Naughty Neighbour Ch. 03

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Ron came knocking, he sounded out of breath and in a hurry, “Hi Bob, can you please help me with my car? I can’t get it started.”

I replied, “Have you got fuel in it?”

“Ha Ha, yes I’ve got fuel in it, I just filled it up yesterday.”

I asked Ron, “I’ve just got home and need a shower. Can I come round after?”

Ron sounding very urgent, “It’s just that I need to pick Jean up from work, she’ll be waiting.”

“You can take my car if you want?” I offered.

“Thanks, but we’re going shopping straight after, and I’d rather take mine if that’s alright?”

I grabbed my house keys, and replied, “Yes sure, let’s see if I can get you started.”

We walked around to his drive, and we talked while I started looking the car over.

I asked Ron, “I haven’t seen you or Jean for something like, what, over three weeks, are you both okay?”

Ron, “Yes, thanks, we’re both fine, just been busy you know, there is something else, but I’ll let Jean tell you that!”

It was about ten minutes, when I realised what the problem was, and fixed it.

A car pulled up, and Jean got out with another man who had obviously driven Jean home.

I heard Jean say to the other man, “Thanks’ Brian, would you like some tea, please come in?”

Brian seemed reluctant, “No thank you, it’s okay, I’ll be off and see you in a couple of days.”

“Please come in, as a thank you, please?” Jean sounded very apologetic and humble, not making eye contact, looking towards the ground.

I asked Ron who that other person was, and Ron told me that that was ‘Brian’, Jean’s boss. Who had obviously given Jean a lift home because Ron wasn’t there to pick her up.

They both passed us, and Jean turned round to introduced Brian to me, then both went into the house.

Ron asked me, “Have we finished here? Then let’s join them indoors.”

I said to Ron, “Yes, looks like you had a blocked fuel filter, should be okay now.”

Ron slapped me on the back, and said, “Well done, let’s go in!”

I tried to decline, “I’ll head home, as you’ve got company.”

“Nonsense, you’re having a beer with me, come on!”

I reluctantly accepted, and we both went in. I washed my hands in the downstairs cloakroom and then joined them in the lounge, where Ron had already poured a drink for me.

“Come on over Bob!” Shouted Ron; from his armchair.

I walked over, and sat down. Ron and I mainly talked to each other, as Brian and Jean were talking shop.

I overheard some of the conversation of Brian and Jean, where Brian seemed to be doing most of the talking and Jean politely nodding her head and agreeing. Her head seemed to be lowered like she was bowing, hardly looking Brian in the eye at all.

About fifteen minutes later Brian stood up and said, “Okay Jean, have you got that? Do you have any questions?” Speaking just like he was her manager.

Jean very slowly rose and stood with her hands clasped in front of her, “No, Mr Smith, I am sure I can manage with the paperwork, it’s no problem.”

“Okay then, as you know I’m out tomorrow. I will inspect everything when I get back.” Brian again, talked in a very authoritative but almost condescending tone towards Jean.

Jean replied, “I am sure you will be happy sir, I will see everything is carried out properly.”

With that, Brian said goodnight to both Ron and me. Jean followed behind Brian to show him out. “Good night Jean.” We heard Brian’s voice, then Jean, “Good night sir, I have a nice trip tomorrow sir!”

We heard the front door close, and Jean reappeared. She come and sat back down where she was sitting previously and said, “I’ve had an awful day, and then you not picking me up made it just the worst, I didn’t want Brian giving me a lift home at all, I hate him, he’s so patronising.”

Ron interrupted, and not showing any concern towards Jean, “Right then, we having something to eat?”

I stood and said, “I’ll be off now, you two carry on.”

Ron stood and placed a hand on my shoulder, “No you don’t, sit down and let me get some refills.”

Jean asked, “Chinese okay with everyone?”

Both Ron and I nodded our heads. I said to Jean, “While that’s coming, I’ll just go home and have a shower. I’d only just got home when Ron asked me to look at his car.”

Jean looked at me, “I’ve had a really hard day, and can do with a nice hot shower myself. Join me?”

I replied to Jean, “it’s okay Jean, thanks, I won’t be long.”

Jean looked at me with a stern look in her eyes, “I wasn’t offering you a choice Bob!”

I stood and smiled, shaking my head. Jean came up to me and put her arm through mine, and said to Ron, “We’re going up for a shower Ron, can you order the food?”

Ron picked up a leaflet and said, “Yes, Bob’s already done me a favour, I’m sure he won’t say no to you either. And don’t be too long with him, the food will be here soon.”

Jean walked us both arm in arm. I asked Jean, “I haven’t seen you for a while, you and Ron been okay?”

