Susie Ch. 13

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My name is Susie. I am 18 and my boyfriend, Corey is 20. He and a group of his friends fly Radio controlled airplanes and had build a large model B-17. After the less than successful maiden flight we had a skinny dipping party at Corey’s father’s house. His father lets us use his guest house for sex and he, his girlfriend, Corey and I never wear clothes at the pool so we invite friends to be naked too and they always are.

At the party I teased some of the guys with my private parts and an orgy followed during which I let some of the guys put their cocks in me. Corey didn’t like me doing that and afterwards I felt really bad. That night Corey and I performed a ‘purification ceremony’ to help us both feel better. After having sex as part of the ‘purification’ Corey asked me for ‘his troth’.

“My Troth”

Corey moved first and faced me. “Susan, I love you.”

“I love you too,” I repeated.

“Susan, I was really torn apart seeing you with those other guys. I was even torn when we were showing you to them and they were inserting their fingers in you.”

“That is over and done with. You have totally purged and purified any thought of that.”

“Susan, that is not what I am talking about.”

“Whatare you talking about?” I gave him a kiss.

“Susan,” he took a deep breath. “I would like your ‘troth’.”

“My what?” I think I knew what he meant but I needed to be sure.

“Your ‘troth’, a promise. Your promise, … your promise to marry no one but me.”

“Corey, we are … ,I am not ready to be engaged, even to you. We both have school to finish.”

“I’m not asking for an engagement but a troth, a promise. Not a promise to marry, not a promise to marry soon, not a promise to be only with me but promise that, when you marry, it will be to me.”

“It sounds like an engagement to me.”

“No, it’s a ‘betrothal’ a promise for later.”

“I don’t think I’m ready for such a promise now.”

“Susan, please hear me out.” He withdrew the beast from me and got up to clean off.

“We have a bit of cleaning to do,” he said as he arose.

I looked where he pointed. There was a pool of semen on the bedspread. “This won’t fit in the washer, we’ll have to go to the Laundromat.”

“Or to the laundry in the main house. I bet one of the washers there is large enough.”

When he returned from the bathroom I got up and went into the bathroom as well.

When I returned I lay down next to him, gave him a kiss and a hug and said, “I am listening.”

Corey talked to me about his friend, Sunil. He and his parents came from India. His parents were very close to one another and Corey was surprised to find out that their marriage had been arranged by their parents. They had no choice in the matter.

Corey told me that they hadn’t known each other at all before their marriage. They were expected to stay together and love each other. That was the way it was throughout India. The expectations of those around them influenced that. Their trust and respect for their parents led them to believe that the other chosen for them was correct for them and a better choice than they could make for themselves.

Then Corey told me how he had looked into arranged marriage customs and discovered that it was very normal in many places and times, probably it was more usual than our modern day American practice of people choosing their own spouse.

Corey had done all this research several years ago. He reminded me of the time he had told me that he wanted me never to leave him and I had replied that I wouldn’t. He said that he had started thinking of his betrothal research again after that.

He explained. “A ‘betrothal’ is basically the promise from one family to the other that a son and daughter will marry. It is treated as a serious contract between the families and the son and daughter are expected to honor it when the time comes for the marriage. However, it can be broken by the families, not by the couple. Many families, nowadays, will break the contract if the son and daughter oppose the marriage.”

Corey then told me some details. First he wanted us both to promise to our parents that we would marry only someone of their choosing. He pointed out that we needed to trust them and that they would not want to do anything against our wishes. He said that customs differed about whether the daughter’s parents first approached the son’s parents or vice-versa. “In our case I suggest your parents approach mine.”

“How do we convince them to do that? Assuming I agree,” I asked.

“I suggest that you to invite me to dinner. You have been talking about that and it is past time we get together. After dinner I’ll talk to your parents. Then I’d like you to present them with your promise to marry someone of their choosing. We leave the rest to them. Between my discussion with them and your promise and your expression of consent I think they will decide to contact my mother. In any case all you have done is make a promise to them which is not only a good idea but a promise you can keep. I don’t avcılar escort believe your parents will keep you from the one you love when you are ready for marriage.”

“So you want me to promise my parents to marry anyone they choose?”

“Or, someone they explicitly approve of, if you prefer.”

