Passion for His Mother

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It’s another sunny, hot day in Kolkata. Ava is preparing breakfast before her husband and son leave for office and college respectively. Ava is a traditional Hindu housewife and mother. She is a bit younger for her age even though she is 44, she easily looks like she’s in her early thirties.

She only conceived once and it was successful and now his son Anirban is 19 years old, a college freshman. Ava is just like any other Indian or Bengali mother, she always wears a saree and blouse with long or half sleeves depending on the season, wears a bindi on her head, mostly keeps her hair in a bun, sometimes though she keeps it loose, not that frequently though.

Her husband Johny didn’t pay much attention to her after their son’s birth. He considered it his win in marital life to have provided a baby to his other half to look after and take care of as her responsibility.

Johnny never stays at home, always out for a job or meeting, when he returns that’s also late at night and exhausted, he just eats his dinner and retires to his bedroom, and immediately falls asleep even without feeling the need to wish her wife a goodnight.

Johnny thinks it’s his responsibility to earn money as the man of the house and his wife’s to pick up the dirty plates and clean every mess up that he creates.

If it were up to Ava, she’d have had a divorce with him but the son and society values kept her from thinking of that alternative.

Ava placed the plates on the table, like every morning. Johny and Anirban came and ate their breakfast, Johny left for office in a rush as always.

Anirban always took pity on his mother, he always thought his mother deserved better. He went to the sink and started working on the dishes.

“Oh, what are you doing? Son! It’s okay, I’ll take care of it, you get ready for college.” Mom protested.

“No, please, washing dishes is my favorite thing to do.” He replied.

“You’ll be late for college.”

“Oh, mom, today one of our professors passed away, so no class will be conducted.”

“But, I’m sure, you have studies to do.”

“Yeah, but nothing I have to leave all the dishes to you for.”

“Aww, that’s sweet, but you don’t have to do that.”

“I want to, now stop stalling or we will not get anything done ever.”

Anirban washed the dishes and once he was done his mother pulled him in for a big hug and kissed him on the cheeks.

“Oh, my little bear.”

“I’m not so little.”

“You make mommy proud, what did I do to deserve this.”

“Mom, you always work so hard for us and dad especially, and you don’t even get anything in return, I am now grown-up mom, I know the look on your face that tells you that you’re lonely and unhappy!”

“No, son, I do have you, you have been away from your school life in the hostel but you have been taking care of me now every day since you go college from here, I’m the happiest.”

“Mom, I do wanna bring some smile on your face, wait, I have tickets for a movie and afterward we can go for dinner.”

“Oh, I don’t know how I feel about that, I do have some work.”

“C’mon mom let’s go, it’s been so long since we went out, please, please.”

“Okay, son, let me get prepared then.”

“Yes, cool. Let me go get some stuff done and change.”

They go their separate ways.

Ava’s POV

After being convinced by her son, she did some kitchen work and then went to her room to get ready. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and her sweaty body. She’s been working at home for so long, she doesn’t even remember the last time when she did something for herself. She doesn’t even watch tv and shows like other women of her age.

She has committed herself fully to her family, to her husband and son. She had some wishes that her husband would take care of her, would share her workload, or take her for a vacation but he just never had the time. But today when his son asked her out, something inside her stirred.

It can’t be described with words but a feeling that was buried deep inside until now, that was once on display in her school days, maybe she did flaunt it or enjoyed it back then. Ava started removing her saree, she’s eternally thankful to her son. She took her sweaty petticoat, bra off feeling like a schoolgirl going out with her friends, and started rifling through her closet to find something appropriate to wear.

She thought she’d wear something that made her son happy since it’s all to make her happy. She pulled out a red saree with a beautiful blue blouse and put it on. She did her hair, put on dark red lipstick, and then eyeliner. She let her hair hang loose.

She finally looked into the mirror looking at her reflection shyly, she smiled, she couldn’t think the last time she was this happy. Truth Magosa Escort be told she looked so hot and alluring, anyone would get an instant hard-on just by looking at her.

