My 18 Year Old Neighbor Ch. 02

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For those readers who didn’t get a chance to read the first installment of this incredible experience, let me summarize it for you. There’s this gorgeous eighteen year old living next door to me who recently had her older sister return from college and basically “hog” the family computer. Consequently, Nicky has been forced to come over to our house to finish up her senior year project. On the last two occasions that she came over, I caught her playing with herself late at night while watching porn on my TV, obviously thinking that I had retired for the evening. The last episode included the use of toys, (my wife’s and mine), which mysteriously she knew exactly where we hid them, and she had the audacity to enter into my bedroom naked, and retrieve them (while I faked being asleep).

My wife was returning on Sunday, and the pressure was on to prolong this fabulous experience for at least one more night. She had come over on Thursday night (toy night), didn’t come over on Friday, and Saturday was my last hope. Now all I had to do was orchestrate the evening.

As fate would have it, I spent my entire Saturday peering outdoors to see if I could catch a glimpse of her and come up with an excuse to invite her over. Morning turned into midday, which eventually turned to evening and nothing. I was depressed. How could I spend my last night of virtual bachelorhood without Nicky to entertain me?

Obviously it wasn’t meant to be. When the clock hit eight at night, I gave up. A girl like her certainly had to have plans for a Saturday night, no? The last thing she would be doing was working on her project when she could be going out with her friends and having fun.

I think I almost cried myself to sleep that night. When I awoke on Sunday I cooked my kids breakfast, read the paper in peace, caught part of the pre-game show, and then took the kids out for pizza. After lunch and on the way to the airport to pick up my wife, my cell rang. The sales manager of her company (an absolutely stunning Italian woman) had scheduled a meeting for her on Monday that she had to attend, so she wouldn’t be home ’till Monday night. I was back in the mix!

As fate would have it, not five minutes after arriving at my house Nicky jutted in. Sweet as usual, she asked if she could trouble me again to use the computer. OF COURSE! NO PROBLEM!

It was early though, and I was worried she would finish too soon. At about 7:30 I suppose the aroma of the cookies I was baking must have gotten to her because she strolled into the kitchen to see what we were up to. All the kids were hanging around, so we talked about everything and anything. She complemented me on my cooking abilities, saying that her mom and I were the best cooks she knew. She claimed to be halfway through her project (I was elated), and mentally exhausted. All of us had milk and cookies, watched some TV together, and as the younger ones were sent off to bed, she excused herself and went to continue with her schoolwork. Eventually the two older kids went to their respective bedrooms and I was left alone in the den.

At around 11:30 I snuck around to my study and peeked inside. Literotica was on the screen and she was reading all the “new” stories. I went back to the den, shut the TV off, and as I was walking to the study said good night. Nicky called out to me and asked me if she could ask me a couple of questions for her project.

As I entered the study, I noticed that the only thing on the screen was an excel worksheet with tons of numbers on it.

She asked all types of questions regarding inflation, and the effect on loans that the imaginary company had to pay back, and it’s export business. All in all, pretty basic stuff, but very impressive material for a senior in high school. We spoke at length, and I think I dazzled her with my knowledge. Awesome cook and entrepreneurial genius was what she called me. Than she said my wife must be very happy with me. “Why’s that?”, I asked. ” Well, you’re a pretty handsome guy, and you seem to have the perfect family.” I told her I was very happy, but that one is always yearning for something a little more.

She didn’t understand, and pushed for more info. She suggested I had four great kids, I had my own successful business, house with a pool, and two cars in the garage, what else could I possible want? It was time to shit or get off the pot. Here was the throw of the dice.

“One is never 100% content”, was all I could come up with. “What’s missing?” she asked. Well, I turned it around and made the same insinuations to her. Great family, good money, the best schooling, travel. Was she 100% content?

No. What was missing I asked. Then she blushed and remained silent. What??? What’s wrong? Oh, just some girl stuff. What girl stuff?

Than she slowly started opening up and telling me about her boyfriend Matt. We spoke in great length, and eventually moved to the den so we could both be more comfortable. I asked if she wanted something to drink as I got up to get a Diet Coke, but there was nothing in the fridge. My wife having been gone for so many days Trabzon Escort and then extending her stay, left us pretty empty handed, except for a six-pack that was calling my name from the bottom of the door. All I have is beer. Perfect she said.

