Losing My Virginity To My Dad

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Some might say my dad molested me. Took advantage of my innocence and naivety. Perhaps abused his power.

I guess it’s not normal, after all, for dads to touch their son’s penis. But, life ends up taking you on paths you never predicted or imagined. And in this case, I really have no regrets.

I’m staying at my parent’s place this summer after freshman year at college. And am definitely missing dorm life. Meeting people. Trying new things. And just figuring out who I am.

I feel like college has been helping me open up more. From being Mr. Painfully Awkward my whole life to just being kinda shy. I’m in a space now of just, sorta, like, leaning into what life is offering me. Taking chances, even if it’s out of my comfort zone. Isn’t that what they say this stage of life is all about?

Anyway, being home kinda sucks. It immediately transports me to feeling 12-years-old again. My parents still call me “Champ” for chrissake.

Because mom and dad revamped the living room into a loungey library after I left for school, the only TV in the house is in their bedroom upstairs. And as much as I’d like to say I’ve been staying super active and being outdoorsy this summer, the truth is I’ve been watching a lot of TV. Bad TV.

But whatever. It’s summertime in my hometown. My parents don’t care if I’m in their room, though – even on weekends when they’re not at their jobs. Dad’s always working on something in the garage or lifting weights in the basement, while mom’s either cleaning something, running errands or building her garden in the backyard. They only use their bedroom for sleeping.

And sex, of course.

I get to hear that sometimes now that I’m back home. It used to make me super uncomfortable in high school. But now it’s just an annoying distraction that makes it hard to fall asleep. Heaven knows I’ve gotten used to hearing people having sex after a semester rooming with Javon.

Flashback to me under the covers with my eyes closed, trying to focus on leaping sheep. But unable to ignore the sensual hums of some random girl across the room in bed with Javon, who is smacking her ass with his nuts at each thrust into her pussy.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

Javon always teases me about being a virgin and is always trying to match me up with somebody. Get me to DM this girl or go up and dance with that girl. One night after he finished messing around with a girl in our dorm, he called out to me:

“Declan, wanna hit this?”

She giggled. I felt so embarrassed that he was drawing attention to my presence, so I ignored it and pretended to be sleeping. And he said nothing more to me. In the moment I was horrified that he said that. And I’m, like, 99% sure he was just joking and being an idiot.

But for a week I jerked off to the thought of me climbing onto his futon mattress and screwing her with him laying next to us. Him watching me as my dick slid in and out of her. Or her giving me a juicy blowjob while he slobbered all over my balls.

Javon’s such a hornball I wouldn’t be surprised if he were open to playing around with dudes. Me, I’ve always identified as straight. But if I were completely honest, I’d say that I just really don’t like labels. None of them feel right.

Anywho, I sometimes have to listen to people boning is all I’m saying. But, ultimately, I’m glad my parents are both 44 and still as sexually active as they are.

Last Sunday I was watching TV while my mom was folding laundry on the bed. Dad got out of the shower down the hall and walked in the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He grabbed some clean underwear from the drawer and, then, boom.

He let his towel fall to the floor.

I saw his butt and flaccid dick wiggle as he bent over to put his underwear on. Does he not see me here or something, I thought.

I then took notice that his body looked a lot like mine. Hairy chest. Long legs. Thick bum. I’m just a little leaner version of him, that’s all. And my bush is better maintained.

“Honey, come on, Champ’s in here,” mom half-heartedly complained. Dad looked at us.

“We’re guys. We’re naked in locker rooms all the time around each other.”

She smirked at him and then looked at me as my eyes became fixed on the TV screen. I glanced at her real quick. Was I supposed to, like, freak out? Or leave the room? I didn’t know, so I just said:


It’s the following Saturday afternoon. And I’m here now lying down in my parent’s bed watching another episode of Fresh Prince, when dad starts climbing the stairs. I hear the bathroom door shut and the shower burst on. He probably just got done working out and needs to cool down and clean up.

I wonder if he’s gonna change in front of me again.

Mom’s at the movies with one of her friends. Should I leave now before he comes in and avoid the situation altogether? Maybe he’s gonna dress in the bathroom. I don’t know. Shit.

I swiftly recall his hairy chest and dangling penis from the other day. It was kinda cool that he wasn’t bothered that I was in the room. istanbul travesti That it wasn’t a big deal. Like, we both have penises, so who cares?

After a brief internal assessment, I figure to just stay put. And keep watching TV. After all, I’m just hanging out on a Saturday afternoon. The shower turns off and I hear him whistling to himself. I like when my dad’s in a good mood. He’s playful and easy-going.

