Miss Victoria, Sex Therapist Ch. 02: Gregory

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Hello you naughty girls and boys!

So I actually had submitted another chapter in the Miss Victoria series on Aug 10th. However, that one was rejected; for punctuation of all things. Honestly I’m not sure what the problem was as I try to do as much on my end to ease the submission and publication process to include formatting for italics, bold, and so forth. Anyway I must say that the rejection stalled me. I haven’t had the motivation to ‘fix’ that chapter though I did spend a lot of time trying to determine just what could have been the issue. And it’s too bad because it was a short chapter but one I really liked and introduced a new character. So right now I’m not sure when or if I will get that chapter resubmitted.

On the plus side, it would have been a small break from Gregory and you dear reader, would have had to wait for the next Gregory chapter anyway. But now I will put that chapter next in line and this will pick up right where we left off.

I’m trying to get back in my groove and plan to have another submission next week as well and maybe weekly for a little while.

So now back to Gregory and what happens next.


“Now Gregory. We have identified the root cause which brought you here. That is what we must investigate first. Now what I need is a demonstration so I may better understand all that is involved.”

Gregory was shocked and confused.

“A demonstration?” he asked, truly wondering and afraid of what she had in mind.

“Yes a demonstration of what transpires each night for you. And it needs to be as accurate as possible. You are committed to this relationship, aren’t you?” she asked as if stating the obvious.

“Yes, yes, I’m completely committed to this relationship Ma’am.”

“Good. Now I need to better understand precisely what you are going through each night and I need to understand how your girlfriend is feeling. Let’s move over to the couch.”

So saying, they both moved over towards the couch.

“Now I know it isn’t a bed but I think it will do for the first time.”

When he heard the words ‘first time’ he became alarmed. Just what was she expecting and why or how was it to be repeated?

“Now Gregory, if you could kneel in position as if this was in fact the bed where your girlfriend sleeps.”

Gregory slowly got to his knees, sitting on his ankles, wondering what was happening. His shoes bit into him as he rested his weight back and he winced slightly.

“I’m guessing you aren’t wearing shoes when you do this. No point in being uncomfortable, and we want an accurate recreation, so why don’t you take off your shoes and place them behind you.”

He was actually quite thankful for that as they were quite uncomfortable in that position. He soon removed his shoes and placed them on the floor a little behind where he knelt.

“I suppose I will need to take off my shoes as well. We don’t normally wear shoes in bed, or on the couch now do we?”

He knew the question was rhetorical and he was once again transfixed as she removed her shoes and placed them on the floor at her end of the couch. Like every other part of her body, her feet were beautiful. They were encased in dark stockings, but he could make out the shape of her feet and toes.

Then she sat near her end of the couch and swung her feet over. Her feet nearly grazed his face as he had to suddenly shift his head back. She then moved on the couch so that soon her backside was close to the edge and she had scooted closer towards him.

“Am I getting close?” she asked him.

“Yes.” He replied, still curious but feeling better about this as her skirted bottom was close to him.

“This isn’t quite comfortable for me. Does she have pillows under her, Escort Bayan or some other support?”

Gregory realized that his girlfriend did indeed have a few pillows on her bed and that she did rest on them some nights, mostly when she wanted to watch him.

“Yes Ma’am. Some nights she rests on pillows, at least in the beginning when she wants to watch me.”

“Gregory.” She said with a stern voice. “Why didn’t you mention the pillows, and more importantly why didn’t you mention she likes to watch you?”

He was struck dumb.

“If this is going to work you have to tell me everything. This is our first night, so I will allow some leeway, but you had better learn to give me full disclosure. Now give me a moment to see if I can set something up.”

That said, she began to take cushions from the back of the couch and arrange a slanted support which allowed her to recline sideways in comfort.

“Okay, this is better. Now lean in as if you’re going to give me a kiss.”

Hesitantly Gregory leaned forward placing his face close to her ass. He shifted slightly and paused, trying to get his position right.

“Something isn’t quite right, is it?”

Gregory thought for a moment.

“Well she usually hangs a bit more over the edge.”

