Mrs Johnston Ch. 02

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David stood in the bathroom and looked in the mirror, what had he done? Mrs Johnston was his neighbour, his mother’s friend, and he’d just shot his dirty seed all over her! He turned the tap on and washed his hands and face. He thought about what she had said about her husband, he’d obviously not been satisfying her. And a woman like Hilary deserves to be satisfied. Especially by a young man like himself, her husband probably couldn’t fuck like a 20 year old. He was helping her out, he was doing her a favour! She said she loved his big dick, he wondered what it would feel like in her cunt, if it was half as good as what her mouth felt like it would be worth the risk of being caught.

He heard footsteps,

“David, darling, are you there?” Had he locked the door? He heard it open – no he hadn’t.

“There you are, I’ve got your seamen all over me, I need to wash it off, I hope you don’t mind.” she turned her back to him and bent over to take her thong off, David nearly jumped out of his skin. Right before him was the most beautiful arse he had ever seen, round and full. Perfect. It was so tempting, he wanted to, he just had to…

“Oh! You like it then?” Hilary said, as she felt her young lover’s hands Sakarya Escort all over her ripe behind. “Yes.” Was all he needed to say. She stood up and walked into the shower, giving him a wink before she turned the water on, giggling at him as he gazed in wonder at the gorgeous older woman stood in front of him. He quickly undressed and got in with her. She had grabbed a bottle of some sweet-smelling shower gel and began rubbing it into her chest, he stopped her, pushing her hands away and replacing them with his own, caressing and massaging her mammoth breasts.

“How big?” he asked.

“Double-D” she replied, smiling as the young man in front of her took great care to make sure his fingers covered every inch of her bosom. She poured some gel into one hand and took his growing cock into the other, she gently worked her hands around it, lathering it up. She didn’t grip it, or pull on it, she didn’t want to induce her lover’s orgasm just yet. She merely wanted to feel it grow in her hands. Once it had, she took the shower head off it’s handle and washed the soap from her breasts and then from the now fully erect cock. David grabbed the showerhead from her and placed it between her legs, turning Sakarya Escort Bayan it upside down and watching Hilary as her eyes closed and her mouth opened slowly, he reached down and spread her pussy lips, finding her clit with his middle finger. Soft moans escaped from her lips and David realised that he’d not kissed Hilary, despite cumming all over her. He lent forward and put his lips against hers and let his tongue dive into her mouth to find and play with hers. She was moaning in his mouth and he used his fingers to explore her slit. She was so wet. He whispered into her ear,

“Are you ready for me?”

She gasped.

“Yes, oh yes.” he motioned for her to turn round, which she did, bending over slightly as her lover grabbed her ass and lined up his big cock.

“Are you ready?” he asked, not caring about the answer.

“Yes, please put it in me, please fuck me!” he rubbed the head of his cock against her lips and slid the tip in, “fuck” he thought, “she’s so wet” he slid in another few inches, she was incredibly tight as well, how could she be so tight? He slid all the way in, while her pussy adjusted to the huge tool spreading it wide, he asked her,

“How, Escort Sakarya how the hell are you so tight?” She looked back and grinned,

“I’m glad it feels good, I do all the right exercises to make sure my whole body stays young.” He laughed as he began to pull his cock out, only to let it slide back in.

“Whatever you do, it works, I’ve had virgins looser than you.” Her giggles turned into moans as her pussy was fucked hard by the young stud. He built up speed and kept a fast rhythm as he grabbed some more shower gel.

“I don’t think you washed your tits well enough, Hilary” she just sighed and nodded her head as David put his foam-covered hands over her breasts, playing with them like they were big pillows. The combination of the big penis in her little pussy, and his big hands all over her boobs was just too much for Hilary, and she bucked back into David’s crotch and shook as she came. The convulsions made her the walls of her cunt tighten even more around the huge dick and David grunted as he couldn’t take anymore. He didn’t miss a stroke as he clenched his teeth and his cock erupted inside his lover’s pussy. The feeling of his veins throbbing within her just added to her pleasure and he had to use a hand to hold her up as her long legs shook and wobbled. They both stood together, in post-orgasmic bliss, Hilary limp in David’s arms.

“So can I come round to fix other household items on a regular basis?” he asked.

“Sweetie, I’ll break things just so you can be here!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32