The bedroom door opens and he walks in nonchalantly without looking at me. In nothing but his towel.

“Hey Champ.” He glides toward the closet.

“Hey,” I reply.

“Whatcha watchin’?” He faces away from me and lets the towel drop. I see his round butt. And notice the hairiness of his inner thighs. His upper body has gotten beefier in the past year I can tell. Answer him!

“Fresh Prince.”

Dad turns to face the TV and I can see his soft dick resting atop his big set of balls. He laughs at a joke from the show and I can see his penis jiggling with the movement of his body. It looks between four and five inches. Kinda like mine. He simultaneously starts putting on deodorant in each of his hairy armpits. I notice his body’s profile, and the shape of an ‘S’ curving around his upper back, into his waist, and then out around his ass.

“Dad.” He shifts from the TV to me in a gesture of ‘what’. “Clothes?” I inquire.

He looks at me and smiles.

“What? You afraid of seeing your old man’s weiner?”

I can’t help but smile. He said ‘weiner’.

“I’m not afraid of it. It’s just… hanging out so freely is all.”

A spark of playfulness shows in his eyes and he starts crawling toward me on the bed. In the nude, playfully punching my legs, with a shit-grin on his face. In a satirical old-person voice, he jokes:

“I’m sorry you’re seeing your old, geezer-dad in his birthday suit.”

I’m laughing as I try kicking him away.

“Get off me!”

His penis is flopping around with his abrupt movements. And now that I’m up close I can see he’s got a few gray pubic hairs in his big bush. I keep checking it out.

“Come on, dad!”

“All right, all right,” he relents and gets off the bed. Faces me. “Hey, I’m old, but I think I’m still in pretty good shape.”

And he wasn’t lying. He’s tall, strong, with nice abs. I’d love to eventually have his muscle definition. I suddenly think of him having sex with my mom. This being her view from bed as he readies to mount her. Fresh from a shower and eager to get dirty.

Dude, Declan, why are you thinking these thoughts? I glance from his body, to the TV, and back to his body, remembering his comment.

“Sure,” I blurt out lazily.

He’s just looking at me. Why is he not putting on underwear? He opens his mouth, and in a softer tone, asks:

“You take after your dad in this area?” while pointing to his crotch. He sees me glance at his dick. Whoops. My eyes return to the TV.

“Dude, come on,” I whine, dishonestly.

“We’re just talking about guy stuff. Fine, whatever, I’m freaking you out.”

He walks up to the drawer and opens it, searching for underwear. I know this is my out – that if I ignore him and let him put on his underwear, this awkward situation will be over. And life will go back to normal. And we’ll go back to doing normal dad-son stuff.


But I’m feeling caught up in a wind that has a mind of its own, so I take a leap into the unknown, and open my mouth.

“It looks the same as yours, dad…” He glances down at my crotch for a moment. “… I just maintain my area unlike you.”

He’s facing me again. In the nude. And adjusts his balls.

“You ‘maintain your area’?” he asks with air quotation marks. “What, like, you shave off all your hair or somethin’?”

I glance at my lap.

“No, I just trim it. They call it manscaping.”

“Let me see what this manscaping looks like, then,” he commands.

A part of me was kinda hoping he’d get to that. But I just say:

“No way.”

“Come on, Champ. I’m hanging it all out here like a goofball. We’re talking about our bodies. Ain’t nothin’ to be ashamed of, right?”

My dad wants to check out my package. A long moment passes and I then roll my eyes.


I slowly climb out of bed, debating just blurting out “Sike!” and walking out, but end up just standing a couple feet in front of him – in my sweatpants and large T-shirt. No underwear. My possessed self pulls my pants down to my knees. And I feel the cool AC air tickle up against my exposed skin. Dad takes a long glance at my crotch as I bashfully stare at the floor. This is so weird. How is this happening? I’m getting lost in thought, when:

“Looks pretty sharp, actually.”

In a flash he reaches his hand and brushes his finger against my trimmed, pubic patch. I notice his dark forearm hairs and then the redness of his nipples as he gets a little closer. His touch tingles. And I worry that my penis might grow a little.

“Makes you look like a little boy, though.” I ease a little.

“Girls like it.”

“Your balls istanbul travestileri look hairless,” he comments as his finger skims the side of my testicle, feeling the smoothness I work hard to maintain. He’s touching me a second time.

“Yeah. I like it like that, though.”

