Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid Dreaming: A Novella of a Wife’s Sexual Healing

This is a work of fiction. While there are some exaggerated factual elements, the story itself is fantasy.


Chapter 1

My wife is a knockout. At about 5’6″ and 130 pounds, she is a petite thing. She has a fantastic ass as a result of squats, enhanced DD breasts, and puts much time into her hair and makeup. In short, she is every man’s dream. The only problem is that she either does not notice it or is not confident in her appearance.

Since I have known her, she has always been modest. Over the 8 years I’ve known you she has gradually become less modest, but still tends to hide her sexuality. At the height of our sex life she was fairly adventurous but it has since devolved to a routine of masturbation of cunninlingus until she gets off or gets close to it, penetration in missionary position, and then what I can only assume is her waiting on me to finish. The infrequency of sex leads to her tearing almost every time, which only compounds to the infrequency as a result of fear.

This is frustrating to me as I know she can be a complete slut for me. The best sex we ever had lasted hours. I picked her up from a girls’ night and she was slightly buzzed. She was wearing a black short skirt, black heels, and a cleavage revealing green shirt. As soon as we left the parking lot she had my pants open and gave me the best blow job of my life. The 15 minute drive home was excruciatingly long, what with the slurping and moaning and the sensations she was giving me. I remember reaching down to her mound and finding soaking wet panties and tasting the sweet nectar on my fingers. As soon as we got in the garage and the door was closed she got out and told me to “Get in”…she did not mean the house.

The garage door still had about a foot of space at the bottom and the joyful sound of kids playing outside kept creeping in…it did not matter. I had her bent over the seat fucking her crazy and only sped up as her moans grew louder. Normally our sex was one and done but after I filled her willing sex to the brim with my cum, she rushed inside and beckoned me to follow. Before I could even get to the room she had stripped down to nothing but the heels and was laying on the bed. I kneeled beside her head and she took me in her mouth as I fingered her swollen clit. She must have felt me about to cum again because she pulled away and pulled my head down to her vagina…where I eagerly dove in. My cum was still leaking out but it did not matter, this was hot! After about 10 minutes she pulled away, told me to lay down, and lowered herself onto me. I picked her up at 8 and we alternated fucking and making love until almost midnight…it was the best sex of my life.

With the advent of our first child, the problems only worsened. She is already back to her knockout self (I must qualify that she looked fantastic during the pregnancy…very, very sexy and womanly) but still retains the lack of confidence. I express sexual interest daily and most times get put off. Now, I should probably mention that I work out 4 or 5 times a week with hypertrophy-centered workouts. I like to think of myself as a bit of a beast. Even my doctoral advisor tells me that I look intimidating. I consider myself a manly man, even without mentioning my girthy member. I have flaws, but I am confident in my strengths.

With me feeling lonely and frustrated and her feeling tired and unappreciated we have noticed increasing strain on our relationship. With her spending the majority of the time with the baby, by the time I get home she does not want additional physical contact. Luckily, she has started wearing sexier clothing in the form of leggings and cleavage enhancing shirts, but part of me thinks it is not meant for me.

Recently, she has been increasingly quiet. I have come home to her being rather stoic and have found candles burnt out in the trashcan on multiple occasions. In addition to the books on meditation and tantric sex I have become more and more suspicious. With the increase in arguments followed by a sudden termination of physical and verbal contact, I am afraid the end is near.

Chapter 2

It was a Monday. I had not slept well the night before as I had weird dreams of taking my wife to a restaurant where everything was red. The ambience was a red light, the food was red, the plates were red…everything. I had just got to work like any other day and was in the process of compiling the articles I meant to read that day. I felt my phone vibrate and made a mental note to check after I finished my list. It vibrated again after about 20 seconds, and 2 or 3 more times. Thinking it might be an kadıköy escort emergency, I checked my phone:

“Good morning stud”

“I had great dreams about you”

(A picture of her face with a seductive look)

“I’m excited to spend more time with you”

(A picture of her head with a seductive look and a Santa hat)

I could only think, “Interesting.” This was way out of the routine for her as normally it was “Good Morning” followed by a request for information or for a task. As I was trying to wrap my mind around things, she sent a selfie of her wearing the Santa hat and wearing a red see-through lace teddy with white trim and red elbow length lace gloves. I could just make out the top of what looked to be a red garter belt (The selfie was waist up) and I was then mentally retired for the morning…as well as incredibly happy. I finally responded with “Good morning, what’s all this?”

She responded with another picture with the aforementioned attire and a very definite red garter belt holding up red lace stockings and what appeared to be very tiny red panties. The next 5 pictures were of her in varying state of undress culminating in her holding a bright red bullet vibrator with the accompanying message “Have a great day.” I texted back a couple messages and received no response. She knew I couldn’t leave early that day due to meetings and lab work. So now, I was sitting in the office with a very, very hard penis and no way of release. I knew the morning would be wasted if I didn’t do something, so I ran to the bathroom, whipped it out and came after only a couple of minutes. I tried texting multiple times the rest of the day and never received a response. I was both incredibly horny and worried that maybe the pictures weren’t for me.

