Michele’s Slave Ch. 02

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It was morning and she was kicking him gently to wake him, like yesterday, when she felt him stir.

“Assume the face sit position I need to pee.”

After her orgasm she moved forward to fart in his mouth

“Kiss my asshole to thank me for being so good to you.”

He kissed her asshole as she farted in his face again.

“I want scramble eggs this morning.”

He heard her say as she was getting off and went in the shower. He could not wash his mouth because she had said not to. So with the taste of her farts in his mouth he started preparing her breakfast.

She came out of the bathroom wearing sandals a short skirt and a tank top without a bra or underwear. Looking at her made his cock was throb. He assumed his position on the floor and when she had his tongue up her ass she said:

“I have decided that you will quit your job next week you will write your resignation today and show it to me, better I will do it. I am enjoying having you as my slave so much that I am accepting your offer to own you forever. You will honor your offer right?”

He nodded his head to her satisfaction. Her plan had worked. She had her toilet-slave.

“This morning I will not feed you. I want you hungry for this afternoon.”

She finished her eggs and got off his face.

As he was kneeling to eat his meal she grabbed his balls making him gasp and said that she should do something to empty them maybe this afternoon. When he was done eating she called him to the bathroom.

“On your knees take your vitamins and open up I need to pee. That coffee his going through me.”

She straddled his mouth and started to pee. It was getting easier to pee in him after her orgasm she farted in his mouth and ordered him to get going with his chores.

She had a chicken salad sandwich for lunch with a tall glass of iced tea. Still seated on his face she told him:

“You will go to the hardware store and buy three large bottles. I will take them to work and when I will need to pee I will do it in them and bring it back for you to drink.” She said as she farted again in his mouth.

She got up and sent him to run his errands.

He wanted to wash his mouth but she did not let him. He drove back home got in stripped naked and went to find Michele. She was in the exercise room standing beside the bench.

“Slave show me the bottles you got. Yes 2 liters bottles should do it. Now you know what to do on your knees.”

She lifted her skirt and let him French kiss her asshole. He felt a mass in there and he knew that she would feed him soon, with this thought his stomach growled.

“Get on the bench, my pet.”

She tied up his hands and feet to the heavy bench then she straddled his head looking toward his feet and sat down on his face.

“This is one of the positions to be tested. I can feel your nose and your breathing. Since you gag when you smell my shit going into your mouth yesterday morning I will lift myself a little when feeding you. I want you to get used to the smell of my shit”

She leaned forward a little and pushed a small soft stool out in his mouth.

“Chew it; roll it in your mouth, aaah! I love feeling the movement of your jaws. Do you get the full flavor?”

He nodded his head and she laugh.

Then as she was pushing another out she lifted herself a little so he could get the odor and she ordered to chew it also.

He gagged again and took a deep breath hoping not to throw up. He could swallow her stools whole but this way the taste was really awful.

“You know that I will not be able to empty those balls of yours if I cannot reach your penis, for me to reach it I have to bend forward. Let’s try again, shall we?”

She grabbed his hard on and started to slowly masturbate him while pushing another small piece of shit in his mouth. He was getting close to orgasm. She felt him tense and stopped her hand.

“Clean me, maybe when I will feed you tomorrow you will empty your balls. We will need a lot more practice on the bench.”

He was fighting a losing battle. She sat back on his mouth. He tried his best but it all came back up. His mouth was full he was trying to swallow it back down. As she got up he turned his head sideways and made a mess on the floor.

“Slave why are you disobeying me? You are to keep down what I feed you.”

She said frowning at him.

“I will detach you and you will clean your mess. Then I will face sit you in the living room for an hour or two.”

He walked in the living room. She stood up to let him assume the position. Once his tongue was up her ass. She said;

“Maybe I should ask my girlfriend to join us providing you with more shit to eat? ”

She was amused to feel him trying to move his head from left to right.

“I need to pee.”

She moved back on his face and emptied her blather in his mouth. She got up.

“Why were you sick?” She asked looking into his eyes.

