My First Time

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So here I was, in the lobby of an apartment building in the gay area of town, about to meet my Internet lover for the first time. I had wondered what m2m sex was like and when I stumbled across the website for older men and younger guys wanting to meet, I ended up chatting to Graham. It had taken a while for us to get to meet, but here I was, ready to meet him. I knew nothing really about him, except that he was 58 and liked younger guys.

I dialed his number on the intercom and a soft voice answered.

“Hello” a soft voice answered.

“Hello, it’s Steve” I said.

“Come up Steve” the voice replied “2nd floor, number 7”.

The door clicked open and I walked across to the elevator. I got out at the second floor and looked down the corridor, there was a man standing in his doorway, looking down the corridor. He was shorter than me, with white hair and a short beard, wearing a t-shirt and boxer shorts. This must be Graham.

He opened the door wide and showed me in.

We went and sat on the couch.

“Well Steve it’s great to finally meet you,” he said holding my hand, “So how are you?”

“A little nervous actually,” I answered, my heart was racing.

“Well don’t be” he said rubbing my hand “Can I get you a drink or anything?”

“I’m fine thanks,” I said, I think I was stammering a bit.

As if to either calm my fears or just give me something else to think about, he leant over to me, put a hand on my thigh and kissed me. It was a surprise, but not unpleasant. The first man I had ever kissed. His tongue searching for mine, his lips pressed firmly onto my own mouth. I gently kissed him back, my tongue meeting his inside our locked mouths.

My heart was still racing and the blood starting to surge between my legs. As he pulled back, he noticed the bulge starting to grow in my pants and smiled.

“Well that’s a good sign,” he said softly

I smiled back.

“Well I guess we’d better get you out of these clothes then”, he said, obviously keen to get started. He began to unbutton my shirt, I just laid back and let him. I was too excited to move.

He opened my shirt all the way and ran his hands all over my chest, he took it off and hung it on the back of a chair.

Then he undid my belt and started to unzip my trousers, all the time my cock was getting harder and harder and my heart beating faster.

He paused for a moment to undo and remove my shoes, then pulled off my pants. He hung these too neatly on the back of the chair.

He came back over to the couch and took off his t-shirt and shorts, he stood naked in front of me, obviously getting very horny himself. He had a good body for his age I guess, his cock although not large, was stiffening rapidly too.

“So you like older men then Steve?” he asked.

“I like the idea”, I replied “I’ve never been with a man before, but all my fantasies are older men, it just turns me on so much”.

“Well that’s great,” he said smiling “I absolutely love younger guys, so we’ll be fine”.

I stood up and he knelt in front of me. He reached up and tugged at my shorts. He pulled them down and my cock sprung out, jutting out hard as a rod before his face.

“Oh yes,” he murmured, “oh yes,” as he pulled down my shorts.

I sat back down on the couch and he took my hard cock in his mouth

“Ohhhh yessss”, I gasped as his hot, wet mouth enveloped my stiff end.

He sucked me softly yet firmly, and totally expertly. First he licked the tip then he took the head in his mouth and flicked his tongue all around the edge. Then he slowly took as much of my length as he could into his wonderful mouth and sucked it in and out. It was amazing, this guy was turning me on like I had never known. He ran his hands all over my chest and thighs, squeezing my nipples. He sucked my cock until it was soaking wet with his saliva and kissed and licked my inner thighs like a sex-crazed teenager. I was in heaven and was just wondering if it could get any better, and then it did.

He stopped sucking me for a moment and looked up at me, all around his mouth was wet with çanakkale escort his saliva and my precum.

“Ok there Steve?” he smiled.

“Mmmm oh yeah”, I replied dreamily.

He lifted up my legs over his shoulders and parted my thighs wide. I felt the cool air on my now moist ringpiece. He held my thighs apart and headed for my asshole. I moaned loudly as his tongue made contact with my moist hole.

“Oh yes, oh my…… hhhhhhh”, I gasped as my white haired lover went to work on my virgin hole. His tongue running all over the outside of it was amazing enough, but when I felt it slip inside I almost hit the roof.

“Oh wow,” I moaned, “what are you doing to me?”

I had never been so turned on, and it was a 58-year-old man that was responsible for it.

He switched between sucking my cock as he fingered my ass, and stroking my cock as he licked and ate at my hole. His assault on my virgin asshole continued for what seemed like an age, I moaned and thrashed my head from side to side, my feet pressed down on my lover’s shoulders as I pressed my ass onto his tongue, which never seemed to stop moving.

He paused for a moment, I guess to catch his breath, and looked up at me. I leant down and kissed his mouth, hard and deep, pushed my tongue into his mouth to show my thanks for the new heights of ecstasy I was now experiencing.