Anirban’s POV

He is happy to finally feel like he’s doing something to make his mother happy, to make a woman happy. He knows all the hard work his mom does and all the sacrifices she had made when he was just a kid to raise him to be a good man. Anirban has had his fair share of heartbreaks.

So it feels to make a woman happy finally even if it’s just your old mother. He took off his clothes and put on a fancy shirt and jeans. He thought his mom would love to see him in it, he doesn’t know it, it has never happened before, or have they?

He felt he’s getting hard under thinking about today when he should not be. He suddenly remembered the school days when he was just 4-5 years old, and he wouldn’t wanna go to school, but his mother would comfort him and he’d love that, he’d ask his mom to wear some blue sarees and to wear makeup to look beautiful and then he always wanted her to lift him in her hands and hug him, he always liked that sensation, he didn’t know it back then but he felt good down there or rather full, it was fun to just hug and close his little legs around his mother when she was dressed up like a Bengali goddess, he always liked the feeling and sensation it created.

Though he asked his mom to only hug him and pull him up in her arms, she’d ruin it by rocking him in her arms and saying, “My son will go to school today.” He just wanted those to be silent hugs. Today while dressing up all those thoughts crept into his mind and he thought to himself, “Hopefully, the mom gets ready today well, and wears a beautiful red saree.”

He, without knowing, was getting rock hard underneath, he composed himself and went down to meet his mom and go out.

They met in the dining room, Anirban was taken back by how well his mom dressed up, it reminded him of the old days when he was a child. She was wearing a red saree that exposed her plumpy but smooth navel. Her blouse is making her shoulders and arm look heavenly. Her hair was hanging loose on her neck, increasing her beauty a zillion times. Her lip with red lipstick looked inviting and full, it could give a juicy mango a run for the money.

Her mother took a strand of hair and tucked it behind her ear and Anirban’s length twitched in his pants.

Ava took in the sight of his son, a young, slim man dressed up in a fancy shirt and jeans that hugged his contours of the leg’s inviting.

It made her think of how much she wanted to have a guy like him come and get her out for a luxurious date. But instead, she was married off with Johny, saying goodbye to the young age in the process. Something inside her stirred again.

“Wow mom, you pulled it off well!”

“Stop son, you don’t need to butter up your old mum now.”

“Oh, old? And you? Hard pass mom, hard pass, you can give young girls a run for their money.”

“You are wayyyyyy off, son.”

“What? I’m speaking the truth, your honor.”

“Okay, stop it and get going before I change my mind.”

“Whoa, now we can’t let that happen, c’mon mom.”

He placed his hand in front of her, after a little hesitation she took his hand and went out.

They used the bus to go to the movie hall. It was crowded and they were standing. Anirban was standing a bit away from his mom, both of them were sweating because of the heat. Suddenly he noticed a bald man with a mustache moving behind her mother to stand.

As the bus continued to move and jerk, with every bump it countered, the man would rub his groin against Ava, and bring his mouth close to her neck. It enraged Anirban to the edge, and he pushed some other passengers to get behind his mom. She turned back and gave him a small smile which he returned with a gentle smile. But now with every jerk, Anirban felt his groin rubbing against her mom’s back and it was making him hard, her fragrance was making him mad. Even there was something about the glistening sweat on her back, it was weirdly turning him on, he felt guilty and happy at the same time.

Soon they reached the theater. They went inside. They took their seat and the movie started after a bit. The movie was vulgar with language and scenes. It was 15 minutes in and there were already 3 sex scenes and one assault scene. Something about this was turning Anirban on.

He placed his hand over his mom’s shoulder and she leaned into the touch. He got her fragrance, he wanted to kiss her lips so bad but then he reminded himself that it was his mother. He started growing under his pants.

Ava on the other hand was enjoying the touch, she was never touched this way Kıbrıs Escort in forever, there was a hint of care and something bold in that touch. She felt a dangerous promise in that touch.

They watched the movie then went to a fancy restaurant come bar.

When they entered they, especially Anirban felt all the eyes were on them, he couldn’t get if it was because of their age difference or his hot mother.

They sat at a table, the fancy restaurant light-reflecting every curve of Ava. Anirban was drinking her in as all the cells of his mom’s body were made of water.

