Mykonos Vacation Pt. 02

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Jane walked through the door into Erik’s suite, her would-be toy boy on her heels. Though slightly nervous – she hadn’t done anything quite this brazen before, even when she had spent time on a cruise ship in the Caribbean as a stewardess – she was also very VERY excited. The thought of sucking and fucking Erik until they could both stand no more was….enticing to say the very least.

There was, however, one issue to consider first that, while it should have been obvious to her from the voyeurism she had indulged in over the last 15 minutes, hadn’t really been at the forefront of her mind as she took the decision to end her two week vacation with what she hoped would be a stellar shagging session. Erik wasn’t alone in his suite.

On the sofa in front of the window were the couple she had dubbed Hairy and Cutie while watching them shag each other from her vantage point on the hotel terrace. She now knew their names were Dan and Perla, from what Erik had told her just a couple of minutes ago. Names, however, didn’t seem to be important right now. They were engaged in a furious fuck that made Jane go quite weak at the knees – even causing her temporarily to forget about the magnificent erect cock approaching her from behind as she collapsed onto the other sofa and stared, fascinated, at the couple opposite.

When she had last seen them from outside the window she had not been able to see that much due to the interference of piffling little things like walls and curtains. What she had been able to see had been Dan’s very considerable cock pounding into Perla from behind. The man was blessed with a member of better than average length (though not as long as Erik’s, she reminded herself, sparing it a glance as the very naked and very excited young man approached her and joined her on the sofa) but just mind-boggling girth. “I know to say ‘he has a cock like a baby’s arm’ is a cliché,” she thought to herself, “but fuck me rigid – THAT is as big as a baby’s arm!”

But it was doing things no self-respecting baby’s arm would consider – at least until it reached puberty. During the brief period Erik had spent out of the room, Dan and Perla had moved from their pursuit of the ultimate doggy shag to what had probably started as a ‘boring missionary’ fuck but had….progressed, Jane thought was the appropriate word.

Perla was on her back, alright, but in a position no missionary would have recognised. Her legs were doubled back towards her head, her toes pointing almost down at her face – they had to be, because Dan had his arms crooked behind her knees, forcing her legs towards the end of the sofa that she was resting her head on. Dan’s hands rested on the sofa on either side of Perla’s torso while his toes were balanced on the opposite armrest. Horizontal over Perla’s practically doubled up form, the pair were connected at the groin by Dan’s formidable cock plunging down almost vertically into Perla’s willing and – from the immensely erotic sounds that filled the room – exceedingly wet pussy.

Every time Dan raised himself up over Perla, his cock came out of her pussy almost all the way, with just about half the enormous, shiny, bulbous head remaining inside her. As he paused at the top of the stroke, Perla arched her back of the bed, her pussy trying to retain as much of Dan’s mammoth cock as it could. There would be a split second of absolute stillness, in which both these energetic youngsters held their breath, then Dan would release the tension in his arms and legs and thrust downwards to start the intensely erotic cycle all over again. The sounds both of them were making were proof positive to Jane that there wouldn’t be long to wait before they finished. And, to be frank, she wasn’t quite certain whether she wanted to do to Erik the things she was planning while there were other people in the room – although she could, of course, persuade him to take her into the bedroom. It was fine that he had wanted a threesome with Dan and Perla while Jane was a supposedly clandestine observer from outside the room – she grinned as she realised she had been spotted from the very first moment and that Erik had shown her his thoroughly yummy cock through the window in the full knowledge she was there – but she only had a few hours before leaving what had suddenly become an island of opportunity, and she was damned if she was going to waste any of them in threesomes or foursomes. Erik was going to have to service her, maybe three or four times, in the few hours she had before catching her flight back to London. No distractions. No sideshows. Just total concentration, total dedication, and total cock. Singular.

Thinking of which, she looked over at Erik sat beside her. Totally unself-conscious, he was stroking his erection slowly – just at what a mechanic might call ‘tickover’ speed if this great cock were an engine; just enough to maintain the impressive angle of approach he had shown ever since he peeled his yellow shorts off some 20 minutes earlier. Jane reached a hand over and grasped it, tekirdağ escort at which point Erik smiled for a moment – then turned back to monitoring Dan and Perla’s increasingly frantic shagging.

