Sweet Child of Mine Ch. 02

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The next morning, things in the Thayer household returned to normal, well at least parts of it. Andrew had work to do for the company and Morgan, an accomplished personal chef, had clients to tend to. Her job gave her so much freedom and paid a hundred dollars a day, along with a food allowance. All she had to do was prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for a wealthy family a couple blocks away. Most of her cooking was done during the day; she would prepare and pack breakfast and lunch for the next morning and then prep dinner. Everyone was home and ready to eat by five, so she was out of there no later than seven.

Andrew worked for a lucrative online business, building websites and creating presentations for potential clients and investors. Occasionally he had to actually give these presentations, like today; he had to make one for Monday and the only reason it even got started was because Morgan was at work. He thought about her constantly as he typed in formulas and created projection charts. Before he knew it, he heard her car pulling into its spot right in front of their apartment building. She bumped the door open with her hip and tossed her knife kit on the table in the kitchen, her keys clanging loudly, the bags of groceries making rustling noises.

“Andrew, where are you, hun?” she asked.

“In the office Love,” he replied, his fingers dancing over the computer keys.

She walked into the office and flopped onto the couch they had put in there, so Morgan could spend time with her husband comfortably while he worked. “Sweetie, I have bad news. Will wants me to cater their party this weekend.”

“Well, tell him no. You are their chef for the weekdays, the weekends are ours.”

“I already said yes.”

“Why did you do a thing like that, you need to rest now!” he said, stopping his work.

“We need the money, Love. We have four children coming and He said he’d pay me twice as much as normal. This is a really big party. He has also given me permission to hire a server for the night,” she said looking to him with a big grin.

“Wait… why are you looking at me like that?” he asked.

“How does a hundred dollars sound Love?” she answered, batting her eyelashes.

“Ohhh no! The last time I did that, I got hit on by little old ladies!”

She looked to him, pouting, “We need the money! All you have to do is go around with trays of canapés, dressed in your tuxedo. I get to be in the back, slaving over a hot stove, making three roast ducks and all of the side dishes, not to mention all of those stupid pate canapés.”

She really did not like to do catering functions, hating to make such volumes of food. She despised working in a restaurant because of all of the drama and politics. This was why she enjoyed personal cheffing. She could make what she wanted, she only had to make enough to feed the family and she had a very flexible schedule, creating her own hours.

He knew all of this, which was why he agreed. They did need the money and it wasn’t hard work. “Sweetie, along with serving, do you think I could be your sous chef? Help you cut vegetables and stuff?”

She smiled and snuggled him, “Thanks Love, this means a lot to me.”

“But after this, you are resting.”

“We’ll see,” she said, kissing his nose.

Walking into the kitchen, she began to get dinner going for the both of them. Her stomach was rumbling and she was craving oriental cuisine. Standing in front of the table in their kitchen that they had modified to suit them, lengthening the legs sakarya escort so that it was the height of a counter top, she contemplated dinner. Dumping the contents of her grocery bags out onto their converted table, she picked through them, separating them into piles. Andrew walked in and put his hands around her waist, smelling her hair.

“Hey! Not right now, I’m starving,” she said, jabbing him playfully.

“Can I help you love?”

“I bought some instant rice; can you make enough for the both of us while I cut up the chicken?”

When they had first met, he was clueless in the kitchen, but over the years, she had taught him every time they cooked together. Now he could definitely fend for himself if she were running late, but much preferred to have her company while cooking.

As he boiled the water for the rice, she cut the chicken in small cubes. Getting out her wok, she heated it up and added some vegetable oil to it. She cooked up the chicken in a flash and set it aside. He had taken it upon himself to cut up the broccoli and cabbage so that made things easier for her. Tossing those into the hot pan, along with some snow peas, shredded carrots and bean sprouts, she stirred them up. She made a simple sauce with honey, soy sauce and sesame oil and drizzled it over the vegetables. It made a harsh sizzling noise as the steam billowed off and filled the air with its sweet scent.

