Milked for Science! Ch. 01

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She lay there, staring at the padlock that lay on her door. “I…I’m…I’m homeless.” She cried out. The strangers walking along the sidewalk looked at her, some looking sympathetic, but continued walking.

One stopped, however, and kneeled beside her. “What’s your name, miss?” The stranger asks. She looks over, and notices his scraggly beard, mop of greasy auburn hair, quite ripped jeans, and a camo jacket that had seen better days. She, however, needed all the help she could get, even from a creepy man like him. “Autumn, sir.”

He smiled at this. It was a creepy, almost stalker-ish smile. “I’ve noticed you’ve been crying. What’s wrong, beautiful?” Autumn shuddered at the last word. ‘Beautiful.’ She, nonetheless, kept on. “I’ve just lost my house. I lost everything. I have nothing!” She sobbed into her hands, muffling her cries.

The man put a hand on her. “I have a way to fix it, my beautiful Autumn.” He said soothingly, but to Autumn it wasn’t at all soothing. This, nonetheless, peaked her interest. “Could you tell me, perhaps?” His smile got bigger at Autumn’s question. Escort Bayan “Oh yes, I can. But first, drink this.” He said, pulling a canteen out of his jacket.

Autumn stared at it awhile. “Why?!” The man only smiled. “Why do I drink that?” She repeated. The man dropped his smile. “You want your help or not? I’m prepared to give you, or, not I, but the corporation is willing to give you $31,500. Now, you want that kinda money or do I find someone else?”

Autumn sighed. “What is this corporation? What’s it do?” The man stands. “Too many questions. You want in? Drink this. You don’t want the money to save your house? Don’t drink it. Simple. What’s your damn choice?” She stands up with him, and sighs once more. “I want to drink it.”

The man smiles. “Good, good.” He pulls it out of his pocket, and hands it to her. Autumn sighs, hesitating, and takes it. She unscrews the cap, and takes a sip. It tasted very sugary, almost like it was only sugar water. The man frowns at this. “You have to drink all of it.” Autumn was quite shocked at this. “All of it?!” The Bayan Escort man nods.

“I can’t drink all of it!” She whines. “Just try it.” He responds. Autumn looks at him one last time with a completely worried look, and begins to drink it. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp. Gasp. She felt nauseated, but not to the point of vomiting. The man looks satisfied, and smiles. “Alright. Now, walk with me to my car.”

She begins walking towards him, but stumbles. The man catches her. “Just lean against me, Autumn.” They make the short walk to his car (which was just across the street) and Autumn got in. She could feel her stomach bubbling, and almost a rising sensation, as if the liquid she had drank didn’t stay, but instead began their journey up and out, towards the chest.

She made the mistake of coughing, and ended up crying out in pain, for a pain as though she was being stabbed in the chest arose. “What was in that drink?!” She managed to blurt out, although very hoarse. The man looked behind him. “None of your concern.” He looked at the road, and started the car, Escort and Autumn felt the car lurch forward.

The liquid stopped it’s rise upward, but began pushing outward. “No!” She croaked, realizing where it was pushing at. Her boobs began to inflate, and soon gained a cup in size. (Which they were already a fair size already.) They stopped inflating, but began hurt, as if they were being pushed from the inside out.

She began to cry in fear and pain. Her boobs were now on fire, and her bra broke. She felt a wet spot where her nipples were, and she looked down. Her shirt was getting progressively wetter. 2 large streams of milk shot out from her boobs, and the pain, just as quickly as the pain started, stopped.

She felt compelled to remove her shirt, to see what happened. She realized she hadn’t buckled her seatbelt, so she leaned forward, and pulled off her shirt. Her pink bra had split open, and fallen down to her lap when she took her shirt off. Her boobs, which now were very heavy, hung low, and had a red tint to them. She squeezed them, and the purple liquid she drank earlier came out.

She held her boobs up with one arm, for they were too heavy to hold. She whimpered, and felt a sudden pain in her head. She tried to yell out in pain, but couldn’t. Everything was blindingly white, and then everything went dark.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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