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©2006 by Trescool, AKA T. From ATL

As I ease my car into the parking lot, I take one last look in the rearview mirror before I close the door and chirp the alarm. I wrap my coat around my body, and walk in my stiletto heels up the street to the entrance of the club that will host tonight’s festivities. The doorman waves me in, and I walk past the bar, down the steps, to the underground dancefloor. I weave through the moving bodies, and arrive at a large metal door at the back wall of the club. The muscular bouncer guarding the door regards me with a stone-faced look until I give the password:


With a smile, he opens the door and ushers me inside. Behind the door is a long low chamber, lit only by several dozen candles throwing light and shadow around the room. Along one wall, a white cloth table has been prepared with hors d’oeuvres and drinks. There are about 4 couches near the walls and a Charles Eames recliner in the middle of the room, all futuristic chrome and black leather, and I can make out a full length mirror on the back wall. Scattered around the room is a crowd of men, I guess about 50 or 60 of various races and ages, drinking and talking. All eyes turn to me as I enter. I walk over to the table and take a glass of wine. I can hear the echo of my heels clicking on the stone floor as I walk around, surveying the assembled men. Sipping my drink, I take their measure: some are very young, some older, I see a few that seem to be fairly affluent, judging by their dress and demeanor.

I down my drink, walk over to the center of the room, and open my robe. I’m totally naked underneath. The only thing I have on are my favorite pair of slutty stiletto heels, black, 4 inches high, with straps that wrap around my calves. I hear a few gasps, a few sighs. I stand in the light of the spotlight over the chair, and turn around slowly, allowing the men to feast their eyes on my gorgeous body. I strut around the chair, enjoying the sound my heels make on the floor, and then I sit down, and begin to play with myself. Exposing myself in this way has made me so wet, and I massage my clit, enjoying the feeling.

Eyes closed, I hear flys being unzipped, and hands fumbling for what I know are stiffening dicks. I moan softly suadiye escort in anticipation of what’s about to happen. Opening my eyes, I see most of the men have their dicks out and are jacking them. Some have gotten completely nude. I’m very turned on, and soon the first men walk over to me and stand over the chair, stroking themselves.

Before long, it happens. With short staccato moans, the first man cums. Direct hit on my face, in a diagonal line across my lips. It scalds me with its heat, and I hiss in lust as he brands my face with 4 thick, hot jets of cum. There are 2 more guys next to him, and the sight of me like this is too much for them. They both unload on me, 2 big wads of pent up cum land all over my face and in my hair. As they shake out their dicks over my body and back away, I moan for more men to join the fun. A group of 5 walk over and surround my chair, moaning in lust as they spurt their wads all over me. This time they cum on my tummy, my waist and across my boobs. I can feel an orgasm building within me, and I move my hand faster against my clit. Ooooooh, I’m there, my mouth opens in pleasure, and someone cums into it. I swallow, and coo loudly as my orgasm washes over me. Men are moving close and coming like mad on me, shooting it wherever they can find an inch of my skin to put it.

Before long, the room is filled with the pungent smell of cum and the sounds of moaning men. Black, White, Latin, Asian, a world tour of testosterone steps up to pay homage to me and my femininity by unloading their pent-up lust and desire all over my skin. I love the idea that my sexiness and wanton lust is pushing these men over the edge, making them lose all composure in the face of the woman before them. When this is over, they’ll go back to their positions of power, their families and responsibilities, but tonight, all of that evaporates in the force of pure lust. I love the nastiness, the sheer depravity of what I’m doing.

Man after man after man steps to the center of the room to aim a hard, swollen dick at my beautiful body and shoot cum all over me. My face is sticky and dripping, my tummy is moist, and my skin is soaked. A couple of men come over to spurt on my boobs. The one on the left slaps his softening dickhead yakacık escort against my left breast, and his hot sticky cum runs down my nipple and over the globe of my breast to settle in the pool of sperm forming in my cleavage. I’m caught up in the kinkiness of the atmosphere and I raise my right leg to twirl my stiletto heeled foot in the air, and a couple of guys come over to cum on my shoe. “Freaks!” I taunt, laughing as their cum trickles down my instep to paint my shapely calf. I have to grip the armrests to keep from sliding onto the floor from all the cum running down my sides onto the chair.

