Sabrina’s Hunt

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The midday sun shown down on young Sabrina Van Helsing a descendant of the famous vampire hunter linage. Young and pretty with long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, fit body, and a set of tits nice enough to make anyone jealous.

Sabrina paused as she looked back down the path to the village that hired her to hunt the monster on the mountain. The village leaders claimed that once or twice a month the creature would come in and steal the young girls from their beds, have its way with them then release them to the shame of the village.

Sabrina hadn’t been a hunter for long but even she was skeptical of this story, she poured through the family records but found nothing. So here she was climbing this mountain in late fall looking for a monster no could or would describe. Shaking her head she continued on hoisting her pack a little higher on her left shoulder as she laid her large crossbow over the right.

On she climbed now a good four hours from the village and still nowhere near the peak she stopped for a drink from her canteen as she eyed the clouds rolling in over the mountain. A more experienced hunter would have known about late fall storms at high altitudes and how quickly the weather could change.

Sabrina soldiered on dressed in her dark green short shorts, and deep maroon crop top the warm sun felt good on her exposed flesh and the outfit of course always helped her get a better price for her services.

Another forty-five minutes up the trail and the dark clouds began to lay down a light misty rain the cool precipitation hitting the warm land caused a fog to stir up quickly. Sabrina paused long enough to fish a poncho from her bag slipping it over her head before moving on.

It was starting to get colder out now, and Sabrina began to worry, her eyes darted looking for a place to pitch her tent where she could change into some warmer clothes and ride out this storm that she was sure was just temporary.

Finally finding a place she went about setting up the tent by the time she got it up and crawled into it she was wet to the bone and shivering. The rain outside had increased from a gentle misting to dumping seemingly bucket loads of water over the land.

Stripping naked she tossed her wet clothes to the far corner of the tent and unrolled her sleeping bag out of the water sealed leather wrappings. Shivering she climbed into the feather down bag, her chest up exposed as she laid a few extra blankets over the outside of the bag before crawling in and pulling the bag closed.

It took a while for her body heat to warm up the inside of the bag, soon her shivering stopped and she drifted to sleep as the rain fell hard on the canvas of her little tent. Hours later she awoke and opened the bag to be greeted by a blast of cold air causing a little squeak to escape her mouth. One hand reached for her pack as she pulled her warmer clothes out and into the still semi-warm bag. Dressing inside she slowly emerged to a very different world. The snow laid heavy on the top of her tent her breath steaming in the air.

Poking her head out of the tent she gasped in surprise on seeing how deep the snow was, and the fact it was still falling at a hard pace. “There have to be two feet out there, and it is still coming down.” Grumbling lightly and not realizing the situation she was in she closed the tent flap grabbing a few her rations from the pack she decided to wait the snow out.

When Sabrina finally decided she had to try and get back to town the snow was nearly to her mid-thigh She didn’t bother pulling down the tent, she was only a few hours from the town she could come back for it or buy another.

The trail was completely gone as she descended the footing was horrible and she seemed to be falling every few steps. She was soaked again and beyond tired when she heard he first howl of the wolf. Spurred to movement then she tried to hurry down the mountain, her feet went out from under her and she went down hard. Sabrina’s head slammed against a rock and stars danced before her eyes.

She heard the wolves before she saw them and struggled to get to her feet. Dizzy she tried to move on but the great dire wolves were all around her then, frozen fingers fumbled for the ties on her crossbow as the wolves closed in snarling at their prey. Sabrina was hit from behind the large-bodied wolf knocking her to the ground burying her in the snow. Lifting her head she waited for the wolves to pounce. Instead, she heard a roar, something loud guttural and close.

She fought to stay awake the cold and her head wound making that near impossible, The last vision she saw was a colossal grizzly bounding out of the woods to engage with the wolves surrounding her. Blackness took her then, she knew in her heart she was dead.

Days went by before the cute little blonde girl woke up with a start. She was in a warm bed, in a homemade cabin, and more than that she was alive. Scanning around she tried to remember what happened, the wolves, the bear, how in the gods did she get here. Trabzon Escort Alone in the room, Sabrina lifted the covers to find herself completely naked her clothes nowhere to be seen. “What the hell?”

