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Big Tits

I had just moved to a new city for a job. I didn’t know a soul and I was lonely and horny. After a few weeks at my new job I felt I needed some relief. On my way home from work I would pass a massage parlor. I had a few extra dollars saved up so I decided to stop in one evening after work.

I walked in and was greeted by a woman. She asked me if I wanted to see all the girls. I said yes and three other women appeared before me. I like full figured women so I chose the blonde with big tits and wide hips. She told me her fake name was Cherry. Cherry led me back to a room with a mattress. I paid the fee for an hour and was told to get undressed and lie down face first on this mattress.

Cherry soon returned and stripped out of her nightie garment. I took a look and was pleased with what I saw. Cherry’s tits were large and rested on her chest. Her pubic patch was cut down. Cherry got down to business and she spread baby powder on my back. I had my legs spread and she ran her fingers across my balls. She soon asked me if I wanted more than the regular massage.

We agreed to a price and I got the money out of my wallet. Cherry told me to turn over onto my back. Cherry took some oil and rubbed my cock with it. It didn’t take much stroking to get me hard. Cherry asked if I wanted to massage her. We changed places and I was soon fondling her body. When I touched her pussy Cherry let out these moans. She spread her legs wider as I touched her slit.

I joined her on the mattress. Cherry got wide for me. I climbed in between her thighs. Cherry reached out for my cock and guided me towards her opening. I eased my oiled up cock into her pussy. That got Cherry all vibed up. I started slowly and then went faster. I had all eight inches of my prick inside Cherry’s pussy. She soon wrapped her legs around my back. I gave it to her hard now. Cherry was breathing hard. Her tits were jiggling upon her chest.

“Are you getting close?” She soon asked me.

My hour was almost up. I nodded my head and fed Cherry for another minute or so. I ended up exploding inside her tunnel. Cherry bahçeşehir escort used her muscles to squeeze my prick. I shot five or six ropes of my cum inside her tummy. I soon rested my dick inside her until I felt myself getting soft. I pulled out and my cream came spilling out.

Cherry slowly got up and walked to the bathroom. When she came back she had a wetted towel. She wiped my cock down and then I got dressed. As I was getting ready to leave she stopped me.

“I’m in a bowling league,” she told me. “Do you want to stop by tomorrow and see me bowl?”

I was sort of surprised. I wasn’t expecting that question. I said I could stop by. Cherry wrote down the name of the bowling alley and the address. She actually kissed me before I left. I drove home and looked the address up. It was on the opposite side of town from where I lived. I went to work the next day and then drove home afterwards. Cherry told me to show up around eight pm that night.

I was undecided right up until an hour before. It seems crazy for me to show up and watch someone bowl who just fucked me the day before. I had nothing better going on so I drove over to the bowling alley. Just as I entered I realized I didn’t know her real name. It sure wasn’t Cherry. When I walked in the attendant asked me if I was bowling. I said I was looking for someone. Luckily I saw her standing with her team.

“I see her over there,” I said to him.

When I got closer she saw me. She walked over and kissed me on the mouth.

I said something stupid like, “I’m Jim, remember me?”

She finally told me that her real name was Angie. We walked over to where her team was playing. I sure got enough stares from everyone there. Did these other people know of Angie’s true profession? For the next two hours I sat there. When Angie wasn’t bowling she placed her hand on the inside of my thigh and rubbed me there.

It ended up that Angie’s team won by the sum total of two pins. Everyone on their team was happy. Angie asked if I wanted to bakırköy escort follow her back to her place. I got into my car and went to her apartment. When we walked inside, Angie flipped on some lights and then put her arms around my neck and she kissed me.

“I was thinking about you for the past day,” she told me.

I told her that she was on my mind as well. We didn’t waste much time. Angie led me back to her bedroom. We stripped out of our clothes and got onto the bed. I was on my back when Angie moved up close to my dick. She took hold of her tits and then wrapped them around my rod. She slowly made me hard from the friction of her melons touching my prick.

Once I was erect Angie climbed over top of me. She took hold of my erection and guided my cock to her opening. She lowered herself onto my pole. Slowly she worked up and down my cock. I can tell you she was squeezing me hard. I reached up with both hands and I began to squeeze both of her large tits. Angie had to have been at least a ‘D’ cup in breast size. She did like that I was massaging her ripe melons.

Every time Angie lowered herself I brought my ass up and fed her my prick. She would cry out each time I pushed into her tunnel. I sure missed having sex on a regular basis. Angie knew how to take care of my needs. We both started to speed up. I was pumping furiously into her belly. I removed my hands from her chest. Her tits were now flopping up and down.

I placed my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. I filled her belly up with my thick cock. We had much more time than in the massage parlor. We fucked for over an hour together. I finally felt my cum was rising up through my rod. I held out until the last second and then I exploded inside her tunnel. Angie screamed as she threw her head back.

I shot a geyser of cum deep into her pussy. Angie placed her hands on my chest. Her body was shaking from the orgasms she was experiencing. I kept thrusting as long as I could. I finally just rested my shaft inside her tummy. Angie başakşehir escort pulled free of me. She got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back she used her mouth and cleaned my dick of our love juices.

“I didn’t know if you were going to show up at the bowling alley tonight,” she said.

I said I wanted to find out more about her so I needed to stop by. We discussed our lives. I told her I was a manager at one of the local banks. Angie said the massage parlor wasn’t her first choice of jobs. She was engaged to be married. Her fiance dropped her at the last moment. She wasn’t working right then. The massage position paid the bills. The various tips she got helped her to survive.

She wanted me to know she didn’t fuck every guy who wanted sex from her. I was one of the rare ones who got inside her pussy.

“Why me?” I has to ask her.

She smiled and said my cock was so large and thick. So many of the men who show up have small ones. I guess I impressed her with my dick size. The next part was tricky. Where did we go from here? Angie said she hoped I didn’t want just sex from her. At that moment, that was exactly what I desired from her. I lied and said I wanted to get to know her better.

Surprisingly, that is what happened. We spent quite a few evenings together. Angie was a good cook. She would prepare meals for the both of us. You might have guessed it. After the meal we hit the bed. I loved playing with her big breasts. She massaged my dick with those large melons. Her pussy was just the right size for my cock. I loved taking her in the missionary position.

I would push her knees back towards her chest. I would stretch my legs out straight and feed her every hard inch I had. Angie was very vocal in bed. She loved to beg for my prick. Sometimes I would pull out and just leave the head barely touching her opening. She said I was torturing her. I would end up shoving my rod in all at once. You should have heard her scream when I did that.

We now have been seeing each other for close to seven months now. I have hinted that I would like her to change her place of work, no more stroking men’s cocks. In the back of my mind I hope she isn’t sucking or fucking her clients anymore. Angie would like us to get engaged. I have to have her working somewhere other than the massage parlor before that happens.

Until I get that guarantee, I will continue to feed Angie with my fat cock most nights in bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32