“Wow, mom you’re looking really beautiful.”

“Shut up, look over there, some hot young girls are dancing in modern dresses, I bet you are into them.”

“Haha, mom, the modern dress doesn’t have any competition against your hot saree.”

“Anirban, please. I’m your mother, don’t use hot for me.”

“C’mon mom, what I’m supposed to call a hot woman other than hot.”

“Oof! you’re impossible!”

“Mom, let’s go dance, I can’t wait to flaunt you at the dance floor and show those girls who are hot and the beauty of saree.”

“We are not doing anything like that.”

“Please, please mom!”

“Oof, okay, what has gotten into you today? Let’s go.”

Anirban again felt like a little kid when he dragged his mom out on the dance floor. They started slow dancing, the music was sultry, all the couples were hitting the groove with dancing.

Anirban and Ava danced close, his hand on her plump belly side, the other one on her shoulder. She was intoxicating. They were looking each other in the eye, they got lost in each other’s eyes losing track of time.

The beat changed to something sexier, Anirban pulled her mother even closer, his groin rubbing against her mother’s. She could feel the length growing against her too. They shared a mischievous smile.

Then they got back to eating dinner and Anirban planned in his mind, “I can no longer resist, I have to make love with her, I want her so fucking bad.”

Finally, they went home, and as soon as they were inside and the door was closed, Anirban sprung to action knowing he can’t let this opportunity or night slip from his hand.

Blood was racing inside him, as he approached and held his mom’s hands and turned her around to look her into the eyes.

“Mom, thank you for the night, I love you.”

“I love you too baby.”

“No, mom, I mean I love you the way a lover loves his girl, mom I enjoyed with you so much, I wanna make love to you, make this evening unforgettable.”

“Son, that’s taboo, that… what’s wrong with you?”

He went on and expressed his feelings for her including how he used to feel her as a child.

“Son, you’re making me sick.”


“You’re even worse than your dad.”

“Did I force you? Did I not help you? Did I not care for you? And it’s not my fault I find you attractive, hell I have been attracted to you since childhood, just didn’t know it until today, please mom, don’t torture us.”

“I can’t believe it.”


“I will not do such thing willingly, only if you force me, make me…uh…then I can enjoy.”

Anirban thought is his mom asking her to take her by force? Well, he had to do it now.

Anirban stepped in front of his mom and grabbed her hand and looked her dead in the eyes. He saw her mom’s eyes are challenging and glowing with a promise of certain pleasure. Anirban pushed his mother on the couch and jumped on top of her.

“Let go of me.” She said calmly.

“Naughty, you are loving it.” He said.

“I will neither deny nor accept.” Her expression is unreadable.

“Mommy, you do have a good poker face.”

Anirban grabbed Ava’s hands and tied them up over her head with a towel to the table. Then he bent down and kissed his mom, the full lips, the taste of the lipstick and the chicken they ate at dinner, it was all there. He put his tongue inside her mouth and she welcomed it invitingly. She deepened the kiss, Johnny never kissed her this way before. Anirban captured her bottom lips in between his teeth and bit it, she screamed with pleasure, “Ughhhh!”

Anirban now parted and sat on top of her, he devoured her with his eyes as if deciding how to start engulfing her. He tugged at the loose end of her saree and it came loose, he literally tore the saree apart and tossed it away.

He lifted her to grab the hook of her blouse, but he couldn’t open so he grabbed the middle of the blouse and gave it a good tug, it also got torn apart. He tossed it away. Now she was only in a blue petticoat and blue bra.

“Ahhhh…” She screamed.

He then unhooked the bra and sniffed it for a good measure and then tossed it away, he started kissing Lefkoşa Escort and groping her, all over her body. He kissed her chest and throat and pinched and played with her nipples making them more erect in the process.

Then he grabbed both her breasts and started kissing and fondling them, he slapped the breasts earning a moan from her mother, “Fuck, son of a bitch.”

“Yes, you got it right, you’re the bitch and I’m your son who’s about to be a motherfucker.”

He slapped her breasts a couple more times. Then he gave all his attention to her navel, he kissed it, performed motorboat.

