My First Time

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I lay on my blankets wondering why what happened did. What kind of a slut am I? Here I am with cum dripping out of my ass and a belly full of it. How did I come to this? I am not queer. I am straight…aren’t I? You decide.

It all started about a month ago. I was in an arcade and met this guy playing one of the games. We got to talking and I mentioned that I needed a place to stay. He told me that he lived with 5 other guys and that one more wouldn’t hurt. So I went with him to his place and met my new roommates. They were all older than my 18 years by 15-20 years but I was made welcome.

We sat around talking and shooting the shit. I was offered a beer and accepted. I felt right at home. I had a few bucks on me and forked it over to pay for the rent and there was enough left over for a couple of bottles and a quarter of good pot. So one guy went out and got the booze and dope. When he got back we sat around smoking and drinking. Damn, but that was good weed. Well, anyway, after awhile we all went to lay down and go to sleep. We all slept on pallets in the same room. Anyway after I thought that everyone had gone to sleep I got up to go to the bathroom. As I was coming back I noticed one roomy looking at me as he jerked off. He asked me if I had ever jerked off while someone else watched. I said no. He asked if I would. I figured why not. Wouldn’t hurt anything. So I sat down beside him on the floor and started playing with myself.

After a few minutes he pulled off the blankets and I could see his cock in all its hard glory. I had never seen another man’s penis before in this manner. Of course I had seen the guys in the shower at the pool and in school, but not like this. He looked huge compared to my 8″. As I watched and stared at his dick I started getting an inner compulsion to get a closer look. I leaned forward. I got closer and closer. He reached out and stroked my hair. This was feeling so right. I got closer still and felt his hand gently push my head down towards him. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. I gave the head of his cock a lick. He sucked in his breath and I licked again. I couldn’t understand why I was doing this. I had never been sexually interested in men, so why now? I lowered my head and engulfed his woody as far as I could take it in my mouth. His intake of breath told me that I was doing something right. I started bobbing up and down. Suddenly I felt him tense up and the next thing I knew he was blowing his load in my mouth. I tried to raise up, but he had ahold of my head and forced me to take his cum in my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow.

After a moment he calmed down and released me. I looked at him and whispered that I needed to get back to my pallet before the others woke up and saw what we were doing. I didn’t need that humiliation. I heard a voice beside me saying it was too late. We had been seen. I looked over and the rest of the guys were stroking their dicks. I turned red as a beet knowing that they had seen me give my first blow-job.

The guy who spoke reached out and pulled me close. He shoved me down to his cock and when it touched my lips I just opened up and started sucking like a baby on a tit. I couldn’t believe the difference in taste. I was soon bobbing up and down like a fucking yoyo. He was telling me how good my mouth was and to keep going.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my ass. I started to raise up but I was prevented from doing so. Something wet and sticky was rubbed on the opening to my shitter. It felt good. A finger was sent sliding up my ass. OH LORDY did that feel different. Good but different. I wiggled my hips and shoved back as far as I could to get more. I soon got more. The finger was removed and I felt a cock invading my virgin ass. It was a monster of a cock. Damn thing felt like a redwood tree. It was huge. With much grunting and groaning, it slowly slid into me. Finally, he was deep in my bowels.

I had never done anything like this before. Sure I had been with women but never a man muchless two. I looked around at the other three men. I could see the lust in their faces. I was also horny as hell. My cock was hard and seeking relief. I reached down and started to stroke myself. Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed mine and forced them behind my back.

Meanwhile the man in my ass was thrusting away. I started moving in rhythm with him. When he would pull out I would move forward and when he jammed into me I would shove back as hard as I could. I felt him tighten up and I clenched my sphincter as balıkesir escort tight as I could get it. He let out a primal scream and let loose a blast of cum deep in my ass.

Meanwhile the guy in my mouth grabbed me by the hair and forced his dick down my throat. I gagged and choked and tried to pull back to no avail. I was impaled on the two cocks, each blasting in me.

The two men pulled out of me and I fell onto my side. The other three reached down and pulled me up to my feet. I was led into the dining room and the first two produced a rope. I was forced to lean over the table with my feet on the floor. My hands were tied to the legs at the far end. My legs were forced apart and tied to the legs closest to me. I was helpless. I heard a whisper in my ear telling me that I was safe. I was also told that if I did as I was told that I would not be hurt. I was informed that I was going to be a slave to them for a weekend. It was now Saturday and my servitude would end Sunday. I nodded my head that I understood what I was told. I was also told that if I disobeyed I would be punished. I again nodded. One of the men moved to where I could see him and he had a belt in his hand. My face must have reflected the fear that I felt. He told me that he was going to give me a demonstration of what penalty disobedience would bring.