The cabin door swung open with a cold blast of near arctic air causing Sabrina to yelp retreating back to the warmth of the blankets. Blue eyes flashed to the door as she saw a hulk of a man step through, easily six-eight, and three hundred pounds the man was more of a mountain than anything.

There was a smile though on his clean-shaven face. “Ahh, you’re awake!” Closing the door with one foot and using an elbow to close the latch he carried a large stack of wood to the fire before dumping it on the floor. “How are you feeling?”

Sabrina scrambled, her back pressing against the wall as she pulled her knees up to her chest. “Where am I? Who. Who are you? Where are my damn clothes!” A frown broke her face then as she glared up to the large man. “Did you undress me?!”

Chuckling the big man moved toward her, grabbing one of the wooden kitchen chairs he turned it backward before slipping onto the seat. “Now just calm down, my name is Sonny I heard all the commotion of the animals so I went down to see what was going on. I found you there in the snow about half frozen to death and snuck you right out when they were going at each other.” Leaning back a little he smiled down at the girl. ” Yes I did undress you cause you were freezing to death, you been out for nearly four days now.”

The color drained from Sabrina’s face as she heard the story recounted then she blushed deeply in embarrassment as it dawned on her that she was only alive because of this man. She watched as Sonny stood and retrieved her pack sitting it lightly beside the bed before moving to the far end of the cabin and turning his back to her.

“All of your clothes are in there, I mended the ones I could and gave em a good washing.” There was a little chuckle then.” If this is not enough privacy I can step outside but it’s not like I haven’t seen you already.”

The blush crept down Sabrina’s chest at his words, after a moment of thinking she scrambled out of bed finding her thick brush pants and a loose-fitting shirt. Donning them quickly she gulped down any embarrassment she had. “You can turn around now.” Her chin lifted proudly as the man turned to head towards the fire. “My name is Sabrina Van Helsing, thank you very much for saving me.” Her eyes flicked to the closed door, before returning to Sonny. “What do you require for a reward? I must pay it quickly and head back to town.”

A slow shake of Sonny’s head was given as he added wood to the fire before stirring the large pot hanging from it. “You don’t owe anything,” Standing then he picked up a couple of wooden bowls spooning them full of fresh hot stew. Moving to the table he sat one down at each of the chairs and motioned towards it. “You better eat,” lifting the wooden spoon from the table he gave Sabrina a small smile. “I got some bad news about town, by the way, the path is all snowed in now, most likely won’t be opened up till spring. I’m afraid you’re stuck here.”

Sabrina trembled as she sat at the table hearing the words. “Surely there is a way.” Her voice trailed off remembering the depth of the snow and she gave a little whimper. Looking around the small one-room cabin she shivered again wondering how she was going to stay here with this man, no privacy, no escape from each other.

They ate in silence then each to their thoughts, once finished Sonny gathered the dishes and cleaned them in a small bucket of water beside the fire. ” I don’t have a lot but I’ve got enough to see us through. I figure you can sleep on the bed and I’ll just curl up in my old rocker with a nice blanket.”

Another blush from Sabrina while shaking her head. “No I couldn’t displace you from your bed, I’ll take the rocker.”

A single hand lifted to hush her before she could even finish the thought. “I’ll not hear your complaints, you’re a guest and will receive the comfort.”

The argument was short-lived as Sabrina found herself beyond tired, no more arguing she slipped back under the covers slipping off to sleep. Sonny watched her sleep for a bit as he sat in the big chair a smile breaking across his face. “Van Helsing eh? Well isn’t that just a kick in the dick.”

The next morning Sonny was awoken to the sounds of bacon frying sounds of someone trying to be very quiet. “Good morning Sabrina, what are you doing there?”

The girl gave a little jump as she turned to face him, her chin lifting proudly in defiance. “Well Sonny, if I am going to stay here I am going to pull my weight and I’ll not hear any complaints from you.” Her left food giving a little stamp to drive her point home.

Sonny was quiet for a moment before his face broke into a grin. Two large hands lifting in mock defeat. “Ok ok, I give, you win.”

