Take A Walk With Me: The Beginning Ch. 03

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WARNING: I have listed this under Fetish,there are some M/M references from other chapters in this series. As there is no Bi-male category I put this under Fetish as there is a lot of anal, pissing and cum eating. So if any of these things bother you these are not the stories you are looking for….


After spending the afternoon with Bret and Aaron fucking and sucking I just had to call Carol and tell her about it. (Take a Walk With Me Part 2) She had mentioned her desire to know everything I did with anyone new if she wasn’t around.

We had a long phone conversation after our walk down that woodland path (Take a Walk with Me Part 1 ) and she made a point of telling me how hot it was to see me sucking my first, second and more cocks. We had been fuck buddies for some time but it was primarily oral. I loved her sucking my cock and eating her pussy. When we did fuck I always ate her after, sucking my cum from her.

During that walk I had fingered her while she pissed on my hand and I had fucked her in the ass for the first time, both new things for us. I had tried both at various times but everything Carol and I did that day was new to us with each other.

So I called Carol and after telling her everything I could remember she said she wanted to see me but “friends” had just left. I quickly asked how many and what kind of friends. She reminded me that we were just FWB. Before she could go on I said: “Come on girl, I just told you about me fucking and sucking two young studs, I’m not jealous beyond wanting to be part of the fun!”

“Well, sorry, I guess I am a little upset and it is because of you.” She tells me.

“What have I done?” I ask.

She replies: “Well seeing you so comfortably interact with other guys spoiled me. I just fucked and sucked two guys and they acted like they would burst in flames if they touched each other. After I sucked off the first guy nobody would kiss me, not even the guy I sucked! And once I got fucked by the other they both avoided my little puss. I got finally got the guy I blew hot enough to fuck me and cum in me but he was finished and they left quickly.”

“Oh my poor girl, come over here right now and let me stick my tongue in your mouth and ravish your nasty cunt with my tongue.” I tell her stroking my stiffening cock.

She snaps back: “See you are just like them, my puss is definitely NOT nasty.”

“Wo, easy love. I mean nasty in the best possible way. Remember when I called your puss a cunt and you got all upset until I explained that is a beautiful word describing a beautiful lady part. A nasty cunt is a beautiful thing, all colorful and blood engorged. Your clit extended and your lips all full and if you are leaking some lucky guys cum all the better. A well fucked cunt doesn’t smell, it has an aroma. The fragrance of a well fucked cunt has a memorable aroma, like fresh cut grass, hot homemade bread, a snifter of cognac. That’s why I always eat you after we fuck and I would be glad to do the same after someone else fucked you. It would be better if he was there but the unknown would be hot too. So why don’t you put on your tightest underwear on to hold it all in and come right over here. I’ll leave the door open and you can come right in, strip and set that beautiful thing on my mouth and nose. Hurry because I have my cock in hand and don’t know how long I cannot stroke it thinking about your wonderful sweet cunt.”

The next thing I heard was a dial tone, so I had either really pissed her off or she was on the way.

Hoping for the best I unlocked the door and as I walked to my bed room left a trail of my clothes. I lit some incense along the way and put on a fuck mix that we had made to do the nasty to.

This made me cause to wonder as I lay on the bed in the same position I had for Bret, do we just fuck, do the nasty or make love?

Thankfully before I had to explore this train of thought I heard the front door open, close and be locked.

Shortly I heard what was the next to last piece of clothing hit the floor as Carol entered my bedroom. Seeing my position, on my back with my head hanging over the edge she said softly: “Oh my.”

Even upside down she was a vision. She was flushed, the natural pink of her skin replaced by a ruby flush of her cheeks down to her chest and pert pear shaped boobs. She still had her underwear on and the crotch was a darker color and wet appearing. As she stepped to me she moved to remove her underwear and I stopped her pulling her to my face. Holding her hands so she had to stand where I wanted her, I buried my face in her snatch and inhaled deeply rubbing my face in her beauty.

Hearing her sighs I reached up and pulled her panties down under her ass cheeks. I tried to work my head in between them and my goal but it was impossible.

By now Carol was reassured that she was still desirable even with a couple of loads in her so she quickly dropped her panties.

“Bitch, if there is nirvana; this is what it smells and tastes like!” I tell her as I pull her back to my face.

