Shared Bride Ch. 03: A Fuck

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Jen, Brad and I eventually made our way back to the hotel after a few more drinks and dances.

Jen teased me by walking arm in arm with Brad. She’d had a few drinks of course and I could tell she was in the mood to taunt me. After all, she was well aware it was my ultimate fantasy.

Jen is an amazing woman and I’m so lucky to have found someone who understands me, without judging me. She is always willing to go those extra lengths to please me and in this case, please herself as well.

We had discussed the art of humiliation and how it was part of the fantasy for me, but in more of a subtle way, as opposed to the more extreme humiliation you often see in videos, or read about.

As we walked to the taxi rank, Jen made a remark about how she couldn’t wait to feel Brad’s big cock again. “You’d love to see that wouldn’t you babe?” She teased. “Brad, are you going to let Daniel watch you put your big cock in me tonight?”

“Nothing would please me more.” replied Brad, playing along.

“You know, I bet he wants to lick your cum out of me!” Jen continued, turning to me and smiling like a hot bitch. “Do you Daniel?” She goaded me.

“I’ll do whatever I’m asked Jen.” I said, trying to sound as casual as possible, although inside I was going crazy.

Brad was a cool customer, he just chuckled at these jibes and confidently walked down the street with my girlfriend’s arm around his.

Jen and Brad got in the back of the taxi while I rode up front. I could hear them giggling and every now and then I’d turn round and see Jen with her hand on his crotch. I knew they had shared a few kisses too. It was quite frustrating because I wanted to see what was going on, but I had to face the front and make small talk with the driver.

Eventually we got back to our hotel. Even in the lift up to our room they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The anticipation was killing us all.

I remember my hand trembling with nerves as I fumbled with the key card. As we entered the room Brad said he needed to pee, leaving Jen and I alone momentarily.

“I love you so much babe.” Jen said to me, before kissing me deeply.

“I love you too, you’re fucking amazing, I can’t believe you’re actually gonna fuck this guy.” I said, pouring some whiskey into a glass.

“No backing out now.” She said, fixing her hair and applying some more lipstick. “Just sit down and enjoy the show.” She said, pointing to a chair in the corner of the hotel room.

Just then Brad came into tuzla escort the room. He walked straight over to Jen and kissed her, before picking her up in his big arms and throwing her on the bed.

He climbed onto the bed to join her and mounted her. She locked her legs around his back and pulled him in to kiss her.

I put my hand down my jeans to touch my rock hard cock while the other hand held the whiskey glass to my mouth. Fuck it was hot.

I watched intently as Jen span Brad round before frantically undoing his jeans and tugging them off, followed closely by his underpants.

I’ll never forget the sight of his huge semi erect cock springing out from the fabric of his pants and into my girlfriend’s hand.

Jen’s hand looked so small wrapped round Brad’s massive dick, she slowly masturbated him, before putting him in her mouth.

Jen turned around slightly to look at me she slowly ran her tongue over his helmet and lowered her head over his, now fully hard cock.

She deep throated his big shaft, fitting as much of his meat into her beautiful little mouth as she could, before pulling off and straddling him.

She lifted her top up over her head to reveal her beautiful tits to him, before pulling his t-shirt off. Then she lent in for another sexy kiss.

Next I saw Brad’s hand move down to Jen’s crotch, while he softly lent in and took one of her nipples in his mouth. I heard Jen begin to moan as he rubbed her pussy, before he pulled her bottom half off so she was naked.

Jen picked up her knickers and threw them in my direction. I caught them and held the up to my face. Fuck they were wet and smelled amazing, my girlfriends hot sexy black panties.

Soon they were both naked, Jen was on top, kissing him, whilst playing with his cock, Brad had his hand between her legs and judging by her moans, she was enjoying herself very much.

“Okay, I want you at the foot of the bed, on your knees.” Jen said, turning to look at me. “I want you to get the best view of this thing going inside me.”

I did as I was instructed, placing myself there on the floor, my eyes directly in front of them. Jen backed up towards me for a second so I could get a good view of her amazing pussy and beautiful arse. I stuck my tongue out and pushed my face into her cunt for a second, before she pulled away.

Her snatch was wet and I noticed her red pussy lips were very prominent, as if ready to welcome a new cock inside them, a particularly impressive one I might göztepe escort add.

