Slippery Slope gets More Slippery

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1. First Conversation

After that day with Marie, I spent hours upon endless hours thinking about how this all happened and how I failed to stop the series of events that led to the most intensely erotic event of my life. This shouldn’t be happening to me. I was not the one to commit adultery, to have an affair, those two ‘a’ words that I thought never in a million years would be the issues on my plate.

But there we were, there I was, with the guilt and shame and the pleasure and the anticipation all rolled into one psychological mess. I couldn’t see how people carry out these affairs without falling apart. And onward was the rationalizing and the making all the excuses and stories sound real.

Through the guilt however, remained the incredible erotic experience that I had never felt. I knew it was all wrong but another part of my brain was craving more. Perhaps this is how addicts feel?

Because of how closely we work together, my preferred approach of avoidance wouldn’t work. We had to talk and interact. Not exactly my strong point for certain things…such as this issue. After a couple days, we were finally able to talk in private, though each look in the office and among groups and colleagues were filled with a different spark and knowledge.

“That was pretty crazy the other day, wasn’t it?” Marie asked me, alone in her office. I could tell she was trying to gauge my reaction and the couple days of processing this new sequence of events, as much as I was trying to get a grip and see her reaction.

“That’s for sure…I still can’t quite wrap my mind around what’s happening…” I confessed. I had indeed spent the last couple days wondering how far I had fallen.

“I guess it was something we were both curious enough about to step over that line.”

“I think we crossed the line alright…probably did that a few weeks ago.”

“Perhaps you’re right…I’ve thought the same thing many times. But I’m just at a place in my life, in my marriage, that I don’t know if I really love my husband…I mean I do love him and depend on him, but the desire just isn’t there any more. It hasn’t been there for a while, and now a new part of me is awakened, and I can’t say I’m pushing this all aside either…”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean that I’ve been thinking about this stuff for a lot longer than you have and am more than curious…”

“That much I have gathered…”

“And I’ve thought about a lot more…don’t get me wrong…I don’t want to ruin your family and I don’t want your job or your money. I have two kids too…and I’m not the femme fatale home wrecker type either…”

“I know that much about you too.”

“I have come to trust you and to admire you and to want a bit more from our relationship…”

“How much more?”

“I’m not sure…it depends on what’s going on in your head too.”

“I guess I don’t know just yet…I never pictured myself in this situation, not in a thousand years.”

“Neither did I, that is until a couple months ago when we started having these sexy conversations, and then these dreams I’ve been having were getting more and more real and more and more in my conscious and sub-conscious self.”

“Yeah…I remember you telling me about your dream.”

“And as I remember, you kind of enjoyed yourself a bit, didn’t you?”

I was recalling the time a few weeks ago that she emailed me the details of a dream that she had that had me coming all over her [see Slippery Slope story].

“Indeed so…you have a way of telling a story, even if was an abridged version via email.”

“Well, you can just imagine having all the details fully engraved in your mind from a very powerful and erotic dream with all the colors, and the type of dream that doesn’t fade away after 10 minutes, the way most dreams do.”

“I guess I can imagine that.”

“Imagine too, that I’ve awakened a couple times dripping wet and practically coming. In fact, I think I’ve actually had a couple orgasms in my dreams.

“Wow…that’s crazy…sort of like the adolescent wet dream.”

“I know…crazy, huh? And that’s supposed to be a guy thing anyways.”

“Sounds like you’ve had an awakening of sorts…perhaps you’ve missed out on a bunch of experiences when you were younger that you’re now realizing.”

“I know…that’s what I think too. I’ve been with one man my whole life and then I start having these feelings for you, and my sexual being is awakened feeling gypped for what I’ve missed my whole life.”

Marie was really having a sexual awakening in her 40’s and I was the person who was responsible for this and it came as a very powerful experience to share with someone. Much more powerful than I could imagine or comprehend.

“So what do we do now?” I asked, not knowing the answer myself.

“I’m not sure…like I said, I’ve had a bit more time to think about all this and be a bit more introspective about what it all means.”

“And what does that mean to you?” I was curious to know what Marie wanted and where she was going with this relationship.

