Skinny Dipping

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Shane followed the outline of the green bikini bottoms as they glided just under the water in front of him.

It was the third time in the last ten minutes for this particular pair of swimwear and he reminded himself that the showers in the men’s locker room were always cold by the time he got to them.

Only two months into this job and they never stopped flirting with him…

…which unfortunately, was a double-edged sword.

“Absolutely no fraternizing with any patron…ever,” was what Ms. Baker had declared. “We’ve had to fire the last three lifeguards for unauthorized parties and affairs with local college girls. The pool’s reputation is a step away from being shut down and we can’t…we will NOT tolerate one indiscretion. Keep yourself focused, Mr. Walton or not only will you be unemployed, you’ll be sued for breach of contract.”

Shane reclined back in his lifeguard chair and checked his watch.

15 more minutes.

“We’ll be closing the pool down for the night, folks. I need everybody to start heading towards the showers.”

There was only a small group of people in the pool at the time. These were the regulars here and they were already beginning to move towards the showers. Shane was thankful it wasn’t the weekend with all of the kids running around. He’d have been here for another hour just rounding them up before he even started to clean up.

Glancing out the window he saw the sun nearing the horizon.

With a deep sigh, he lowered himself down from the chair and began picking up the pool and locking the doors.

This job as a lifeguard at the local college pool was helping him offset the cost of his books and was fairly relaxing.

But during finals week, it was murder on his study time.

By the time he got home and ate, he might have half hour before crashing and getting four hours of sleep.

One last sigh as he walked around the pool making sure all the doors were locked.

He paused as neared the green door.

It was a relic from older days when the pool was private before being donated to the college. From the rumors Shane had heard, it was used as a private nudist entrance and exit by the eccentric owner. From what he had heard, the pool’s questionable reputation had been with it from the start.

He tried the door once and it remained shut, but when he clicked the latch twice quickly and leaned it to the right, the door popped easily open. Inside, were the chemicals and tools used to maintain the pool along with some discarded rescue equipment. The whole room not only smelled musty, it felt musty.

Far away, on the other side of the room was the door leading directly outside.

Naked moonlit picnics and orgies…Shane smiled at the memory of the stories and shut the door again.

He was halfway through his shower when he heard the click.

It was a distant and far away sound and for a moment, he thought he had just imagined it.

He shut off the water and he waited there quietly.


Shrugging, he reached for his towel and moved into the dark locker room.

He was finished towelling off and was reaching for his boxers when he heard it.

Water splashed in the pool.

Shane froze and wrapped the towel around his waist.

Making his way through the shower room he walked out to the pool and scanned the water.

Sure enough, there were ripples in the water.

He held perfectly still and strained his eyes and ears into the room.

Again, nothing.

Very slowly he crept forward before he caught sight of the green door…opened just a crack.

Then he saw the pile of clothes laying behind the high dive board and he knew.

They were back.

It was a group of adolescent boys who had been daring each other to skinny-dip in the pool all summer. He knew who they were because they would come in during the day and ask him all sorts of questions, trying to be his friends.

But the last two times they had snuck in, Walter the security guard had only just caught sight of five small shadows running from back door and into the night.

Walter was a little too past his prime to give chase, but he had sworn a personal oath to catch them in the act.

Shane, however was on the fence about the matter.

He remember being that age and all the feelings that went with it. Personally, he admired their courage and spirit.Professionally, he was a hair’s breadth from having to drop this coming fall quarter’s classes. He needed this job and was pretty sure a lawsuit wouldn’t help either.

Just as he was easing up to the water, he caught sight of a dark shape sliding just Yalova Escort under the surface towards him.

He knelt down put his hand on the deck so that his face was level with the surface of the water.

He’d scare the crap out of them , but then let them go with a warning.

Problem solved.

The water exploded in front of him with a gasp as he came face to face with a pair of deep brown eyes.

“Whoa!” he yelled as the woman shrieked and splashed backwards.

He pushed up from the deck, but at the last second, his hand slipped and he fell forward into the pool.

The towel slipped away from his waist as he kicked to the surface.

Gasping for air, he heard the sound of heavy splashing as the woman swam away from him.

For a moment he just sat there in shock, before chasing after her.

He wasn’t sure what he was going to do, but if Walter spotted a woman leaving the building at this hour, he could kiss his degree goodbye.

“Hey!” he shouted, catching an ankle.

“Let me go!” the voice was deep with a southern accent. “I didn’t do nuthin’!!”

Shane tugged the ankle towards him and even with the kicking leg, he managed to get his hands over her shoulders and shoved her back against the side of the pool.

“Just wait a minute!!” he yelled and she stopped struggling against him as much.

Pulling the wet hair from her face, she looked him in the eye and he felt his second shock of the evening.

Deep brown eyes studied his from a tanned and beautiful face.

She seemed to be admiring him as well, taking in his goatee and bald head with looks of appreciation.

“What?” she asked, with that deep southern drawl again.

“What!?” Shane replied.

“You said to wait a minute,” she answered, putting a hand against his chest and pushing him back. “Why?”

For a moment, Shane was lost.