When we started sipping on our first beer, the problems with Matt surfaced. The all too common question of why men enjoy sharing the tales of their conquests with others. She had a heavy petting session with him last weekend and when she arrived at school on Monday it seems everybody knew. As we opened the second beer, I decided to get a little bolder. How heavy is heavy petting, I asked. Then she shot me a funny glance, combined with a half smile and a little blushing… “why do you want to know?”

“Well, I would think that certain things that you do with your boyfriend would be considered perfectly acceptable behavior by the high school crowd. Specifically, for example, if you allowed him to fondle your breasts, I don’t think anyone would be running around calling you a slut. On the other hand, if you let him have intercourse with you in the middle of the football field with the team watching you, well, although I’m an open minded guy, some might characterize that type of behavior as promiscuous.” To this, she laughed out loud and almost spit out her beer.

“Have you heard of bases Mr. Grayson”, she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You know, like first, second and third base. Homeruns, etc?”

“Sure” I replied.

“Well, I let him get to third.”

“Uh huh.”

“Two things bother me, she said. First of all, if I let him sleep with me than for sure the whole school will know. Worst still, I wouldn’t mind if the whole school knew, but I would want it to be an enjoyable experience for me, you know?”

This was the perfect setup for the last beer in the fridge for each of us.

“Well, hasn’t it been enjoyable for you so far?”

“God no. We’re making out in his car, he starts rubbing me all over, than he sticks his hand down my pants, it takes him a minute to find my hole and all he does is slam his finger in and out of me. I can’t believe I’m telling you this but trust me when I tell you I know what an orgasm is, and I haven’t come close to one with Matt.

“Uh huh!? Well, have you tried explaining to him what you like?”

“There’s no reasoning with him. I try to insinuate and push him towards my, ummmhh, clit, and he won’t go. He thinks all the action is inside. You know what I mean? I’m really embarrassed that I’m telling all this, but I feel really comfortable talking with you about it. Plus, I know that you and Mrs. Grayson have a great sex life.”


“Why do you say that?”

“Well, I shouldn’t be telling you this but my room looks out towards your room and sometimes you don’t close the curtains.”

“Baloney, we close the curtains every night.”

“Uh uh”

“I’m sure we do.”

“No, you never close them when you know my family is away.”


“Well, a month ago when my parents had to get my little brother operated on and went to Florida, they left me with you for five days, remember?”

“Yes, but you stayed with us.”

“In a way. That Friday I went out on my date with Matt and then we went over to my house to fool around a little. After he left, I got took a shower and I went to my room to get some clean clothes. Right before I turned the light on, I saw you and Mrs. Grayson having, you know, ……sex.”




“Wow is right. You’re a sex god Mr. Grayson.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that.”

“No, really, that Friday night I counted at least twenty orgasms that Mrs. Grayson had. I had no idea that was possible. It was the most incredible, erotic sight I have ever seen. I mean sure, I feel a little like a perv for watching the two of you, but god, it was just amazing. In fact, let me tell you something I haven’t told anyone else…I got so hot watching the two of you I got all horny.”

“You don’t say?”

“Yep. I mean, I saw how Mrs. Grayson was enjoying herself, and how excited you were. I mean, wow, just thinking about it gets me gooey, you know?”

“I can imagine.” Thank god I was sitting on the easy chair with the beer on top of my lap trying to hide my hard on. Had I been standing it would have been awful.

“Well, maybe that was just a one time thing. After all, Mrs. G and I don’t have those episodes as often as either of us would like, you know?”

“Are you kidding? You did the same thing on Saturday night.”

Then I remembered, this little girl was right! My wife and I almost never have back-to-back sessions like the one she described, but that specific weekend we were both hornier than usual.

“Well, back to the subject at hand”, I said, “you have to communicate openly with your boyfriend in order for him to please you.” “Look,” I said, “Let me give you one piece of free advice…sex HAS to be good for all the participants. If there are two of you, well then both of you have to be completely satisfied. Trabzon Escort Bayan In the future, if you find yourself in a threesome or foursome scenario, everybody has to come out happy. It’s your fault if you don’t. Life is too short to be having bad sex, trust me.”

“Oh I do Mr. Grayson, it’s just that I’m not exposed to things like you are.”