Then he untied the petticoat and pulled it down her legs. Then he put it over his head to sniff his mom’s petticoat that covers all the times his mom’s beautiful pussy.

Then after throwing it away, he looked at it, her mom’s hairy pussy. Firstly he sniffed it, then kissed the hairs, then he moved on to her lower lips. He kissed and licked her pussy lips earning a moan in the process, he entered his tongue inside her tight pussy and started teasing her.

“Ohhhh, fuuuuuuuck, son of a whore, fuck your whore of a mother.”

After he ravaged her pussy with his tongue she came all over his face and he licked it and moved to kiss his mom on the lips to make her taste her cum.

“Arch your ass, I’ll taste your backdoor now.”

“Yes, son.”

Now completely possessed by sex craze, she uttered. Anirban pulled her mom’s ass on his face and started licking it, pushing his tongue inside. The salty taboo taste of her asshole was making him hard. He slapped her mom’s ass for a good measure.

“Oww, what do you think I am? A prostitute?”

“For now, you’re my bitch mom.” He slapped both of her ass cheeks again to get his point across.

He came up and pulled his shirt up and pant, boxer down.

He was standing with a six inches cock.

“So, how do you like the cock, bitch?”

“Son of a bitch, don’t stand there just fuck me.”

“We will get to that but first I need you to suck my dick.”

“I’ve never sucked one, I can’t.”

“But you’ll have to, cunt.”


“I ain’t gonna listen to any no, cheap slut.”

“Okay, but bind my eyes, I can’t see this.”

“Whatever, you kinky whore.”

Anirban went and quickly grabbed a blindfold and blindfolded his mother.

Then he took his penis in his hand which was now solid and moist. He slapped it across her face a couple of times then pushed it against her throat.

Ava closed her lips against her son’s penis, he pushed it in and out, his balls hitting her chin. When he thought he was about to cum he pulled it out and slapped her across the face.

“Anirban! How dare you!”

“Shut up bitch, open your legs and show me your cunt that was fucked by dad to make you pregnant slut.”

“Yes, you were born with Johnny’s dirty cock’s cum.”

“And you took it inside your prostitute pussy.”

They didn’t know what had gotten into them. What started as a loving mom son day turned into taboo talking between them. They are too possessed by sex to think straight or about their relationship.

He took his penis and pushed it inside her pussy, “Ahhhhh, fuck, fuck me, son, fuck your helpless, bound, blindfolded mother who gave birth to you, yes.”

“You like it cheap whore? Your son’s dick inside your dirty little pussy.”

He started going slow, putting it completely in then pulling it out. Every time he felt like he was about to blast he took his cock out and took deep breaths for a few seconds and then continued to ram her pussy.

After 5-6 times his mom is breathing heavily.

“Son, I can’t anymore, how were you able to last this long?”

“Tantra mom, fucking tantra.”

“Your cock is so big, ughh.”

“Is it bigger than dad’s?”

“Yes, baby, ah, yes.”

“What’s his size?”

“About 4.5!”

“Tell me dad is smaller.”

“Yes, baby, dad doesn’t have a dick like you!”

“Tell me, you are a whore!”



“Your, son, I’m your whore.”

Finally, he pulled it out and heard his mom begging, “Please son, open my blindfold, I wanna see you cum on my face.”

“Okay, my kinky mother.”

He opened his mom’s blindfold and took his throbbing, swollen cock to her face. He jerked off and after a few seconds of jerking ropes after ropes of semen shot off from his cock making him jerk in the process. He saw his innocent but kinky mother’s face covered in his white sticky cum.

“Mmm. Your cum is so yummy, son.”

“Not like your pussy juice.”

“Come here.”

She pulled him closer and kissed him on the lips deeply making him taste his cum.

He collapsed on her, both of them were tired and spent. They were trying to process everything now that it was over. The breathing of them could be heard. A naked Anirban is lying on top of a naked Ava who is covered in her own son’s white sticky cum.

Suddenly the door flew open and Johny came in.

“Oh, for fucks sake, I’m too tired, Ava, give me co…”

Find out what happens next.

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