“Well that’s a bit fucking rude,” thought Jane. “I’m attractive, horny, available and new – and he just wants to watch his friends fuck!” Suddenly, Erik shook his head and turned to her, saying, “Don’t think me rude Jane. I really do want to fuck you and nobody is going to suggest threesomes, foursomes or anything you are not perfectly comfortable with. But it’s a bit of a special night for these two and I promised them I would stay with them, not go off with the others until they’re done.”

“What are you – telepathic or something? In one quick response you’ve managed to answer everything that was going through my mind – without me having to go to the trouble of asking!”

“My entire aim is to please,” said Erik, his smile widening – if that were possible.

“So what’s the anniversary – they been going out for a year or something?” asked Jane. It seemed odd, sitting on a sofa, clad only in panties that had now mostly dissolved, hornier than she had been in a year or more, tugging gently on the cock of a delicious stud she had known less than five minutes, while discussing the personal issues of a couple who were fucking themselves senseless less than a dozen feet away. Odd, but at the same time quietly erotic and not at all threatening. Just the opposite, in fact. If she was totally honest, this was the biggest and least complicated turn-on she could remember for a very long time.

“Not exactly,” Erik turned to her with a strange grin on his charming face.” They’ve been together since our group started, but they decided they would see what happened if they spent a whole month fucking nobody but each other. Tonight is the last night of the month.”

“That’s …. kind of weird,” said Jane. “But then this whole situation is kind of weird. But I think I’m beginning to like it quite a bit,” she said, returning his smile and tightening her grip on his hard dick. “And that reminds me – I’m having difficulty placing your accent. Where are you from, Erik?”

“Sweden,” he replied. “Just here for a couple of weeks of vacation in the sun, to get away from the frozen wastes of the North.” His hands sketched a picture in the air as he uttered the last phrase, but his eyes remained fixed on Jane’s. “And you – are you here, as I suspect, on your own?”

“Regrettably, yes.” Jane pouted slightly as she admitted it. “It’s a long and very boring story, but the idea was to have a fortnight of complete hedonism – and I didn’t even manage that! To top it all – I meet you on my last night!”

Something sparkled through Erik’s eyes and the grin disappeared. “I’m sorry to hear that, Jane. Let’s see if we can make your last night one to remember, hey?”

“That would be nice.” As she said that, the volume of squeals and sighs coming from the sofa opposite grew rapidly, and her attention was wrested from Erik’s eyes to the sight of Dan and Perla fucking each other’s brains out. Dan’s pace had increased and his mammoth prick was now sliding in and out of Perla’s pussy at a pretty handsome lick, she thought. As she smiled inwardly at the accidentally appropriate nature of the wording, Dan raised his head up, looked her straight in the eyes and began to roar. After one last frantic thrust he stayed absolutely still for a moment, then pulled his cock out of Perla, fell back on to his knees and grabbed his meaty cock with one hand.

Struggling to match Dan’s new position, Perla unfolded her legs from their position above her head, quickly flipped on to her tummy and leaned in to take his throbbing member into her mouth. She had time for just a couple of strokes, the hollows in her cheeks showing the suction she applied every time her mouth sank towards his enormous balls. Suddenly, Dan’s roar increased in volume, Perla gave a frantic muffled squeal and Dan rocked to a halt. Jane could almost see the cum working its way up his veined shaft and suddenly, cum started to appear out of both sides of Perla’s mouth. To judge by the look on her face and the rapid undulations in her throat, she was doing her best to swallow everything Dan had to give. But there was evidently just too much to fit down her throat in the time available – there were two positive rivers of cum spilling from her mouth and the sweet, salty, intensely erotic reek of hot cum reached Jane’s nostrils from across the room. Erik’s cock gave a mighty series of spasms in her hand and for one terrible moment she thought he might cum in sympathy with Dan. She looked down at his cock’s gorgeous pinkish purple head and assured herself this wasn’t the case.

Erik removed her hand and stood, his cock straining even more vertically than it had been before, if that was possible. He walked over to Dan and clapped his on the shoulder, then leaned down and kissed Perla full on her cum covered lips. He said something to them, obviously in Swedish, at which they laughed and, his hand still slung round Dan’s shoulder, walked back to the sofa where Jane was squirming in the aftermath of watching the powerful orgasm that had just occurred in front of her.

