My Fantasy

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We both know that today is my day. You have bestowed your grace upon me, the grace that a true lady only, can bestow. You have granted me my wish and you have done so with devotion, with care, with affection. Nothing I desire, neither my lust nor my perversion, is subject to judgment by you, for you understand me. You understand my needs, my inclinations, my demands.

It has taken many years to find you. I thought I had in fact found you, many times, only to be disappointed. Let down by my own fear to act, or by a person who was not you, who proved to be too weak, or too closed, or too opinionated. I had given up. My destiny, it seemed, could not hold the weight of my hopes and the volume of my wishes.

I had known you for so many years. I had known the electricity between us. Your boyish chest with your firm, small breasts. Your hard dark nipples. Your flat tummy. Your hairy bush. And those long legs of yours, legs I had felt beneath me, but only so briefly. But it was your mind that got me. Too young to understand, I became lost in doubt and confusion. I had imagined that the spark would not ignite, that the mind I knew deep down to be so sexually wicked, maybe was not.

I had convinced myself that you were a good girl and nothing else. That when we were alone in my car, and my cock was bursting in my jeans, you didn’t want it, or me, or that dirty thing called sex. “No. I’m not interested” you would say, “but you can take it out and play with it yourself… if you want to.”

I was too proud, too ordinary, too self-conscious. How many nights I bust a nut, whacking off to the thought of that moment, wishing I had taken you up, Uşak Escort on your “impersonal” offer? How many times had I shot a load with your mocking smile imprinted on my mind?

I shut you out. I thought I might be strong and bold in so doing. But it was an act of cowardice, because I betrayed myself thereby. The only true sin, it is said, is that of concealment. And I hid away, and in the hiding, the seed germinated.

In time I discovered that I had many sexual proclivities that were out of the (considered) normal. These are the perversions that society, in general, is quick to identify. Whipping a slave’s ass in my bedroom, surreptitiously frigging off a milf in a parking lot, or boldly tongue fucking a one-night-stand up her ass. But that same society secretly loves these perversions. And so, even by definition of the word, the things that society deems perverse, are in fact not perverse. They are neither wayward, nor abnormal, neither freak nor without reason, but true to the inner nature of man’s desire.

I came to understand one such perverse need existing in me. The need to give in, to surrender control, and to be satisfied. Among my many fantasies, some achieved, some as yet unfulfilled, this remains one of the latter. How many times have I taken control, against her wishes, forcing her to face her sexual self? How many times have I touched her pussy, while she pushed my hand away, pushed my cock down her throat, while she gagged in rebellion, worked her mind forward and back until she finally let me fuck her ass.

And every time, how she then felt liberated, how submitting control finally allowed her Uşak Escort Bayan to say, “yes, that feels good, so good…and I’m allowed to, because I resisted, and he persisted, so I’m not to blame.”

And how many times, having set her free, I turned back, a day later, and remembered. Remembered how kindly I had treated her, how I had worked through her iron curtain of coyness, and found her source. Found it for her. So often that realization sounded the death knell, and I would be living my life, walking around thinking of nothing in particular, and then I would remember last night, and her resistance, and the joy I gave her once broken through. Then I would get angry, really angry, and in my heart it would have ended.

But meeting you again, sensing the undercurrent still present, it all seems possible. And now you are in my sights, and I will work on you until you give me what I want. And I will have you do my desire:

You arrive at my place, dressed boldly in boots, thigh high black stockings, a black thong and tight, high cut mini skirt. You have a white top on, cut at the shoulders, hugging your skin and choking your neck. Your nipples will be visible and the thrill of the coming encounter will make them rigid and proud. And on your face you will have make up, obscenely thick, but powerful, giving you the mask behind which to find your strength.

People will see you and think, “Hooker” or “Whore” or “man would I like to get that.”

You will ring my bell and I will let you in. I will open the door naked. We will make eye contact, the kind cats make. There will be no space for words; the friction Escort Uşak in the air will fill the night. You will look at me and snap your fingers. Instantly I will know your demand. I will lower my face to your skirt, and push up into your pussy, smelling you through your panties, licking the wet spot of your camel toe.

I will kiss and lick as you grind my face, slowly uttering wicked words from your devilish mouth. I will kiss and squeeze as you turn, arching your back, and giving me access to the brown crack that your g-string is splitting. I will ease my tongue over the fabric, and then round it, tasting your large, pouting ugliness that I so demonically lust.

Then you will start to utter even more lustful profanities. And you will begin to take full control, ordering me to lick you, eat you, perform for you. For once it won’t be me directing the events, for you will have me in every way. You will spank me, whip me, suck me, lick me, wank me and fuck me. You will take me with your mouth, then your fingers, then a with a strap on. You will have me from on top and from below, from affront and from behind. And if you should tire, you will have me stroke for you, or lick you or fuck you. Yes, you will take my cock with your own lust.

And when you have come 5 times, you will announce the climax of our night. And at your pace, and with your strength, you will bring me to the edge of the cliff, and once there, I will seize your throat, and drive you down, and turn you round. Then I will impale your ass on my cock, and fuck you like a daemon, and when I reach my last thrust before ecstasy, I will rip my cock out of you, leaving you gaping and open, and swiftly swing you round again, and plunge one final time into your soaking, used cunt, and I will thrust deep, deeper and deeper still, until you feel the sharp pain of new ground, and then, I will flood you with my come, to sooth your savage center.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32