Meeting Claire Pt. 02

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As the title states, this is the second part to my first story “Meeting Claire”. You may want to read my first story to get the background. I have tried to incorporate suggestions from my first story, but as I see myself not as a writer but as the “accidental scribe” I’m sure there is more I can learn. Please enjoy the story for what it is and feel free to leave any constructive ideas. Thanks and enjoy.


Our ride to the hotel…

Claire and I quickly walked towards the Maybach, hardly containing out excitement and anticipation of what was yet to come for the remainder of this night. The driver met us at the passenger rear door and held it open wide for us dart through and onto the luxurious leather back seats. As I stooped to enter, I gave our driver Ryan a quick but subtle nod and a smile, then quickly sat down next to her; turning towards Claire our hands and lips immediately found each other. Our kisses were full of life, energy and the raw unconstrained passion of two lovers discovering each other for the first time.

Claire’s lips were full, warm, and wet from the evening’s prior excitement and arousal. Her tongue subservient to mine as I explored her waiting mouth with unbridled craving. I pulled Claire’s body next to mine as my hands explored her youthful body once again, seeking her firm yet tender breasts and her supple nipples that were once again firm and sensitive from her aroused state. As our lips parted and tongues disengaged, we sat back in a brief respite and took a long deep breath as we sensed the subtle engagement of the Mayback’s transmission.

Our driver Ryan pulled the car briskly away from the curb and proceeded to drive slow and purposefully through the downtown streets of Toronto. The plush interior of the Maybach caressed our bodies as I set the dimmable back interior lights to a low glow, which offset the fierce fire of raw passion I could barley contain inside me. We held hands, Claire’s finger’s intertwined in mine. As we rounded the corner I leaned over to Claire, placed my lips next to her ear and whispered, “You were absolutely sexy, stimulating, tantalizing, and delicious up there Claire. Are you ready to continue our evening?”

Claire looked expectantly into my eyes, eager to know, to feel, to experience what I had in mind for the next stage of our grand evening. Though I had not anticipated her throwing caution and faithfulness to her fiancé away this early in to the weekend, I quickly readjusted my plans, maintained full control of the evening. I knew exactly what I desired, what I was going to have Claire do, and how I was going to turn her away from him and make her mine, not only for tonight nor for this weekend, but for as long as I desired her.

Leaning my upper body over the center consul in the back, I nibbled on Claire’s ear lobe, caressed her face with my right hand, and then softly whispered into her ear, “Claire, move over here, in front of me so I may look into your eyes.” Leaning back, I reinforced my command through the slight motion of my head, a glance of eyes, and the sly grin that had spread across my face. Taking Claire’s hand, she moved gracefully over the consul separating our bucket seats and kneeled in front of me, facing me, from between my legs that were parted. I had released her hand and she placed them both at my knees and preceded to slowly slide them up to my thighs so she could maintain our contact.

Commands at this point were unnecessary and I didn’t have to tell Claire what Sinop Escort I wanted; she knew by the intense look of sexual desire in my eyes what I wanted, what I demanded. As much as I was in control, I was now about to relinquish some of it and she understood this all too well. I would now be given myself into her hands, as she had in the sky above Toronto, and she was prepared to demonstrate to me that she was willing and able to be entrusted with my deepest vulnerabilities.

Deftly and quickly Claire released my belt, unzipped the zipper and shrugged my pants down past my knees onto the floor of the back seat, quickly demonstrating to me that she was now in control, even if for only this short period of time. As Claire moved her gazed from my eyes down my body, she saw my hardness pressing firmly against my boxer briefs, straining to be released and feel the warmth of her touch and eventually the pleasure of her mouth.

I now laid back completely into the rich leather of the bucket seat as Claire slid her left hand inside my briefs, wrapping her hand and warm fingers around my pulsing cock, feeling my full heft once again. The softness of Claire’s palm and warmth of her hand had an immediate and ever intensifying stimulating effect on me. A distinguishing feeling heightened my arousal. What was that?

