Shelly: Flight 901

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(This is a work of fiction. With several historical exceptions, all places, events, and characters in the story are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. For now, allow me to introduce stewardess, excuse me, flight attendant, Shelly. Ahhh, political correctness, don’t you just love it? But this story takes place before that change in terminology.)


Flight 901 was in line with seven other planes ahead of ours at Kennedy International, waiting for taxi clearance and all on hold. No one yet knew why. I was nervous anyway without this. Nervous, hell, I was an emotional wreck. For one thing, this was my first flight as a newly graduated stewardess. For another thing, a blind date awaited me at the end of the flight for a Christmas party.

And then, for a third thing, to top it all off, I had a particularly bad experience with a chauvinist security guard at my check in to board the flight. He was an overly “hands on” searcher, at least with females. He also knew me to be a newly minted stew on her first trip. My anger at his methods earned me a strip search!

I said, “Damn, I’m one of the crew on this flight! I need to get on that plane!”

“After the search, lady, after the search!”

“This way, please,” said a female searcher.

I was led into a small room and the female walked out. An ornery male searcher then walked in with a male partner. “Oh, SHIT!” I managed to say under my breath. I know where this is going!


said, “Ok, lady, STRIP!”

“I thought I was supposed to have a female attendant do the strip search,” I blurted out.

We’re short handed right now,” said butthead

. “Too bad, ain’t it–har, har, har,” he gurgled out. “Now, like I said before, STRIP!”

Mad as hell by now, I began, slowly, to comply.

“Come on, get on with it,” he said, “we ain’t got all night here!”

I got my blouse off and then, reluctantly, my bra.

“Whoa, lookie there at those ta tas, would you! Ain’t they something! Come on now, get those pants off.”

I bent over to take off my shoes and felt butthead

step behind me and grab my boobs, one in each hand.


said, “Damn, you were sure right, those tits sure are great–two real hands full!”

“Shit, you asshole, let her finish stripping!” cried butt head


After my shoes, I removed my uniform slacks and stood with only my panty hose left. I rolled those down and bent over again to get them off my feet. Butthead

quickly stepped up behind me and jammed his middle finger into my pussy from behind and I flinched.

But, obnoxious as these two were and despite my initial anger, I felt myself respond and my cunt release pussy juice! SHIT! I don’t need this right now either. Newby that I was as a stewardess, I certainly was not a stranger to sex or what could be done with a cock.

Meanwhile, butthead

said, “Hey, she likes it more than she thinks, she’s getting wet! Well, nothing in that hole. But let’s make sure.” He swung me around to face him, his cock already in his hand, and said, “I can’t reach all the way with my finger, but I can with this.”

With only a cursory swipe or two in order to slick up his average size tool, butthead

stuck his dick at the entrance of my pussy hole and thrust it in–to his balls!

I groaned in pain first, and then more with pleasure as he began to stroke in and out, steadily increasing the tempo. To my utter dismay, I did like it! Even with that asshole. I started to meet his thrust with thrusts of my own. I felt my climax building until finally, I shuddered with an intense orgasm. That tripped butthead’s trigger. I felt his cock expand some more and then he blew his wad deep into my now hot pussy.

He backed out with a loud, PLOP, and said, “Bend over and suck me off so I can check out your mouth, while Edgar checks your other hole for contraband!”

Butt head

, put a cock head against my butt and wiped it up and down my crack to lubricate it. Then he put against my rosette and started to push. At first, he got nowhere, but then he managed to break through the sphincter and started to ease his cock in, further and further. He seemed to be a little larger than the first butthead.


said, “Nothing in her mouth, either, but she sure can suck a cock!”


replied, “Nothin’ back here either, but I have to make sure.”

He continued to thrust into my ass, faster and faster until he gave one mighty shove with his back arched and shot off his wad into my back channel. After a few moments, Butthead

backed off with another loud pop as his cock cleared my butt and the two guys stuffed their meat back into their pants.


said, “Merry Christmas, bitch, you can get dressed now and go on into the flight crew lounge when you’re ready. You have our Christmas ‘presents’ you can carry with you on the plane-har, har, har.” They walked out, still chuckling.