Jane found herself mesmerised by cock again. Only this time there were two of them. Both erect, though Dan’s was starting – very slowly – to return to a less strained position between his legs. Erik’s was long – very long – and slim but not thin, with that upward curve that had made it such a fascinating sight since he first revealed it to her. “Maybe it isn’t actually a foot long,” Jane thought to herself, “but it is certainly ten inches. Yummy!” Dan’s was shorter, maybe by an inch or so, but even as his tumescence began to subside, it was almost as thick as a soda bottle. Despite Perla’s enthusiastic administrations a moment ago, there were still drops of cum on the head and the entire shaft glistened with their mixed juices in the reflected light from the floor lamp. As she watched, Dan’s tool, hovering about 18 inches from her eyes, gave a final pulse and a tiny droplet of cum oozed from the end and fell to the floor.

“Dan, this is our new friend Jane. Jane, this is Dan. We call him Horse – because he’s hung like one, not because he smells like one,” Erik laughed. Elbowing his pal in the ribs, the naked and sweating Dan reached for Jane’s hand and raised it to his lips, keeping eye contact with her the whole time in a manner that was doing no good at all for the stability of her lower stomach. “Pleased to meet you Jane. I’ll introduce you to Perla in a moment, but she will need to calm down a bit and catch her breath before we go to the others.”

There was that word again. Jane suddenly realised what it was that had been bothering her ever since the erotically charged but very confusing conversation she and Erik had had on the terrace. “Others? What others? What, precisely, is going on here?” She looked around the room, as if expecting a species of Scandinavian elf to appear from behind the sofa sporting yet more improbably large hardons and with an odd number of breasts. “Please – I’m finding it very difficult to concentrate while you two point those things at me, but I’m ever so slightly afraid that everything is moving too fast and I may be getting in over my pussy. Head!” she corrected herself, shaking the offending organ in frustration.

“I think to show you rather than to tell you might be a bit more effective, Jane,” said Erik, reaching a hand down to her to help her rise from the sofa. As she shifted to stand more easily, her body leaned forward and, overcome my a sudden impulse and the temporary proximity of what she was quickly coming to define as ‘her’ cock, she planted a quick kiss on the end of it, flicking her tongue across it just once and thereby, in her own mind at least, staking a territorial claim, albeit only for a night. Other than an involuntary grunt deep in his throat, Erik’s only reaction was a widening of the smile that Jane now regarded as his expression of choice. Crossing the room swiftly with Jane in tow, Erik threw open the door to the bedroom and motioned her inside. “Jane – meet the others,” he said.

The bedroom, like that in her own suite across the corridor, was dominated by an immense bed – a California king size, to be precise, with a mattress area two metres square. But there wasn’t much mattress area visible, since the bed was covered by four naked bodies in varying degrees of motion. No – five – Jane corrected herself. She had missed the head poking out from between a pair of legs up by the headboard.

She felt Erik move up behind her and squirmed deliciously as he put his arms around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder. As he did so, she felt his hard cock slide between her legs, pressing up against her clitoris in the most intimate way. She looked down and recognised one of the immediate benefits of having a cock the size of Erik’s. She could see the shiny pink head poking out from the junction of her thighs. Looking back at the bed, she said – in a voice that seemed unnaturally high pitched to her, “Hello, others.”

Unsurprisingly, given the frankly confusing nature of the limbs, torsos and genitals scattered across the expanse of the bed, she didn’t get a reply. She tried sorting the jumble out in her mind, slightly hampered by the dim lighting and the sinuous movement that made the five bodies look like some gigantic misshapen snake undulating towards the edge of the bed.

One guy was leaning up against the headboard with a fixed grin on his face, watching a rather cute blonde giving him enthusiastic head. Although she was focusing admirably on the task at hand, every few seconds she looked over her shoulder to encourage the rather solidly built redheaded girl who was lapping at her pussy from a position flat on her back, with her head almost disappearing between the blonde’s thighs. This position allowed her to spread her own legs as far apart as she could possibly get them – practically doing the splits – thus allowing unfettered access to the short haired brunette who was busy using her tongue and four fingers of one hand to supplement the fist of the other hand buried deep inside the redhead’s pussy. She, in turn, was the happy recipient of a perfectly satisfactory portion of young cock that was hammering into her from behind.

