed by the alien pleasure he had brought to her, the older man taking a young woman as if he owned her and she succumbed to the wracking cramps of her orgasm.

“You taste so good…so good…lovely Ėlise.” he kisses, leaning over her and continuing in his caresses, hearing her moans increase in pitch and merge into one low groan as he again pushed his slicking flickering tongue deeper into her muff. He loved how wet and open she now was, knelt between her wonderfully smooth-skinned thighs and slicked his tongue over them, darted from one to the other as he progressed to the end of that particular journey of re-discovery. He lodged his tongue deep within her and tasted Eline’s juices, his thumb and fingers moving over and circling her clit until his mouth settled on her pussy’s lips and his tongue darted in and out without reprieve.

“I’ll…I’ll bring this to you now, my lovely Ėlise…” He tapped the hood of his penis against her pussy’s lips, parted and brushed over them.

“I’ve been asking you!” she laughed softly, squirming to make it easier for him, the slabs surface harsh against her skin but she wanted it this way, a wild taking of her…the act more important than the pursuit of a comfortable bed to lie on and be taken out of all known ways between them.

She ached to feel her gifted artist uncle, Stéphane, penetrate her body for the first time but she could not deny her sudden apprehension as she saw how his wonderfully long, thick penis jerked as he moved to take his place between her legs, crooked them in his arms as he leant over her and paid renewed homage to her breasts; kissed their undersides, rolled her hard nipples between his lips and tugged on them gently.

“Oh…oh…oh that feels so good!” she yelped and clung to him as Stéphane slowly pushed home, entered her body in slow thrusts until she felt his hips press against her buttocks.

“I’ll start slow, you darling…darling girl….” Stéphane told her on groans of pleasure as he felt Ėlise’s pussy’s walls close around him and she began to jerk on his penis, moved her hips under him and began to share in the pace of their rutting “It will probably feel a little uncomfortable at first. If you want me to slow down or stop just say so,” Stéphane kissed, his breaths of effort felt on her face, his tongue slicking her lips and darting into her partially opened Girne Escort mouth. They shared in breaths of effort. “I love what you’re doing for me…already!”

He could already feel the tightness of her vagina and he let out a moan as he buried himself deeper into her womanhood. He heard her breathing deeply and kept looking straight at her as he pushed a little harder into her. Stéphane noticed her wince, but she kept quiet as he kept pushing his entire length into her, then withdrawing, only to repeat the process, moving sinuously to find her and tease pleasure from wherever he could go.

“Go on…go on!” she yelped, bucking and twisting her hips underneath him and feeling crushed by his weight, then the tamp of his penis in her body as he pushed in and withdrew in a rising tempo, her buttocks pressed down onto the unforgiving slabs, their roughness grazing her shoulders. She gasped as Stéphane lifted her and she wrapped her legs about him, settled on his thighs before she rose and fell; as he drew her up and then slammed her down on his plumbing length. He had her submit to these raging claims upon her that she felt would stretch her beyond enduring.

“Am I hurting you…hurting any of you?” he gasped, his control surprising her.

“No…o! Just go on!”

She felt that he would break her as she was pushed back onto the cool slabs, the sun breaking over the walls and she knew this torment of raging pleasure that she felt would not be prolonged. She did not want to be discovered. Many days and opportunities remained for her to have him claim a body willing to submit to his ways and all that he brought.

She’d had her share of lovers but the man in her body, all that he brought to it and her receptive mind, went beyond all that she had known. Her wonderfully gifted lover, her uncle, snaked and twisted his penis inside her body, did so in searing long strokes that had her gulping for air; caressed his body with her aching thighs, her hands stroking his buttocks, clamping on them and hastening his movements to the end.

She pulled on his neck and rose from the slabs, gripped his body with her failing strength and moaned in one long halting breath a she felt his penis twitch; felt the glorious tingling rushes of his semen as it spurted from him and he gasped in pleasure; buried his face between her trembling breasts and she drew them together; caressed his face with their fleshy warmth before she collapsed underneath him; felt the tamp of his body lessen until he rested on his elbows and looked down into her rosy-cheeked face.

“What a way to greet the new day,” he smiled, looking down wonderingly at her naked body and how he was enveloped in her slicked heat.

He had fucked his beautiful, and clever, niece but had not picked an innocent flower. Those still asleep in the house would say what had happened was beyond excusing, but it had felt wonderfully real, and he would want to taste her again, as lustfully as they had just discovered.

She shuddered on feeling him ease from her; swept her hands over his wonderfully toned and tanned skin as Stéphane’s penis offered lingering caresses before he was out of her. She felt empty and watched as he was seen to grab for his swimming briefs. He did not linger to kiss her, or to pay homage to her body. He was seen to flop back in the water and to swim; disappeared from her view for some time until he surfaced again at the foot of the steps and stood up.

His penis shaped those swimming briefs and she saw his wondering smile again.

“The look of those eyes…the pout of those lovely lips of yours…made me want you, Ėlise…cheri…forgive your uncle, please?”

She rushed down te pool steps to be with him; felt the strength in his hand as it gripped her neck, and she was drawn into a deep open-mouthed kiss. She put her rams about his neck and prolonged it, felt the lustful intensity behind it once more.

Finally, he broke free of their embrace upon each other.

“And who you are to me didn’t matter…I wanted to be with you like this….and for as long, and as often, as it’s possible. Make that happen for us, please?”

She wanted to share in the touch of him to her body, to kiss his skin and all that he brought to her; to wrap her lips around that pole of flesh and be taken; to loose herself with him in the acts of loving; of taking and giving; the collision of their bodies as they became lost in a sexual, forbidden, bliss.

“I won’t know what to do when you’re gone…” he smiled and on a shrug of his broad, finely muscled shoulders, his biceps flexing as she was made to get to get dressed in the little triangle of cloth she had worn when she had joined him by the pool…but an hour ago. Her blouse shaped her, and he could not keep from offering clamping caresses to her wonderful breasts; to kiss those wonderful lips that smiled so beautifully at him now.

“Don’t think about it…please?” she asked, meeting again a moment’s kiss before he stepped away, took to the path to his studio and she retraced her steps to the door of her bedroom.

“I meant what I said days ago…I want to draw your face…paint those wonderful lips…a scarlet red…the lipstick I so often see you wearing. It is the red of life…and you have that in abundance!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32