Short Skirt Tease

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I love attention! What woman doesn’t? I’ll admit I’ll do pretty much anything to draw attention to myself; especially if it’s the attention of a really hot guy. I love wearing short skirts…and hate wearing panties. I’m 25, 5’3” 140 pounds, shapely 40c-35-38, shoulder length curly brown hair, with green eyes. I love older men especially but on occasion I do play with cute 18 and 19 year old boys. 🙂

One morning I was feeling especially frisky, I woke up late and I knew I was going to be late for work. My pussy was throbbing; I’d just awoken from a dream involving me and one of the new managers at the office. His name is David Johnson; he’s in his late 40’s, and is the sexiest man I’ve seen in a long time. He’s about 6’2” and 200 lbs of rock hard muscle with dark hair and blue eyes. I love the way his pants cling tightly to his ass…when he walks you can almost see the silhouette between his legs. I just know that he has a nice thick cock!

I was right in the middle of licking and slurping his hot cum filled balls, his hand was wrapped tightly in my hair, when my alarm clock buzzed. I slipped my hands under my blanket between my thighs and gently slapped my clit a few time. My pussy lips parted oozing a sweet cream. I slowly dipped my finger in the cream, rubbing and spreading it all over my shaved lips.

I started rubbing my clit in circles. I quickly thought about the time as I began rubbing my clit faster. I reached over to my night stand for my rubber cock. I licked the head, while gently pinching my clit. I brought the cock to my pussy grinding against it quickly, needing to feel it inside me.

I began pumping the cock in and out of my folds quickly while smacking my clit. “Oooohhh shit yessss” I moaned as I climaxed all over the rubber cock. I pulled it from my pussy, licked it clean and placed it back in the night stand.

I jumped out of bed, quickly showed and went to the closet to find something to wear. I choose a navy skirt suit. The skirt was short…just a tad too short, but my round ass and shapely legs gathered nothing but compliments from my coworkers. I choose a sheer white, low scoop neck sleeveless blouse to wear under my Van Escort jacket. “With this outfit I’m sure no one will complain about my tardiness!” I thought to myself.

When I got to work I went to my office and losed the drapes and door. I knew I had a ton of work and didn’t need the distractions of people walking back and forth.

After a few hours there was a knock at my door. “Come in…” I replied. It was David…I suddenly felt a jolt between my legs. As I stood I reached out my hand “Hello David, nice of you to stop by.” I said to him. “Hi Shelly, I can see you are very busy. I just wanted to stop by to chat with you for a few minutes. I should have come by last week but there were so many things to do. You know how it is being the new guy.” He chuckled.

I sat back down and crossed my legs. We chit chatted for awhile and then he invited me to lunch. “I just have to stop by my office to grab my wallet” He said. “Oh no…my treat! Let me just grab my purse its right behind you.” I told him.

I walked behind him, well aware of his eyes lingering over my body. I bent over beside his chair, squeezing my legs together tightly, exposing my puffy pussy lips, hoping to get his attention. “Mmmmm” he moaned. Bingo! I thought to myself.

“Do you like what you see David?” I asked. “Oh…well, you see… I’m terribly sorry Shelly….I couldn’t help myself. You are just incredibly beautiful. I hope you don’t mind my saying so.” He said. “Oh thank you David, I’m flattered. But actually I feel the same about you. In fact…I was just fantasizing about you this morning. That’s why I was late.” I slowly replied, gazing into his eyes. He got this startled look on his face that quickly turned to excitement.

I leaned back on the desk between his legs…spreading my legs slightly I slipped my hand between my thighs, spreading my lips apart. “Mmmmm David….I dreamt this scene last night…I hoped that you would come to my office and watch me play with my pussy. You didn’t want to go to lunch still did you?” I asked.

“Oh no…I’ve lost my appetite.” He replied…leaning back to watch the show I was giving him. I gazed down over his crotch, noticing the slight bulge that appeared. Van Escort Bayan I propped my legs up on the desk…spreading them wide as I circled my clit with my finger….I squeezed my lips together and slapped them gently over my clit….”mmmmmm…. yesss….” I moaned…

”Oh shit…yea baby let me slap that clit” David replied…he leaned forward and pressed his fingers against my slit. He a finger into my honey pot, and began rubbing up and down my slit slowly. He began slapping my clit gently. Ooohh…..yess….mmmm that feels good” I moaned….