“Mmmmm… that smells wonderful Love!” he said as he finished the rice, fluffing it with a fork like she had taught him.

“Oh my god! How much rice did you make?” she asked seeing the whole pot filled to the brim with rice.

“You said for me to make enough for the both of us. So I did. You are eating for five and I make six, so I made six servings!” he said, watching her face break out in a huge smile. He loved her so much and only wanted her to eat well, for her sake and the babies as well.

“Thanks Love,” she said, shaking her head softly. She spooned out portions onto two plates, making sure she got extra rice to make him happy. They went to the living room, which was their customary place to eat dinner and flicked on the TV, digging in to the food with chopsticks. They shared their time together as they watched primetime television.

“I’m so exhausted,” Morgan stated, curling up into a comfortable ball.

“Well, you haven’t stopped for a minute since you got into the door. You are still dressed in your chef coat, Love,” he said, tugging on her perfectly starched coat. “How about we get you out of those clothes and see how you feel after that?”

She smiled and set her plate on the coffee table as he followed suit. He came close and kissed her softly on the lips. Laying her arms on his back, she pulled him a bit closer, mumbling a sweet “I love you” against his lips. Popping the snaps on her coat, he undressed her, being very careful and loving.

“Andrew, I’m still hungry,” she said, before he went too far.

He laughed and picked up her plate, feeding her bits of vegetable and rice with the chopsticks, stealing a bite every now and then. When her plate was empty, he picked up his and fed her some more, making sure she was full before stopping.

“How about we go take a shower together and then we can head to bed early?” Andrew asked.

Morgan nodded softly and ran her fingers through his hair. Getting up, Andrew offered his hand to her, helping her onto her feet. He led her up the stairs and through their bedroom, into sakarya escort bayan the master bathroom. Scooping her up in his arms, he kissed her passionately, their tongues dancing together, his erection already straining against his pants. He broke the kiss and felt her panting breath. Smiling to himself, he knew she always forgot to breathe when his kisses were really good. He looked down at her and bent his neck to nibble at hers. He could hear her soft, piteous moans as he worked her up. Taking her lips in his, he sucked on them, tugged gently with his teeth as she was held helpless by his touch.

He stared at her beautiful face; her cheeks were flushed and her tortured lips were a bright shade of red, pouting sensuously. He loved his beautiful wife. He loved how he could graze a finger along the shell of her ear and she would become his adoring pet, wanting so many more of these soft touches. As she stood still, he gathered her white t-shirt in his hands and pulled it up over her head, exposing her luscious breasts inside of her black bra. He moved to hug her tightly and she was finally able to move, wrapping her arms around him, raking her fingers over his back.

He unclasped her bra and raked his fingers across her back as they held each other in a warm embrace. She smelled his soft masculine scent and felt the strength in his arms as he clutched her possessively. Rubbing her back, he felt the tension and knots and sighed softly.

“You’ve been working way too hard. Your back is tight and you are very tense. I wish you’d rest a bit.”

She sighed as well, “You know we can’t do that right now. We need the money.”

Resting his head on her shoulder, he snuggled softly. She ran her fingers through his hair and kissed the top of his head softly. His hands slid into the back of her checked chef pants as he groped her bum softly. She giggled and smacked his hands away.

“You are incorrigible! We were having sweet romantic time and you have to go and grope me!” she said, punching him in the shoulder jokingly.

“What did you expect?” he whined.

Kissing her softly, he offered his hand and helped her up. They walked down the hall, through their bedroom and into the bathroom. He gathered her up into another hug, holding her tight in his arms. She loosened up and rested her head on his chest.

“I love you Morgan,” he whispered in her ear.

“Oh baby, I love you too,” she said, nuzzling him softly.

