Naughty and Nineteen

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“Thanks for the pic. I definitely approve.”

The message’s sender was Stacy, a young woman whom I had met online. She had e-mailed me to tell me how much she’d enjoyed an erotic story I’d written and posted on a site devoted to such things. I shared a few other stories with her and our friendship grew through our online chats.

“Well you aren’t so bad yourself,” was my reply.

That was an understatement. Stacy had sent her pic first. The woman in the picture was young and pretty with medium length blonde hair and a mischievous smile on her face. She might be described more as “cute” than “sexy”, but bore a resemblance to actress Kirsten Dunst. I don’t assume that everyone is who they claim to be online. A face-to-face web cam chat quickly erased any doubts that the person I was chatting with was the girl in the pictures.

It was late summer 2004 and I had been single since spring. My ex and I had maintained a covert fuck-buddy relationship until early July when she met another guy she wanted to date. Our sexual encounters had been sporadic at best, but I still was missing the regular sex.

Stacy’s mind impressed me more than her looks. Despite being six years my junior she was far better read than I, though terribly humble about herself. Stacy was a quiet book-worm and a bit of a nerd, though hardly looked the part. She was a competitive dancer in high school and continued to judge some sort of national competition.

We exchanged slightly more revealing pics. She was always partially clothed, but did send one of her in a bikini and another in boy shorts and an undershirt. Her body was a marvel, fit and firm, with a tight flat stomach and even tighter ass that had just enough hips to it to be feminine. Her ass was her favorite feature, with good reason. I could see her legs were smooth and just as toned.

Stacy was a study in contrasts. She was bubbling with sexual energy and highly flirtatious, yet she had limited sexual experience. She had given head to the only real boyfriend she ever had, and he’d touched her pussy a little. They had gone no further; she was a virgin. Being naturally shy and introspective she didn’t seek out boyfriends, and despite being attractive, her timidity had slowed her social outlets. She also was seriously ill her senior year of high school, a popular time to have sex the first time. Between the illness and her natural shyness she hadn’t stayed close to her high school friends.

I think my flirtation with her was successful in part because I didn’t take it very seriously. I was candid and open about my sexual desires and experiences rather than being vague like I often am in “first date” sort of situations. She was equally open with me, though she was obviously longer on desires than experiences. She was perfectly willing to tell me how much she enjoyed her vibrator and her modest porn collection. The anonymity of the internet let us be more open than we might have otherwise.

One night while chatting she upped the ante. “So I’ve seen the top half of you naked, and I definitely like. Wouldn’t mind running my hands all over your stomach and chest. I’m just wondering when I get to see that big cock you write about.”

“What makes you think that I’ve got a big dick? I think most guys give themselves big cocks when they write.”

“Well then I guess I want to find out,” she said. I was rock hard and figured she wouldn’t be disappointed.

“Ok, I’ll turn on my cam.” I quickly stripped and activated my web cam.

“Oh my. That IS quite nice. Very impressive. I bet a girl could do a lot with that, if she could handle it all.”

“Do you think you could?”

“I don’t know. Remember, I haven’t handled ANY cock yet. But I wouldn’t mind trying.” I didn’t take her too seriously, but certainly enjoyed her compliments and showing off a little. She didn’t return the favor completely, but did strip down to her bra and panties for me on camera that night.

Stacy lived about a ninety minute drive north of me, near LA. We continued our sexually charged conversations for a few weeks before I broached the idea of hanging out in person sometime, with no expectations of where it might lead. She agreed, and after a phone call we met for the first time the following Saturday. It was marked largely by nervousness and a degree of shyness on both our parts, despite having been so revealing online. Still, we managed to translate our great conversational compatibility to real life.

Late in the afternoon we ended up in my room talking on my bed. I went in for a kiss, and happily she responded. We made out for a good while, though with restraint on both our parts. I didn’t want to tease myself nor push this somewhat innocent yet highly sexual girl. Yet kissing can be its own reward, and I enjoyed groping her body through her clothes. She admitted afterwards that she had been really hoping I would make a move and was both ecstatic and relieved when I did. Later when we said our goodbyes we made plans to hang out the following weekend.