“You also want me to tell them I would like them to choose you.”

“Or to tell them you would not object to me.”

“Let me think about this.”

We lay in silence for a while and I spoke, “Corey, I really appreciate your request. No matter what, I want you to know that right now and for the foreseeable future there is no-one else that I want. I know how young I am and I am not ready to make such a big decision. But, thank you for the offer.”

“Susan, princess, I know we’re young. That’s why I want to put the decision in the hands of someone older, someone we both trust, our parents.”

I thought hard about what he had said and I had trouble falling asleep.

Did I want to be with Corey? Yes!

For my whole life? That was harder to answer.

Did I really want to marry him? Well, yes, sort of, but not now.

Did I trust my parents? Yes.

But to pick my life partner? Well, maybe.

Would they pick anyone different than I would? Probably not?

What if they picked someone I didn’t like? They would never do that.

But they might reject someone Ido like.

I remembered how they had supported all my high school dating choices, except one, Marshall Hanover. I thought he was the best guy but they told me to stay away. I remembered how after about a month it became obvious what a jerk he was. They knew better than me, maybe they would know better than me for marriage too.

I did trust them, but did I want them making this life choice for me? I didn’t think so, … but yet … I did. Why didn’t I want to hand this over to them? I was sure Corey was right that most societies had arranged marriages. But didn’t they have a lot of extra-marital affairs too? Doesn’t our society have a lot of that?

I had to get to sleep! I needed a decision. I decided to turn him down. How would he feel about that? Would he feel rejected? Did that mean I don’t trust my parents?

Maybe that was the wrong decision. I decided to trust my parents, they would have my best interests at heart and they would listen to my desires.I finally fell asleep.

I felt relaxed in the morning. My quick sleep once I made the choice to trust my parents with this part of my life convinced me that it was a good choice. I needed to tell Corey.

Corey awoke and we stayed in bed, kissing, hugging and caressing. We didn’t have sex. The previous evening sufficed for us both.

“Corey, I’ve thought about what you proposed.” I said when he had finished a kiss. “I’ve changed my mind. I’ll tell my parents I will marry their choice for me. I need to show them I trust them with important aspects of my life after what I have been doing sexually. In any case Ido trust them even to pick my husband.”

“I think they will let you pick,” Corey said. “They will just confirm your choice. You know, even her it wasn’t that long ago that parents wereexpected to confirm their daughter’s choice for a husband.”

“I’ll ask them to invite you over to talk to them,” I told him. If they ask I’ll tell them that I know of no-one else I would rather have as mine than you and that I would be pleased if they were to arrange a future marriage to you. I’ll tell them that I will accept whomever they choose whenever they choose and that I hope they will not mind if I present candidates for their approval.”

“Oh, Susan, thank you!” Corey gave me another kiss which led to kisses over my entire body, tits, twat and all.

I Defer to my Parents

That evening I asked Mommy and Daddy to invite Corey over. “Last night Corey asked if he could come over and I agreed. Can I invite him over soon, please?”

Mommy answered, “It’s way past time that we have Corey over. I’ll invite him next week. Okay?”

The following Saturday Corey came for dinner.

The conversation before dinner centered on Corey’s plans for college and his classes coming up.

At dinner my father brought up the issue of my grades and classes, “Susie’s grades are only moderately good, mostly B’s. We aren’t sure she’s college material.”

Corey said, emphatically, “Susan is certainly college material. She’s really smart and knowledgeable. When we were writing those stories she was like a college professor. She knows all about literary stuff. She also caught on to what my friends and I are doing with our RC airplanes. She stepped right in and even helped us make decisions about how to proceed in our construction.”

The conversation quickly veered into a discussion of radio control and airplanes. Surprisingly, I found myself contributing to the discussion while Mommy and Cathy just looked at me with their mouths open.

When dinner was over, Corey said, “Mr. and Mrs. Daniels, I have something ataköy escort really important to discuss with you in private. Would that be possible?”

Mommy and Daddy looked uncertainly at each other. I imagined they were thinking of the sex related stuff I usually wanted to talk to them and were thinking, “Now what?” Daddy, said, “Of course, Corey, come into my study.”

They left and Cathy stared at me across the table.