“Yeah, my cock denizli escort sucking, cunt eating friend this is what it feels like!” Carol says as she settles in on my face.

I quickly cover her sloppy cunt with my mouth and with no sucking on my part her present flows freely into my mouth. I avidly lap and suck it up. These guys must have been hung because she is still wide open and her lips are engorged with blood. I am sucking on her lips and licking her clit as I move between them and her opening.

I am thinking that these guys must have not of done Carol any favors as she begins to cum almost immediately. I let go of her hands so she can drop forward as her orgasm overtakes her.

I slow my eating of her pussy and roll back onto the bed with her. As she catches her breath I am caressing her all over softly.

“Didn’t those nasty boys make my girl cum? Did they even eat your sweet little cunt?” I kid her.

“Well just because you find some nasty fuckers that can do you right. Nasty fuckers that I helped you find I might add, too bad they don’t like girls more.” Carol says.

“Well dear they do have a ladies night, if I go would you like to go with me? I hear it gets pretty wild. Cock sucking, butt fucking, wild group fucks and that is just the guys! I hear the girls have to eat pussy to be invited. You do eat snatch don’t you?”

“You know I’m a muff diver from way back, you shit head.” She says as she hits my arm.

“I know you said you eat pussy, but I haven’t seen it.” I say hoping for a little show sometime.

“So you are expecting me to set up a threesome so you can watch me eat some puss?” She asks.

“Well I would be glad to lick that tight little ass of yours when you and your friend were sixty nining.” I push.

“I don’t think I know any bi chicks’ just gay ones and most would not want a cock within 50 feet of them.” She says.

“Well the frat boys say that they all know at least one wild woman and to be invited to “Group Night” I need to bring a partner. Would you be comfortable with that?” I ask.

“You and I have mostly lived by oral and as much as I love you slurping my sex pie and you know I just love sucking you off, there is so much more I do that we haven’t done. I bet you would love to be balls deep in my butt again wouldn’t you? Anything else, you want? I have seen you do a lot, so don’t be shy.”

“You bet I would like to be deep in that little butt hole of yours or I would really like to be in your cunt and feel you piss all over me so the hot piss ran down my cock and over my balls.” I tell her, letting two of my hottest fantasies come to light.

She eyes a six pack on the coffee table and says: “Well love why don’t you fuck my butt while I throw down a few of those cold ones and I can wash your cock off with my hot piss.”

Not waiting for her to change her mind I reached to the night stand and got some Astroglide as she reached for the beers. As she popped a cap on a cold one I rolled her over to kneel in front of me on the bed.

“I gotta eat your ass first baby; your sweet hole looks so good.”

As she starts pounding the beer I cover her ass hole with my mouth. This is a first for us and I always am excited to do something new with anyone. I think that may be why I so easily slid into the man sex. It was all new and so exciting. Something being inherently nasty surely helps!

As I cover her ass hole I start licking her using a lot of spit. The aroma of her recently fucked cunt fills my nostrils and does nothing but increase my excitement level.

“CLANG” I hear a beer can hit the floor and the pop of another as Carol is sucking them down like she sucks cock.

When she isn’t slurping a beer she is moaning and saying things like: “You nasty fuck, just when I think you can’t take me any higher, you do something new that thrills me.”

I am using the flat of my tongue and dragging it down her butt crack and when I get to her cunny I stick it in as deep as I can and slurp her juices. I can still taste man cum in her and love it.

CLANG, pop, chug.

Moments later, CLANG, pop, sip.

We are moving to a new level of nasty for us and before long she says: “Dude, I am on the third beer and you better stick it in my butt before you are drowned with used beer.

I reach for the lube and cover a couple of fingers and her ass hole. I then finger her with the tip of one but she pushes back taking two to the first knuckle.

“Can you take more nasty girl?” I ask hoping for a yes.

“You don’t know it but this is not my first rodeo, so don’t wait for me cowboy.” She says as she pushes back onto my fingers burying them into her.

I slop more lube on three fingers and see what a mess we are making. Fuck! I forgot to lay out towels I was in so much of a hurry to get this on. Well I really could care less about it as I look at a hot woman with her ass in the air waiting for me to open her enough to take some cock.

As she wigglers her ass I hear another CLANK denizli escort bayan and pop and I push the three fingers easily into her. Her butt hole is now open like her snatch was when she got here so know she won’t have any trouble taking my cock.