He moved up to my chest and started to kiss my nipples, I pushed them towards his mouth and he bit my nipple gently, I gasped loudly so he did it again, this time harder. It was such a turn on, and all the time he never stopped stroking my throbbing cock.

After he sucked my nipples and stroked my cock for a few minutes more, he stopped and asked

“Would you like to taste me Steve?”

I nodded, still breathless and slipped off the couch onto the floor. He stood up in front of me and as I knelt up, he guided my head so that his hard cock found my open, panting mouth.

I gently took his end into my mouth and started to suck, it was my first taste of cock. I sucked him deeper and managed to get the whole thing inside my mouth, my nose buried in his pubic hair. I reached up and gripped his ass cheeks to hold him into me as I sucked him harder. I was too turned on to even question what I was doing, sucking this old guy off who I had just met for the first time. The first time too that I had been intimate with a man, and how intimate it was turning out to be!

I continued to suck him and enjoy my first taste of another man’s cock. Graham, my new lover was moaning softly so I knew I was doing something right, his hands softly holding the back of head, (as if I was going anywhere!). I pulled back after several minutes just to catch my breath. As I pulled back, a string of precum strung from my lips, which I quickly licked off. I looked at the wet hard cock in front of my face for a few seconds, then carried on sucking. I wanted to please my lover who had now taken me to places that I had previously only fantasized about.

As I continued pleasuring my new lover with my mouth, he was telling me what a good boy I was and what a good job I was doing. This turned me on even more. Then he asked me if I wanted to go further, did I want him to fuck me tonight as well. Through my mouthful of cock, I tried to say “yes, yes, yes!” I did want him to, I wanted to feel him in my ass, fucking me, filling me up with his cock, but I couldn’t speak. I must have got the point across though, because he then removed his hands from my head, told me to stop and then led me by the hand to the bedroom.

I got onto the bed and lay there on my back while Graham went to the bathroom. I heard cupboards opening as he searched for something. As I lay there naked on the bed, I thought how turned on I had just been, and that had been just oral sex. Imagine what was to come!

I was getting harder again as Graham returned. In his hand he carried a dildo, some condoms and what looked like a tube of lubricant. A rush of excitement surged through my body at the prospect of what was about to happen.

“Are you ready?” he asked me softly.

“Yes I am,” I replied, “so ready for you”.

I laid back, my head on the pillow as he put a condom on the dildo and lubed it up. He put it on the bed and knelt astride me. He leant down and kissed me deeply and hungrily, I kissed him back, our tongues fighting, our saliva mixing and flowing back and forth. He kissed my neck and ran his tongue down to my nipples, he nibbled and sucked at the one while he squeezed the other, swapping over so both got equal attention. I moaned as he did so, my cock getting harder once more.

He continued down and got to my cock again, taking it in his mouth and sucking me just like before.

He moved down to the end of the bed and pulled my legs open, he pushed them up in the air and back over my head, my feet pointing towards the headboard, he licked my asshole once more and then put some lube on his finger and smeared it on my hole, it felt cold. I shut my eyes and felt the rush of excitement as he pressed the dildo against my lubed up hole.

Without a word he slowly pressed the toy into me, I gasped as I felt my opening stretch to accommodate it. It was my first time so I suppose it would be a bit tight.

“Ok my lover?” he asked,

“Mmmmm,” was all I could say.

He pushed the toy in a little way, then turned it on. I was not ready for it and cried out as the nerves in my ass all got woken up together. The feeling was amazing.

He pushed the buzzing toy as far as it would go and then started to pull it out again, he slowly fucked me with it as I lay there in ecstasy, my ankles over my shoulders and my ass up in the air, moaning loudly.

He reamed my ass with the dildo for what seemed like an age and then paused.

“Are you ready to go all the way?” he asked

“Yes,” I said, in a haze of lust “I want to feel your cock inside me.”

He smiled and kissed my ass cheeks, then reached over and picked up another condom, which he put on his cock. He got back on the bed and told me to turn over.

I was so excited I could hardly breathe, I was about to get fucked for the first time by this man that was older than my father, my head was spinning I was so aroused. He knelt behind me and pulled my hips up into position, he pressed his cock against my hole and I gasped as I felt my first real cock start to go inside me. I felt the head enter me then the rest of the gorgeous tool, it hurt a little, but the pain almost served as a turn on too. He pushed it into me inch by wonderful inch until I felt his balls against the backs of my thighs. As I realized he was fully inside me, I thought I would cum there and then. He slowly pulled out of me, still gripping my hips, then slowly fucked me as I moaned and cried out beneath him, I was in total ecstasy and so helpless with pleasure that he (or anyone else) could have done anything he wanted to me. Wave after wave of electricity flowed over my body as my lover thrust his cock in and out of my tight asshole, it felt like my ass was stretched so far it would rip, but the pleasure was just washing over me. After the first thrust in, it got much more comfortable, the way out was pure heaven.