Not long after they went in I heard Daddy say loudly, “What do you mean? She’s much too young.”

Then I heard Corey talking calmly with occasional statements from Mommy or Daddy, including a fairly loud, “No!” once in a while.

Cathy asked me, “Do you know what they are talking about?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“Well what is it?”

“Unless things go really badly then you’ll find out when we go in. Oh! I almost forgot.” I ran upstairs and retrieved some papers I had prepared.

When I returned, Cathy said, “It doesn’t sound like things are going well.”

“It’s about what I expected,” I said somewhat glumly.

“Does Corey want to take you away for a long trip or something?” Cathy guessed.

“No, not exactly, please wait.”

It seemed like forever and then Daddy came out. “That was a very interesting, enlightening and unexpected discussion,” he said. “Corey says you have something to say now.”

“Do you understand what he is proposing?” I asked.

“Yes I think so,” Daddy said.

“And this first part is okay with you and Mommy?”

“We are going to hear you out and then we’ll talk about it and decide.”

We went in. I took the paper with my prepared statement and read from it.

“Mommy and Daddy, I love you and trust you more than anyone in the world. I know I am young and therefore trust your judgement more than mine in many things.”

I saw Cathy’s jaw drop.

I continued, “In particular I completely trust your judgment regarding who and when I should marry. Therefore I have prepared this contract.” I held up the other piece of paper, “in which I hand over all decisions for me regarding who and when I should marry. I know this contract is not legally binding but I promise to honor it completely. I have only one request — that after we sign this contract you carefully consider designating Corey as my betrothed, the man you intend for me to marry.”

“What?” escaped from Cathy’s mouth.

I continued, “I ask that you contact Corey’s mother as soon as possible to make these arrangements. I understand Corey has signed a similar contract with her and she will be expecting your call.”

I put the contract on my Daddy’s desk and signed it. I then handed it to my parents. “Only my signature is needed to show my promise,” I told them. “Please keep it but sign to show you understand and agree to find me a good spouse.”

Contract Accepted!

While they looked at it, Cathy asked, “You want to get married?”

“Not right now,” I said. “Later. Only when Mommy and Daddy think I’m ready.”

“Are you and Corey engaged?” she asked.

“No,” we are only asking Mommy and Daddy and Corey’s mom to designate us as future mates. We would be ‘betrothed’. Promised to each other by our families, but not exactly engaged.”

Daddy interrupted, “Please take the discussion into the kitchen while you do the dishes,” he said,. “Your mother and I need to discuss this.”

Cathy was full of questions as we cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher. Corey and I tried to explain. Mommy and Daddy seemed to take forever. The cleanup was finished and we were sitting on the sofa when they finally came out.

Mommy said, “We have decided to accept your offer.”

I jumped up and gave them big hugs and kisses, “Thank you, Mommy! Thank you, Daddy!”

She continued, “We expect you to honor the contract, no matter who we pick, even if it’snot Corey. We also expect you to honor any decision we make about when you may marry whoever we select for you.”

I was a bit wary now. Had they decided on someone other than Corey? “I will Mommy.”

Mommy then said, “I’ll call Mrs. Daniels tomorrow and discuss this with her.”

Daddy then said, “Corey, you are very persuasive but I think the idea of putting us in complete charge was the deciding factor. We have also been very impressed with you and your future plans. Right now, I can think of no one I would rather be with Susan.”

Corey said, “Thank you, Mr. Daniels. I really should be getting home. It’s late but I wanted to hear your decision. Goodnight Mr. and Mrs. Daniels. Good night, Cathy.”

I went with him to his car and gave him a huge kiss. Then I said, “I think this calls for a celebration at the guest house.”

Corey replied, “I agree. But let’s wait and see when your parents are going to get with my Mom. We may want to wait for that if it’s soon.”

I feigned a pout, “Well, okay. If it’s more than a week maybe we can go out and then to the guest house.”

“Okay, we’ll do that.”

I skipped back into bahçelievler escort the house.

When I entered Mommy said, “We were both impressed with Corey. He is quite a young man and from what he said I think he cares a great deal for you.”

“I like him a lot too, Mommy.”

Daddy had something to add, “Susie, your mother and I are concerned that, despite what a good boy Corey is, you have very little experience with boys. We think that you may meet some other boy perhaps while Corey is away at college and decide you don’t want Corey anymore.”