A brief silence passes and time seems to freeze.

“Now this looks like a man,” he redirects, while rubbing his hand across his pubic hair and downward to grab his nuts. “Check it out.”

He pulls my hand to touch it and lets go as my fingers pinch through his pubic hair for a moment. Still moist from the shower.

My dad made me touch his pubic hair. This is bizarre.

“More like a caveman, dad.”

He laughs. And it looks like his penis got a little longer. He reaches toward me again and with his finger he moves my soft penis to the right and glances at my testicles more fully. Then lets my penis dangle back into place and says:

“My balls are a little bigger, but, yeah, looks just like my dick.”

He so casually keeps touching my genitals. Is this normal?

“They do kinda, yeah.” I feel like my penis grew a smidge, too. He then speaks in an even quieter tone:

“You all right with the parts you inherited from me, boy?”

I smile. Because I am.

“Yeah. I like my penis.” I briefly meet his brown eyes.

“Good. I like mine, too.”

I notice the relaxed look in his eyes and how nice his smile looks with his stubble. Another brief silence passes. And I wonder if this is as far as it will go.

“How ’bout we see if our hard-ons match, too,” he laughs.

“What?!” I echo his laugh.

“Sure! You haven’t compared hard-ons with a buddy before?”

“No.” I scratch my groin. I can see that his penis is slowly filling out. I glance at mine just to make sure mine isn’t already solid. It’s not, but it’s stirring. This is insane. My dad is semi-erect in front of me after touching me multiple times and I’m here trying to stop a boner from popping out.

“It doesn’t mean you’re gay, son. It’s just guy stuff. Girls do the same shit with each other. Come on.”

I suddenly feel my nerves surge. My heart rate increases. And a part of me is afraid of what’s to come. Like, what the fuck is happening? This moment of trepidation pauses my dick from grow-mode.

“I don’t know if I can get fully hard right now,” I lie.

“Close your eyes. You’ll get hard. Trust me. Just close your eyes.”

I’m standing there with my pants down at my knees. Unsure of how to proceed. And just close my eyes.

“You’re crazy, dad.”

Within a few seconds I suddenly feel warm skin press up against my crotch. I realize his ass is rubbing against my cock. Guiding my hanging dick in his crack and now stroking it in a back-and-forth fashion.

And, of course, It’s working.

“Your mom helps get me hard by rubbing her butt against me like this.”

I secretly open my eyes to watch him rubbing up against my body, facing the wall. His back is just inches from touching my chest and I feel the warmth of his body heat. I notice a small patch of hair at his lower back and see short hairs leading into his ass crack. His booty is built!

He has a constellation of freckles on his back. His cheeks continue to stroke my growing dick. Dad must know I’m getting hard as hell, because my cock is now poking into his nut sack and curving upward between his legs.

But he keeps pressing against me.

“Hard, yet?” he asks. He fucking knows I am.

“Almost,” I fib, as I relish a few more seconds.

Once he turns around I see his seven inches of meat pointing toward the ceiling. Rock hard. He smiles widely as he looks at my cock.

“Damn, boy, they look identical!”

We’re both laughing and checking each other’s junk out. It’s weird and funny and exciting all at the same time.

“Yeah, that’s messed up.”

“Ha, yeah. Like looking in a mirror. Same girth, coloring.”

He steps forward and presses his erection against the side of mine. And holds them together.

“Length,” I say.

“That’s crazy. It’s like a crystal ball and I’m looking into my past.”

“Ha, yeah… and I’m looking into my future.”

My heart is racing as his hand cups our erections. We say nothing for a moment.

“I remember trying to suck my own dick once, ya know, just to see if I could,” he says.

“Ha, yeah, me too.”

“Used to wonder what it’d be like if I could just suck my own dick anytime I wanted to. Ya know, instead of working so hard at getting a blowjob.”

His grasping hand subtly shifts around in a slight massaging motion.

“Would you if you could, Champ?” Suck my own dick? Hell yeah.

“Maybe. Prolly, yeah. You?” We’re both standing super close to each other, staring down at our bodies.

“Oh yeah.”

He continues rubbing our dicks together.

“We’re both pretty freakin’ hard,” he comments.

I say nothing. I don’t know what to say. He’s making the moves and I’m just here to going along for the ride.

“I’m gonna see what it’s like to suck my travesti istanbul own dick.”

And just like that he gets on his knees and puts my helmet in his mouth. And sinks deeper.

Down to the base and up once. Then twice. And a third time. Painting my penis with his saliva.