I lean back and ask her to throw me a condom, she replies with: “Fuck that I want to feel your hot load and if you get some shit on your dick I could wash a Lincoln right now so not to worry bitch, fuck me.”

Not waiting I spread lube down my cock and roll it around me. I take my sloppy hand and rub her ass crack and lean forward to put my cock at her anus. She has closed a little but she is still gaping and I could almost cum from the sight of it.

As she feels my cock she pushes back and swallows almost half. I don’t have a huge cock but it is still a nice size and have to say something about it to her.

“You have done this, you little slut haven’t you.” I say as I push more of my cock into her.


“Why did we wait so long to get this nasty? I knew you were a prime pussy eater and a good fuck but I had to get my freak on with all kinds of low life’s when we could be doing all the freaky shit, oh fuck you cock feels good in my ass. Push it all in. I want to feel your balls on my puss.” She moans.

I am wondering just that myself. We always had good sex, mostly oral but this was way wilder than we had ever gotten, unless you figure in the day we sucked a bunch of cock in the woods together!

I love seeing my cock stretching an ass hole and am enjoying looking at Carols.

“Are we gonna fuck or just enjoy the view?” She asks.

She is really getting into the nastiness of this and I love the new her. Our sex was great but we are moving farther into the dark side.

I grab her hips and start rolling my mine working my cock in and out of her tight little hole. I take my sloppy hand and run it over her back spreading the mess. I then use both hands to massage in the slop while I continue fucking her. She reaches forward to grab the edge of the mattress and arches her back. This opens her ass some and I feel like I am deeper in her.

I lean forward to lick her neck and kiss and bite on it. We are sliding around spreading the lube everywhere. I have her by the shoulders and am rocking her back into me as she rocks forward making it even nastier as we build up a good rhythm. As we are stretched out I tell her how close I am and ask if she can reach her clit to get herself off.

She replies and tells me that she has cum from anal but not without some stimulation to her clit but she thinks today is the day.

She surprises me by asking: “Did you cum when the boys fucked you?”

“Yea and it was so fucking hot I could cum just thinking about it!” I tell her.

“Faster, give that cock to me and suck on my neck.” She pants.

We are in almost full body contact and I am slamming onto her by rocking my hips. I can feel her wet cunt leaking on my balls as I say to her: “I hope you are close baby ’cause I am about to cum. Your ass feels so fucking good. Come on cum with me, cum with me.”

As I feel her body shake I shoot my hot load into her. Faster and faster I fuck her as she screams loud enough to break glass. After the first four pulses I push deep into her and dump the rest of my cum. I am as deep into her as possible when I am shocked to feel something hot hit my balls and know she must be pissing on me and I hoot even more cum into her.

I quit sucking her neck and ask: “Did you just piss on me?”

“I don’t think so, my bladder still feels full, I think I just squirted for the first fucking time!” she sighs.

I try to pull my cock out of her and she grabs a hip and says: “Slowly fucker, nice and slow.”

As I pull back enough to see I am again shocked to see how wet the bed is. As she rolls onto her back, still with her legs spread wide I lean forward and lick the wetness. It is now her turn to be shocked as in taste the mixture.

“Hum, lube, glad it was flavored, cum, probably from your half assed lovers, maybe some sweat, something new that’s pretty tasty, but no piss. I think you did squirt you nasty fucking pervert!” I laugh at her and lean forward to lick some up.

As I lean forward to kiss her and give her a taste my semi hard cock points at her open cunt hole. Not thinking about where it has been I try to stick it into her when she squirms away and says: “I’m the nasty fucker, you are sucking up Gawd knows what and then you try to stick that nasty dick in my sweet little puss. Spread your legs and let me wash that fucker off before it goes anywhere my little girl.

As I lay back on my elbows and spread my legs she kneels between them, forcing them even wider apart.

“Baby when something looks like that and don’t get me wrong I love it, it is a cunt or maybe a snatch, but not a puss or little girl. You eat cunt when will you be comfortable saying the word?” I query.

“I am always worried that you might think I am a slut escort denizli and not respect me. Yes I fuck strangers and do all sorts of nasty things and never see them again, but want you to still respect me. I care about what you think of me.” She confesses.