“I really Yozgat Escort don’t know. I know I feel the same guilt you do. And I’m dealing with that in my own way. I feel very strongly about you and I trust you and that trust fuels my desires and feelings, because I couldn’t go down this road with just anyone. That’s not in my cards. And the feelings I’ve had are very powerful and compelling. I’ve had more and more of the dreams…I just told you one of them. I pretty much have a sex dream every night now.”

“Sounds like you’re getting a lot of action at home and in your dreams.” I quipped, trying to get a bit of humor in this rather heavy discussion.

“True. But after the other day, the real thing is way better than all the dreams.”

“You’re too kind…”

“I have thought about that moment for hours and hours before and since, more than you can imagine.”

“Head games, huh?”

“Very funny…good one…”

But the question of ‘where was this all going?’ remained unanswered by either of us.

So went the first private conversation between us since ‘the event’ a couple days prior, and things were sort of ‘normal’ for a while, though there was a new meaning to each conversation we had, alone and around others. And Marie took extra time to make sure I saw when she put lotion on her hands and when she drank a Coke, always using the bottle-type, such as she had when she showed me the hand job tricks she learned from her reading.

She knew she was getting to me because I got instantly hard when she did either of those things and she made it a point to look at my crotch and smile acknowledging her accomplishments when I squirmed uncomfortably at my condition. Her gaze met mine so I knew she knew…anyways, quite the game we had going on.

2. The next step down the slope

An email came a couple days later…

You wanna know something I forgot to tell you the other day?

What’s that?

I didn’t brush my teeth all day after…


You gonna make me explain that one?

I’m lost…

Ok…when you came in my mouth…I wanted that taste in my mouth all day…

Ohhh…got it now…

My, can we be a bit slow on the uptake…

I guess I wasn’t expecting that…

You warned me

I did at that…you had a chance to…um…do something else…

Like what?

You know…

Tell me…

Dirty girl…

Getting’ that way it seems…tell me. What were the other options?

Like you said in that dream.

You remembered…

That’s not something one easily forgets…lots of powerful images there.

More than you know…tell me

I could have come on you…

Where? Where would you like to come?


Where else?




Now we’re talking! Seems we have a common image

Indeed. Like you said, powerful for me.

Me too. God I’m wet.


Damn it…I’ve got so many ideas what to do with that, now that I’ve seen you live and up close

Such as?

Perhaps another time…we gotta get back to work

Party pooper…ttyl

Crazy…she could get me going in seconds and I was thinking about those images she put in my head and the ones I had all on my own.

And a couple days later, our phone call when I was working at a separate office went something like this…

“Hey Marie…how’s it going on your side of the world?” I guess I was wrapped up in the business mind frame and just expecting a normal work conversation.

“Pretty good, I guess. It would be better in a hotel though?”

“Huh?” I guess I was a bit slow on the uptake…

“I mean if we were having this discussion in a hotel somewhere, at a business meeting…like if all the rooms were sold out when we got there and we had to share a room.”

“That would be against company policies…and a bit weird to explain to the spouses.”

“They wouldn’t know, now would they? Because I surely wouldn’t tell.”

“No I don’t suppose I would either.”

“And I always travel with some oil and some lotion…”

“You don’t say…” I could tell she was already going down the road of narrating one of her dreams or fantasies…

“True…and perhaps you would be a bit stressed and needed a massage…I’m pretty good with those, you know.”

“I know you know what to do with a coke bottle.”

“And there’s so much more that you would love to know, right?”

“I’m game.”

“Where are you now?” she asked.

“In one of the offices…no one is around, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Would you like to hear more of how this one goes in my head?”

“What do you think,” I asked, rather rhetorically.

“I’ve had this rather powerful and detailed story for a while now…I can tell you a bit if you want.”

“That would be a yes.”

“Well, there are lots of details about how we got there, but the short version is that the hotel fucked up our reservations and didn’t book separate rooms and we end up at 10 pm after traveling, rain soaked, in a hotel with only Yozgat Escort Bayan one room left.”

“I love when you talk dirty.”