Just looking at her, he felt confused.

“Oh,” he answered, shaking his head. “You can’t leave yet.”

A look of concern passed over her.

“And why not? Who’s going to stop me?”

Shane saw a look of defiance come over her as she swam towards him.

“Think you can stop me?”

For a moment, Shane found himself studying her grin and her lips.

“Please,” he said, deciding not to fight her, but to reason with her. “It’s my job.”

The look on his face and the tone of his voice stopped her in her tracks and she looked him up and down.

“Walter is the security guard here, if he catches you leaving now…they’ll fire me and then they’ll sue me.”

“They’ll sue you?!” she exclaimed incredulously.

A door creaking up front interrupted her and he furiously put his finger to his lips.

They both swam to the side of the pool that was hidden from the front and grabbed onto the wall.

“Shane?” a voice asked into the darkness and Shane grimaced.

He pointed at her and and motioned for her to stay put and she nodded.

Breathing deeply and quickly, Shane swam around the corner, careful to keep his lower torso under water.

“Hey Walter,” Shane responded, stopping in the middle of the pool. “Finals are killing me and I wanted to work off some tension before I left.”

Walter smiled, but waved a finger at him.

“You know Ms. Baker doesn’t want anyone in the pool after hours.”

Shane rolled his eyes.

“I know, but do you mind if I stick around for a little while longer?”

Walter eyed his watch.

“Naw I don’t mind, but keep it quick or it’s both our asses.”

“Don’t I know it,” Shane answered and backstroked. “Thanks Walter.”

Walter waved as he went back into the office and turned on the light. Shane could see him sitting down to read his book and swam back over to the woman.

For a moment, he didn’t see her and he immediatley tensed up looking back to the pile of clothes.

“Did he leave?” a voice whispered from the shadows and he swam towards it.

“No…he’ll be here all night,” Shane whispered, coming to rest on the wall right beside her. “We have to be quiet.”

“How do I get out of here?” she whispered at him and he found himself watching her face in the shadows.

“Not sure of that yet. I’m still working on it.”

For a moment, he thought carefully.

“Who are you?”

The woman hesitated before answering, but then shurgged, her tanned shoulders coming slightly out of the water.

“My name’s Leta.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m…”

“Shane…yeah I know who you are.”

Shane looked at her closely, and began to notice a familiarity. A woman in a red one-piece who would come in to do laps every other week on Thursdays.

“Aha,” Yalova Escort Bayan he said, recognizing her now.

“Does this mean you’re not going to turn me in?” she whispered and he could feel her feet swirling the water next to his.

“Can’t,” he replied, shrugging himself. “Walter’s a friend, but he’d still report me if he knew I was skinny-dipping in the pool with a woman.”

Suddenly, the woman’s eyes bulged and she looked down into the water.

Shane covered himself with his hand.

“You’re naked?” Leta hissed at him.

“Yeah well I was in the shower when…I…wait a minute,” Shane looked down under the surface and Leta covered herself too. “Are…you?”

“Wouldn’t be called skinny-dipping if I wasn’t, would it?” she asked defiantly.

Suddenly, he was remembering her very well now.

The tatoos she had on her back. The look of her legs in her swimsuit. Her breasts filling out the top of her swimsuit as she stretched her arms. Her tanned arms reaching out for each stroke as the muscles in her back flexed. The way her short brown hair framed her face.

He remembered her very well now. While most of the girls splashed and played, she had always had a grace and an elegance that made her stand out from the rest. She was driven and focused.

“You’re Leta?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she answered, with a half smile.

She kicked away from the wall and treaded water slowly into the middle of the pool, but still out of sight of the office.

“How long am I gonna be trapped in here. I don’t want to come out a prune,” she asked.

Shane was trying not to imagine the sight of her naked below the water, but parts of him were already reacting to being free of clothes.

“Shoudn’t be too much longer,” Shane said, kicking off from the wall to tread water in front of her. “Walter usually makes a round of the whole college at the beginning and end of his shift…if he doesn’t get stuck in his book.”

“So we stuck here…trapped together,” she said smiling.

“Well…” Shane replied, backstroking away from her. “YOU sure are, but I can leave at any time.”

Leta smiled at him, and stroked slowly towards him.

“So then why don’t you?”

He treaded water slowly around her.

“Wanna make sure you’re alright,” he answered with a grin.

“I should be fine, I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself,” she answered treading away from him and towards the light beam coming from out of the office.

“Be careful,” he whispered, suddenly very serious.

“Seems to me you need to worry more about yourself,” she answered smiling, treading water right next to the line of the light. “Just a few more inches and it’d be your ass.”

Shane treaded closer to her until they were just touching noses.

“So then why don’t you?” he whispered against her lips.

She rubbed her nose back and forth against his.

“I want to make sure you’re ok, too,” she answered breathlessly and leaned forward to graze his lips lightly with hers.

She felt him sigh as he kissed her back and wrapped his arm around her waist.

Through the chill of the water, he felt the heat of her back and his fingertips slid across her spine. Leta shivered and allowed herself to be half dragged across the pool to the side. She grabbed the side with one hand as her other hand pulled the back of his head towards her.