He suddenly stopped slapping my clit, and began licking it…he flicked his tongue over my clit…circling it…licking and panting over my pussy. He sucked my clit between his lips. Flicking his tongue over it while sniffing it…sending a cool breeze over it. My pussy was on fire! “Don’t stop…..mmmmmmm….im gonna cum….mmmm make me cum David….ooh shit yes…I’m gonna cum… ooohhhhhhhhhh!!!” I cried moaning loudly enough for the whole office to hear.

I pulled him to me, licking his lips, tasting the creamy sauce I squirted all over his thick lips. He pressed his body against my pussy. I suddenly realized he had unzipped and lowered his pants, he had been stroking his cock while he licked me. His long thick meat pressed against my creamy pussy lips. I began grinding against him, while tasting his mouth. I rubbed my clit up and down the length of his cock…

“Mmmmm…..uuuhhhh yesss…” I moaned into his mouth I slipped my hand between us, grabbing his meat…stroking it slowly. “Mmmm let me taste it baby…” I moaned into David’s mouth. “let me taste your cock…..mmmmmmmmm yesss put that hard meat between my lips.” I begged. I dropped to my knees, pushing him against the desk. I began stroking his cock licking his cock head.

“Oh God….yesss” he moaned. I began sucking the underside of his cock…wrapping my lips around it. Licking circles up the shaft as I moved my lips. I took his meat into my mouth, he began to slowly pump his cock between my lips.

“Fuck yea suck it bitch.” he moaned…..he wrapped his hand in my hair and began pumping my mouth a little faster with quick sharp jabs, fucking my mouth. “mmm bitch yea…suck Escort Van my dick” he moaned as his thrusts began to slow.

He fucked my mouth deep, pumping his thick long cock between my lips. I couldn’t take it, I needed his cock in my pussy. I began fingering my pussy desperately as David fucked my mouth

“You want this cock in your pussy baby?” He asked. “Oh yess…..mmmmm baby yesss I want you to fill my pussy.” I moaned. He thrust his cock deep into my mouth choking me. He pulled me from the floor, and pushed me against the desk with my ass facing him. He pulled my skirt up a little so that my ass cheeks were exposed. He slapped my ass.

“Mmmm bitch…god you have a great ass.” He moaned as he slapped each cheek. “Mmmm yesss slap my ass.” I cried. He began rubbing his cock against my slit as he spanked me.

“You dirty slut.” He moaned. “Cum on my cock bitch. You cum hungry slut.” He moaned as his cock slipped into my pussy. “Mmmmm is that what you need bitch? A hard cock to fuck you?” He demanded as he pumped my pussy slowly. Long hard pussy was dripping all over him.

“Yea bitch make that pussy drip…damn you’re so wet! Your cream is spilling on my balls baby.” he moaned pumping me harder. He leaned forward pressing his body against my back as he fucked me. His thick cock stretched my tight pussy with each thrust.

“oh God yes…your cock feels so good..mmmmm fuck me…ooooh yesss fuck my pussy” I moaned as David began licking my earlobes. I was pinching my nipples…pulling them. “Oh God I’m gonna cum on your cock baby” I moaned. “Ohhhh Yea…cream on my cock bitch. Yea cream on it baby.” David moaned in my ear

“Aah, ah, ah, ah, Mmmm harder. Ohhh shit fuck me harder.” I begged as David’s thrusts began to quicken. “Ohhhhh , it’s so good, mmmm so good baby. More, more, MORE. I cried.

“I’m cummmmiiinnng…” I screamed as I begin milking his cock with my contracting pussy. I came all over his cock. He began fucking me harder.

He wrapped his hands around my throat. “Mmmmm bitch yea, I wanna nut…mmmmm ooohh shit. I’m gonna cum, mmmmm I’m cummm……ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Fuckkkkkkkkk” David cried as he pumped my pussy hard. Filling me with his hot cream sauce.

After a minute or so he pulled his cock from my pussy. David thought to himself. I knew the moment that I saw her she’s be sucking my dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32