He reached over and turned on the tub faucet, letting the water heat up before adjusting the temperature. Closing the shower curtain, he turned the knob and the shower came on, the small bathroom filling with warm steam quickly. He slipped her pants off of her hips, taking her panties with them. Sliding his hands under her shirt, he pulled it up over her head. She stood before him, naked, a slight swell to her tummy, her hair a mess all over. She never looked more beautiful to him.

He helped her into the shower as he took off his clothes, tossing them in a pile with hers. He climbed in behind her and pressed his body close. His cock was only half erect, but impressive nonetheless. He got his hair wet and smoothed it out of his face before dipping his head down and nibbling at the taut flesh of her neck. She let out a very feline purr, relaxing considerably. She took the shower head and switched the settings on it to a pulsing massage. Sliding it out of the mounting holding it high above them, she maneuvered so he could massage escort sakarya her back with the warm water.

Moving in small, slow circles, he worked each and every muscle in her back, neck and shoulders. Once he felt she was adequately relaxed, he moved the shower massager to her breasts, the water pulsing on her nipples. She let out a soft gasp as he helped her to “loosen up” further. His hands slithered down to her tummy and even lower to her pussy. Separating the soft lips, he positioned the jets to throb onto her clit. Her legs quivered as she moaned deeply, but he held her firmly, not letting her escape.

Writhing in his arms, she panted as her orgasm built. He plunged two fingers into her hole as the water assaulted her clit. She couldn’t hold back any longer. Her hips bucked and she squealed as her orgasm ripped through her. His fingers were coated with her juices as she panted. She was no longer being held up by her own feet, but rather by Andrew’s strong arms. He eased her down to her knees and offered her his fingers, coated with her cum. She lapped them graciously, cleaning them well.

By then she noticed his raging erection, the head an angry shade of red. She licked her lips just thinking about how tasty his cock would be. She noticed the goose bumps on his skin and took the shower head and sprayed down his body to warm him up a bit. Then she got a devilish idea. She took his stiff cock head into her hot mouth and sucked him softly. Taking the shower head and putting it on the pulse setting, she aimed the spray towards his balls. When it hit him, he gasped almost painfully before grabbing her head and fucking her mouth for a couple strokes. He did not want to cum yet, so he put it back in her control. She continued to massage his balls with the warm water while she licked and sucked the pre-cum out of him. Grabbing his ass with one hand, she opened her throat and took his whole length into her. He moaned and shook with the sensations before fucking her throat for a few more strokes. Pulling out, he panted.

“Morgan, let’s go lay down on the bed,” he said, trying to catch his breath.

She nodded and licked her lips clean of pre-cum before easing the shower head back into the mounting on the wall, aiming the standard shower spray at the two of them. She ran her soft hands over his skin, massaging his firm chest.

“Come love,” he said as he shut off the water, “I want to fuck you so bad!”

She needed no further encouragement. Hopping out of the shower and forgoing the towel, she led him to their bed, where they curled up under the covers. She relished in the feel of his soft, warm skin pressed against her as she moved to straddle him. Taking his stiff member in her hand, she guided it into her tight box. He moaned and threw his head back, loving the feeling of her warm wetness enveloping him. She rode him softly, penetrating herself deeply. He grabbed her nipples and squeezed firmly, causing her to yelp.

“Faster baby,” he said, getting a hint of domination in his voice.

She moaned, never having seen this side of him before. She did as she was told and rode him faster, in and out of her dripping hole. He spanked her ass as she moved and it only caused her to get more hot and bothered. Her mind told her that she should fight this, but her body loved the sensations too much.

“Come on baby, fuck me. Make yourself cum,” he said, rubbing her bum with one hand, toying with her nipples with the other. She squealed softly and felt the friction on her clit and the forceful rubbing on her nipples. He pumped into her as she moved, sending her over the edge. She orgasmed and as soon as he felt the spasms of her pussy, he let loose too and filled her with more of his potent seed. She collapsed on his chest, panting hard. He stroked her hair softly and they rested together, their combined juices leaking out of her.

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