“Mistress, I can swallow your shit when it is coming out directly from your asshole my lips make an air Escort Bayan tight seal around it but the taste and the smell got to me. I tried to suppress my gag reflex, but I was not able to.”

“Are you telling me that my shit is not good enough for you? That you do not want to please me? To satisfied me? I thought that you wanted to do this?”

“No Mistress I promise I will get use to the smell of shit, I will do my best to get used to it soon. I will eat shit in all the manners you want me to. Your needs always come first. I want to do this.”

“OK for this time but I am out of shit. I will face sit you some more. Having your nose in my asshole might help you a bit. Remember that I will hold you to those promises.”

They had practice every time she fed him and he had thrown up twice more at the beginning of the week. He was getting a lot better as her toilet.

A customer had complained about his bad breath which was duly noted in his file by his boss. At last it was Friday night. He did not care anymore and he was resigning next Monday anyway.

He had eaten leftovers from her plate on the floor and whatever was in his bowl. He was hungry all the time. Having his mouth in her sex so often kept him horny.

After lunch Sunday afternoon they were in the living room. She was seated on his torso looking in his eyes. She said;

“Time to move up your training. I will call my friend to help me feed you.”

She saw him turn a deep red it amused her. She called France.

“Hi, how are you France?”

“I am fine Michele only a little constipation giving me gas.”

“Really! Then would you come over to my house, I have a cure for you.”

“You mean that you would let me use your slave Michele?”

“Exactly what I meant if friends do not help each other who will?”

“I will be right over.” France answered excitedly.

“Why are you so red? Am i too heavy?” She asked him.

“No Mistress, I am shy. I thought we would have kept my services a secret.”

“Slave remember that you promised to eat shit in all the manners that I want so you will help France with her constipation problem. She will be here soon.”

She laughed and got up to wait for her friend. Ordering him to get in the exercise room.

He was lying on the bench realizing that she had planned this for a long time. Now he understood why she had invited him to live with her. She was so stunning. He could not suppress his desires for her. He was in love with her but he saw that it was one sided. She had never been his girlfriend.

The doorbell rang and his heart started to beat faster. He heard their voices upstairs and could not distinguish the words. Then a pair of nice legs was beside his face and he lifted his eyes to look at her beautiful face. She was wearing a blue summer dress. She was looking back at him with a funny smile when Michele swiftly sat down on his mouth.

“This is how I would like you to sit on him when you will shit in his mouth. He is a little bit shy. He had hoped that I would have kept it a secret that I own a toilet-slave.”

“He is funny. Do you think he will be able to eat everything?” France asked.

“Sure I keep him hungry he ate only four tiny stools. Go slowly and I want to get him used to the smell of shit so lean forward to let him smell what he is eating. He made big progress this week.”

“Oh you are a wicked one. Can I try him now? I need to shit badly but it does not come out. The laxative did not start to work yet.”

Michele got up and France sat down. Her dress was making a kind of tent around his head hiding her beautiful naked ass from view. She was a little bit bigger than Michele. She grunted he pushed his tongue in her asshole and immediately felt a large stool coming.

“Oh it’s coming slave chew it. I will pinch it off for you, I love feeling your breath in my ass.” France said.

Michele had grabbed his penis and was keeping him on the edge. He was chewing and swallowing as fast as he could. France had broken the seal between her asshole and his mouth. He had forgotten about his gag reflex thanks to practice.

France fed him four large stools one mouthful at the time. She would pinch her stool when his mouth was full and it stopped going in. Michele did not let him ejaculate even when her friend said she was done.

France move back a little and told him to open up and started peeing.

He felt bloated again after eating all that shit and drinking all that piss. Michele said:

“Congratulation on your performance. We will still practice on the bench this week. Go clean your mouth and face. You stink.”

They followed him in the bathroom when he was cleaned.

“Get on your knees, I need to pee.” Michele ordered.

He licked her to orgasm again. France ordered him to lie on his back and straddled his face lowered her cunt to his mouth telling him to lick her until she climax on top of him. Then she joined Michele in the living room.