I needed to get home so bad but couldn’t. I also could not stop looking at the pictures…

Chapter 3

That evening when I got home, she was laying on the couch holding the baby and wearing her typical evening attire of loose pajama pants and a tank top. She barely even acknowledged me and when I tried to relieve some of the pent up sexual energy with a large kiss, she cut me off after a couple of seconds. Confused and increasingly worried, I went ahead with my evening routine of showering, eating, and holding the baby (a feat which typically ended in her crying and the wife taking her back).

Luckily, the baby didn’t cry. Around 8 we went to lay down and I finally asked what was up with the pictures and why the sudden change of heart. She replied saying she was just bored and was now very tired. I tried to engage some physical contact a couple of times and she eventually got frustrated and rolled over to go to sleep.

Confused, frustrated, and more alone than ever, I went to the bathroom to ‘relieve’ myself. Curiously, one of her meditation books looked like it was put away in a hurry and there were a couple of used candles by it in the cabinet. There was just so much going on that was confusing and I did not know what to do…and I still could not stop thinking of the pictures.

Chapter 4

Sleep did not come easy. Normally I will myself to sleep with ease but it was not happening this time. My wife was on her back and breathing quite heavily, the baby was disturbingly quiet in her crib, and the occasional dog parking could be heard outside. I took the opportunity to do my own meditative exercises.

I laid on my back and wiggled myself into a comfortable position and began concentrating on various parts of my body, starting at my feet and hands and moving proximal every 10 breaths. I eventually focused my concentration on my upper torso and slowly moved down, finishing up at my little friend. At this point, I was mentally traversing a beach. There were white sands, blue water, and I allowed my mind to freely add palm trees and the noise of waves crashing. As was my usual, I explored this mental plane, allowing my mind to fill in the gaps and typically providing insight into my life.

This time something was different. A purple haze on the horizon crept closer and closer and as it loomed near a purple sheen covered the water. I know that purple is my wife’s favorite color and something about this haze made me think of her. Out of the mist, a body condensed. This body was short, toned, with very large breasts and defined curves and light purple skin. The body was cloaked in a translucent white gown and had the face of…my wife!

Chapter 5

The “apparition”, as I could think of no other name, gazed into my eyes. I was fully aware I was in a lucid state but I could feel everything. The sensation of the white-turned-purple sand between kadıköy escort bayan my toes, the purple-sheened water lapping at my feet, and the feel of this ‘person’ as she grabbed my hands and looked into my eyes was surreal.

Her gaze shook me to the core and made every sensation in my body intensify. She gazed into my eyes for what seemed like hours and then came closer and locked in a deep embrace…something about this apparition was extremely familiar…I yearned for more. After what seemed an eternity but also a brief speck of time, she pulled away and said “Have a great day.”

I came out of my trance and looked at the clock…it was time to go to work! I looked to the side and my wife was not there, but then I smelled eggs and bacon. I went in the kitchen and she looked amazing. She was wearing a new light purple silk robe which barely covered her butt and had already done her makeup. She looked at me and gave me a smile I hadn’t seen in years, and kissed me, gave me my food, and went to the bathroom.

I ate, got dressed, and went to kiss her goodbye and she responded with “Have a great day.”

Chapter 6

On the way out, I kicked a box of candles. It hurt like hell as I had not put on shoes yet. I finally decided to ask her about the candles that kept popping up but neither she nor the baby could be found. I went out to get in my car and realized hers was gone.

Things were just getting too weird. I called and texted and got no response.

I got to work on time and began setting up for the day. My phone started buzzing like crazy. There were no words, only pictures:

She was laying on her stomach on the bed propped up on her elbows and taking a selfie of her face…with very prominent cleavage underneath. In the next she was laying back in that same light purple robe with her legs crossed and her breasts barely covered. The next she had one leg propped up and one leg outstretched with her breasts barely covered and a light purple thong. She was staring into the camera with a slight smirk and biting her finger. The next picture her robe was open but she had an arm across her chest and finally the last picture was her licking her lips while holding her hand inside her thong.

The day went on and I relieved myself 2 or 3 times. I got home that evening and it was the same drill, but I was keen to notice the purple candles in the trash can. I thought back to Monday and was sure that there were red candles around.

She was a little more receptive to my advances but said little and it didn’t go further than a couple long kisses. We finally laid down and I had the idea that the meditation, candles, and pictures, as well as the surreal experience from the prior night, were all linked. As we were laying down, she jumped on me and kissed me with more passion than she had since our first year together…and then promptly rolled over and went to sleep. I got up and showered and returned to find her on her back breathing heavily again.

I was now curious but also enlightened. I laid down and went through my routine. In journeying into my mind I began to reflect. In psychology, red is the color of energy and passion, as well as anger. We had fought Sunday and almost had makeup sex before the baby began crying. Purple is the color of the imagination and creativity. This may explain the sudden adventurousness.