“Sounds to me like you were exposed to plenty,” I said.

“For example, who convinced who to start using vibrators and dildos?”

Now that was a tough one to swallow. “Me.”

“Uh huh. And Mrs. G was cool with it?”

“Well, I introduced the concept when we where dating.”

“No way! You’re a dog.”


“Tell me.”

“Well, I guess it’s just something I enjoy. To me Nicky, there’s nothing that turns me on more than to see a woman cumming. That facial expression they make. The way the body contorts, you know?”

“Uh huh.”

“Well, I bought the first one when I moved in with my first live-in girlfriend and she loved it.”

“Uh huh.”

“Then it just became a regular staple in my love making sessions.”

“I bet.” Chuckle chuckle. “Anyway, even if Matt and I had some, he wouldn’t know what to do with them.”

“Well, they’re actually quite self explanatory,” I laughed.

“Not as much as you would think. You have a ton of experience.”

“Not really, all you need is imagination, communication and trust.”

“Easy for you to say. You know what you’re doing. Matt has a big mouth and only wants to get off and than run and tell everyone.”

“Well than Nicky, you’re leaving for college in August, which means your horizons will expand exponentially. Trust me.”

“Oh I do Mr. Grayson, I do trust you.”

“Good than Nicky. Anything you need, you know I’ll always answer your questions honestly and keep them in the strictest of confidence.”

“Are you sure? Anything?”


“Can I ask you a favor than?”


“Are you sure I’m not going to freak you out anything?”

“Please, go ahead.”

“All this talk has got me, uuuhhhhhh, uhhhhhh.”


“Uuuhhhhh, pretty wound up, you know?”

“yeah, and?”

“I know Mrs. G isn’t coming back ’till tomorrow, so can I uhhhhh….uhhhhh,”


“Can I borrow some toys for tonight, I mean, just for tonight?”

“Sure Nicky.”



“Oh you’re awesome Mr. G.”

“Thanks. Come on, let’s get you set up”

With that we threw our empty beer bottles away and went upstairs. We got into my room and Nicky sat on the bed cross-legged.

“Let’s see what ya got,” she said.

With that I sat down on the carpet in front of my armoire and opened up the bottom drawer. I pulled out the g-spot stimulator, the corded massager, the cordless massager the three vibrating dildos of various sizes and some lubricant. I handed each one to her for her inspection.

“What’s the difference between these two?” she asked holding up both massagers.

“The cordless one is easier to use because you don’t have a cord limiting your range of motion. However, the vibration is much less intense. The corded massager, although very very potent, is restrictive because it obviously has to be plugged in.”

“Uh huh. How about the difference between these,” she said pointing to the dildos.

“The smaller one can fit in smaller orifices.”


“Does the big one hurt?”

“It’s Mrs. G’s favorite. Apparently, size does matter.”

She giggled a little.

“How about this” holding the g-spot stimulator.

“Ahhhh, that’s a great one. That’s a g-spot stimulator. Have you found yours yet?”

“My what” she asked innocently.

“Your g-spot”

“What’s that?”

It took about three minutes to describe it in full, and one second to deduce that she didn’t know what I was taking about.

“Oh Mr. G, please help me. I want to know about this stuff.”

“Well, maybe that’s something you and you’re boyfriend can work together on.”

“Matt? Huh. Forget it. I want you to show me, pleeeeaaaasse????”

“Nicky, look, you’re putting me in an awful spot here. You’re my neighbor’s little daughter. I shouldn’t even be talking to you about this. This is wrong. Just wrong.”

With that, she got up out of bed, went towards the door, closed it, locked it, turned towards me with a shit-eating grin on her face, and strolled to the bed. She stepped out of her flip-flops, untied the string on her sweat pants and let them fall to the floor.


I got a rush of blood like a freight train hitting me.

She was wearing a bright orange low rider g-string with a beautiful revealing wet spot on the front. Her long gorgeous legs were firm and beautifully tan. Than, she decided to whip off her t-shirt and throw herself on my down comforter.

“Show me how Mr. G.”

Obviously we were now beyond trying to do the right thing. I grabbed the corded massager and plugged in behind my wife’s nightstand. I took off my topsiders Escort Trabzon and climbed onto the bed.