He moved behind me and I felt the first lash of the belt. I grit my teeth and bore it. Again and again the belt came down across my defenseless butt. By the fifth lash I was sobbing and begging for him to stop. By the tenth I was screaming and still begging. He quit after 15 lashes. I lay there on the table sobbing in agony at the fire in my ass. The same man come back to where I could see him and reached out to me. I moved my head as far away as I could in fear that he would hit me in the face. Instead he gently wiped away my tears and told me that he hoped that would be the last time my ass would feel the sting of the belt. I looked at him and nodded my head in agreement. My rear was on fire.

But to my absolute amazement was that my dick was again hard as a rock. I hadn’t been touched except with the belt. I couldn’t believe that I was getting horny over being beaten. OH God what was I turning into? As the pain in my rear continued to burn I realized that I was getting hotter myself. I couldn’t believe that my body was betraying me like this. I was getting turned on from pain. I knew I was going to disobey just to get that feeling again.

I could feel one of them gently rubbing my ass. The soft touch combined with the lingering fire was such sweet agony. Soon I felt him sliding a finger up me and then two, three and finally four. I was being stretched to the limit. I moaned. They all laughed. Suddenly the fingers were removed and I felt something else at my rear opening. I looked as best as I could over my shoulder and could just barely see one of my new lovers sliding his cock in me. It didn’t feel quite so large as the first guy.

I laid my head on the table and willed myself to relax. It worked and he was in deep. One of them climbed on the table and grabbed a handful of hair and jerked my head up. I looked at his mammoth erect organ. He told me to open my mouth. I shook my head and he asked if I wanted another beating. Again I shook my head. He told me to suck his prick and to do it right now. I tried to force my head down but his hold on my hair was to great. I was deliberatly disobeying. I knew the penalty and I wanted it again. I soon got my “reward”. I felt the belt as it lashed across my back. I moaned and whimpered but still wouldnt open my mouth. The guy wanting a blowjob said to give me another 20 lashes. At the 5th lash I opened my mouth to scream and he quickly shoved his cock into me. He jammed it down my throat and started fucking my face. He told me that if I were to bite him that he would beat the shit out of me with his fists and hurt me badly. I started sucking and he kept on fucking. Meanwhile the guy behind me kept reaming my ass and the belt kept on for the 20 lashes. I was writhing in total agony. These guys didn’t care that I was on fire they all just wanted to get off. An eternity later I felt them both tense up and slam two cocks deep into me. I was again filled in both ends with sperm. They pulled out and I felt so empty.

I looked at the last guy. He was by my head. I looked and saw that he had the biggest cock of the bunch. OH MY GOD it was huge. He saw the look on my face when I realized that monster was going to snake out my pipes. He grinned and told me that it was 12 inches long and 4 around. Shit!!! There was no way he could get that in me.

He got up on the table and lifted my head. I pleaded and begged him not to hurt me. He just laughed. I reluctantly opened my mouth and he jammed deep into my throat. He fucked my face for a couple of minutes only pulling out so that I could get a breath of air. After a few minutes of face-fucking me he pulled out and got off the table. I could see him go around behind me and get ready to give me a fucking I wouldn’t soon forget. I felt the head of his cock at the entrance to my bowels and then he just shoved in. He bottomed out in on swift thrust amid my howls of agony. He didn’t give me time to adjust to the size of his fucksnake, but just started reaming me. What seemed like a lifetime later I felt him tense up. He grabbed my hips and jammed so far in me that I thought he was going to come out of my mouth. He came and came. I must have gotten a gallon of his man juice.

After he pulled out one man came up behind me and slid something into me. Then I was told that I had a buttplug in me and that I had to leave it in there all night long. If in the morning it wasn’t in me I would get a whipping that made the last three look like love taps. I figured that I could easily pull it out and put it back before they woke up. I was then told that I would be left tied to the table for the night. They wanted me there so that I could get my breakfast in the morning. I begged to be untied and let lay down and sleep. My pleas fell on deaf ears as they all walked back to their rooms. I laid my head down dejected and scared. I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be the slave anymore. I didn’t know if I wanted to be released either. I was so confused. What I did know was that I was starting to develop feelings for these guys.

That night was totally sleepless. I didnt want to loose the plug and inccur the wrath of my new masters. I was afraid that if I went to sleep it would fall out and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to pick it back up. So I stayed awake.

The next morning the five of them came into the dining room all sporting the typical morning woody of the human male. The first thing they did was to check that the plug was still in my ass. It was. They looked disappointed. Next one guy got up on the table and put his cock to my lips. I was to tired to resist so I opened wide and let him have his way. Once he got off the others followed in rapid succession.

After they all were happy for the moment my legs were released from the table but shackled with leg irons. Then my arms were released from their prison and I was pulled up straight. A belt was put around my waist and my wrists were placed in the cuffs attached to it. A spiked dog collar with the words SLAVE and WHORE was put around my neck and a leash attached to that. I was then led to the bathroom. I did my business and cleaned up.