She looked up with a beaming smile; “Bob, I’ve erzurum escort got a surprise for you!”

We got to the top of the stairs, I asked, “What sort of surprise?”

The grin didn’t leave her face. She hugged my arm tighter, as she said, “Bob, I really hope you like it, just wait babes, just wait.”

We walked into her wet-room where we both took our clothes off. As soon as we were both naked, Jean ran up to me, jumped up, throwing her arms around my neck, and her legs around my hips. She hugged me tight and whispered in my ear, “I’ve missed you Bob; I’ve missed you so much,” then gave me a long, deep kiss.

My cock slowly developed between the crack of Jean’s ass. Jean must have felt it. She reached around to grab my cock and started to stroke it, as we kissed.

She pushed her face and lips harder into me. Jean is so petite, she doesn’t weigh much at all, and I can carry her without even knowing she’s there. We stay indulged with each other for quite a while.

I broke off, and said, “I think we should turn the water on! We are here for a shower, aren’t we?”

Jean smiled, and unwrapped herself from me and stood.

I turned the shower on; there are multiple shower heads from different places, walls and ceiling. Jean pointed to a marble bench besides one wall in the shower room, “Sit down Bob!”

I did as Jean asked. She walked over and knelt between my legs, grabbed my cock and started to stroke it, sucking on the head, “Wow Jean take it easy babes.”

Jean raised her head, still looking at my cock and wanking it vigorously, “I’ve had a hard day, honey, and I now need something very hard… in me.”

She started blowing me again; I looked up to the ceiling and closed my eyes.

Jean went crazy on my cock, twisting her hands, sucking hard, like she was taking all the frustrations of her day out on my cock.

As I looked back down, Jean was sucking on my head, twisting her hands on my shaft, stroking me off. She would on occasion’s place my cock between the palms of her hands and move her hands back and forth rotating the cock-head. Then back down sucking on it for another minute, then back with her palms.

A good ten to twelve minutes must have passed when I said to Jean, “Jean babes, if you keep going like that, I’m going to cum soon.”

She popped my cock out, “I know this cock better than you Bob, and I’m just getting it nice and slippery.”

I replied, “There is a lot of water around for that, babes, but I guess you need to get things out of your system?”

I put my hands on her head and run my fingers through her wet hair.

Jean kept working on my cock, squeezing with both hands, sucking hard, often spitting on to it, even as the water fell over us.

Few minutes later, a cry from Ron, “Guy’s the food’s here!”

Jean looked at me pouting her lips to be kissed, which I obliged with.

She stood up in front of me, I followed her eyes with mine, she put her hands on to my shoulders, and said, “Bob, here’s my present for you, happy birthday!”

Jean seemed a bit calmer, her touch much softer, her voice more relaxed.

It was my birthday a couple of days ago, and at the time I was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t seen Jean.

She took one hand and placed it on top of my head, and pushed it down, making me look lower.

My eyes looked at her petite body inch by inch glancing lower, her tits, and those very large nipples, not quite hard yet. I stuck my tongue out and licked one as I was forced to look lower. Her stomach, flat, I kissed it several times, getting lower. I finally arrived to her pussy, clean shaven as usual, but then I see a couple of shinny bits, “Oh fuck Jean, what the hell, you absolute horny cow!”

Jean had gotten her clit pierced, she has quite a large prominent clit, and now there’s a stud through it.

I stood and picked her up, turned round and placed her on the bench.

I started to lick and suck on her clit, flicking the stud with my tongue, I heard soft moans and cries from Jean, “Oh, yes, fuck, I knew you’d love it, ahh, Bob, harder, I can take it, please, harder, oh yes, that’s it babes, keep going, fuck, Bob, Bob, ahh.”

I flicked her clit stud around with my tongue more forcefully and kept sucking on it.

Then I thought, this is why Jean had not wanted to see me for a few weeks, it must have been very sensitive, and by the groans from Jean, I think it probably still was.

I placed two fingers into her pussy and moved them slowly in and out while rotating them as well.

Jean cried out, “Bob you bastard, ahh, I knew you would… ohh… love it, tell me you like it, babes? Ohh.”

With my other hand I reached out and squeezed one of her tits, pinching her hardening nipple, and then I moved to the other one.

Jean moaned, “Ahh, Bob, oaahh, love, oaahhh, you, babes, ahh.”

She grabbed my head and pushed it down, she asked me, “Babes, harder, please, ahh, please babes, make me, oh god, explode?”

Her hips jolted up in spasms, Jean cried out loud, “I’m cumming Bob, Bob, I’mm, cuming, fuck me, oh god, fuck me, ahh.”