“Fuck me sideways,” said Jane – mostly to herself. “Just who the FUCK are you people?”

“Just your everyday group of Swedish students having a bit of innocent fun on their first night in a foreign country,” whispered tall, blonde, horny and priapic Erik in her left ear.

Jane had to clear her throat gently before responding, as the gentle but insistent movement of Erik’s cock rubbing her through her now almost non-existent knickers was extraordinarily distracting. “Oh innocent my arse,” she said. “Three or four of you pairing off – even in the same room – I could understand, but eight? I mean – are there any couples here, except for Dan and Perla, or do you pretty much all fuck each other all the time?”

“Pretty much,” replied Erik. She could hear the smug grin in his voice. “But it’s not exactly eight of us, you know.”

Jane turned her head to look at him, trying desperately hard to adopt a schoolmarmish look to indicate a mild sense of moral disapproval coupled with scepticism. “Oh?”

Erik laughed out loud and unwrapped his arms from around her, though he took care to keep his back arched and his cock firmly between her legs. “Well – this holiday was all a bit of a last minute arrangement, and this hotel only had four rooms left for the two weeks. So I had to put the other eight guys in the Hotel Thera across the other side of the square.”

“The other eight? You mean there is a party of sixteen terminally horny young, fit Swedes loose on Mykonos for two weeks? Has Interpol been informed?”

Jane shook her head in disbelief, offered a quick thank you to whatever gods had persuaded her to take the air on the terrace half an hour ago, and came to a decision. She wriggled loose of Erik, turned around, grasped his cock firmly in her left hand and walked through the door, pulling a willing Swedish toy boy behind her. Back in the living room, she shut the door behind them, turned in to face Erik, leaned up to kiss him swiftly on the lips and took half a pace back. Only half a pace, because any further and she would have had to let go of his throbbing tool, which she certainly wasn’t ready to do just yet. She looked him straight in the eyes.

“Erik, I have known you for maybe half an hour and normally I need dinner, flowers and a few drinks to ease what I laughingly call my conscience. But I am going to make you a solemn promise. I will suck your wonderful cock and make you squirt till it comes out of my ears. I will force your head between my legs and make you eat me till you are in danger of drowning. I will probably suck and fuck at least one of your horny little tribe of hedonists before I have to leave and I may even let you have my arse. But before any of that happens, my goat of a new found friend, you are going to do just one thing for me. I need to be fucked. I need to be fucked every which way, hard and fast. I need to cum so hard I lose control of my legs. I haven’t had any cock at all for over two months and I am absolutely, positively and assuredly gagging for one. Or more. So – don’t say a word, come with me and fuck me into the middle of next week.”

Trapped in place opposite her by the firm grip she still had on his cock, Erik shrugged in a way that could be variously interpreted as “The square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides,” “Pythagoras buggered sheep,” or “yes ma’am – anything you say ma’am.” Jane smiled in triumph, let go of the cock that she was going to possess every wonderful, hard, throbbing inch of for the immediate future and took a swift inventory of the room for the best possible shagging position. The sofas were out – too conventional for the experience she was looking forward too. The floor was out – tiled, not carpeted. Ah – there we go – the bar.

As she walked over to the bar, she realised that her nipples were threatening to establish an independent orbit of their own. She couldn’t remember when they had last been as hard. She had a quick flashback to the very first orgasm she had had with a boy, when she discovered that her nipples, thanks to one of God’s acts of benevolence, had been hardwired direct to her clitoris. A guy who knew what he was doing in kissing and sucking on them would earn scores of brownie points, redeemable against one or more infamous Janie blowjobs at the specially discounted introductory rate of one point per seventeen blowjobs.

Filing away a mental reminder to find a way of letting Erik know how sensitive her prominent nipples were, Jane kicked the two bar stools out of the way, grasped the edge of the bar and stuck her arse out and up as far as it would go. Looking around, she saw Erik standing where she had left him, cock bouncing in anticipation and with his eyes firmly fixed on her arse.

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