When I was taken back to the dining room I was forced to kneel in front of the men. I was told that there were things that I had to do that day and if I was able to to do them I would be rewarded. If not I would be punished. I asked what I had to do. They told me that they were having a party that day for some of their friends and that I would be the party whore. I would have to service anyone who wanted me. Since I was so young and tender that everyone would want me. There would also be some new rules that I would have to follow. The first was that I wasn’t allowed to talk unless spoken to first and then to answer as briefly as possible. The second was that I had to always keep my head down. I was to obey any man that was in the house but that their orders were to be obeyed first. I was asked if I could obey those 3 simple rules and I quickly and quietly answered yes and bowed my head. I was told that I was a good slave and that things were to going to go well for me.

Later that day the guests had arrived and I had been put in a bedroom. I was a surprise for them. One of my new masters came and got me. He snapped the leash on my collar and led me out into the living room. When we got there the guests fell silent. My masters were delighted that their suprise worked. Quickly the guests recovered their wits and started asking where I had been gotten and if I was for sale. I tried backing up into the bedroom, but the leash was held firmly. I looked around and there must have been 10 or so men there. I was moved to the centre of the room amid catcalls and pats on the ass. I knew that I was nothing more to them than a piece of meat. I was going to be used hard and alot. I kept my head bowed. Secretly I was pleased that all these men would want me.

Once in the centre of the room my wrists were cuffed together. They were released from the belt restraints and then a chain was padlocked to them and my arms were raised over my head until I was just able to stand on my toes. One of my masters came to me and told me that there would always be one of them near and that they would make sure that I wasn’t seriously harmed. If I wanted a drink or something all I had to so was make eye contact with one of them and they would come see what I needed or wanted. I could have anything I wanted except my freedom.

The party proceeded on and I was the centre of attraction. I was touched and pawed. My tender ass was fondled and many fingers were jammed up me to see what I could take. Several times I felt a belt or a whip driven across my ass or back. There was one huge black man who must have been 6’7″ and about 300 pounds of muscle who me lashed a couple of times. OH that stung. That brought tears to my eyes.

Finally after about 3 hours by the clock (but felt like an eternity) I was let down and taken to another part of the living room. There was a set of stocks that was about 4 1/2 feet high. There was also a step about 6 inches in front of it. I was ordered up on the step and to put my head and arms in the stocks. I did and in doing so I found my ass very much exposed. The guests were told that they were going to draw numbers to fuck me in order. My owners produced a hat and said that there were 10 numbers there. The men started reachin and drawing numbers. The black man got number one but he said that in fairness to the rest that he would go last. The others laughed and so did he. He pulled out his cock and I just stared. Shit that thing was even bigger than the one my master had. Not longer but thicker. He asked who had number 10 and traded with him.

The rules were announced. Either of my holes was fair game, but once a man used me he was done. The first guy came up to me and rubbed my ass and slowly slid into me. Damn it felt good. And so it went for 9 men. Then it was the black guy’s turn. He looked at me and told me that he would be gentle as he knew how. I nodded fearfully. I was to tired to care. He went behind me and got into position. I relaxed as best I could. I must have been pretty loose from the pounding I had gotten that evening. I felt him slowly going into me. My ass expanding to take him. He was gently rubbing my back and telling me how good I was and how well I was doing. Finally he was all in me. I felt so full. He told me to let him know when I was ready for him to start. I looked around and found one of my masters and made eye contact. He came over and I asked for a toke of a joint and something to drink. After I had taken a couple of tokes and a swallowed a couple of drinks I was feeling no pain. I told him to go for it. He started moving that big black fuckstick in and out of me. Slowly at first then faster and faster. OH, it hurt at first but then as I got into the rhythm and loosened up a bit it felt really good. Finally he tensed up and jammed into me with a growl of pure lust. He came and he came. I thought that he would never stop. Eventually he pulled out of me. He came around to where I could see him and he told me that I had done a good job.

I nodded numbly. I was so tired. I was released from the stocks and chained up to the belt again. I was led to the bedroom and chained by the collar to the wall. I was told that I could go to sleep and to rest well.

I didn’t wake until the next afternoon. My ass was sore and I could barely move. I couldnt remember where I was. I looked around and remembered. Had I really let 10 men gang bang me last night? From the way my ass felt I must have. Awhile later the door opened and I was taken to the bathroom. I cleaned up and did what I had to do. I was then taken out to the living room and told that I had some decisions to make. I had a choice. I could leave or stay. If I was to stay I would be a slave and whore for their use. I was told to go to the bedroom and think it over. They were all leaving. If I was there when they came back I was theirs. I went into the bedroom and they left the house.

I was still there when they came home. I had even put the cuffs and leg-irons on me. The SLAVE-WHORE collar with the leash was in place. My head was bowed.

More to come. If you like this feel free to comment or to send me ideas for stories.

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