He was cooking dinner for them. When everything was almost Bayan Escort ready he asked Michele’s permission to use the toilet which she granted. All that shit was going through him faster he felt a lot better afterward.

He opened the wine and brought them each a glass as requested by his Mistress. Then he knelt down in front of her once more he got on all four and both of them got on his back one at the time. It was difficult to transport them that way. He struggled to bring them both to the table at 120 pounds he did not have much muscles.

Michele told France:

“You should try eating with his tongue up your ass. It is great a good feeling. You can feel his breath on your ass and fart directly in his mouth.”

“Can I? I thank you very much for letting me use him. I envy you. Do you think he has a friend that I can train for my use?” She asked laughing.

She lifted her dress and sat on his face adjusted her position for his tongue to go in and started eating. He was breathing without problem and was doing his best to please his Mistress friend.

He was ashamed that someone else knew about his toilet service but when Michele had masturbated him he wished he had come.

He had started serving Michele a little longer than a week ago. He had thought that it would be over Sunday but he had agreed to a lifetime of service on that night.

As France was getting up Michele told him:

“Slave we have finish eating prepare some coffee and serve it in the living room. Then clean up the kitchen. I have written your resignation you will sign it tonight and give it to your boss tomorrow morning. But first on your knees I need to pee.”

When the kitchen was in order he went in the living room and knelt in front of her. She had him sign the letter and ordered him to assume the position to be face sat. So he lay down on his back and bended his knees.

“France I want to show you how he stimulate my bowels. He suggested that position when I ask him to dig deeper in my asshole with his tongue before he started his new life.”

Michele sat on his chest and moved her asshole to his mouth. He was looking at her beautiful tights and her cunt so close and so far at the same time he was consumed by his desires.

“Hey, that position seems to be comfortable. Can I try it after?” France said.

“Oh yes and I started shitting in his mouth seated like that. The purpose is not having to get out of bed to use the toilet.” Michele said.

“Did he choke on it?” France asked.

“No go slow if you use him.” Michele advised.

They changed place and France really liked his breath on her cunt and true to himself he triggered her bowel movement. France used him again. She had been constipated for four days and that laxative was finally working.

The first stool was starting small and getting bigger he squirm a little bit in panic and opened his throat to facilitate the passage. He was getting better at this. She fed him three soft small stools.

“Clean my asshole slave.” France ordered.

She got up and sat on the couch. They ordered him not to wash his mouth and wait in bed.

“Michele he his great as a human toilet! Will you lend him to me?” France asked

” You can come over whenever you want to use him. Later on I will lend him to you so that he can help you with your housework. He has not reached the level of training that I wish for him yet. I will keep you informed.” Michele answered.

“You can sleep in my king size bed with us tonight if you want. He now sleeps at my feet to keep them warm.” Michele said.

“Yes I would I have brought my nightgown.”

“France, do you still have Jackie as your lawyer?”

“Yes do you need her services?”

“Yes I want to make sure that she will draft a contract binding my slave to me.”

“I will give you her number tomorrow. I got it at home.”

He was in the position to be face sat in bed waiting for them. He was feeling queasy from all that shit he had eaten. He was thinking about his week how fast his status was degraded from boyfriend to toilet-slave.

Those stunning beauties were the cruelest ladies he ever met. He still got an erection looking at them. Their long legs and rounded ass cheeks were exciting him and he would try to caress their firm breast if they sat on his face tonight or their legs or both. He was so horny again.

They walked in the bedroom Michele in a small teddy and France in her night gown. Michele sat on his chest and lifted her legs preparing to move her asshole to his mouth when France said:

“I need to pee. Do I have to use the regular toilet?”

“No you will use him. Let me move back and sit on his legs. Would you pee in his mouth facing me? That way his nose will be in your ass.”

“With pleasure.”

France straddles his head and sat on his face trying to have his nose up her asshole. She peed in his mouth Michele was seated on his legs teasing his hard on with her hand. She knew that he would be frustrated for the night and it pleased her.

France Escort dismounted and lay down beside him.