At last, they’re finished. I lay there for a moment, breathing heavily, enjoying the sensations that are playing over my body. I’m sticky, marinating in the semen of over 50 men. The first loads that landed on me have long since dried, to be covered by younger deposits that are sticking to my skin like honey. Eyes closed and encased in sperm, I love to feel the heat of hot cum as it lands on my skin. Rubbing my breasts, I stroke down at my hard nipples coated in male seed, the flood of sperm that runs between the peaks of my tits to form a lake in my belly button. I can imagine how it looks: Thick……..almost a pearlescent solid, that becomes clear, finally running down my body like a river. I’m luxuriating in the smell and feeling of nature’s best beauty treatment: Cum.

Time to do the back.

I turn around in the chair, head facing the footrests, sperm running down my body, and slowly get to my knees. A group of men form a double line on either side of me. They have been holding back throughout the night, watching, waiting for this moment. Guided by the sound of their lust, I crawl through the gauntlet of them, and stop at each one to let him shoot a huge load onto my back. Forward, left to right, I crawl from one to another down the line, as they baste my back and ass with their cum. After about 16 of them have unloaded on me, My head bumps against my destination, the full length mirror at the back of the room. I get to my feet, wipe cum from my eyes, and open them.

Oh my.

I’m a walking sperm bank.

From top to bottom, from head to toe, my body looks like it’s been dunked into a vat of semen. şerifali escort My face is a mask of cum, my hair is saturated. There is cum dripping off my chin like stalactites. It coats my neck, my breasts, running down my tummy, thighs and calves. It’s even staining my heels! I’m so turned on by the sight of myself. I begin to writhe and caress myself, rubbing the cum that hasn’t already dried into my skin. Several men come forward to stroke me and massage cum into the parts of my skin that my hands can’t reach. I turn my body sideways in the mirror to watch as dozens of hands work cum into my back, my legs and calves, and the globes and crack of my beautiful ass. When they’re done, I look at myself once more and kiss my image in the mirror, leaving a print of cum covered lips on the glass. I strut back to the center of the room, skin glistening in the light, and slowly turn around once more, so the men can admire their handiwork. I bow to them and grab my coat, wrapping it around my body as I leave the scene of my debauchery to the sound of whistles and applause. My skin will be so soft and smooth in the morning.

On the way back to my loft, I stop at a BP to get some gas. As I go in to pay, I grab an Orange Juice from the freezer and walk to the checkout. The only people in the store are me and the cashier, a cute Indian boy who might be a week over 18. A naughty idea pops into my head. As he rings me up, I ask him, “How much is this juice?” He looks up at me, and we lock eyes. Come on, I mentally will him; put it together. I know you can smell me if nothing else. His teen horndog brain begins to connect the dots: The dried film on my skin…that smell…the clotted hair…I can almost hear his brain click when it registers: “Oh, Fuck…..THIS GIRL HAS CUM ON HER FACE!!!” His mouth gapes open. With a teasing wink, I kiss his cheek, and wish him a good night as I walk quickly, heels clicking on the pavement, back to my car.

As I pull on to the interstate, I check my rearview and see that kid standing on his tiptoes looking for me through the store window. That should give him jerk off material for years to come, I think to myself, giggling. Sipping my juice, I catch sight of my own reflection in the mirror and admire my stained face, the picture of contentment. I sigh with the relief of the sexually satisfied. Then the aroma of my escapade wafts around me and I grow wet again. I’m not tired, I want to play some more, but that’s enough fun for one weekend.

I have to get home before my husband does.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32