“You are kneeling between the legs of a man with cum, lube, spit and shit on his cock after he ate your ass and then fucked it. This after said guy eats the cum of two strangers out of your pretty recently fucked cunt before he eats your ass and fucks it. This guy, me, just licked up the mess we made and is ready to suck his cum out of your ass before you piss wash his cock. And you are worried what he thinks? I think I might be in love!” I tell her being as graphic and nasty as possible.

“Now wash my cock while I pretend I didn’t just say that.” I add.

All that nasty talk has my cock sticking straight out perfect for her to piss on when she asks: “What about the bed?”

I flex my cock and say: “I may never be this horney again piss bitch, wash my cock with your hot piss.”

Psssst, her piss sprays everywhere before she steadies herself and directs the hot spray onto my cock. I take hold of it so I can feel it on my cock head as she pisses. It feels wonderful as it does just what I want. It hits my cock head runs down and around the shaft to cover my balls running down to finally wet my ass hole. She goes on forever until she finally runs out of piss.

“Fuck, I wish you had drank more beer I could almost cum again from that.” I tell her.

“Put your cock back in my ass and I will get you off again.” She tells me.

Keeping my legs spread she moves up to lay over me with her legs over my hips and guides my cock into her ass. Now I finally know what scissor sisters do! She has my balls pressed up between her ass cheeks and her cunt is spread wide open for my viewing. I can see my cum leaking out her ass around my cock and her cunt is spread wide open. Her lips are all blood filled and hanging down and her clit sticks out. Her cunt is wet from I don’t know what, but looks tasty to this slut.

As I reach to finger her she says: “No, let me fuck your cock with my ass. I want to fuck you for a change.”

As I close my eyes she says: “No bitch open your eyes, I want to see you get fucked. I would love to watch one of your hot young friends fuck you sometime. Will you do that for me; let me watch you get fucked?”

Opening my eyes I find her waiting to look me in the eyes. Her ass is looser this time, filled with my cum and the lube and she works my cock. Squeezing and releasing it inside her. As she now rocks her hips fucking me she reaches for the last beer and popping the top says: “If we are going to make a mess let’s do it up good.” And throws back her head sucking down the beer. It is running out and around her mouth and down her neck, over her tits and down her stomach. She looks disappointed it didn’t go farther and pours the rest slowly over the junction of my cock and her ass hole.

I can’t take any more of this and blow into her for the second time this afternoon. She is flexing her colon around my cock milking my cum from my nuts.

“Oh baby, you sure know how to work that ass hole, where did you learn to do that?” I ask as I shoot the last of my load into her.

“Would you believe a sweet young gay guy?” Last week wasn’t my first time with guys who like cock slut.” She laughs.

“Now I remember someone sucking his cum out of my ass, was that you? Come on fucker; let’s see who is the nastiest bitch here.” She says as she slides up my body to sit on my mouth. She spreads her cheeks wide and settles in on my mouth, I cover her ass hole with it as she leans forward pushing my nose into her sloppy cunt. She smells fucking wonderful.

As she leans back a little uncovering my nose she drips the last of the beer over her ass hole and into my mouth. Most of it anyway. Now I am pretty much wet from head to toe.

“If you like me nasty love, I can be nasty.” She says covering my mouth with her ass again.

I suck and my cum pours out, two loads of it and although somewhat tangy it is about as nasty as things can get and I savor it. I reach up to finger her clit and before long she slaps her legs tight around my face and cums.

I last as long as I can and sensing this she releases me so I can breathe.

“I am not done trying to defile you but you go really wash your cock while I strip this bed.” She commands.

“How about we strip the bed and then you can wash my cock while I was your everything?” I suggest.

After we strip the bed I see it is quite wet and not wanting to lose this afternoon, just flip it over, hoping I clean and air it properly later.

As we shower we are both quiet, reflecting each in our own way about how many secrets we have brought to light. We do wash each other and it is a sensual experience but we do not push for anything more.

As we put new sheets on the bed and straighten up, both of us start to say something and feeling awkward stop. The sun is setting so I light some scented candles and pull the shades. As we lay next to each other still naked the awkwardness continues until I finally say: “We just said and did some really wild things and I really loved all of them, but am also worried about your opinion of me. I am not looking to settle down but still really care for you and how you feel about me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32