Michele face sat him for a while chatting with France. He caressed her legs and her breast delicately until she told him to stop she wanted to sleep. She gave him permission to use the toilet and wash his mouth.

France wanted to have her toes sucked going to sleep.

They were kicking him gently.

“Wake up. I need to pee.” Michele said.

He got in the face sit position and as she was peeing in his mouth she ordered:

“Pancakes for breakfast. You will be face sat by France this morning maybe she will feed you but I assure you that I will while getting ready for work.”

Then France took Michele place and peed in him.

They went to take a shower. He got up and started preparing the pancakes in witch he added blueberries. They walked in the kitchen wearing their nurse’s uniform. He assumed the position and France sat on his face.

“Thank you Michele for helping me with my small constipation problem.” France laughed.

“You are welcome; if you want you can feed him while having your coffee. It is a position that we have to practice.”

“I fed him a lot yesterday. I do not need to go right now. Sorry.” France answered.

“Don’t be. I will feed him while applying my make-up and giving him his vitamins. Having a coffee in the morning always help me.”

They got up and she ordered him to the bathroom.

“Slave on your knees takes those vitamins. I do not need to pee only to shit and we will use the squatting position.”

As he was moving behind her lifting her dress helm lowering her panties and placing his lips around her asshole she said:

“I am very pleased that you served both of us so well yesterday. I did not think that you were trained enough to be able to service two women.”

She pushed his head back and the first stool went in his mouth. It was really getting easier to use him. It felt natural. She reminded him to hand in his resignation today.

“The sooner you are at home the better. I want you to build a toilet box for my girlfriends who might want to use you and you will have to repaint the house once you are home for good.”

She fed him a second stool and ordered him to clean her.

“Are you still hungry slave?”

“No Mistress I am quite full. Your friend gave me a lot yesterday and I would need to use the toilet please.”

“Of course slave. From now on: the bathroom downstairs is yours. Do not brush your teeth this morning I want you to have the taste of my shit in your mouth when you meet your boss to resign and start shaving twice a day. I like your face to be smooth when it is in my ass or the one of a friend.”

He got to the bank on time for once and asked to talk with his boss Laura a nice redhead a little taller than him with green eyes.

“You look like shit. Your girlfriend played rough this week end?”

She said laughing. He gave her the letter and told her that the sooner he would be home the better it would be. She accepted his immediate resignation verified his employee file and told him:

“Good news you have accumulated three weeks of vacation time so you can leave now. The difference will be deposited in your account. What will you do at home?”

“I will write a book of science fiction.”

“Then good luck. I hope you will be inspired and that your girlfriend will be nicer to you. Try to do something about that breath. I understand why the customers have been complaining about it. Phew!” She said laughing.

She had received information from Michele about the week activities and an invitation to drop by when she felt like it.

She would gladly shit in him. She hated his guts. She was waiting for an excuse to fire him but he had quit before she could find one.

He returned home and started on his chores. The phone rang it was Michele.

“You are back home good. Tell me about your meeting.”

“Laura accepted my resignation. I had accumulated vacation time so she sent me home telling me to do something about my breath. She will send me my termination papers by the end of the week Mistress.”

She laughed and told him that the girls had filled a bottle for him and she had a third of a second bottle. He felt ashamed that her colleagues knew about his services.

“You did very well. You are not to eat food. I will feed you tonight. You are still in training. Now go and get the materials to build a toilet box the blueprints are by the printer on the computer desk.”

“Yes Mistress Michele.” He answered feeling humiliated.

“The girls are all volunteering to help you test it.” She laughed at his tone of voice.

She was still laughing after she hanged up the phone. Jessica would test the toilet box tomorrow night. They had all put their names in a bowl and she had won the draw.

Tonight they would practice on the bench she liked feeling his jaws working in between her ass cheeks.

It took two hours to build it. It looked sturdy and he had succeeded to build the height adjustment mechanism for his head giving the user the choice to smother his face or not touch it or have it at any height in between. Michele would be able to attach his hands on the sides of the box if she wished.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32