She was very loud; I think she wanted to make sure Ron could hear we were busy.

Jean grabbed my head and lifted it off, and squirted, three squirts; I stuck out my tongue, to capture some of it.

She pushed me away saying, “leave me for a minute will you honey?”

I lay on the floor letting the water run over me, my cock still hard and pointing up over my belly button.

I looked over to Jean on the bench, her back flat on the bench, both arms hanging down to the floor, one leg bent at the knee and foot on the bench, the other dangling to the floor. Her chest heaving and her hips jolted in small spasms.

A few minutes passed, and Jean’s voice, “Honey, get up?”

I saw Jean sitting on the bench with a bottle of liquid soap, she said, “We are supposed to be having a shower, come on let’s get soaped up!”

There’s a ‘Blind Spot’ from the spray of the shower heads; we stand in this blind spot, to soap each other up.

Jean squirted some all over her shoulders and tits, and I started lathering her, paying particular attention to her tits, I squeezed them and ran a finger over her nipples. She squirted some over me and soaped up my shoulders and chest.

Jean turned me around so she could do my back, then I in turned to do hers, making sure I pay particular attention to her pert ass, we’re now facing each other again.

Jean squirted some soap on to my cock and started to fondle my balls; we kissed tenderly, while I have both hands groping Jeans ass, and Jean stroking my cock.

Jean pushed me sideways into a stream of water, hitting my cock, stroking away, making sure all the soap was cleansed off.

Jean guided me back to the bench and lightly pushed me down so that I sat on it. She then stood on to the bench with her feet either side of my thighs; she guided my cock in to her entrance. Then placed her hands on to my shoulders, lowered herself on to my cock. She got half in and said, “Never can get this bastard in in one go, you’re so big, ahh.”

She rose slightly then stabbed back down, with all the water and our lubricants, Jean whispered in my ear, “Ahh, bastard cock, got it in!”

I instinctively started to thrust slowly, Jean said, “Just sit there big boy, just sit there, don’t move.”

She placed her arms around me in a cuddle, and rested her head on my shoulder.

Usually Jean likes to fuck hard, and rough, using strong language. But I somehow got the message that she just wanted a quiet, relaxing, tranquil time together.

I could feel her cunt throbbing around my cock like a heartbeat. I placed my arms around her and cuddled her back. The warm water cascaded over us, just the noise of the shower could be heard, it was peaceful. I slowly turned my head and softly kiss the nape of her neck, several small kisses, and gently run my fingers up and down her back. The warm water fell over us, soothing our bodies, we seemed to be as one.

At one point my cock throbbed and I moved my hips up lifting her, Jean lightly tapped me on my back and said, “Easy big boy.”

An impulsive action on my part, “Sorry babes, couldn’t help it.”

Jean softly said, “Control honey, self-control.”

A few minutes passed and I thought Jean had fallen into a blissful sleep.

Ron startled both of us, standing at the bathroom door and asked in a loud manner, “You going to be long with him? Your food’s cold now.”

Jean’s whole body jolted in shock, she raised her head to look at Ron, and with a very angry expression; you know the one, if looks could kill, and all that, shouting, “Ron you’re a fuckin bastard, does it look like I want to eat… food… right now… Bastard, you watch I’ll get you back. Can’t you see I was just having some quiet time?”

Jean looked back to me and asked, “You hungry Bob?”

I looked over to Ron, “Mate, we might be here for a bit longer, we’ll join you later.”

Ron shrugged his shoulders and said, “You two fuckers, making me eat alone again!”

I looked back to Jean, “Maybe we should go?”

Jean said, “I was so lost in a wonderful place before he barged in, now he’s just pissed me off, the little prick that he is, and has!”

I held Jean’s face with both hands, and said in a quiet whisper, so as not to sound like I was on anyone’s side, “Let’s go down, eat with him, then we can come back up for dessert.”

Jean rested her forehead on my chest and said, “Yes I suppose you’re right, but I want this cock in me it’s where it belongs.”

I kissed the back of Jean’s head, “Come on babes, you know it will be in you again soon.”

Jean sighed deeply, kissed me softly and dismounted.

We dried off and Jean put on a gown, and I without my boxers put my jeans on. We both joined Ron downstairs. Ron had reheated the food, and we all had a bite to eat and chatted. We took about fifteen minutes, and then cleared up.

Ron sat in his usual armchair, and I was on the sofa. Jean walked in carrying a bottle of wine and three glasses. She started to pour out some wine for all of us, but Ron said he was okay with his beer. Jean came and sat next to me. We again chatted for a bit. While we talked, Jean stroked my thigh.

