Mountain Pasture Tales Ch. 04

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I am what in Sweden was called an “old lass”, the daughter who had to take care of the old parents. Like so many others I ended up unmarried and had to find my outcome on my own. My eldest brother inherited the farm. I got a small cottage in the village, though. My brother also let me use our mountain pasture as if it was mine. It is an old tradition in Dalecarlia to bring the cattle up in the hills in summertime. Only a few people take care of the cattle and often an old lass is in charge with a few youngsters to help her. My pasture is the only one left in my village. It is a nice place in a valley with a pond with crystal clear water. By midsummer the water gets warm and I like to swim and sunbathe.

I was not old for being an old lass that summer of -54, only close to forty. I am not good-looking but not that ugly either. I am proud of my body with its heavy breasts, which bounce nicely when I want to and let them free. I also like my thick dark pussy hair, a real bush. The men like to entangle their fingers in it and comb it and I like the tickling from it. And of the promise of what will come.

But what I like best is my wide hips. My men can rest on them in great comfort and I like to have their heaviness on top of me. The best thing is a small man with narrow hips. He fits in nicely between my hipbones and if his cock is long and in my pussy it’s like heaven.

So I like my body. It has matured over the years. Maybe my belly is more rounded and my rump a little meaty. But I have found that men like a big rump as long as it is firm and muscled. And mine is.

Yes, men. An old lass don’t have to be without men but in a rural village you have to be careful. I have laid most of the men in my village and quite a few others. I usually lay them after they have got married. Then they have to be more careful and can’t brag around. I make them promise not to tell anyone and I promise not to tell their wife. It has worked so far. And I don’t get too involved. A couple of times up to a dozen are enough. A man needs more than once to relax and prove his ability and give me a good fuck but after a dozen times it becomes a routine. Most men don’t have fantasy enough to be good after that. They only want the easy fuck. And it is no problem finding a time and place. We are outdoor people working in the fields and in the woods and I have my own cottage even if I seldom let the men in there. And I have the mountain pasture.

In Tales 1, 2 and 3 I told what happened in the summer of-53 and -54. I took cattle to the pasture. I was alone with a young boy to help me. He had a tremendous cock and I made it my task to teach him how to use it for the pleasure of women. He became very good and gave me a good time.

His mother quickly found out that he had experienced his first woman. She also confronted me with the question if I had laid her husband and the husbands of her friends. I had to admit that I had. She wasn’t angry though because they felt I was no threat to their marriage and I had taught the men a few things that also spiced up the sex life with their spouses. But she asked me to help her and her friends to get the good sex life back. In the autumn of -53 I gave them and their husbands a refresher course which was highly appreciated. A first part of the course involved a young man and he showed the women how good a young man could be for an elder woman. They wanted more of that.

In the summer of -54 I arranged a heaven for the women at my pasture. That included breaking in their sons and letting the sons enjoy the charms of elder women. In fact both the sons and the women got as much sex as they wanted during the summer. It was a success.

But that took only care of my needs for the summer. I couldn’t live on that only for the rest of the year. I had to find ways to earn money and get men to lay also the rest of the year.

In these years a market emerged for cloudberries, wild berries which grow in the mosses. I had a lot of cloudberries around my pasture but it was a long way to come to pick them. And no roads to take the berries home.

But my pasture was a good base for berrypickers. I let it be known that I had my pasture open in the berry season and would accommodate berry pickers. I also would buy the berries. I had a boy from the village to ride up and fetch the berries twice a week.

This first season I had a married couple and a single man as my paying guests. I gave them breakfast and dinner and a lunch packet. I picked berries myself but only part time. I had to cook as well.

One day I was on a moss in a small valley. I saw the single man in the other end. Suddenly I got very horny. It had been a couple of weeks since my friends had left the pasture after a few days of frolicking and a lot of sex.

I took off my skirt. At the pasture I always wore the old types of clothing. I was dressed in a shift and a skirt. The shift had buttons from the waist up. I unbuttoned the shift until my swelling breasts showed nicely. I moved along the bushes on the side of Sakarya Escort the valley until I was 40-50 yards from the man. Then I started to pick again slowly working my way from one side of the valley to the other. The man was moving towards me. I pretended not to notice him.