“Ahh. Like this?” she said as she scooted her rear over the edge a bit and more in Gregory’s face.

“Yes Ma’am, that’s much closer.”

Oh boy was it close. Her skirt filled most of his vision and now he could certainly see the pin striping he noticed earlier. At this distance he could examine the stitching if that were necessary.

“All right, now why don’t you just give me a little kiss.”

Now Gregory was a bit unsure. She wanted him to kiss her ass? She did have clothes on but this still seemed a bit irregular.

“A kiss Ma’am?”

“Yes a kiss. It will help determine if we have our positions right. And it’s not like I’m asking for any licking. Just a kiss will do for now.”

He stared at the bottom before him. Then slowly he closed the very short distance and placed one loving kiss over where he knew her asshole to be. Though of course he was only kissing her skirt and didn’t push in enough for her to feel any pressure directly on her asshole. He then leaned back a bit and waited for her.

“Hmm. All right I think we’re about ready to begin.”

And then she swung her legs back over his head and stood up. As she stood up, he thought perhaps he was to follow her. But as soon as he began to rise he felt her hand on his forehead.

“Stay down.”

He kept his place on the floor and realized, while brief, it was the first time she had touched him.

“Now then, once we get started, you will need to talk me through the events of the evening. Tell me what she says to you and how she says it.”

He was once again becoming nervous about what she expected in a ‘demonstration’.

“Are you listening to me Gregory?”

Her voice was stern and it sounded as if he was being scolded. He looked up at her as she stood with her hands on her hips.

“Now you have to tell me what she says. However once you begin your duties, well, actions speak louder than words, so don’t interrupt yourself unnecessarily. Now when your tongue goes to work, I want you to imagine you are with your girlfriend and do everything as you do it for her, understand?”

He just couldn’t believe it. She was leaving little doubt now. Did she actually expect him to put his tongue in her ass?

“Ma’am I’m a little confused. Just exactly what do you want me to do with my tongue?”

“Exactly what you do for her Gregory! You’re going to have to give me three long, deep, French kisses!”


“There are Bayan Escort only two butts you need to be concerned with right now. One is mine which you will be kissing and licking shortly, and the other is yours which is going to be in sorry shape if you keep testing my patience!”

She seemed to be more than a little annoyed at this point and Gregory felt like he was a bad pupil being berated by one of his teachers.

“Now don’t act like this is such a difficult thing to do! We already know you are an asslicker! We already know you’ve had your tongue deep inside a woman’s asshole! What’s new here is that I am going to be exposing some of my intimate body areas to you and letting you have intimate contact with me! You could at least show some respect for the sacrifices I am willing to make and not make this any more difficult!”

Gregory felt beaten. In fact he would have preferred if she had just slapped him. He felt awful that he had made her so upset and now he was afraid he was about to lose the one person who seemed willing to help him.

“Sorry Ma’am. I’ll do whatever it takes. Let me prove it to you.”

As he said it, he felt he may have given too much by offering to ‘prove it’, but he couldn’t lose her now if there was any way to keep her helping him.

She took a couple of deep breaths before responding.

“Alright. I’ll let you make it up to me. But to prove yourself we are certainly going to cover a full night of your duties. You will spend just as long taking care of my ass and asshole as you do for her. And you had better not try licking my pussy! This is about your ass licking, kissing, and loving. You will give me your full attention and you will endeavor to please me just as much as you wish to please her. Do you understand and agree?”

“Yes Ma’am I understand and I will do my best.”

“Good. Now while I prepare you should probably remove your shirt. We needn’t get fully undressed for this, but I wouldn’t want your shirt to be messed up.”

“Thank you Ma’am.” He said as he began to unbutton his shirt.

She then lifted her skirt to just below where her underwear would be visible and somehow with her fingers and thumbs underneath pulled her panties until they came off in a rush as she quickly stepped out of them. She placed them on a table at her end of the couch and turned back to look at Gregory.

“Now then, close your eyes while I get into position. And I don’t want you staring at my pussy or trying to get a better look at me anywhere else than my asshole. That is your focus tonight, and that is why we are here.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He said as he closed his eyes.

