Sideline Reporter Gets It At Game

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First it was at the RNC, then at the DNC, and ultimately at a hurricane. What other event could I bag a hot piece of ass reporter before she went on the air?

That was the question I had to answer, as this was getting to be an additive high. First, getting a woman to completely loose her inhibitions at a moments notice and making her feel as if I cared about her feelings. In a way I did, but just for the amount of time it took me to get off on her. Then there was the high of making sure our quickie was just before she had to get on the air in a live shot, meaning there would not be a lot of staff around and no one to check her makeup.

Then it hit me. Sports. Athletics. Women are primarily used as sideline reporters at big time sporting events shown on TV, especially at football games. But how to find out who was going to be where.

That wasn’t an issue at the DNC, as I knew Fox News was covering it. The same at the RNC, where MSNBC was stationed. I knew CNN would be covering a hurricane, but it took a lucky shot to find a woman reporter at the scene. Sports was a different animal. It was easy to find out what games would be on TV, but not the anchor and sideline reporter teams. That is, until I found the right contact.

The person didn’t want to give their name or any particulars for fear that one of the bigwigs would read this story (I know they do.) and see the person’s name. Not even a pronoun of he or she. For a $100 I got info of a certain sideline reporter who works for the biggest sports network in the world at a certain college game on a certain Saturday afternoon.

I flew on a friend’s private plane to a city near the game site, but paid a driver to take me the rest of the way. The sideline reporters generally get to provide four updates a game, including after halftime. The number increases if a player is injured.

I used a fake press pass to get onto the field and get close to the reporter. Walking on the home team’s sideline, I spotted her near midfield doing her opening game shot. She was very attractive in a tight network polo shirt and tight Tokat Escort khaki capris which looked as if they were painted on her ass. Molly was a striking brunette, with hair down past her shoulders, medium-to-large boobs, tight waist and slightly wide hips. It was all OK by me.

Knowing her schedule in advance was a big plus. I generally like to make my introduction within 25 minutes to 30 minutes of their upcoming live shot. That leaves enough time for some initial chit-chat, fucking her brains out, then having her go on air a complete mess.

I nearly got blindsided by a player as I stared at her beauty. She walked towards me, and I said, “Wow, you look adorable, do I know you from somewhere?”

“Uh, yeah, I don’t know, but maybe you watch me on TV.”

“Oh yeah, you just did a live shot earlier, right?”

“Yeah, but its kind of hot out here. Want to join me under the stadium for a cool drink of water?”

“Sure, lead the way,” I said, thinking this was going better than I ever planned. I put my hand on her lower back and she didn’t push it away. This let her know I was interested in her and allowed her to let me know she liked it.

We got under the stadium and a somewhat secluded area. Most everyone at the game was watching the game, either outside or on a TV inside the stadium’s hallways and concession areas.

I grabbed a couple bottles of water from a bucket, twisted off the caps and handed her one. We exchanged names and jobs and so forth. Molly’s were all real and mine were a bunch of bullshit I had memorized while driving to the game. Apparently she hated working the sideline of a mid-level game that didn’t have much TV attraction. I said something like life’s a bitch or a nicer version of shit happens to let her know I was listening and I cared.

I leaned into her for a moment, seeing if it was the right time to move in further. She didn’t hesitate back, so I leaned in some more. She was saying something about the game when I kissed her with a soft peck on the lips. Girls go crazy for a first soft kiss. Looking in her eyes Escort Tokat for direction, I could see she had the slightly closed as if she was wanting more. I went in and kissed her again, another soft peck on her lower lip, and then on her upper lip, and she put her hands on the back of my head to press my lips into hers.

We kissed like this for a few minutes. I ran my fingers through her hair and along the back of her neck. She squirmed a couple times and kept kissing me with determination.

Suggesting we move to somewhere a little more secluded, she took my hand and led me down a large hallway. My eyes were glued to her ass, watching every sway to the right, every sway to the left, and back again. I was nearly hypnotized by the time she stopped at a door, which led to a utility closet. We walked inside, shut the door, and resumed kissing. I grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her up as my tongue danced with hers.

She was breathing heavy. I put her down and started taking off her shirt. She helped me and then unhooked her bra from the front, causing her boobs to bounce a little before she pressed them against me. That was a great feeling. I unzipped her pants from the back and she shimmed out of them. Molly pressed her bikini panties against my crotch, with my cock pressing against my pants. She took off her panties and was nude while I remained fully clothed. Generally this is how I had fucked my past reporters, except for the last one which got a little hotter on a bar.

We kept kissing when Molly pressed her hand against my crotch, feeling my cock. She unzipped my pants and reached inside to grab my cock and pull it out. She pressed on it while we kissed, as I looked around the room for a soft landing. I was unconsciously making this special for her.

I carried her over to the mat and laid her softly down. Then I took off my shirt, got out of my pants and boxers and got on top her her. We kissed some more and I used my hands and fingers to massage her breasts and her nipples. My cock was pressing against her pussy, with the shaft Tokat Escort Bayan sliding against her outer labia. She was so hot. Molly grabbed my cock and put it against her pussy, and began feeding it in. She wanted to fuck so bad. I took her hand in mine and pushed my cock into her pussy. I began stroking at a constant rhythm and she arched her back in unison. I kept fucking her and increased the speed a little every few minutes to keep her jumping for more.

Molly was moaning with every thrust. I kept my mouth on hers and we kissed as I continued to bring her to an orgasm. She kept pushing her body up into me as I kept pumping her cunt. Molly looked me straight in the eyes as a smile grew on her face and her breathing increased as she came. I kept my fucking speed going, stroking in and out of her vagina. She was continuing to me my thrusts until I yanked out and started cuming on her body. I shot a stream of cum onto her neck, a couple onto her breasts and the rest on her lower stomach. I wiped my cock off on her thighs. I guess I felt something different not wanting to cum on her face, like I had done with the other girls.

I kissed Molly hard and suggested we both better get going. Molly looked at her watch and said she had a couple minutes to get dressed. She put on her top and her pants walking down the hallway. I grabbed her bra and panties and told her she forgot them. She told me to keep them as a souvenir. I got dressed and left the stadium, driving back to my plane where I caught the rest of the game on TV. Later that night, I caught the game on satellite. There was Molly doing her live shot, with her top plastered to her body, her breasts and nipples showing through the white shirt. She kept on with her report, even as players could be heard laughing in the background. The live shot stopped by the cameras kept rolling as one of the announcers asked her if her shirt was on right. Looking down, she saw her tits were visible. She covered them with her arms and someone gave her a jacket to wear.

This wasn’t as bad as the others, but was still good enough to make my special “Too Hot for Cable News” DVD. I labeled this one under sports.

A couple weeks later I got a call from my contact, who said Molly was asking about me using my fake name and was wondering if I would be around for their next game.

I was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32