“Turn over”

I unhooked her bra and then spread oil all over her back. I turned the massager on and started on her neck and shoulders.

I was impatient. I desperately wanted to have her buck-naked and fucking her like there was no tomorrow, but I decided to pace myself.

By the time I reached her lower back, she was cooing. She was completely relaxed.

I poured some oil on her legs and started on them, reaching all the way down to her feet and then working my way back up to the inner thigh. As I reached higher and higher, she opened herself more and more.

I opted for skipping the free feel, and massaging those succulent globes. Ahhh youth. No stretch marks, no tan lines.

I did notice that she was slowly and almost imperceptibly grinding herself into the comforter. Good sign.

After a thorough back massage, I asked her to turn over.

Beautiful firm breasts, medium size puffy areolas, and thick nipples jutting out.

I spread some oil on the front and started the same routine. This time however, letting the massager pass over the very top of her cunt, right above the clitoris. She tried to adjust herself so that I would come in contact with it but I wasn’t budging.

She was breathing hard, and had a wet spot that looked like she had peed on herself.

She kept lifting her butt off the bed trying to hit the spot but nothing.

Finally, she said, “Please Mr. G. I need to cum.”

“Are you in a hurry Nicky?”

“No, but I wanna cum,”

“Them just lay back and enjoy.”

With that I started kneading her slippery breasts with one hand while I traced the outline of her swollen lower lips with the massager in my other hand.

She started moaning deliciously.

I whispered to her to massage her own breasts in the way that she enjoys the most. And she took to it like a fish to water.

Every time she seemed to be on the verge of cuming, I would take the massager away and rub it on her inner thigh, allowing her a few seconds to calm back down and then start over again.

Finally, I turned the massager off and gently and slowly pulled her panties off.

Ahh the sight of beauty. Completely hairless, no stubble, just swollen moist lips calling out my name. As soon as I pulled the panties off her ankles she spread her legs and tried to play with herself. I moved her hand away, positioned myself between her, and slowly started kissing her upper thigh and areas immediately around her lips. She was going nuts. I would lick each lip and then take it into my mouth and suck on it, alternating between the two. Then, would wander up to the clit and stroke it long and hard with my tongue.

She was now begging me to let her cum at least once, but I wasn’t there yet. She was pulling at her nipples hard, and bucking to get some contact with her clit, spreading her legs as far as they would go and bearing down on the comforter.

I slowly inserted the tip of one of my fingers inside her and started to eat her out in earnest, grabbing that clit like it was the last one I would ever have in my life. I rubbed the upper inner wall of her vagina with my finger and pushed my face down into her to avoid her bucking upwards, and jut went to town on her clit.

She started moaning and moaning and saying, “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, please don’t stop. There, yes right THERE, Oh god oh god. Ooooooohhhhhh gooooddd!!! Yes, yes, and then BOOOM. She came and came.

And then something happened that had never happened to me before or since. She passed out. Really. She fainted. At first I thought I had killed her, but no, about twenty seconds later she came to.

Her cheeks were bright red, her lips (upper) swollen, her pupils dilated.

“That was incredible Mr. G.”

“We’re just starting Nicky, just starting.”

With that, her hands roamed down to my shorts and she started rubbing me through them. As she was doing this, she leaned over and kissed me square on the mouth.

Needless to say I had a raging hard on.

We kissed like teenagers for minutes on end, and then she climbed on top of me and started dry humping. Talk about memories!

Than I told her to lie down on her stomach, which she did obediently. I started once again with the massager on her back, but slowly pried her legs open. Then I traveled down to her cunt and started massaging the lips and clit from behind, which she was loving. She crept up on all fours, threw her butt in the air, and then laid her head down on the pillows.

Than I stopped, grabbed the g-spot stimulator and slowly inserted it into her. Just the nub and obviously not all the way in. I turned it on and started massaging her inside. At first no reaction, but then her butt started swaying and she tried to get it deeper into her, which of course isn’t its purpose. She started moaning again, and getting into it. Than I suggested she hold the massager on her clit while I massaged her inside. She was there like a bear.

Boy o boy did she get into it. I put a little more pressure on the wand in order to increase the feeling of the stimulator and she groaned. She started moaning louder, to the extent I was sure my kids would wake up, when she all of a sudden asked me stop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32