It was Claire’s engagement ring, on the ring finger of her left hand, the hand she reached out with and was using to explore my long, hard shaft and stimulate me. I let out a deep, long moan of pleasure, knowing what I was achieving this night; separating you from your fiancé, your feelings of love you may have had for him and from what ever morality you thought you possessed.

My thoughts briefly returned once again to Zoe. What would she be thinking right now if she saw Claire, touching and pleasuring me? How I longed to have Zoe like I have had Claire, in heat and full of desire and pleasuring me as I command. Will Zoe come as hard as Claire did when I tell her about this weekend?

My thoughts and feelings quickly returned to the present as I watched Claire lean forward and place a soft, warm, wet kiss upon the tip of my head. Claire looked up into my eyes, telling me without words me how much she loved my penis, erect and in her control.

Claire very quickly started to run her tongue around the whole head, her tongue eager to explore every ridge and the area around my tip. I knew she could taste the residue from our earlier explosions and she was truly enjoying it and she couldn’t get enough with your next move being to slide your lips and mouth as far down my hard cock that you could.

My body was transformed into a state of bliss, my eyes now closed and my breathing coming in long, deep cycles as I felt my cock head touch the back of her throat, resulting in my releasing of an audible sigh of pleasure. Claire’s mouth felt so amazing and all I could think about was waking up every morning to this most wonderful of sensations.

Ever slowly Claire devoured my hard cock; my head passing over her tongue, against her inner cheek walls, and down to the back her throat, consuming my wholeness eagerly. Your mouth, tongue, and wet throat were some of the most incredible sensations a man could experience. Your fiancé chose wise in this regard.

I laid my hands on her head, my fingers sinking into her soft, flowing, golden hair; not to direct her, but to engage yet another one of my senses, my sense a touch, to heighten my own Sinop Escort Bayan pleasure. My hands followed Claire’s head as she started a natural rocking motion, her mouth moving effortlessly up and down my shaft.

Claire developed a sensual, soothing, yet erotic rhythm, her lips sealed around my cock, tongue stroking and twirling around my whole shaft, starting with the tip and ending with it flicking against my sack. I felt her warm breath against the bare skin of my inner thigh with each pass as she buried her nose into my body.

Feeling out of breath, I whispered to Claire, “Mmm, Oh Claire, this feels so utterly amazing; I love this feeling, please…don’t stop. I don’t want you to stop. I love how your lips…your mouth…and your tongue feel Claire.”

To express the control Claire had taken, she changed her technique, moving to lollypop licking, starting at the base of my hardness and then dragging her wet tongue up in a licking motion. Each lick started in a slightly different location until she had completed a full circle around my cock; after which Claire started to suck on and massage my balls one at a time.

Claire varied the pressure used throughout, alternating between a soft and gentle, barely there touch to a more firm and intentional stroke. She also mixed in different kisses and hand stroking that drove me absolutely wild which brought me almost to a climatic explosion several times.

The heat from Claire’s oral activity raised the temperature in my body and thus the car. I could hardly contain myself but exploding was not what I wanted at this moment. I wanted to continue to experience the pleasure Claire’s oral skills were generating.

My eyes had rolled into the back of my head a long time ago so I had not noticed when she had unzipped her dress and removed her brassiere. How quickly I realized it though when I felt you slide my cock out from her wet mouth and in between her full, warm, soft breasts. I opened my eyes, observing the beautiful sight of my cock emerging from between her breasts as she rubbed them along my shaft.

Claire’s lips and tongue greeted my hard, wet cock each time it emerged from between her breasts and I could feel a renewed sense of warmth and wetness. Her nipples where perky, hard, and I could feel them against the inside of my thighs. I couldn’t help but think “Oh Zoe, just wait until I run my cock between your breasts.”

