Sexcapade with Secretary Cecilia

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Cecilia was my secretary in a Bangalore-based company. She is a Malayali Christian married to a Tamil guy who works in Dubai. Cecilia had two children then. She used to wear tasteful dresses – matching saree and blouse, and the like. She wouldn’t expose any skin, except a little bit of her midriff. She had a full figure. With a bindi on her forehead and jasmine flowers on her hair, she reminded me of actress Sridevi. Her smile resembled Hema Malini’s. It had a touch of mischief, which tickled me. I used to fantasize about her wearing low-neck and sleeveless blouse and such other revealing clothes. But she wouldn’t!

One day, I was in for a surprise. Cecilia wore a low neck and low back blouse in light pink color. Her black bra was a see-thro! I could hardly take my eyes off her. As a boss, however, I was expected to be dignified. So, I had to restrain myself! Cecilia walked into my office and started arranging some of the papers. She threw her long and neatly tied plait of hair over her right shoulder, and was doing her job moving up and down. There I saw a full view of her back, with only a three-inch blouse covering it. She saw me staring at her.

She moved close to me and, with one arm on her hip and the other running through her hair, asked me, “Lakshman, What part of my body do you find the most attractive?”

She was thrusting her 36-C bosom in front. Her round black eyes were rolling and the mischievous smile was Ordu Escort playing on her lips.

Being a suave guy that I am, I replied, “Of course, your eyes, Cecilia!”

She gave a look of slight disappointment and said, “Oh, I thought you were going to say … my breasts!” and laughed.

I laughed too and said, “I can only comment about the things I have seen.”

Pat came her response, “If you have not seen something, you need to ask.” I was astounded. She went on, “Any plans for lunch today?”

I said, “Nothing in particular.”

She asked me to join her for lunch.

I said, “Fine.”

At lunch time, we went down to the parking lot. Cecilia insisted that I ride with her on her brand new two-wheeler Kinetic Honda scooter. As I sat behind her, the flowers on her head coupled with a seductive perfume that she was wearing sent my imagination flying. She took me to her home saying that she wanted to feed me at home. That heightened my sense of anticipation. On the way to her home, she had to stop at several signal lights. I was falling all over her, whenever she applied the brakes! She seemed to be enjoying it all with just a smile here and a nudge there.

Cecilia’s children were at her mom’s that day. She was all alone at home with me. She heated up some delicious food she had made just that morning. Both of us ate well. She sat next to me and kept touching me and gave me enough opportunity Ordu Escort Bayan to smell her and feel her warmth.

When we were done eating, she glanced at me furtively and said, ” How about some dessert with me?”

How could I refuse? My heart was pounding.

She started disrobing. Off went her saree. Then came off her blouse hooks. She lifted her arms and adjusted the flowers on her head.

I couldn’t control myself looking at her silky armpits. I have a thing for women’s armpits. Do you know that sweet-smelling armpits are aphrodisiacal? I jumped at Cecilia and started smelling and licking her body. She was moaning. I undid her bra hooks and helped her get out of her petticoat and panties.

We went to her bedroom. I got naked and started licking her ear lobes, neck, armpits, under her voluptuous breasts, and the navel. She was asking for more. Her pussy was getting wet. I tickled her a bit on her hips and puckered at her nipples. She was hot and ready. Both of loved a long foreplay.

After about ten minutes of fondling, caressing, licking, kissing, and moaning, I inserted my lil Johnson into her wet and by now wide-open pussy.

She exclaimed, “Shh…awww!”

I positioned my penis in a 30 degree angle and started pumping her. Every piston action was punctuated by calling out, “Cecil, Cecil, Cecilia! Show me sexy Cecilia. Lick me lovely Cecilia. Kiss me darling Cecilia…”

Rhythm, Escort Ordu passion, fragrance, excitement, and suspense all combined to produce multiple orgasms for both of us.

After an hour of unabated love-making, Cecilia and I got up and rested for a while just laughing and poking at each other.

Then, Cecilia expressed her desire to do a female-superior on me.

I knew from my years of reading and experience that it was a specialty of the Malayali women. It was no different from the action of opening the outer shell of a freshly plucked coconut. The coconut is placed on top a rod and pushed down until the shell divides and breaks off.

As Cecilia sat on my shlong and did a female-superior, her firm breasts were jiggling up and down. Oh man, it was a sight to see and a unique experience. Every nerve in my body was tingling and I was transmitting the experience to her. She was so satisfied … both of us came at least three times each.

She licked my dick clean every time and kept me cumming again and again. I licked her rose-water pussy too.

What makes Cecilia so enjoyable is not only her fragrance and beautiful body, but her intelligence, feminine charm and genuine warmth.

When we returned to work, I asked Cecilia, “How did your husband leave you with just two children? I would have made you pregnant in every cycle!”

As years passed, we enjoyed each other’s company. Although we moved on with our careers, whenever I visit India I call Cecilia. We always find a night or two to catch up with our passion for each other.

Cecilia has a third kid now. I remarked to her that her son was cute.

She said, “Who knows … he is perhaps OUR son!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32