I entered a vast desert. Out in the distance a green tide began racing toward me. Being my head and my meditation, I began to reason that this was signaling growth. The distant horizon had a light purple hue, and the clouds were emblazed in a feminine silver. I began to piece together that somehow, my wife had entered my mind.

I felt a presence behind me and saw nothingness. There was only an eerie black ‘portal’. As this was my mind I felt no danger. I deduced that black symbolized the unknown, and I entered it with trepidation.

Chapter 7

Upon entering I was surrounded by darkness. I was still unafraid but increasingly curious. Underneath me a green marble floor materialized, laced with gold filigree. White Greco-Roman columns and a beautiful Mediterranean backdrop filled the space behind. Above me, a white marble slab of ceiling materialized, forming what I could only assume was Olympus.

I felt hands slide around my waist from behind and a head nuzzle into my back. Without thinking I let my hands cover the small hands and my fingers interlaced with hers. I slowly turned around to see the mental projection of my wife and I immediately kneeled in front of her.

In this world, she is a goddess. Her skin, already perfect, has a silver glow. Her hair, always escort kadıköy immaculate, is jet black with gold jewelry. Hey ‘toga’ looks to be liquid silver and clings to her body, both covering and revealing every curve. Her lips, always plump, are bathed in red. The sunlight shining through her dress reveals the very epitome of beauty. She makes a gesture and a white marble slab appears and forms a table. She walks to the table and sits, never breaking eye contact, and beckons me to her. I comply and we kiss passionately for what seems like hours. She is devouring me, her hands are all over my body and her legs are wrapped tightly around my waist.

We break the kiss and she holds me by the ears to guide me to her breasts. I lick and suck on the soft flesh through the gown and she reaches up to undo the clasp at her shoulder and free them. I let my tongue circle her areola until she turns and places her nipple in my mouth, first one, then the other. I continue to suck and nibble, encouraged by her moans. She then puts her hands on my shoulders and pushes me further down. I kiss the inside of her thighs and can smell the sweet smell of her goddess vessel. She says only “Please” and I let my tongue enter her and lap the sweet nectar coming from her. She grasps my head and pulls me in tighter and starts to wiggle her hips against my face, moaning more and more as my tongue administers pleasure. After minutes, she digs her nails into my back and her head tosses back in pure ecstasy, moaning and screaming as she cums.

She slides off of the table onto her knees in front of me and with one movement yanks my toga off. She places her hands on my sides and begins to lick and nibble around my swollen member, gradually beginning to lick up the sides and kissing underneath. When she finally lets my head enter her mouth, I realize I am in Olympus. She continues to suck and stroke me. Remembering the reality, as I am about to cum I start to pull away but with her hands on my hips she pulls me right back in and takes my full member in her mouth. Spasm after spasm take the life out of my legs and when she releases me from her mouth I crumple to the ground, still spraying thick gobs of my being onto the green marble floor.

She stands and allows her gown to fall, revealing her perfect body. In reality, her body is amazing. In this Olympus, the silver sparkle of her skin makes her heavenly. She walks to me slowly, her silver heels clicking against the marble, and stands over me. Since we first made eye contact, it has not been broken; and even now as she squats onto me she stares deep into me.

As she slowly squats, her silky hands embrace my cock and she guides me into her. If the fellatio was heavenly, this feeling of entering this goddess is transcendent. She slowly eases down and then begins a rhythm of squatting down and raising up. Her hands are gliding over my chest, occasionally digging in to my skin and causing more pleasure. Her pace quickens, her hair is disheveled, her silver sweat glistens, and her nectar is dripping on my mighty member. She again tosses her head back and cups one of her breasts as her other hand claws down my torso. My hands are on her hips and glide up her sides to cup her firm breasts as she screams in ecstasy and collapses on top of me.

As her second orgasm subsides she stands and beckons me to follow her. She stands by one of the pillars admiring the lush green of the surrounding landscape and the turquoise blue of the sea below. I come up behind her and slide my hands around her hips. She tilts her hips and my member easily enters her as she reaches out to balance herself against the pillar. My hands cup her breasts and I kiss her neck and ears as her hands reach back to hold my face to her neck. As she turns her head to kiss me, the sound of crying begins on the horizon. She begins to buck against my member and as we both cum in unison, a flash of pure white fills the area and I snap out of my trance.

The first thing I notice is the baby crying. I then realize I am no longer on my back, and neither is my wife. We are both naked and I am laying behind her with one hand on her breast and the other is clasped in her fingers. Her hips are pressed against mine and I finally realize that I am on the verge of cumming. I explode inside her as she turns her head and our moans of pleasure are muffled by our tongues exploring each other.

She releases me and goes back to sleep as I get up and take care of the baby. The following morning I cook her breakfast and as I am bringing it to her I almost trip over another box but avoid it. This is a box of pure white candles, a symbol of perfection.

We eat with smiles and cannot stop touching one another. Aside from her saying “Please” in my trance, neither of us has said a word. She mouths “I love you” and I kiss her deep and mouth it back. I then get dressed and on my way out she says “Have a good day.” I wonder what pictures will follow today.

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