My shift was rather short and rode high on my thighs went I bent down to pick. The unbuttoned front showed my breasts. I hoped that he would get aroused enough to make a move.

I picked and went slowly over the valley and then turned and went back closing the distance a little between us. Now and then I sneaked a glance and saw that he certainly was interested. His picking had slowed down and he was busy looking at me. On my way back his view mostly was my breasts but when I had come halfway over the valley he saw me from behind. I bent over more than necessary and made sure that my shift rode up not only over my thighs but now and then also over my rump. I was sure he got a good look at my good rump and my pussy. When I was halfway the third round I heard him approach me.

“Nice to get company. It gets lonesome up here, doesn’t it,” he said when he came close.

I straightened up and faced him. I saw lust in his eyes. My pussy burned. I had no other thought in my head than to get fucked.

“Yes, It does, doesn’t it. Want to do something about it?” I said adding a new meaning.

I sank down on the soft moss and spread my legs. My shift rode up high on my thighs and I guess that my pussy could be seen if he bent down a little. I never wore any underwear at the pasture. He looked at me astonished at first then smiling and moved a little to get a better view.

“Come and fuck me, what are you waiting for?” I teasingly said, closed my eyes and lay back waiting for him. I spread my legs even more and raised my knees. I was now fully exposed to him.

I heard him undress and then his hands were over my belly and on my breasts under my shift.

I startled when I suddenly felt his tongue on my pussy. He licked me expertly along my crack and let his tongue rotate on my clit on its way up or down. He put his tongue in my cunt in between. My hips moved against him uncontrollably and nearly crushed his nose but he kept on licking me. I came in a shuddering orgasm and let it be known by a high scream that echoed in the valley.

He didn’t let me rest. He moved up and let his cock search for my entrance. He found it and easily slid in. He fucked me wildly and I met him with raised hips and my feet deep in the moss. It didn’t take long until he started to grunt and I understood he was on his way. That turned me on tremendously and I came as soon as I felt him spurt into me. I guess that I was screaming again.

Exhausted we lay in the soft moss.

“What a nice surprise from the landlady,” he whispered after a while. “Thank you, that felt real good. I want to do it again, may I?”

“Well, we have to think about that and if a good opportunity arises may be I well let you in again,” I said a bit concerned. He shouldn’t take things for granted for the future.

“Oh, you misunderstood me,” he said. “I mean now. I very much would like to fuck you again right now. A little help would be appreciated though.”

I looked at him and saw that he was serious. I looked down at his cock and saw that although it was still limp there was some hardness. I took him in my hand and yes it was hardening. I went down on him and took him in my mouth and did my best. He responded quickly and got hard. I kissed and fondled his balls and then his cock again until he was back in full power.

I stood and pulled my shift over my head. Naked I went a few steps away from him and then went down on my hands and knees facing away from him. I spread my knees and thighs. I was ready.

I heard him behind me and then felt his hands on my hips. He stroked over my back and down under and cupped my breasts. He massaged them roughly which I like. He knelt behind me and held my hips again. I felt his cock probe for my pussy entrance. I reached between my legs and guided him in.

He started to fuck me in a steady rhythm with long strokes now and then replaced with short quick jabs. He squeezed my breast and stroked my flanks. His hands slid down the back of my thighs and on their way up squeezed and put apart my inner thighs and pussy lips.

He slowly built up his tempo until he was banging hard into me. He stopped and forced my head down in the moss and put his legs outside mine. I squeezed his cock with my muscles and my pussy got narrow in this position. He resumed fucking me. I felt my orgasm build up and my screams got higher until I came.

He paused, but only briefly. He soon resumed banging me and stroking my body. I felt in heaven. When I felt my second orgasm was on its way I flexed my inner muscles as much as I could. He must have liked it because he started to grunt and fuck me with short rapid strokes. We got quite noisy when we came more or less at the same time.

I slowly Sakarya Escort Bayan lay down on the moss making sure he and his cock followed me down. I wanted to keep him inside and feel him soften which he eventually did.