Same Van Escort to you, assholes.

I really didn’t care to lug their “presents” along on the trip. I had some wet wipes in my purse and there was a hand towel dispenser on the wall of the room next to a small sink. I managed a fast clean up and got dressed.

I really should report those two fuck heads, but, despite myself, I enjoyed my little interlude of sex a little too much and, just how far I would get with a complaint, I could just about imagine.

My only wish was that it could have been with a couple of more agreeable characters than those two buttheads. A quick check of my hair and make up, especially my lipstick and lips, and I stepped out of the room. I walked quickly down the corridor to the crew lounge to prepare for my flight.

Merry fucking Christmas, Shelly.

“You’re late, New Meat,” said the Captain, Jim Styles as he grabbed a handful of my passing ass. “New Meat” because he knew I was on my first flight as a new stew, and more important, also a newby on his crew and thus a prime target for his skirt chasing.

“Yeah,tell me about it!”

Captain Jim was a good looking guy, a stud really, but he was a little coarse in his actions, not to mention a bit too arrogant to boot. No subtlety whatsoever! But I guess that is the flyboy Captain in him. He also had quite a reputation as a skirt chaser, even though he was married.

Ordinarily, a little grab ass would not upset me, but I was already too nervous about my first trip, still shaking from the strip search, and just plain had too many other things on my mind to put up with that crap right off the bat.

My snide comment to Captain Jim was, “You’ll get yours for that!”

“I’ll be waiting, for my Christmas present” was his leering reposte, this last said as the crew came aboard the plane as a group and overhead this last of our conversation.

Merry fucking Christmas to you too, asshole!

The passengers came aboard at last, a light load for tonight. We then taxied out to the edge of the runway, eighth in line, and waited. We had been sitting for more than a half hour past departure time so far and the passengers were already starting to become unruly. Another full hour passed, as we watched the planes ahead as they were de-iced from the first in line back. They also had their fuel tanks topped off before each was finally allowed to move onto the runway to the take off position.

We all heaved a sigh of relief when our turn finally came for the de-icing and fuel trucks. The pilot at last got the green light from the tower to taxi out to the head of the runway. We took off into heavy, blowing snow.

For a two hour plus flight from New York to Chicago, we were carrying an unusually light load, according to the head flight attendant, Sue, who had assigned me to the coach section. A few passengers remained tense during the take off procedure, but most relaxed, happy to finally be underway. More than one began to enjoy the holiday cheer from mini-bottles provided by the airline.

I did notice, though, a particularly obnoxious society type woman of senior citizen age who had been fuming about one thing or another since being seated, especially the delay before takeoff. I do not know why she was in coach seating, but she was. Maybe she just wanted to save money, who knows? Once things had settled down at cruising altitude, this woman stopped me and in an enraged and loud voice said, “Young woman, I demand a seating change, this instant!”

I politely replied, “What is the problem, madame?”

In the most disgusting tone she could muster, and none too quietly, the woman said, “I simply can not and will not sit next to a person like him!” as she indicated her window seat mate.

“Whoever not, dear lady?”

“Well look at him, you ninny, he–he’s Black!”

I was outraged, but of course, to maintain cordial customer relations, my training said I could not really show or overtly express the feelings I was holding in check.

Although flustered and nervous for reasons already mentioned, my wit was not diminished. My outrage overcame any confusion and I answered the woman with, “Madame, I believe we may be able to make a seat upgrade to first class, but I will have to go check with the Captain first. I will be right back.” That calmed her some, temporarily, anyway.

Of course, I did not have to check with the Captain, I had to check with Sue. If she didn’t agree with me, then maybe I would have to go to the Captain.

I went forward toward the cockpit, to the hostile stares of many passengers who had overheard our conversation I only went as far as first class and briefly filled Sue in on the story. I waited a bit longer and then returned to my unruly passenger.

I smiled sweetly at the woman and said, “Yes, the Captain has consented to a move forward to first class.”

With a smug smile, the woman began to get up from her seat, until I said, “Oh, I am sorry madame, Van Escort Bayan not you.

She froze in the half rise position and looking straight at me, replied, “Whhaaat?”