The way she turned and smiled at me, shaking her head as she did do, as if to say that I wasn’t permitted to do what I did, was so sexy.

She then shuffled up to her lover, straddled him and slowly began to arch her bum up so he could enter her. I watched on, totally transfixed, as she guided the head of his penis towards her cunt.

It was like slow-motion, watching the length of Brads shaft slowly disappear inside my girlfriends pussy. I knew it would take a little while for her to accommodate him, given she was used to my, much smaller cock.

Straight away she began to moan and groan loudly. “Oh my god, Fuck!!” She said as he entered her.

Her rhythm gradually increased until she was really fucking him, although his length still hadn’t penetrated her fully yet, she was pulling back up when it was two thirds in.

I noticed her vaginal lips were stretching tightly around his length. I wondered for a second how it felt for him. My modest cock wasn’t big enough to feel the grip of Jen’s cunt muscles like his. Not only was it considerably long, but it was thick too.

I saw Brad take control and grab Jen around the waste, forcing her down on him so his cock was buried deeper insider her.

Jen was getting louder now, she was always quite vocal, but this was something else. “OH MY GOD!!” she wailed.

Then I realised she was about to cum. I couldn’t even touch myself for fear of my own ejaculation, as I watched her fuck him, and heard her begin to orgasm.

“Fuck yes, oh YES. FUUUUUCK!!!” she screamed “YES, YES.., Dont stop, oh my god i’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

Within a few seconds she collapsed on top of Brad, his big bell end popped out of her moist hole, as they embraced each other.

“Wow.” Jen exclaimed as she dismounted him and turned to face me. I knew instantly by the look on her face that our relationship had changed forever.

Jen lent in to kiss me as I continued kneeling on the floor. We shared an intimate moment that I’d never experienced before.

She lay with her bum facing Brad snd he’d soon swivelled into a position to fuck her from behind, as she faced me.

“Ohhh. Round two.” She giggled as Brad pulled her towards him by the legs. “OHH!!!” Jen said as if caught by surprise as her began to penetrate her again.

Jen and I kissed passionately as Brad preceded to ease his cock back inside her. I pulled away from her üsküdar escort enough to see the expressions on her face as he began to fuck her.

She kept her eyes open and looked me in the eye whilst biting her bottom lip and panting wildly. “I love you!” she said before he upped the pace.

I looked up and saw the look on Brads face as he took control. He was really beginning to fuck her hard now and boy was she loving it.

“Oh yes Brad! Fuck me hard.” She moaned. “Your cock is so big!!”

He continued to ram his meat into her for the next few minutes, before sending her to another orgasm. This time she really screamed the place down. “Jesus Christ that’s good!” She said “Oh FUCK.

Brad fed inch after glorious inch of himself into Jen. Her hair was stuck to her face with sweat when she lifted her head up to try and look at me. After a while she gave in and buried her face into the bed sheets as Brad continued fucking her.

Her moans and muffled screams of ecstasy continued as he fucked her. Her orgasm didn’t seem to be subsiding like it would when I fucked her. I was jealous of the way Brad was making her feel, I felt like I could never compete with him.

At the same time I was in awe of what I was witnessing, not to mention more turned in than I’d ever been in my life.

After a good twenty minutes or so of frantic, orgasmic, doggy style fucking, Brad finally announced that he was going to cum.

“Ok, I’m going to cum.” He said as he rammed his shaft into my girlfriend.

“Oh yes. Cum inside me.” Jen replied, almost pleading with him. “Fill me up with your seed.” She instructed.

My cock was twitching like I was about to cum myself and I wasn’t even touching it

Brad was absolutely smashing the arse off my girl now. His face contorted as he began to cum inside her beautiful snatch. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“Fuck, yes.” He grunted as he emptied his big balls inside Jen’s cunt.

Jen’s groans were clear a loud as well as she encouraged him, before they both collapsed on the bed.

I think the the thing that got to me most, in both a sexual, and a jealous way, was watching them after the sex had finished.

Jen flipped herself around and let Brad lie on top if her, she flung her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. “Wow.” She said, giggling like a school girl. “That is the best sex I’ve ever had… by some distance, I might add.”

My heart sunk a little, as I knew she was being totally honest and not saying it for mine or his benefit.

I sat back up in my chair and watched their embrace with my cock sticking up between my legs. I’d never been that turned on in my life before either, so I kind of knew a little of how Jen was feeling…

To be continued.

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