“How does that feel?” Umm, great! My dick, is feeling alive as hell right now.

“Strange, I guess… but… um, good.”

He looks up at me and can probably tell I’m a little nervous.

“No one needs to know about this. I promise not to tell anyone if you promise, too.”


He then continues giving me a slow, sensual blowjob. Like he’s discovering something new and not wanting it to end too soon. I listen to the slurping.

“I kinda like sucking my dick.” I appreciate how he keeps referring to my dick as his own.

It feels so good. My dad is actually giving me a blowjob. A great one. It goes on like this for minutes.

I look down and see his throbbing boner between his legs. I realize that I wanna try sucking his dick (my dick), but I’m afraid of looking dumb. Or not making him feel enough pleasure. But as I observe him moving his lips and mouth along my cock so calmly, I remind myself of how simple it all is.

“Can I try?”

“God, please! See what it’s like to suck your own cock.”

He stands up, while I get to my knees. I smell a shower scent waft in my nostrils. My eyes meet his erection and full bush. His penis is bouncing to the beat of his pulse, inches away from my face.

I’m going to consume my creator.

In a dreamlike trance my mouth and throat greet his dick and they dance together in harmony. I hear his deep and heavy breathing as I fill my mouth with his masculinity. His fingers brush against the back of my neck in tenderness.

I can barely fit the damn thing in my mouth. It’s warm and I can taste a slimy drip of precum. My nose touches his pubic patch with each bob. And I’m loving how alive his penis feels inside my mouth. Pulsing. Throbbing. Twitching.

“Mmm,” he moans. I must be doing okay. “You’re doing great, Champ.”

That’s all I wanted to hear. I relax a little more into the moment and lose track of time.

“I really like when my balls get licked,” he whispers.

I instinctively keep my hand massaging his dick, while my mouth gives dad what he wants. My tongue brushes through his full and hairy testicles, speckled with gray hair. Gliding on each side and underneath where it meets his ass hair.

He exhales loudly.

“Let me plant my seed in you, son.”

As crazy as it is, I’m willing to give it a try, because I don’t want this to end. And I want my father to feel good.

I want to make him cum. And if that’s going to be inside me, so be it.

“All right. But go easy on me.”

“I will.”

I lay back on the bed with my ass toward the edge, knees up. Dad’s erection and balls are shiny with my saliva. He stands at the foot of the bed between my open legs. For a second I feel a little embarrassed to have my hairy ass hole so on display, but quickly find reassurance in his excitement.

He drops a slow and long wad of spit onto my asshole, then spreads it around with this thumb, gently edging into my hole with a smirk on his face.

Am I really about to lose my virginity to my dad? Does this count?

For a few minutes he slowly thrusts his fingers into my hole. It awakens sensations I’ve never felt before. And then with his guiding hand, his penis slowly enters me, inch by inch. I press his thigh to command a pause to adjust and take a few deep breaths. Then allow him to fit it all in.

It kinda hurts, but not too much to say anything. It’s a rather unusual sensation, really.

My dad is filling my insides with his manhood. He begins gyrating with ease. I clench onto the blanket. And just lean into the moment.

His fingers brush up against the hairs on my chest, then venture down toward my bouncing hard-on.

He starts jerking me off as he humps me. Bang. Bang. Bang. I feel close to cumming already. Bang. Bang. Bang. His dick is excavating my ass.

We hear a car pull into the driveway. Fuck, mom’s home!

“Mom,” I exhale.

“Hold up. I’m almost there, boy.”

“OK. Me too.”

His thrusts and hand jerks increase in tempo. He intermittently closes his eyes in ecstasy and sweat drips from his forehead.

I’m about to burst. I hear the side door shut. My ass hole tightens to his engorging cock.

“Here I cum,” he whispers.

The moment I feel his semen squirt into my insides I erupt with him. He’s deep inside me spilling his seed all over while my cum is splashing onto his hand and forearm.

Our eyes meet just inches away from each other and I wonder if he might kiss me. His orgasm face is staring at me with lips slightly ajar. Father looking at his son. But he doesn’t kiss me.

He quickly pulls out of my butt and we rush to put on some clothes. Mom is walking upstairs. We both clumsily re-position ourselves on the bed, sitting upright with our backs to the wall and knees up. Pretending to watch TV.

“Hi boys.”

We say hi. And she leaves to use the bathroom.

Dad looks at me and shows me his hand that still holds a few smears of my cum. He smiles and then licks it up in front of me. Then shows me his tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32