I pushed him away from me and rose.

“Thank you, that was nice. Just what we needed,” I said looking down at him. “See you at dinner.”

I picked up my shift and my basket and left without looking back. I found my skirt and then went home naked. I like going naked in the sun over the hills.

In the evening he came home with a good amount of berries. I just smiled at him but pretended as if nothing had happened. The couple came just afterwards and we had a pleasant dinner.

At bedtime the woman approached me.

“I saw you today in the valley,” she said. “And I heard you too,” she grinned.

“Well,” I said. “So what, do you have any complaints?”

“Oh no, don’t misunderstand me,” she said hurriedly and looked very serious. “Tell me, did he really take you twice?”

“Yes,” I said giggling. “He was really good at it. And he also licked me until I came for a starter. I had a good time.”

“Yes, I can understand that,” she said and I could hear the longing in her voice. “Well I certainly would like to get an experience like that.”

“Well,” I started to say, thinking quickly. “Why shouldn’t you? Would your husband disagree to take you in the open?”

“Oh, I don’t know. We don’t fuck much nowadays,” she confessed.

“Am I right if I say that you need a push to vitalize your sex life?” I asked. A plan had formed in my head. “Or is your husband unable to get it up?”

“Oh no, I know he can have a nice hard on if he gets aroused. It’s just that I don’t arouse him much any more. But we fuck now and then of course. But I want more.”

“Well, if you want to fuck you have to do anything about it,” I said. “I have a couple of ideas if you want to hear?”

She nodded eagerly and I gave her two suggestions. She looked both frightened and excited. She thought for a while.

“What the heck,” she exclaimed. “Why choose, let’s try both. Oh, if you agree of course.”

My suggestions involved me as well to say the least.

We parted for the night.

In the morning I was flirting with the single man and made him think I would come in his direction later. They all set off for the day’s work.

After about two hours I went after them.

I saw the single man in a valley, the couple in another but spread wide apart. I told the wife where to find the single man and she drifted off.

When she was out of sight I moved close to the married man. I picked berries for a while working my way closer to him. At first he got irritated that I took the berries from him. Then he got interested when he saw my light clothing. I had on only my short shift.

I called him over and he hesitantly came.

” I want to get laid,” I said when he stood before me. “You have turned me on. I think you are man enough to satisfy me,” I teased him.

He was tall and a strong man. He looked at me for a while thinking over what I had said, unsure what to do.

“Don’t you want to fuck me?” I asked. “Don’t worry about your wife, she is in the other valley. I saw her there.”

He suddenly moved. He came close and swept me up in his arms. He held me for a while looking into my eyes. Then he laid me down in the moss and pushed my shift up over my hips. My pussy was naked for him to see and touch.

He stood looking at me for a while. He knelt and stroked gently over my pussy and let his fingers sift through my thick pussy hair and pulled it making my skin stretch. He pulled my hair and rotated his hand. My clit got stimulated and swelled. He kept on for quite a while until my clit was protruding. He put his thumb on my clit and a finger in my pussy and massaged lightly. That was enough for me to come and I let him hear my moans of pleasure.

He stood and undressed. I took my shift off and sank back on the soft moss. His cock was average in length but it was fat. Real fat. My pussy twitched in anticipation. This cock would really stretch my pussy.

He knelt again and caressed my breasts and all over my body. I held his cock and stroked it until he was hard.

I rolled over on my stomach away from him and stood on my hands and knees with my knees wide apart. I wanted him from behind. He understood and entered me. I was wet and ready and with short jabs he made his way into my pussy. It felt heavenly to be stretched; it felt as to the limit. He fucked me with long steady strokes and I came again. He stopped surprised when he heard my moans and cries but then went on fucking me. Soon his thrusts got wilder and shorter and his cock widened. He was near and a deep groan came from his throat. Just after he shot his load into my pussy I came again this time crying out loud.

We collapsed into the soft moss. He rolled off me and lay looking at me. I turned on my back and he caressed my breasts Escort Sakarya lightly.

“Thank you,” he said silently. ” That was good. It was so unexpected. Did you enjoy as well?”