The next weekend I drove Anadolu Yakası Escort up to visit her. Stacy lived with her mom and grandparents in a modest town home. She went to college full time and worked part time to help pay rent and for a little shopping money. Her mother was saving to buy a new home, as after her divorce neither she nor her ex could afford the payments on their previous house. I felt it was rather sweet of Stacy to stay with her mom and help pay rent, but nevertheless hoped it wouldn’t interfere with our fun. Stacy’s place was a pain to locate, since it was nestled within a community with confusing building numbers. Finally with her guidance over the phone I was able to find her place.

I had made really good time driving up to her place. This was somewhat unfortunate because I was earlier than I’d told her I would be. Her mother let me in and informed me Stacy had just finished showering. I silently lamented Stacy’s living situation, because her being wet and fresh out of the shower could have had fun possibilities otherwise.

Stacy’s mom was a nice, heavyset woman. The home itself was about what I expected. It was crowded with stuff that didn’t fit in their temporary smaller house. Stacy’s room was upstairs, and once dressed she came down to liberate me from her mother. She looked slightly panicked and nervous. I smiled at her reassuringly and her face instantly relaxed.

She gave me a quick tour. Her room was really nice, and I swear I’m not biased because of what went on in it. I was jealous of her room’s own bathroom with full tub and shower, which I hoped we could put to good use later.

Stacy looked very cute in a white halter top and low rise jeans that clung to her lovely ass. We decided to go walk around the mall. In the car Stacy’s seatbelt shifted her top. It was rather light and loose, and I was able to catch a glimpse of her light pink nipple by looking down her shirt. Stacy is small chested and had opted against wearing a bra. She didn’t appear to notice me peeking, and my appetite was whetted for what was to come.

Wandering around the mall was fun. Neither of us was really in the mood to buy anything. She seemed happy just to spend time with me and preferred to go into the stores I was interested in. The date was fun though not especially remarkable as far as such things go. We talked, laughed and occasionally found excuses to touch each other flirtatiously. After grabbing some lunch we headed back to her complex to lie by the pool and enjoy the weather.

Lying by the pool was nice. Seeing Stacy in a bikini was inspiring, and I could tell she enjoyed seeing me in only my trunks. If seeing Stacy half dressed was nice, talking to her was truly wonderful. She’s amazingly easy to talk to and definitely has many ideas on topics that I had not yet considered. I appreciate it when people are thoughtful and have their beliefs for a reason. We traded off asking each other questions while we soaked up some rays, and then decided to try out the hot tub.

We hopped into the tiny hot tub near the pool, which was semi-private at best. The sun was high in the sky that bright afternoon. We twiddled our thumbs for a few short minutes before the tension got the best of us and our lips met. There was kissing and groping and even some heavy petting though our swimsuits. We paid no mind to the only other person in the pool area, a middle aged man who was lying on the other side of the pool. If he noticed us at all he didn’t care, because he was facing away the whole time. Regardless, making out in public with a really cute blonde girl is a wonderful experience and had a bit of an exhibitionistic element to it. I certainly took the opportunity to squeeze her ass as she sat on my lap and ground her pussy against my cock, our lips locked together. At one point she even reached under my suit and stroked my dick beneath the swirling water.

When the limits of public displays were reached we wrapped our towels around ourselves and retreated to her room. Luckily her mom wasn’t around to ask any embarrassing questions. Stacy dropped her towel in front of her mirror and began brushing out her hair. Her wet bikini clung to her body in an enticing manner. I dropped my own towel and came up behind her, placing my hands on her hips gently. I slid my own hips forward and pressed my rock hard cock against her lovely ass through our wet swimsuits. Her eyes remained focused on the mirror image of us while I moved my mouth to her neck. I sucked and nibbled her neck as my hands slid up and down, exploring her body, occasionally glancing up to see my counterpart in the mirror doing the exact same thing to his Stacy.

When my hands began trying to liberate her top from her body she decided we needed a tad more security. She squirmed away from me over to her door, which she locked. She picked up her remote and turned on the small TV atop her dresser to create background noise. She then turned to me and gave me the sort of look a woman gives the man she wants to be ravished by. I got the message clearly.