“You don’t even begin to know…anyhow…as I was saying, we agreed to take the room and not tell anyone, and said we would behave and deal with the second room the next day.”

“A likely story…”

“Shut up…wanna hear more or not?”

“Sorry, yes. Continue.”

“So we get up to the room, tired and wet from the traveling. And we agree to take turns in the shower. I go first and then you. We’re still good at behaving. But there’s a bit of tension in the room.”

“That would be putting it lightly.”

“It’s easy for you because you know how I feel. I’m still not sure where your head is with all this stuff.”


“So after the shower, separately that is…the one together is another story… I offer you a massage…got the oil, remember?”

“Convenient and resourceful. Good thinking.”

“Yes indeed. I have lots more details in my head. I’m giving you the abridged edition.”

“I’m listening.”

“You have a towel on and you lay on your stomach on the bed and I start massaging you.”

“What are you wearing at this point in the story?”

“I’m getting there…be patient. Just a robe by the way. And I am massaging you and I am getting all turned on having your body almost naked beneath men. I am hoping you won’t be scared away and I massage your back and shoulders, and then down your lower back, and then your legs, moving up further and further, anxious to feel between your legs, anxious to know if you are getting as turned on as I am.”

“That would be a yes.”

Marie is continuing now, almost trance-like, narrating her story that she has so clearly conjured up in her imagination.

“I part your legs and you offer no resistance. I can feel the heat from between your legs and I remove the towel and start massaging your ass. You have a great ass, by the way. I am burning up and aching to see more of you. I get you to roll over, quickly removing the pretense of the towel and gaze upon your erection. I imagine coating your cock with the massage oil and stroke you until you beg for release. I know you love an oily hand job and I am so crazy with desire and lust, feeling your throbbing cock in my hands and feeling your balls tighten, aching and full of come.”

Each sentence gets hotter and more graphic. I am other the other end of the phone, stroking my now very hard cock with one hand and listening to her fantasy with fascination and loving her detailed description of her story.

“You still there?”

“Yeah…that’s my heavy breathing…”

“Are you hard?”


“Are you touching yourself?”


“Like you did the other day in my office?”


“Don’t come yet…I’m not finished with my story.”

“Ok…carry on.”

“So now I put some pillows behind you head so you’re sitting up some and I take off my robe and watch you watch me. I am so turned on now. My nipples are hard and I hold my breasts and you watch me. You like watching, right?”


“I know… you told me. I take my fingers and put them between my legs and feel the wetness there. I watch you. You are watching me play with myself and I take my finger, coated with my juices and offer it to your lips. You hungrily suck my fingers and I almost come right there.”

“Marie…” I barely gasp, knowing I am on the verge of coming.

“Not yet…I’m not done.”

“You’re making me crazy…”

“Hold on…so then I sit between your legs and continue stroking your hard cock, now dripping with oil and your fluids. I can tell that you’re desperate and you are begging me. You’re begging me to let you come. ‘Not yet’ I say. I hold off your orgasm and then climb atop you and slide your cock inside me. I just completely impale myself on you and I gasp…we gasp together at the feeling of our first penetration. I can’t believe how good this feels, how good it feels to have you inside me finally.”


“Wait…just a bit…so I’m rocking on top of you and I come very quickly…I can do that you know…the first one of many…and then we start fucking hard and I’m pounding on top of you. I pull you up to me and you start sucking on my tits. Oh god…I can feel it…and I come again….and again feeling your hands all over me and deep inside me…and then you start coming too and I pull you out of me so that I can feel you come and see you come, and finally you come spurting up high in the air coating me, coating us with your juices and then I collapse on top of you, sated for the time being…

And when she got to the ‘oh god’ phrase, I was done. I had come touching myself through my pants like I did weeks ago in my office. I was barely coherent and gasping trying to hang on to her every word.

“Marie…that’s so hot…”

“You came, didn’t you?”

“Yes…just about when you did in your story…”

“I know…I could hear you on the phone?”

“I hope I didn’t yell…”

“No…should Escort Yozgat be ok”

“That’s one hot story…”

“That’s how my dreams are going, you know.”

“You could get a job with one of those phone sex companies…”

“That would make me some extra money wouldn’t it?”