He kissed her again and this time she felt his tongue explore her lips before probing questioningly inside. The tip of her tongue met his and she moaned. He grabbed the wall on either side of her and pulled himself against her as she lifted her legs to wrap over his.

As she wrestled with his tongue, she felt his hot cock sliding against her inner thigh and she reached down to grab him. Stroking back and forth, she felt him get harder still and he tore his mouth from hers and kissed down her cheek and bit her neck where it met the shoulder. She moaned again quietly and began to pant as he bit her again and again before finally letting go.

His head disappeared below the surface and she felt his cock slip from her grip and his lips pulled her left nipple into his mouth. He sucked her completely into his mouth before letting it slip out and sucking it back in again. Her hand pulled his head to her chest as she felt both of his hands grab her ass and pull her hard against him. She felt her pussy grind up against his abs as his hands kneaded her butt cheeks. He held her nipple in his mouth and flicked his tongue back and forth over the tip as her hips began to rock back and forth against him, her pussy lips rubbing Escort Yalova back forth over his stomach.

Suddenly, he came back up for air and took her mouth again hungrily in his.

“Shane,” Walter said, his voice close now. “You almost finished?”

“Not much longer, Walter,” Shane answered, putting a finger to her lips.

“Welll…I’m gonna need you to leave here real soon. It’s both of our asses if you don’t.”

“I know Walter, I promise just a few more minutes,” Shane answered and then groaned quietly as Leta grabbed his cock and rubbed the tip of it up and down over her pussy lips. Slowly, she began to rub it up and down deeper and deeper as her hips worked forward and back.

Shane panted quietly and gritted his teeth as he glared at her.

She simply smiled and kissed him.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Walter asked, coming around the diving board that separated them.

Leta slid quickly and quietly under the water, but grabbed Shane’s legs to keep from floating free.

“Yeah,” Shane answered, trying hard to sound casual. “Just stretching a cramp before I do one more lap.”

Walter studied his face for a moment before nodding.

“Just a few more minutes then?”

Shane nodded and then almost yelped as he felt Leta pulling the crown of his cock into her mouth and teasing the opening with her tongue.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Walter asked again watching him carefully.

Shane breathed deeply as Leta took his entire length into her mouth and began slowly moving her head up and down his cock. She pulled back to lick the underside with her tongue.

Shane took a deep breath and held it.

“Bad cramp, Walter, but I just about got it.”

“Okay…you know what’s good for cramps? Bananas.”

Shane felt his vision blurring as his hips began to rock back and forth.

“Bananas?” asked Shane, his voice squeaking.

“Best cure ever,” Walter replied nodding.

For a moment, he just stood there gazing off into space before suddenly regaining his thoughts.

“Alright then,” he announced. “I have to make my rounds now. Lock up when you leave alright?”

Leta worked her mouth back and forth along the side of his cock before again taking the length into her mouth.

“YES!!” Shane answered, and then quickly covered. “Cramps gone.”

“Bananas, don’t forget,” Walter said walking off towards the office. “And you need to be gone before I get back.”

“Thanks Walter,” Shane replied as Leta came back up quietly to the surface and clamped her mouth hard against his.

“Is he gone now?” Leta asked between kisses, her legs wrapping over Shane’s waist again.

A door clicked in the background and they heard footsteps on the gravel outside.

“Yes,” Shane answered, pulling her body hard against his.

They both slipped under the surface as he reached down to grab his cock. He paused to flick up and down over her pussy lips before letting it slip deeper into her. She pulled hard with her legs and his full length filled her. Leta wrapped her arms around his back and locked her ankles together as he reached out for the wall and pulled them back up out of the water. As he slid up her, she felt his chest hair rubbing over both of her nipples and then crushing them into her breasts.

Pinning her to the wall with each thrust, he began slowly to work his hard cock in and out of her he kissed her gently this time. She felt his whole length slide out of her to the tip, pause and then slowly slide all the way back in filling her completely.

She panted as she pullled with her legs, trying to get him to go faster as each thrust shove her ass into the wall. He grunted as he felt her heels dig into his butt and he began to shover faster.

Suddenly, she began to make mewling sounds and thrust harder against his cock. She gripped him tightly against her and shuddered as the orgasm ripped through her. The contractions in her pussy pushed him over the edge and with one final shove, he came deep inside of her with a long, low moan.

Still shuddering and with her eyes closed, she felt with her hands to the back of his head and pulled him tight against her for a soft kiss.

For a few minutes they remained, there, tight up against each other and the wall until finally Leta shivered.

“Whew…got cold,” she whispered against kissing him again as he slid out of her.

“Kind of,” he whispered kissing her one more time.

They both dressed quickly and quietly before he walked her out to his car after checking that Walter was still out and about..

“I think I’ll look forward to swimming from now on,” Leta said, rubbing her nose against Shane’s before she kissed him one last time.

“Just do me a favor and don’t use the green door anymore,” Shane answered as she walked off into the night.

“No promises,” she answered with a smile. “I kind of enjoyed having my own private lesson.”

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