“I thought about that,” I said. “That’s why the contract makes you the deciders. Even if I meet another boy, if you decide that Corey is right for me then I will honor your choice. If you think the other boy is better, then I will honor that choice. This is about deciding to trust you more than myself. I need to remind myself of that and you need to remind me too. That’s why the written contract is important. Corey said that even though we are ‘betrothed’ we could possibly go out with others. The important thing is your decision for me and his mother’s decision for him.”

Daddy said, “I’m not sure it would be a good idea to be going out with others even though you are not engaged.”

“Daddy, like you said, I don’t have a lot of experience with boys. I may need to go out with other boys once in a while just so I know how good Corey is. Just so you know, I have made a firm decision and a commitment to Corey that I will not have sex with anyone else unless Corey says otherwise.”

“And why would he say otherwise?”

“The only case I know of is that the families break off the betrothal and Corey and I break up.”

“Another thing, princess …”

“Yes, Daddy?”

“We don’t know exactly what will happen with Corey’s mother but your mother and I have some fairly stringent conditions we will insist upon. You should know them.”

“What are they, Daddy?”

“You will not get married until you have both graduated from college. That means that you are to quit coasting and get to work. You need A’s in your high school make up classes and you need to get into medical school like you say you want.

“Remember, I saidboth of you must graduate. That means you must not do things that will distract Corey from his goals. We may insist that he stay at Cal Tech or transfer to MIT, Harvard or some other top 10 school. Up until this year Corey has been unencumbered. He has not had a girlfriend. You, Susie, will have the power to distract him from his studies and youmust not do that!

“You said you have committed to not having sex with anyone other than Corey. We will insist you honor that commitment. I wish we could insist you not have sex with him but given the circumstances, we don’t think that would work out.

“In fact, it’s our ability to set demands like this that are the main reason for accepting your contract and the idea of the betrothal. It gives us a bit more ability to influence you and Corey to the better.”

I gulped. This made me nervous, “I understand, Daddy, and Mommy. I will do my best.”

Families Meet

The next day Mommy told me that she had called Corey’s mother and that she and Corey’s father were anxious to talk about the betrothal.

“His father?” I asked.

“Yes, of course,” Mommy said. “You sound like you have a problem with that.”

“Well, I thought since his Mom had custody his father wouldn’t be involved.”

“Apparently he is. What’s the problem? Doesn’t he let you use his guest house? He must want you and Corey to be together.”

“Well, I’m not sure. I think he just wants Corey to have a girl. I think he wants Corey to have sex but not, necessarily to get married. To him I am just Corey’s ‘kept woman’.”

“Dear, what makes you think that?”

“Some things he said. He called me a ‘trollop’ and a ‘courtesan’ and some other words like that. Not really nasty ones but words that made me think he just saw me as Corey’s sex toy.” I was almost crying. “And, Mommy, I talked to his live in girl friend, Marianne. She knows that she is his ‘kept woman’ and I think that’s the way he treats all women.”

“Well, he doesn’t seem like a very nice man. Your daddy and I will keep that in mind when we talk to him.”

When I went to Corey’s I asked Mrs. Daniels why Corey’s father needed to be involved.

“He’s concerned that you aren’t after Corey’s trust fund or his father’s money. Even though I cost him less than a quarter of his money, most of it for Kaitlyn and Corey, he still thinks I cheated him and he doesn’t want anyone cheating Corey.”

“I would never do that, Mrs. Daniels.”

“I know, Susie, but Mr. Daniels doesn’t and he insists on being involved in order to protect what he calls ‘Corey’s fortune’.”

“Well, … I’m also worried that he doesn’t believe in Corey being married.”

“Susie, no need to worry. He really has no say in whether Corey gets married. Neither do I, from a legal standpoint. Corey’s ‘contract’ for betrothal is with me, not Mr. Daniels and I don’t need to do what he wants. However, I think it best to have him involved since he ‘insists’ upon it. He could still make trouble over Corey’s trust funds if he wanted. I have real trouble dealing with him because of his, and my, attitude over the divorce. I hope having your parents present will help. You might tell them what I told you, so they are prepared.”

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