“You could get any guy off with that story…”

“Yeah…but that’s just for you…”

“Thanks…now I gotta use that trick you told me about to cover up the mess here.”

“Poor guy…feel sorry for you.”

She had only a bit of sorrow for me, but clearly had some hots going on too.

3. The meeting

So what’s a guy to do with all this erotic play going on all day at work? Marie was so hot, and the view of her sexual being brought a new side to her. She had been this ‘girl next door’ type of person, and now I was seeing this enormously lusty woman who was thinking, dreaming sex. And she was telling me these stories and these dreams. And she had given me this incredible blow job and let me come in her mouth…I’m just human after all…

One thing to know is that Marie had some control over my schedule and knew where I was supposed to me and scheduled appointments and meetings for me. This fact will soon become apparent.

A couple days later, the following post-it note was in my folder, as we walked to a meeting:

‘I’m not wearing panties today’

I was shocked…and this fact put a bit of a concentration block at the meeting. I looked at her and she avoided my gaze, appearing quite innocent and normal…on the outside.

There were about 8 people in the conference room, and it was just a bit distracting for me to consider the business options presented when I knew Marie was sitting across the table without underwear on.

I could tell she was enjoying the moment…I guess I was too. Otherwise I could have stopped all this nonsense. The chase and the game was just too provocative and too intriguing.

After the meeting our team went upstairs to discuss the issues…frankly I didn’t remember much of that meeting. But after this, Marie and I went to her office, which was sort of in an less-used hallway of the building.

“Having a hard time concentrating today, are we?” Marie asked, innocent and naïve look on her face. But now I was quite aware of what runs deeper.

“And I know you know just what that is…”

“Why is that?” Again, the innocence and the cover-up.

“Perhaps it’s this.” I brought forward the note out of my folder.

“Oh, that…yes…perhaps that might provide a bit of distraction.”

She edged closer to me as I sat on that edge of her desk where I sat a couple weeks ago when we had our first encounter.

The tension at that time was intense. She looked intently at me as she closed the gap between us, her blue eyes deep and filled with emotion. I could hardly breathe. I could feel my heard in my throat. She was 10 inches shorter than I, and I was looking at her, knowing what was going to happen but could barely breathe. She stood just inches in front of me and put her hands on my arms, and then we kissed. Hard and with passion filled with the weeks of anticipation and games and I inhaled her aroma and pulled her hair to me entwining my fingers in her hair. This was a foreign but intoxicating sensation, kissing another woman like this, after so many years.

She pulled me hard into her body and we ground our entire bodies together, entwining limbs and tongues. There was nothing chaste about this first kiss. We were devouring each other’s mouths and squeezing and pulling at each other.

We kept kissing and kissing for minutes, hardly breathing except to inhale fresh lust-filled air and resume probing with our tongues and finding new landscapes to grasp with our hands, both knowing how new this experience was for each of us.

“Oh god, you feel so good…” I said, between breaths.

“You do too…kiss me again.”

And so I did, so we did for probably 10 minutes. I know she could feel my cock pressing against her stomach. That was about where our height difference was. She was grinding her pelvis against my thigh and pushing her stomach back and forth feeling my hardness press urgently to her body. Her hands were grabbing my ass and squeezing me and pulling me into her.

“Why do you do this to me? How can this happen?” Marie asked, breathless and sounding surprisingly honest with her question.

“I don’t know…this isn’t supposed to happen…”

Somehow we knew that not much more could happen here right now…though later her office held lots more secrets than it already had.

“I am so turned on all the time and think about being with you all the time and feeling your body against me, naked of course, 24/7.”

“You sure have me going too….”

“But it’s easier for guys…just takes a bit of bump and grind, and you’re hard, right?” She emphasized her point by a grind of her own, clearly knowing what was between us.

“Perhaps so…but it’s never been like this for me…I’ve been faithful for 20 years…”

“Me too, and I’ve never been with another man in my entire life. And now here I am wanting you to fuck me like there’s no tomorrow.”

Marie had been the pursuer for weeks and now she seemed to be questioning our direction, fully embracing, fully aroused and fully confused.

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