I imagined I was quite the sight for her, standing not two feet away, wet and half dressed. Yet she waited for me to make the next move. I did, taking her into my arms and kissing the young beauty. We moved to her bed and soon our hands and mouths were everywhere. I finally took off her top, exposing her hard light pink nipples atop small firm breasts. I fondled her breasts, suckled her nipples. She moaned with appreciative passion, lust overcoming her nerves.

I slid up her body and kissed her once more, grinding my erection against her pussy through our clothes. Despite my lustful state I took my time, savoring each new shared experience, treasuring the whole experience.

Finally I took off her bottoms and got to see her fully naked for the first time. It was worth the wait. Her pussy was beautiful with a lovely haircut of a small strip above her clit and shaved lips. Her lips and clit were of balanced size, and she truly had one of the prettiest pussies I’ve seen.

In our conversations we had discussed spanking as a sexual activity, one which she had a lot of curiosity about and no experience with. I had spanked women playfully, but never beyond playfulness or a random lustful swat during a heated moment. This would be spanking as foreplay. Stacy’s firm ass demanded to be spanked if one ever did.

“Roll over,” I said to her, tenderly yet with force. She looked at me for a moment, her face showing a mix of lust and nervousness. I had my own nervousness about executing our shared desire satisfactorily.

I admired Stacy’s bare ass for only a moment before placing my hand on her buttock and squeezing it gently. “Tell me if it is too hard or not hard enough,” I said, then lifted my hand and brought it down gently, cupping her ass with only a slight impact.

Stacy giggled and spoke only “Harder.”

I was happy to comply, lifting my hand once more and bringing it down upon her lovely ass, somewhat harder than the last. It made a satisfactory smacking sound as it connected with her flesh. She gave a slight shiver from the sensation and confidently stated “Harder. Please.”

She didn’t see my huge grin as I lifted my hand and once again brought it to her ass, this time with the level of force one might use to punish a small child. Once again I left my hand on her bottom and cupped it rather than striking it. She gasped slightly at the impact this time. I felt a rush of power and a certain animalistic glee. I was thrilled when she let out a low pitched, “A little harder. Spank me James.”

She didn’t have to ask twice, and I brought my hand down twice more in quick succession. The first was a repetition of the previous spanking with a little more force. The second was of similar power but was more of a striking blow across her bare flesh. At that Stacy gasped once more before letting out a guttural moan.

“God James. You really know what you’re doing!”

I leaned forward and kissed her between the shoulder blades, my right hand still cupping her ass. “I’m glad that you like. It’s a learning experience for me, but I’ve done some reading,” I told her.

I delighted in giving her right buttock a few more swats before switching to her left cheek and giving it similar attention. We both were aroused before our foray into spanking, but as I finished we both were overwhelmed with lust.

I grabbed her hips and rolled her over, taking a moment to refresh my memory of her luscious body before trailing kisses across her tummy all the way up to her mouth. Our mouths intermingled once again, this time with her rubbing her bare sex up against my dick through my trunks. I forced myself off of her and positioned myself at her side. She started to protest, but I shushed her and slid my hand down her stomach, through her pubic strip, and across her swollen labia. She jumped slightly at my touch. I looked her in the eyes as I teased the outside of her pussy with my fingertips. She closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip. In that moment she was truly a vision of aroused beauty.

I gently parted her lower lips and slid a finger inside her. Though the outside of her pussy was not damp, inside she was a soaking wet furnace. I adore women’s physical signs of arousal, and this was further affirmation that she’d enjoyed me spanking her.

I took my time fingering her, hooking my fingers slightly and sliding them halfway within her wetness. I pressed my palm down as I moved my fingers back and forth to simultaneously stimulate her clit. My mouth nibbled on her nipples, collar bone, and every inch of her I could reach while maintaining my gentle, yet steady, stimulation of her pussy. She opened her eyes and looked at me longingly, whispering out “Please, James, more!”

I was happy to give her what she wanted and began rubbing her faster and firmer. Her body responded marvelously. She began bucking her hips and panting, her chest rising and falling rapidly. At last she sucked in her breath, her pussy tightened around my fingers, and her whole body tensed up. I felt her climax, watching her face with great interest. As she came down from her peak she opened her eyes and looked at me adoringly. I held her tight. I could see she was savoring her post-orgasmic bliss.