The topics of conversation ran dry, when Jean said, “Ron, you want to join Bob and me upstairs?”

Ron looked over to us and said, “No, you two carry on, it’s okay, I’ve got this book I want to finish.”

I looked at Ron and said, “Oh come on Ron, don’t be a spoil sport!”

Jean angrily shouted, “For fuck sakes Ron! If you don’t want to come up we’ll do something right here, you’re pissing me off more and more by the minute.”

Still staring at Ron she said, “Get up and come over here?”

Ron was reluctant, “No, it’s okay, take Bob upstairs.”

Jean getting very angry, stood up and stomped over to Ron, grabbed his hand, “You little fucking shit, get up?”

There was no way Jean would be able to move Ron, as Ron is quite a bulky person and Jean is so, so, tiny.

Jean frowned at Ron, whilst holding his hand, then she shouted again to Ron, “I told you, I’m in no mood for stupid fuckin games, now get up, and get over there!” Throwing her arm out and pointing towards me.

Jean turned and looked over to me, “And you, get rid of those jeans?”

I was never going to disobey Jean; I just loved her commanding boldness. I got up and removed my jeans, then sat back down. By this time Ron was up and Jean was walking him over to me by the sofa.

As Jean started to undo and remove her gown, she said to Ron, “Come on you ass-hole, drop your pants and take out your prick?”

Ron undid his belt and dropped his trousers and lowered his pants to the ground and stepped out of them, took off his shirt and now we were all naked. I was sitting on the sofa, and Ron was standing just besides me, he was about to sit next to me when Jean said, “Get up Bob?”

We’re both in front of Jean; my cock is already at half mast, Ron still limp. Jean brought over a foot stool and knelt on it in front of us. She spat on my cock and started stroking it. She moved over to Ron and started sucking him off. I’m hard in a matter of minutes, Ron nearly there I think, I could not see it, it being in Jean’s mouth.

Jean took it out of her mouth and grabbed it with her other hand, she then turned to my cock and spat on it again. She was stroking both of us.

Ron’s cock is not that big compared to mine, if you can imagine a baby carrot next to a prize cucumber. Not to be modest, but, even a large cucumber is smaller than my cock.

Jean manoeuvred us so that our cocks were next to each other. As I have mentioned before, neither Ron nor me are gay, but we let Jean do whatever she wants with our cocks.

Jean held both cocks just at the base of the head and rubs our cockheads together, licking each one in turn, Ron did not seem to be leaking, pre-cum, but I’m flowing. Jean licked some of it, and smeared it over Ron’s prick. Jean tried to take both cocks into her mouth but couldn’t, so she sucked off one at a time, then again rubbed them together, occasionally slapping them against each other.

She squeezed my cock and got it to spit out some pre-cum, and put it on to Ron’s prick, like she was squeezing out toothpaste on to a brush. She then rubbed my shaft with Ron’s prick from head to base, first along the top, then along the bottom.

Jean looked up towards both of us, and said with a cheeky smile, “How you doin boy’s?”

She looked at Ron, “You’re, about to cum, aren’t you?”

I heard Ron groaning, “Yes, Agg, I’m cuming.”

Jean kept rubbing the heads together, much harder, Ron released his first load and Jean let it go over on to my cock. She then took Ron into her mouth and Ron fired again. For his third load Jean let it over my cock again. That was Ron finished.

Jean took my cock, looking up in to my eyes licked off Ron’s cum, and then sucked my cock clean.

Jean knew I would not cum that quickly, she stopped sucking, and stroked slowly, looked up to Ron, placed a hand on his oversized belly, and with a couple of light slaps said, “You can fuck off to your book now, while I take Bob upstairs to fuck my brains out!”

Jean and I both went up to her bedroom, she leant over the bed, placed her hands on the bed and stuck her ass out, “Do me here to start with, and I want it hard, none of that sissy poking about, just a hard fuck, O… and don’t stop till I cum, got it?”

I moved behind her and rubbed my cockhead up and down her slit, she was wet, I smeared my pre-cum around her slit, and I could feel her clit stud, where I concentrated more pressure onto. It also felt nice on the tip of my cock. I then located her opening, Jean said, “Hold on big boy,” and moved one leg over to widen her stance.

Jean wiggled her ass, “Okay let’s go.”

I pushed hard and entered just half way then retreated, then back in a bit deeper, and back out, back in, inching further in till I was buried, a cry from Jean, “Ahh, back where it belongs!”

I grabbed hold of her hips, and slide out, Jean turned her head to look at me and said, “Remember what I said, hard, fuckin hard, and make me cum!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32