“Oh yes Steve, that’s good isn’t it,” he murmured, all the time telling me softly what a good boy I was and how nice I was to fuck.

All I could do was moan unintelligibly.

“Do you want me to come in you?” he asked.

‘No…….wanna … taste you,” I gasped.

He started to fuck me faster and I think he was about to cum so he pulled out of me, I hardly moved, still in this wonderful haze of ecstasy. He came to the head of the bed, took off the condom and put his cock towards my mouth, my lips eagerly closed around it. He stood by the side of the bed and I sucked his cock hungrily, it tasted slightly of condom but was still great. I sucked and sucked on him, licked his shaft all along the length and sucked his balls too, after a few minutes of him pumping in and out of my mouth, he tensed and I knew he was going to cum. He gripped my head firmly in place as the first jet of hot cum hit the back of my throat, I gagged and tried to pull back but he held me there so I just had to swallow it as best I could, then another gob of cum came shooting into my mouth, which I also managed to swallow. As the third jet came he pulled back, some of it shooting onto my lips and my face, he stroked his cock fast and shot the rest of his load all over my face and neck. I was so horny I was raging, all I could taste and smell was cum, I could feel it all over my face, in my mouth and dripping off my chin. I felt dirty but in a sexy way, almost like a slut, but somehow it was really good. I caught a glimpse of myself in the bedroom mirror, cum smeared on my face and dripping off my chin. I got a rush of horny adrenaline through my whole body.

I licked my lips and then caught the drips off my chin with my hand and licked my fingers clean. I went down again and sucked my lover’s sticky cummy cock.

“Oh good boy Steve,” he said stroking my head as I sucked him clean “you did that without even being asked”.

I looked up and smiled back as best I could with his cock in my mouth.

After I had cleaned him up I sat back on the bed, still very horny. Graham came and sat next to me

“So did you like that Steve?” he asked “how was your first cock? Your first taste of cum?”

“I loved it,” I replied. I was horny as hell and wanted to cum so bad.

“It must be your turn to cum now though isn’t it?” he continued.

“I would love to,” I said with a great feeling of relief that my balls would soon be empty.

“Would you like to fuck me with that big cock of yours baby?” he asked smiling, “then give me your load in my mouth, just as I did you?”

“Certainly,“ I smiled back.

I was still hard from getting fucked and swallowing all that cum, so I grabbed a condom and put it on.

Graham was already on the bed, ass cheeks spread, waiting for my cock.

I lubed up the tip and pressed it against his hole, I had fucked a few girls in the ass so this was not completely new to me, I just had never done it with a 58-year-old man.

I eased into him to a groan of delight

“Oh Steve, you are soo big, that feels so good”.

I got as far in as I could, then leant over and nibbled at his shoulder, I then started to withdraw. I had put plenty of lube on so I soon built up the pace of my thrusts. As I did, Graham’s moans got louder and louder, he was loving my cock.

I was so horny that I knew I wouldn’t last long and I shouted to Graham that I was about to cum. I pulled out of him and lay back in front of him on the bed. I pulled off the condom and started to jerk my cock. Graham put his mouth on me, he was amazing at that. I felt it build up inside me and told him I was going to cum, his mouth made a perfect seal around my cock as I pumped what seemed like gallons of cum into my lover’s mouth. He didn’t spill a drop and as I finished, I lay back and watched as he pulled his mouth off me, leaving no trace of cum on my cock…… he had got every drop of it in his mouth.

I closed my eyes, suddenly spent, and lay back. I sensed Graham move and opened my eyes to find him over me, he held my head in a vice like grip and forced my mouth open. I thought he was going to kiss me although he was being a bit firm all of a sudden. He gripped my head and put his mouth close to mine and spat all the cum he had in his mouth into my own. The mixture of cum and saliva seemed like gallons as he spat a long thick string into my opened mouth. All I could do was swallow as much of the gooey mixture as I could. It was a rather arousing feeling though, to have my new lover do something completely without asking me. He had asked if he could fuck me, but this, he just did whether I wanted him to or not. He spat it all into my mouth and I swallowed it, a bit had got onto my cheeks and chin, he licked this off me, then we kissed deeply, our tongues gently fighting, both of our mouths now tasting of cum. We kissed one final time and licked each other’s lips clean.

As we both lay there completely exhausted, I could still taste cum and it was dried on my face, I wondered what I would do now. Sure I had had a good time there, but what about my girlfriend? I mean I wasn’t gay or anything…was I? Whatever happened, I knew I would never be the same again.

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