Sabrina turned back to the stove a little smile on her face as her face blushed a deep red. She hadn’t Trabzon Escort Bayan realized Sonny was that cute, strong chiseled features deep black hair and eyes, and when he stood from the chair wearing only pants and a light shirt his body was amazingly muscled and well built. “Well good then, at least you’re learning your place.” The words were said in jest but her voice trembled from the astonishment of his appearance.

Sonny stood and moved towards the door grunting as he opened it his dark eyes surveying the land and the snow still falling from the sky. “Damn snow.” Slipping outside he moved barefoot to the edge of the porch to relieve himself. Slipping back into the cabin he finished dressing before looking up to Sabrina. “How long until breakfast? If it will be a minute I’ll start shoveling a path to the outhouse.

Sabrina nodded lightly as she peered at him over her shoulder. “It will be a bit, I’ll call for you when it’s ready.” She watched as Sonny stood her eyes checking him out from behind as he walked out the door. Turning back to her cooking she bit her lower lip while the blush seemed to intensify.

Searching through the cabinets again she found plates and the utensils, placing the food out she was moving to the door as it swung open the blush immediately returning to her cheeks. “Perfect timing Sonny, breakfast is served” A broad smile met her gaze as he stamped the snow from his booted feet.

The day went quicker than Sabrina expected it seemed there was always something to do in the small cabin she even managed to heat enough water to take a semi-comfortable bath in the old handmade tub. She bathed right in front of Sonny, though he did make a good play at reading one of his books she caught him looking now and again, and to be honest it excited her just a little.

That evening she settled down into bed her body still easily tired from her accident. A small frown came to her lips as she heard the rocking chair creek receiving Sonny’s weight. Standing then she walked over to the big man, her hands planted firmly on her hips as she looked down at him. “Get into bed Sonny, we are adults and there is no reason we cannot share the bed.” One foot tapped while she waited no so patiently for him to move.

Sonny was surprised when she spoke, even more so when she gripped his wrist and tugged him to stand up. There was a slight pursing of his lips as he stood, the giant of a man being led by a little five-foot two-inch tall blonde. Stopping at the bed he looked over at her again then sighed before crawling in. Scooting himself the whole way to the wall he laid on his side pressing his back to the wood giving her as much room as possible.

Sabrina nodded happily as Sonny climbed in, there was a quick look of panic as she realized how much of the single bed he took up. Her shoulders straightened and she too climbed under the covers, turning her back to his chest she pressed her body up against him as she covered them both up.

Sabrina woke the next morning, sometime in the night Sonny’s well-muscled arm slipped over her midsection pulling her closer to him. As the blush came across her face she sucked her lower lip up between her teeth. Wiggling backward she tried to tuck herself closer to his warm body. She felt something as her cute little ass pushed into his body. At first, she didn’t know what it was, realization dawned on her and her eyes grew wide. ‘That is his cock, holy shit that thing is as big as he is.” Freezing in place she didn’t know what to do, if she left now and he woke up it could be awkward, hell even if she moved away from him.

She waited trying to adjust her breathing to keep the appearance of sleep, she could feel the length and girth of that member throbbing against her ass as her face burned hot red. Sabrina had never been intimate with a man before, sure there was a lot of teasing and flirting she even accidentally walked in on a man using the outhouse the vision of his average cock flashed in her mind as she tried to judge the size of the pole against her ass.

Sonny had been awake for almost as long as Sabrina had though he remained still enjoying this human contact. When she wiggled her ass against him and nature stirred his nearly eleven-inch cock to life he laid still wondering what she would do next. There were a few more subtle movements almost teasing as the girl subconsciously moved her ass to feel him up.

Letting this go on for a few minutes and chuckling inside his head as the girl did her best to fake sleeping Sonny finally ‘woke up’. The big man carefully crawled over her doing his best to keep the illusion of her being asleep. He did however let that erect cock of his accidentally brush over the side of her hip. Once out of bed he moved outside to relieve himself only to return to see Sabrina sitting up in bed and giving a good stretch. “Ahh good morning, how did you sleep.”

Sabrina’s eyes moved down to his crotch before shooting back up to his face. “I slept really well, you’’re like Escort Trabzon a heated blanket it was … nice.” Crawling out of bed the girl stretched again, blushing when she caught Sonny watching her.

Sonny went about making breakfast that morning a light whistle on his lips, pausing only to turn and smile at the little blonde. “So, what were you doing so far up here? I’ve never seen you in town, were you just hiking?”