He took a moment to think over his situation. He was kneeling beside the couch with his shoes and shirt off. Miss Victoria had already removed her panties, and within moments he was going to be looking at her bare ass. More than that, he would soon be addressing that ass with his tongue and mouth in a manner he had only done for his girlfriend.

“You may open your eyes Gregory.”

He opened his eyes and beheld her beautiful bare ass. He couldn’t help but stare but he also knew he couldn’t afford to upset her any further. With some difficulty he looked up into her eyes.

“Now then Gregory, how do the evening’s activities usually start?”

“Well it usually all begins when she says something like ‘Okay Gregory, it’s time for bed.’ And we head to her bedroom.”

“Okay, and now we are in her bedroom. What’s next?”

“Then we get into position much like we are now.”

“Is it like this? Think Gregory, are we missing anything?”

“I don’t think so. I mean it isn’t a couch and an office, it’s her bedroom and her bed. But besides those things I think we have Escort it right.”

“Good. Go on.”

“So then she says ‘Are you ready to give me what I want?’ and I say ‘Yes’. And then she says ‘And what is it that I want?’ and I reply ‘Three long, deep, French kisses.’ And then she says ‘Now give me three kisses and show me that you love me.'”

“Okay Gregory, you may now begin.”

And here it was. The moment of truth. If he was really committed to making his relationship work he was going to have to follow Miss Victoria’s instructions. Instructions which now forced him to perform analingus to recreate the experience he had each night with his girlfriend.

He steeled himself and leaned forward. The first contact of his tongue gave each of them a shiver from the anticipation. Slowly he moved his mouth as he had become accustomed to over the previous weeks.

While it helped him to remember his girlfriend and follow the motions he was used to, occasionally it came to his mind that he was in fact using his tongue on Miss Victoria. Miss Victoria and her perfect asshole. Thinking of her, when he did, he found himself in a bit more lust. He would have to steady himself and remember his relationship and that this was therapy, at least of a sort.


Meanwhile on the couch, Miss Victoria was enjoying his efforts. While he may not have had all the enthusiasm, there was no denying his tongue was making its way along her entire crack and circling her asshole from time to time. This was going to be quite pleasant. She looked over her ass at him, enjoying the power.

She had only just met him today and already he was kneeling and licking her ass. Having a new client made her happy as well. Naturally her mind began to consider the prospect of working with him and she wondered how he would compare to some of her other clients. And there was another client she needed to make arrangements for.

“Gregory, I have something I need to take care of. Don’t stop what you’re doing, just carry on, but don’t start the first kiss yet.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He replied just pulling from her ass for a moment.

“Don’t talk, just work your tongue.”

He still had a lot to learn, and she was looking forward to training him. She then grabbed the phone to call out to the reception desk.

“Katherine. Yes I won’t be able to see Mark this evening as Gregory and I are exploring his place in their relationship. So if you are willing, I will let you handle this session with him. If he doesn’t want to come in with you he can see me for his next appointment but he will still be charged for tonight. Can you handle him for me?”

She knew Gregory was listening, which she wanted, but she wasn’t going to give any more details. Besides Katherine knew what was required and she didn’t mind letting her have some of her own fun tonight.

“Yes Miss Victoria, I would be happy to help out. I think I can handle Mark this evening. And thank you.”

“Certainly my dear. Just make sure Mark has his privacy if he isn’t finished by the time we are done. Although he may be finished before we are done. I think we are going to be here for quite some time tonight.”

“I’ll take care of it Miss Victoria.”

“Thank you.”

And with that she hung up the phone. Once again she looked over her ass at Gregory and watched as his head moved next to her ass.

She was happy to feel his tongue make its way across her and wasn’t quick to put him back on his regular routine. She sighed heavily and Gregory looked up at her. How precious. It was such a sight to see his eyes looking at her from below while his tongue was still in intimate contact. It was not unlike a sad puppy dog look and she drank it in for a few moments.

“Okay Gregory, back to where you were. Keep licking and kissing and when you are ready for the first kiss you may proceed.

And with that Miss Victoria relaxed on the cushions, closed her eyes, and enjoyed the workings of his lips and tongue.

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