“I’m so sorry, Madame, but the upgrade is for your seat mate there by the window, not you!”

Madame smart ass was speechless as she settled back down into her seat.

Most of the coach passengers reacted with loud whistles and catcalls along with loud hand clapping. The lady fumed and steamed while turning beet red in the face. I thought she was going to have a heart attack. But she certainly was NOT going to get a free upgrade, if that is what she had calculatedly been angling for! The man in question wiggled past the mad cow and I escorted him forward to first class.

First class was very lightly booked, only a half dozen passengers. My reward from the head flight attendant was to have me switch places with one of the two attendants in first class. I had been one of the three attendants in coach which was about fifty per cent booked. Fewer passengers, lighter duties for my first flight, she said.

I think she was secretly pleased with how I had handled the situation just concluded. I also think Sue wanted to get me separated from the steaming woman in coach who had instigated the touchy situation.

Our red eye flight reached cruising altitude while I was in the first class galley to get coffee going. The phone beeped. It was from the flight deck ordering coffee! One of us must have been reading the mind of the other. I told the caller it was brewing.

The voice in the phone said, “This is your Captain speaking, shag ass, girl!” and hung up.

When I had it ready, I went to the cockpit door with a tray of three cups along with sugar and cream, and stir sticks. After answering my knock, I was allowed to enter.

“Merry Christmas guys. Sorry this can’t be laced with a little holiday cheer, but we are all on duty.”

Captain Jim, the second officer, and the third officer-engineer all returned my greeting as I passed the coffee out. I was standing just behind the Captain, within easy reach as I discovered when I felt his hand suddenly reach back and grab hold of my pussy through my uniform pants! I almost dropped the whole damned tray on him as I gasped a surprised but mild, “OH!” from the unexpected grab.

As I said earlier, I knew the Captain had a reputation as a skirt chaser, but he still caught me by surprise. He got in a vigorous rub or two before I managed to step back and saw the evil grins of the second officer and the flight engineer. With brilliantly red cheeks, I retreated back into the passenger section.

The flight wasn’t very old before I discovered I was just as interested in making the Captain a conquest of mine as he was of making a conquest of me, but not here on duty, at least not so openly. But he had managed to make me damp in the panties!

I took care of the first class passengers’ needs and passed out cans of soda and peanuts to those who desired them. Then I stepped into the john for a moment. I ran my right hand under the waist band of my uniform slacks and my panty thong and started rubbing my labia. I’d just gotten a good start when, suddenly, the door opened! I’d forgotten to lock it! In steps the Captain without the slightest hesitation. He closed and locked the door!

“Well, well, well, what have we here, hmmmmmm?”

My hand froze with a finger deep inside my pussy. I was mortified! But, I got even wetter.

Captain Jim said, “I took a piss break from the cockpit, so I only have a few minutes. Maybe we can get together later for a more complete job.”

With that he pulled my hand out of my pants and replaced it with his own. He was behind me and reaching around in front of me with his right hand in my pants and his left caressing my tits through a gap in my blouse. His left hand was hindered somewhat by my bra, but his right hand was doing fine! I was already plenty wet, but now, I really let go with the pussy juice when his middle finger found its target!

The Captain’s finger was immediately soaked and slid easily in as far as he could reach. It only took him a moment to hit my sweet spot and but a few moments later for me to shudder in orgasm as I stifled a scream and a groan or two.

The Captain said, “Very sweet, but I really do have to pee and then I have to split, I am due back in the cockpit.” With that, he withdrew his hand from my pussy and placed his fingers in my mouth.

“Tastes good, doesn’t it!” he said as he then reached down and flipped out his dick, a real monster. Pushing me aside, Captain Jim stepped up to the stool and proceeded to nearly “blow the porcelain off” the pot, even though the pot was stainless steel! I watched with lust filled eyes!

Then he said, “You compose yourself for a few minutes after I leave, and I’ll see you later.”

Captain Jim stepped out and reclosed the door. It is a good thing this was a night flight and the cabin Escort Van lights were turned down for the flight. I was going to have to cover my wet pants front until it dried.