She covered her mouth with her hand and gave a little chuckle as she shook her head. “Oh no!” A little giggle then as she lowered her hand. “I was hired by the village down there to find some made-up beast that comes down to town and ravages the poor village girls.”

Sonny’s eyebrows rose in surprise as he glanced to the girl. “A monster that goes to the village just to have sex with the girls eh? Sounds fishy to me.” Turning back to the small stove he continued his cooking. “Sounds to me like the girls are sneaking out and playing games with the local boys.”

Nodding her agreement Sabrina giggled again. “That is what I think too, but this was kind of my first job and they paid upfront so.” There was a little shrug of her shoulders while she fiddled with one of the wooden forks on the table. “You know being a Van Helsing I kind of have a reputation to live up too.”

Plating the food Sonny served her first before sitting down to his mean. “Well, I am not sure the significance of being a ‘Van Helsing’ but it seems you played that village pretty well.” Taking a few bites he gave her a little bit of side-eye. “Your first job eh? up here all alone? I am glad there isn’t a real monster up here you were in enough trouble with those wolves.”

Sabrina lowered her eyes shaking her head lightly. “I know, I’ve just never been very good at this. I’m kind of the black sheep of the family.” A few small tears rolled down her cheeks as she lightly toyed with her food. “They are all skilled and strong, Me? I am kind of a clutz that has nothing but bad luck.” Looking up she wiped the tears from her cheeks while she sniffled lightly. “Honestly I can’t believe I was lucky enough for you to find me and save me…I…I kind of owe you everything. I’m not even sure if my family will come looking for me.”

Sonny ate slowly as he listened to the girl blurt out some emotional baggage, when she wiped her tears he reached over to lightly pat her forearm. “I am sure they will be up here the first break of the weather.” His eyes darted to the small window the snow had stopped falling though the wind still blew causing drifts to grow larger and larger. “Though I am starting to fear that won’t be until spring.”

The rest of the morning was quiet as Sabrina helped with the chores and her mind wandered across thoughts of family and past. Just after lunch Sonny began heating water and filling the large tub. “I think I am due for a bath today,” Looking around as he spoke. “I suppose I could hang some blankets from the rafters and make kind of a shield for privacy.” frowning then he looked over at Sabrina. “I should have thought of that before.”

Sabrina nearly exploded in embarrassment when Sonny told her about the bath though she shook her head. “No, no that’s ok I um… I’ll just read a book.” Her blush deepened as she remembered Sonny taking peeks of her over top of his pages.

Sabrina sat in his rocking chair hands trembling as she tried to read while Sonny undressed. Taking a glance her eyes grew wide as she gasped in surprise. “Sonny, what happened to you?!” The book and modesty are forgotten Sabrina stared at the rock of a man. Scars crisscrossed his chest and back, large multi clawed scars and what appeared to be bite marks.

Jumping to her feet she moved to him her fingers tracing one of the large old marks. Sonny stood still as she traced the scar path. Muscles rippled under her light touch as the blush returned to her face. Realizing she was touching his naked flesh she glanced down to see that monster cock rising to erection. “ my” Gulping she quickly turned her back until she heard him slip into the water. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

Sonny chuckled just a little as he shook his head. “It’s fine Sabrina, the scars are old from an animal attack when I was younger.” A pause then before he continued. “As for the other thing, that is just nature I am sorry if I embarrassed you.”

Breathing heavily the young girl made a decision, her shoulders straightened as she turned to face him. Silently she slid her shirt and pants off before climbing the small steps and slipping into the tub across from him. “I mean you’ve already seen everything right? I see no reason to waste hot water when we have it.” Her eyes dropped again fixating on his erection. “That is um, I mean to say you are ahh quite impressive.

Tentatively she reached a hand across the tub her fingers contacting the tip of his shaft. Pulling her hand back a little she looked up to his face, looking for a sign that she was pushing too far. Seeing no signs of rejection she grew braver her small hand wrapped around the thick shaft her hand struggling to close completely. A gasp then as she felt his heartbeat pulsing in his member. ” I’ve um… I’ve never actually touched one of these before.” The blush spreading across her face as she looked up to the big man.

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