Leaning forward, Claire starting kissing my thighs and abdomen as I continued to enjoy her breasts against my cock. I loved the feeling of her beautiful, full lips against my skin. I could sense she too was deriving immense pleasure from playing with my cock, but I wanted to know how much. Opening my eyes, I looked into her beautiful baby blues and asked to taste her wetness.

Claire obliged by sliding her hand under her dress and plunged her index and middle fingers up into her pussy. I watched as her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her mouth fell open as Claire’s palm pressed firmly against her clit. Reluctantly, she removed her fingers and slid them past my lips and onto my waiting tongue. “Mmmmmm…Claire. You taste so sweet.”

I watched as Claire went to slide her fingers back into her waiting pussy, however I quickly stopped her. “Claire, not yet…I will take care of you again soon enough.”

The smile on Claire’s face conveyed both a sense of anticipation and frustration. Claire now knew that this evening was far from over, Escort Sinop yet she needed to touch herself, to pleasure herself, to release all of the pent up sexual energy she had building up as we drove endlessly around downtown Toronto.

Once again I placed my hands over Claire’s head, this time to guide Claire back onto my hard and aroused cock so I may bring myself to a full release of my cum into the depths of her throat. I wanted her to taste me, the new man in her life whom she has chosen this night to be with as long as I desire her. Quickly, her mouth once again engulfed me and I could feel my cock tickling the back of her throat.

This time I was rougher, pushing my cock past her lips and over her tongue; deeper into her throat. She wanted to gag at first, but quickly adapted to me and was able to take all of me in. I started picking up the pace, fucking her mouth and throat as I firmly grasped her head of hair, establishing a quick piston like pace.

I told Claire to suck my cock, to feel me, to enjoy where I was because this is where I will be every day.

“Claire, ooooh Claire. Yes, this is so fucking good Claire. I want to cum for you Claire. I want to cum down your throat”

Claire’s expressive eyes told me everything I needed to know. She was eager to please me, to taste, me, to have me cum past her lips, her tongue and into her throat. Her eagerness was quickly transformed into rhythmic bobbing of her head up and down at a pace faster than I had established, her tongue pressing against the most erogenous areas of my erect cock. I felt the intensity of my excitement rise, the pressure of her suction increasing and then I felt it, her hand tenderly wrapping around my ball sack and with a gentle squeeze…I couldn’t contain myself anymore.

“Claire…I’m cumming baby. I’m cumming, oh fuck I’m cumming.”

I threw me head back hard against the supple headrest of the seat, my hips thrusting forward so I could have as much of me inside her mouth. I felt her lips against my sack and inner thighs, her tongue laying against the underside of my cock, and I sensed her eyes looking up at me full of excitement and desire.

As I exploded past Claire’s lips she felt my thick streams of cum, which began deep in my balls, flood her mouth. My cock was harder and thicker than I had ever experienced before. Claire felt my cum surge through the full length of my cock which then exploded forth from me onto her tongue and down her throat. Spurt after spurt after spurt…and then, as my body quieted, Claire felt my last rope of semen signaling my final release.

As I watch Claire swallow my last drop we both realized how powerful of an experienced this had been for the both of us. She had taken another man into your hands, past her lips and into her hungry mouth. Claire’s fidelity to the man she was soon to pledge her honor to and be faithful was discarded without thought so she could exercise her wanton and passionate sexual desires.

Claire laid her head down upon my bare thigh after my now softening cock slipped from her warm mouth, her lips gently kissing the head of my cock as she continued to gently hold it in her hand. Using my left hand, I stroked her hair expressing both my pleasure and gratitude for what she had just provided to me.

Looking down upon her I told Claire what a great cocksucker she was and I whispered a soft thank you. Leaning forward, I raised her head and lips. I kissed Claire fully on her mouth, my tongue having darted past her lips to find her waiting tongue, remnants of my taste still on it. We kissed for several unending minutes before the driver cracked the partition and announced our pending arrival at my hotel.

I could hardly contain my excitement and desire to get to the room.

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