“Our clothing situation is a bit unfair,” I said, and took off my swim trunks to let her see me fully naked, and fully hard.

It was not a surprise to her, but she said to me “Wow. It may be cliché, but let me say it is even more impressive in person.” I lay on my back and she pressed her naked body against my side. “I’ve got to get my hand around that gorgeous cock!”

She reached down to grasp my cock gently, feeling its girth with her hand. She stroked it somewhat tentatively. This virgin had given a hand job or two in her life, and I was happy to allow her a chance to pleasure me with her hand. Her eyes were intensely fixated on her hand pumping up and down my thick shaft.

The whole scenario had excited me immensely. Kissing in the hot tub in public, making out, sucking her tits, seeing her naked, spanking her ass and making her cum with my fingers had all combined to push me close to the limit of arousal. As her hand slid up and down my long shaft I could feel that my own climax was imminent, and given the long build-up I knew it would be a big one.

“Do you want to make me come?” I asked her.

“Yes,” She replied eagerly.

“Where do you want it? Where do you want me to come?” I asked her with some urgency.

“You choose” she said, perhaps with a mixture of desire to please me and indecision.

“I want to shoot all over your stomach.” I told the nineteen year old virgin who was stroking my rock hard dick. She rolled onto her back, not releasing my dick from her grasp. I nestled my body next to her, aiming my swollen weapon at her navel. She stroked me faster and I began to thrust with my hips.

“So you want me to come?” I asked her almost demandingly.

“Yes.” She said with conviction.

“Tell me. Ask me to come on you” I said, allowing my dominant side to show through in that moment of passion. I could feel the beginnings of my climax.

“Come on me James. Come on my stomach!” she spoke out clearly. I love hearing a woman ask for my cum. Her words set me off, and I erupted onto her flat stomach. Her hand immediately slowed. The first blast or two shot up all the way to the middle of her chest, while the rest of my significant load pooled itself in and around her small belly button. She purred appreciatively.

“That is some load James,” she said, using her free hand to scoop up a dollop of my warm seed. She brought her finger to her lips and tasted it tentatively. She then slid her finger into her mouth and sucked it clean before sending it back for seconds. I watched as she cleaned off the majority of my load from her skin, sending it down to her tummy.

“You like?” I asked.

“Yeah. Honestly you’re the best tasting guy I’ve ever been with. It’s salty, yet sweet. Nice and warm too. Next time I think I want it in my mouth.” My still hard cock jumped at the mention of my cock in her mouth. We hadn’t explored oral sex yet, but I expected it would happen soon.

After some relaxing and pillow talk we took a shower together. It naturally entailed more kissing and groping. At one point, I pinned her right arm to the wall while I was fingering my pussy and she just about lost it. She loved it when I would take control, and told me she experienced a feeling of pure heat within her as she felt herself surrender a bit of herself to me. Eventually the shower got too hot for us and we dried off and somewhat reluctantly dressed. We cuddled together on her bed, simply enjoying the company. Part of me wanted to play with Stacy more, but unfortunately my hunger got in the way. Stacy was famished as well.

We passed Stacy’s mother on our way out and informed her of our plans. I also got to meet Stacy’s grandparents who had been at a football game earlier. It was a tad odd to meet the girl’s family shortly after coming on her stomach and fingering her pussy in the shower. I somehow managed to put on a comfortable face and be polite. I have to imagine that Stacy’s mom had some idea of what we were up to in her room with the door closed. But, I also suppose that the mother of a shy 19 year old is accepting and perhaps somewhat happy when her daughter brings a polite young man home. I’ve known plenty of mothers who happily ignore the evidence of their children’s sexuality.

It had been sunny outside when we left the hot tub and was dark when we went to dinner. By the clock in my car I guessed that we’d been making out for almost two hours. Stacy giggled happily when I mentioned it to her.

Dinner was lovely and quite filling. We arrived back at her complex a little after 9 o’clock. Rather than go into her family filled house, we walked around a little checking the complex’s two hot tubs but found both were occupied. I was a tad bummed out, hoping for more naughtiness. We decided not to dart through her house past her family to her room, and instead simply wait for our next rendezvous. We stopped outside her door for a nice long kiss goodnight before saying goodnight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32