“Yes, thank you,” I smiled at him. “Didn’t you hear. That was just what I had thought and hoped. May be we can do it again sometime? And don’t worry about your wife. She knows.”

He was shocked but before he had collected his thoughts I had risen and collected my things and set off.

I walked naked over the bog towards home. In the distance I thought a heard faint cries like from a woman in ecstasy. I hoped it was.

When they came back in late afternoon they all looked a bit shy and didn’t talk much. In the evening the woman wanted to talk. This is was she told me.

” I found the single man from your directions. He was working hard and I went up to him and asked if he wanted to share my refreshments. He gladly agreed and we sat down and chatted for a while. Then I boldly told him that I had seen you two the other day and that I wanted him to fuck me as well.

Before he had time to answer I stood and undressed and was soon standing naked before him. He looked me over. If I may say so myself I am pleased with my body and he must have liked what he saw. Without a word he reached out and grabbed me and pulled me down in his lap. His hands were all over me and it felt heavenly.

He lay down and had me kneel over his face and he licked me so nicely until I came. It was a good beginning but now I really wanted more. I unbuttoned him and got his cock out. It was already semierect and I sucked him to full power but was careful not to finish him off.

He signaled to me to stop and I crept forward down his legs and stood on my hands and knees waiting. He knelt behind me and stroked over my body. I felt his cock in my crack and with my hand between my thighs I guided him to my waiting pussy. He slid in easily. He fucked me in a steady rhythm and I let myself loose. I moaned and cried which I normally try to suppress. But out there in the open alone in the hills it felt safe and the right thing to do. I guess I got rather noisy.”

‘I heard you,’ I said. ‘It sounded like you had a good time.’

“Yes, I really had,” she continued. ” We both came rather quickly. But it didn’t worry me because I counted on that he could take me again.

When we had calmed down I lay back in the moss with my thighs open. He looked at me and stroked his cock. He knelt beside my head and gave me his cock to suck. It came back to life in an astonishing short time. He moved between my thighs and raised them high in the air and then plunged into me again. This time he fucked me long and hard and I came several times before he came himself.”

She looked real happy and content.

“Well,” she said after a while. “What about your other suggestion? Are you still willing to go through with it?”

“Oh, yes,” I said. “I liked your husband and his cock and would like to have him in me once more.”

“Agreed then,” she said and went away to sleep.

In the morning I decided to tease them. I went out and blew my long birch-bark horn, which I use to get the cows to come home for milking. The horn has a low bass tune that goes through my body to my clit and makes it to vibrate. It always turns me on. This morning I stood naked blowing the horn when they came out. I think I look ravishing blowing the horn, standing erect with my arms up, which lift my breasts and my hips put forward. The men looked surprised but then lust came in their eyes.

In the evening we had a good meal. When the dishes were taken care of the wife and I went into my hut. We came back out naked. The men nearly choked. We went right up to them and hugged one each. I took the husband and the wife the single man. I had been horny all day, thinking of what would happen in the evening.

We soon had their cocks out and sucked them. They did respond eagerly after the first chock and returned the favors. My man lifted me and placed me kneeling on a bench and bent forward over the table. He entered me from behind and his fat cock plugged tightly in my pussy. Right in front of me I saw the other couple sitting on a bench with the woman straddling the man’s legs. Then I didn’t notice anything for a while. My man was really good this night and made me forget everything but my own pleasure. I guess I came several times and afterwards I felt that I had been fucked more than enough to fill my needs. I loved it.

After we had recovered the married couple got together and sat talking. They looked happy and not angry with each other. The single man and I made small talk.

I was sitting on a bench. The man rose and came and sat down beside me. He made me straddling the bench and he did the same with his front close to my back. He started to fondle my breasts from behind. He did it slowly and carefully and extended his fondling to the rest of my body. He kissed my neck and worked his way down to my pussy. When he reached my pussy I was already turned on and came soon after he had started to finger my clit.

The couple looked up when they heard my screams of pleasure. They smiled and soon after left for their hut. My man went on fondling me and was very deft with his fingers. He made me long for him and my body to tremble.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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