Mother of God, That was one hell of a dick he just swung! Well, that little bit didn’t really qualify me for the Mile High Club, but maybe it would count as a start or half way there. I exited the john into the first class compartment to find the half dozen passengers asleep or dozing, except for one nearby passenger who was softly humming Silent Night. Good! Fewer complications for me.

As I neared the end of the first class section on one of my rounds checking passengers, I saw a handsome, young, black Marine sitting alone. He had a newspaper tented over his lap, but from the motion of his arm and hand, it was very obvious what he was doing under the paper.

I quietly asked, “Are you ok, Marine?”

Unashamedly, he replied, “I saw you and the Captain come out of the john. You were in there together and I have been sitting here, fantasizing about what you were doing in there ever since you came out. I just had to get my dick out and let it ‘breathe’.”

“Not to mention, jack it off,” I added. “Would you like some help?”

“Yeah, that’d be really great!”

“Well, everyone seems to be asleep or at least dozing for the moment and the head flight attendant is busy in the galley. She will be for some time.”

I sat down and reached under the paper and grabbed a hold of his black cock. My God, another giant fuck stick. I haven’t seen any really big ones at all, let alone a Black one, and then all at once, I see several, one after the other! I pumped up and down on his big piece for a very short time.

He said, “I’m getting close.”

So I put the paper in the seat back in front of us and leaned down to take his huge cock in my mouth. In moments, he shot squirt after squirt of white, ropey cum into my mouth and throat.

I swallowed most of it, with just a little smearing my lips and chin. When he deflated, I asked, “Lick my face and lips clean, I can’t walk down the aisle with a face full of cock cream.”

He quickly did so and said, “Thanks, I needed that!”

I rose and started back toward the front and just in the nick of time. Sue, the head flight attendant just exited the galley and headed my way!

The rest of the flight was uneventful until about thirty minutes from landing. The Captain came on the PA system with the announcement, “O’Hare Field.” he said, “is almost shut down by a snowstorm. So far, we were still cleared to land, but that could change any moment and we would then be rerouted. Please fasten your seat belts as the ride could get rough the rest of the way in”

Great, just what I needed, and unexpected layover or worse. The passengers weren’t happy either. I can just imagine what the feisty old lady back in coach was saying about now. I’m sure glad I’m not back there having to put up with her.

As it turned out, we were allowed to land, but Captain Jim had a great deal of difficulty during those last thirty minutes, holding the plane on an even keel as we descended into the soup of the snow storm. As he predicted, the ride got rough. Staying on the glide path was also difficult, so that when we did touch down, the plane bounced and careened around quite a bit on the slippery runway in a particularly bad landing. The plane did slow eventually and we taxied towards the gate.

I suddenly saw my chance for pay back to Captain Jim for all the snide comments, grab ass, and what not of this trip. As the plane rolled slowly up to the gate, I grabbed the PA phone and announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, please remain seated until Captain Crash and his demolition crew have brought the airplane to a screeching halt against the gate. Once the tire smoke has cleared and the warning bells are silenced, we’ll open the door and you can pick your way through the wreckage to the terminal!” The release of tension from the hectic weather and landing was palpable as passengers, happy to be down and safe, clapped and roared with laughter.

After all passengers had deplaned, we crew walked to the crew lounge and check out. Captain Jim walked beside me and said, “Touché’, Shelly, that was neatly done! Now, since we have at least a one day stay over or more before this storm clears and we can get out of here, how would you like to spend the night with me in a downtown hotel?”

“Wouldn’t your wife have something to say about that invitation? Besides, I have a Christmas party to attend.”

“No, not really, she might even join us if she was here. You see, my reputation as a skirt chaser is well known. What is not so well known is that my wife and I have an ‘open marriage.’ She does her thing and I do mine when we are apart and we do our thing together when we are together. She knew about my affairs when she married me and also knew they would continue. We get along just fine. So, How ‘about my invitation?”

“OK,” I said, “I can pass on the party, but there is one condition.”

“Like what?” Jim asked.

“Since I know we both have a no duty flight day tomorrow, we will fly back as off duty crew. I want you initiate me into the Mile High Club!”

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